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Monday, October 13, 2014

Solar eclipse in Scorpio; Deep awakenings

October's solar eclipse occurs at 0 Scorpio October 23, 2014 at 5:57 P.M., EST.  Scorpio is the ruler of the eighth house of transformation of all types including death, other people's money, sex, taxes and transformative rebirths in people and situations.

 Situations that involve money and joint finances, investments, insurance and taxes may come to light during this time. The eighth house is indicative of how we feel in a relationship, money and assets connected with our partner, and Venus relates to money and younger females which may become important over this eclipse.

Things and situations are often revealed on eclipses and while lunar eclipses are often associated with endings, solar eclipses can be associated with new beginnings as it is always a new moon. New beginnings of all types can occur in partnerships, joint financial adventures, psychology and the study of subconscious forces, wealth creation and investigations of all types.

To get an idea how this eclipse may affect you, eclipses repeat themselves about every 18 years and the last time we had an eclipse at this degree was October 24, 1995. If that time period was significant to you, this one may be as well.

Venus is conjunct the Moon having entered the same sign just an hour earlier, but Venus is at its debility in Scorpio and the Moon is at its fall in this sign. Planets in debility and at their fall are often found to be weaker or 'needy,' and often play out as such in terms of feelings and actions. Venus in Scorpio can become secretive and intense in terms of relationships, and works best for water signs.

Venus conjunct the moon however, could provide softer energy than the last lunar eclipse, especially if this is in positive aspect in your own natal chart, and Venus conjunct the moon, trine Neptune is generally creative and at times romantic energy. Situations may also be misread, and as Mercury is retrograde, let time determine if your relationship will last if you meet someone new during this time and don't jump to conclusions.

This eclipse is indicative of social activity, romance, and personal interaction with others.

Mercury is still retrograde at 17 degrees of Libra, and about to enter its direct station period on October 25. Events connected to an eclipse can be delayed with a retrograde Mercury by days or weeks.

Mercury opposes Uranus at 17/13 degrees of Libra/Aries showing the possibility of sudden and unexpected news/accidents and communication, but Mercury sextiles Jupiter at 19 degrees of Leo showing a potential for positive communication and an upbeat, positive mood or communication may be unexpected and take a turn for the better. This transit will affect Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn, especially if you have cardinal planets at 15-18 degrees. (in these signs). Mercury was at the same degree September 15, and if this day or the few before or after was significant to you, Mercury repeating itself at this degree may do the same and be significant once again.

Like all eclipses and transits, how this one plays out depends on how it aspects your own personal natal chart. It will be more difficult for early degree Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarians.

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