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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Jupiter enters the sign of marriage and relationships

After spending the past year in the sign of health work and dealing with the details, Jupiter enters Libra, September 9, at 7: 18 AM, EST.

This is a far different placement for Jupiter, and Libra is the sign ruling the seventh house of marriage and partnerships (and courts). Libra's ruling planet is Venus which is all about love and desire. But Venus is not limited here and also can be symbolic of money and possessions, and social activities.

Jupiter expands whatever sign it enters, and wherever it transits through your personal chart. It last entered this sign September 27, 2004-October 25, 2005.

This will be a good time for those born under the sign of Libra, or other Air and Fire signs-Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius, especially, or those who have planets in these signs. If you are a Libra, Jupiter in your sign should be a banner year in many ways unless other aspects in your personal chart significantly impede it. The same goes for those with Libra ascendants, as Jupiter in your first house should expand your personal world. Jupiter only enters your personal sign once every 12 years.

This will be a time people will seek balance and companionship of others. More people may recognize the value of relationships and as Jupiter expands whatever it touches, I wouldn't be surprised if there weren't more marriages in the coming year. Could we hope for the world to become a nicer place? Maybe.

Jupiter in Libra will be representative of fashion, design, art, color and all things involving relationships. Think in terms of a peacock spreading its feathers. Fashion and fine dining or living may make a comeback as well.

Libra is represented by the scales of justice. Fairness, truth and justice will be the new order even if it is a tall order, and we may see judges, lawyers and others in the legal system singled out in the news for fair or kind hearted actions.

Marriages could also make headlines this year.

While in Libra, Jupiter will trine Saturn (week of December 5th, and August 2017). This is positive for stability and growth overall. It will square Pluto (terrorism, power plays, religious, and moral tactics promoting fanatical belief systems) the week of November 7, and March 25, 2017-April 7 and it will oppose Uranus. The opposition to Uranus (December 21-28, and February 27-March 5, March 25, 2017-April 2, and September 27, 2017-October 1) may bring financial gain or sudden loss, expansion, new ideas and projects, new inventions, travel and can seem exuberant in some instances. Uranus rules freedom and unexpected events.

What will Jupiter in Libra increase in your life? Jupiter brings hope, increase and expansion to whatever part of your chart it enters. Use your ascendant if you know it, otherwise your Sun sign as your 1st house.

1st house-You are a Libra or Libra ascendant. You could experience a rebirth of hope and optimism, and your life can expand in many ways, including weight gain if you are not careful.

2nd house-Jupiter here typically increases earnings.

3rd house-Thinking and education, writing and communication, immediate family members and neighbors, travel.

4th house-Home, family and real estate or property, the basic foundation.

5th house-children, friends, and love affairs.

6th house-Work and health, service to others.

7th house-Marriage and partnership, courts.

8th house-change and transformation, taxes and debt could be cleared up, money and other people's money expanded. This house also rules your partners money.

9th house-Travel, education and world view, publishing and ideas.

10th house-Career and reputation.

11th house-hopes and wishes, friends and group associations.

12th house-you may spend more time alone, meditation, expansion of what's in the subconscious mind, spiritual ideas and things that are behind the scenes. Your connectedness to the world may become clearer.


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  2. I don't understand the house placement instructions for where Jupiter is in personal chart. Are you saying to find libra in your chart and its house?

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