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Friday, November 5, 2021

Venus in Capricorn and retrograde!


Venus enters Capricorn November 5th, leaving Sagittarius behind for another year. Venus will remain in this sign until March 6, 2022 due to its December retrograde.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of structure, work and responsibility and this will set the tone with our love interests as well as our values and the way we approach money matters and work until March of next year.

Venus in Capricorn gives love and social activities a more traditional, enduring and committed flavor. The focus will shift from fun and good times (Sagittarius) to the more practical side of love, which is of course necessary if there is to be a future together.  For example, rather than spending on a 10 day cruise with your significant other, you may decide to save for a home or something else significant and lasting.

Sometimes there can be a desire for social prestige and attraction to those in positions of authority with Venus in this sign. Venus in Capricorn is attracted to wealth, security and status and if you are currently not in a relationship you may be attracted to someone in connection with work or in places of commerce. With Venus in Capricorn, ambition and work are front and center.

Love and friendships may take on a more committed or serious tone during this period. Many will be looking for ways to make our lives and loves more real in a tangible sense.

Venus in Capricorn is interested in the practical side of love and romance. Our focus may shift to a more traditional outlook and concerns with questions like where would we live and how do we pay for it?

 Venus in Capricorn likes financial security and a successful partner will sweeten the deal. Romance can be overshadowed by responsibility which will generally come first while Venus transits this sign. Since Capricorn can be known as a workaholic, we may have to slow down a bit to smell the roses as Venus will be in this sign for nearly 3 months.

Venus-Capricorn takes a more mature approach to relationships and love which must be earned while Venus is in this sign. Relationships will be built on a willingness to work together through difficult times, as Saturn understands the true meaning and value of commitment. Venus will reward hard work in relationships by defining obstacles and making the commitment together to solve them.

Venus in a Saturn ruled sign may not sound appealing to some, but it projects its own type of warmth, stability and security in an Earthy type of way. If you meet someone new practical concerns and stability will have a place if the relationship is to endure. Now is the time to focus on this part of your relationship and make it more substantive, lasting and real.

Venus retrograde

Venus turns retrograde December 19th through January 29, 2022. During this time we will be re-thinking matters concerning relationships and whether or not they are serving our needs. To know more about what this powerful retrograde will do in your life it is important to know the part of your personal chart that is ruled by Capricorn.

Venus retrograde is not the time to buy art, have cosmetic surgery or purchase anything expensive that relates to beauty, or get married or engaged. Venus rules love, money, values and our social lives, so all of these areas may be affected when the planet of love and values changes direction.

Venus retrogrades every 18 months, and retrogrades in the same sign every 8 years so the last retrograde we experienced in Capricorn was December 21st, 2013-January 31st, 2014. If you recall what happened at this time, there could be a re-occurring theme during this retrograde. Venus-Capricorn also relates to money, work and aesthetics so these areas of life may be affected as well.

Venus retrograde and its karmic affect

During Venus’s retrograde we can gain more clarity as to where we are going and who we are going there with as we reconsider the themes Venus brings up in our lives.

 Venus retrograde is a karmic period and love can take some dramatic shifts one way or another.  Some relationships will end, and others will come back together. If a relationship comes back together it was meant to, and if one ends at this time, it is granting you the freedom to find someone more appropriate. What happens during a retrograde of Venus is typically what is meant to happen, and the ‘fate’ of the relationship often plays out in some dramatic ways. The past and those from the past are often connected with retrograde planets, including Venus and you could experience many trips down memory lane or connect with those from past times.

Venus conjunct Pluto

Venus will conjunct Pluto several times during this retrograde period. The first conjunction occurs December 25th, Christmas Day but the energy of this powerful transit will be with us much of December, and this Venus-Pluto cycle will not actually complete until March 3rd, 2022.

With Venus conjunct Pluto we will be inclined to look beneath the surface in terms of relationships, resources, personal values, and aesthetics. By doing this we have a chance to figure out what is really working and what is not. Obsession can become a theme with this aspect along with jealousy, suspicion and mistrust.

Under a Venus-Pluto transit we are often involved with the ‘shadow side’ concerning all of the above mentioned areas. This can include issues relating to sex, money or power, and who holds the power in your relationships. It can also bring up issues relating to fear or loss, manipulation and obsessions. The more we face the shadow side of these issues the greater our chances of attracting those things that are truly wanted and needed, but first we must face the fears to transform our thoughts and ideas about what we really want. The more honest you are about your real feelings to yourself and others the sooner you can let go of fears, feelings of betrayal, or other negative emotions from the past that can affect the future as well as the present. By delving beneath the surface you could discover that you are holding onto past painful circumstances, relationships or negative situations that continue to hold you back. This can create a type of new beginning that could help you determine what actually empowers you, and what drags you down, along with what you need to let go of.

It is important to look into the shadows and face what you see. This is a challenging and deep process. For example, what is really behind the deeply addictive sexual allure with the ex that keeps returning after lengthy separations? Is this really empowering you, or is it just a painful scenario that continues to occur over and over?  Many things will be uncovered on a deep psychological level as Pluto and Venus connect in the sky.

By the time Venus turns direct on January 29th, many deep seated issues will have been resolved and we will have had an opportunity to reconsider our choices. The Venus-Pluto cycle will not be completely over however, as Venus will conjunct Pluto once again March 3rd bringing up reoccurring themes from December. If you have done the work, you will find this transit does not have a significant affect.



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