Thursday, March 21, 2019

Mercury conjucnts Neptune:The mental kaleidoscope

As we near the end of the Pisces season, we are going to experience a big dose of Neptunian energy as retrograde Mercury (which rules our thinking) meets up with Neptune, the planet of illusion, confusion and delusion.

Mercury (retrograde) is conjunct Neptune and this transit is exact March 24, but the energy will remain with us through April 4.

Mercury is considered at its detriment in Pisces which means it is weak, but even more active during its retrograde.
This transit will be very powerful, especially during the retrograde period. Mercury will turn direct March 28 at 9:59 AM, EST. This will affect those with mutable planets (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius) at 15-17 degrees to a greater degree.

With this energy we can expect confusion, lack of clarity, mental fogginess, mis-information or lies, and it will be difficult to get to the truth. It is important not to act on important situations, make important decisions, or even act on information you may receive as it may not be correct. Clarity will be a much needed quality. You could feel tired, drained and dreams may be vivid during this time. This can create or cause paranoia and fear that may or may not be based on reality.

Many things may be revealed on this transit, and they may or may not be true. It is important to use caution while driving as Mercury rules travel and young people, and it would be easy for a driver to drift off and not pay attention. Drugs and alcohol could be a problem to those who have tendencies in this direction.

Intuitive abilities, creativity and compassion for others may be high at this time. This could be a time for spiritual meditation and reflection. There could be an interest in metaphysical studies, the occult and mystical topics.

Expect to see this play out in the world in terms of water related weather conditions or gas fires/explosions, confusion, stories involving scandals, lies and propaganda, and Mercury-Neptune rules pictures and video,  intrigues and secret affairs. We could hear news of religious organizations and children. This transit also rules poisons and all manner of underhanded techniques. We could hear of mysterious or drug related deaths or other situations involving drugs.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Full moon in Libra: Should I stay or should I go?

This month's full moon will fall at 0 degrees of Libra on March 20, and this is considered a Supermoon.

A Supermoon appears larger due to its closer approach to the earth (perigee) and is connected with increased tidal activity and weather or earth related catastrophes/conditions.

Libra rules the 7th house of committed relationships and partnerships, and it is here our concerns will lie during this moon. Many will seek balance and harmony and work to avoid major conflicts and issues.

On the same day, the Sun enters Aries (welcome Spring!) opposing the moon, and this amps up emotional energies. The Sun in Aries is ruled by Mars, the God of War (Mars rules men) while the moon in Libra is ruled by Venus (Venus rules women). As the Sun is conjunct Chiron, 'the wounded healer' there will be a spotlight on deep-seated issues within relationships and a need to heal and move forward. This applies to the collective as well as the individual.

As Venus is square Mars we can expect conflict between the sexes! Jealousy could be a theme to those so inclined in this direction. Alternatively with this combination sparks can fly, and this can indicate sexual attraction, romance and fun but does not necessarily imply compatibility or longevity. We could hear of sex related scandals.

The Moon's quincunx to Uranus can bring out unconventionality, rebels and attention seekers. We may see more than our share of conspiracy theories and fringe attention seekers as this aspect often seeks to shock with outrageous behavior. at the same time, there may be some who are ahead of their time in terms of thinking.

Mars trine Pluto can help in terms of dealing with deep-seated issues or group interests, and Mercury sextile Saturn can lend itself toward mental stability and clarity.

With a full moon in Libra some relationships can end, but there would have to be other indicators in the chart. Other relationships may move to a different level.

Those born with Pluto in the early degrees of Libra may experience more change and drama than others ( October 1971-April 72, August-November 1972). If you have a planet in a Cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) you will feel the effects of this moon more strongly.

The energy of a full moon can begin as much as a week before,but events connected to this moon can also be delayed with retrograde Mercury.

Venus squares Mars: Sparks will fly!

Venus is square Mars this week, and this transit will peak, or be exact March 21.

Venus square Mars is associated with trouble between the sexes. This does not mean that everyone will be fighting but there will be an air of conflict and any connection between these planets implies interaction between the sexes.

This is not the time to bring up confrontational issues, as this is spirited energy and it falls on the heels of the Full Moon in Libra, which will be focused on relationships. This will especially be the case if your relationship is unstable or going through a problematic period. Venus square Mars is associated with anger, lack of self control and impatience. It could also involve money matters or some other social problem.

If your relationship generally runs smoothly and there are no major issues, there should not be a big problem, but it is feisty to say the least. In this case it could be an opportunity to interact and enjoy each other's companionship or try something different.

This transit can increase your interest in sex, and meeting others. If you do meet someone new on this transit, it could be a sexual attraction that does not necessarily imply compatibility. This could be a good time for social activity in general if you observe the pitfalls.

This transit will play out in the world in terms of news about men and women, scandals, impropriety or money issues.

Monday, March 4, 2019

New Moon in Pisces-Ball of confusion

The new moon falls on March 6, at 16 degrees of Pisces. It is conjunct Neptune and the Sun. It may feel more like a full moon, and with the Neptune influence, and I am calling this moon The Ball of Confusion.

The Sun, Moon, Neptune conjunction will represent confusing circumstances at best. Add to this Uranus's transit into Taurus on the same day, and Mercury's retrograde in Pisces, and many thing will become unclear and/or difficult to comprehend. People may mis-speak, offer confusing information or lie at worst. For some it may be hard to think clearly and this energy may seem depressing or hard to handle.

Neptune or Pisces transits can be difficult as its hard to understand clearly what is going on. Neptune is associated with delusion, and that includes self-delusion. Things may be revealed at this time, and it is worth noting, Neptune transits often involve sacrifice of some kind.

As Uranus enters Taurus change will occur swiftly in our lives and the collective, and those with fixed planets in their charts from 0-1 degree (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) change will occur immediately, if not already. We will see big changes and turmoil in the world with this transit.

Mercury turns retrograde March 5, confusing things even further, and this alone will complicate things even further. As Pisces is ruled by Neptune, expect confusion over the next 3 weeks with this retrograde, the first of the year. When a retrograde occurs around a new or full moon delays can occur and the events of the New Moon may take longer to play out.

My advice is to take nothing at face value, check your facts, and don't act on important situations until this energy passes, unless you know for certain what you are doing.

Neptune transits frequently involve drugs and alcohol, but if there is no issue here this moon alone will not be powerful enough to create one.

The higher side of this energy is compassion, spiritual pursuits and creativity, and these qualities will be seen during this moon as well.
Don't be surprised if dreams do not become vivid and personal intuition can be enhanced.

The affects of this moon, and retrograde Mercury have already started. This energy will be with us until at least a week after the New moon and Mercury remains retrograde until March 28.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

March 2019: Changing of the guard-Uranus enters Taurus

Uranus is considered the planet of radical change and it enters Taurus March 6, in the early morning hours where it will remain for the next 7 years or until April 2026.  This is considered a major planetary movement and will change our lives and the collective considerably over the next number of years. This will be the most significant planetary event of the year!
Uranus made its first quick trip through Taurus May 16-November 5, 2018 and we got to dip our toes into the water and experience the planet of unpredictable change in this sign.
Uranus in Taurus is considered at its fall which means the energy here does not work well. When a planet is operating at its fall the energy becomes much more active.
The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus which concerns love, beauty, entertainment, young women, money and values.
Uranus was last in Taurus June 1934-May 1942 so it has been 85 years since Uranus last entered this sign.
As Uranus enters Taurus we can expect to see major changes in the world and as Uranus changes signs changes  are typically volatile, unexpected, changeable and of the nature of the sign Uranus enters. 
If you have fixed signs at 0-1 degree (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius) you can expect to see personal change this month. Uranus will reach 6 degrees in August before its retrograde.
Changes we can expect with Uranus in Taurus:
Money, possessions and finances. Shifts may occur either positive or negative in personal finances/possessions. This is a good time to look at your own personal finances, as well as what you can do to save, invest or work on improving over the next few years. We will see global financial change as well.
Society/personal values and our social lives. Sometimes friendships outlive each other and we enter a period where we need to seek new acquaintances. Solid friendships will withstand any momentary crisis. Our personal/collective values and what we hold dear may change over this time as well. Values will shift in the collective as well.
Love, relationships and marriage. With Uranus in the sign ruled by Venus many relationships will end and new ones will begin. There will be a surge over the next seven years of both marriage and divorce. A solid and well grounded relationship will survive obstacles, and weak relationships that are tottering on the edge will likely end to make room for a more appropriate union.
Earth/weather changes-Taurus rules the earth and is the most earthquake prone sign. Weather conditions can change and we will see changes in the earth itself, laws to protect the earth and food or agricultural production could change as well. We will be forced to deal with planet earth during these years.
Changes in governments and Geo-political changes-Uranus rules revolutions and coups as it is the planet of explosive change, especially when in hard aspect with Saturn as it will be after 2020. Saturn-Uranus transits relate to shifts in governments and wealth.
The entertainment business- During the last Uranus in Taurus cycle radio shows became popular and we saw beginning of the television revolution that changed the entertainment world and communication. Taurus rules the voice and we will see exciting new changes in the arts.
Far right groups and propaganda A stubborn resistance to change and a desire to cling to the old ways is typical of  planets in Taurus. Hitler and Mussolini came to power the last time Uranus was in Taurus.
If we look back at some of the things that happened the last cycle, we can have a greater understanding of the possibilities both positive and negative. From 1934-42 WW11 occurred along with the Great Depression. Drought and poor farming techniques were responsible for the Dust Bowl of the 1930's that created disaster circumstances in the Plains region of the US. The Social Security act was signed along with the 'New Deal,' Amelia Earhart was the first person to fly solo across the Pacific, women went to work in masses, TV and radio changed the way we see news and entertainment, Mickey Mouse appeared in color for the first time, Penguin released its first paperback books and Babe Ruth hit his final home run. These are just a few of the things that occurred.
Fixed signs (or those with fixed planets in their charts) will experience personal change at some point over the next 7 years with Uranus in this sign. Earth and Water signs will see change as well, but it will happen in an less jolting manner.
Taurus-As Uranus conjuncts your Sun expect personal change and to express yourself in new and unusual ways. These changes can include appearance, friendships and relationships, a departure from established routines and the potential of leadership in your career. You could be on the cutting edge of something and new ideas may rapidly surface.
ScorpioUranus will oppose your Sun, and this can interfere with relationships or partnerships that may have been previously stable. There can be an unwillingness to remain in relationships that are too restrictive, but Uranus removes that which has outlived its purpose. There can be conflict over joint finances and loss in financial speculation if caution is not used
Leo-Uranus will create a square to Leo and this can bring change of career, friendships, children, jobs and matters of priority. There can be a desire for personal freedom, and Uranus can shake up and change ideas, goals and objectives.
Aquarius-As Uranus creates a square from the 4th house this can create change among families and your basic foundation. You could move or change homes, relationships and jobs.
Mercury retrogrades
The first retrograde of the year occurs as Mercury retrogrades at 29 degrees of Pisces on March 5-28. Mercury will retrograde three time this year in water signs.
Retrograde Mercury causes delays, glitches, breakdowns in computers and equipment, relationships, slowdowns and brings hidden factors to the surface that must be dealt with. Plans and projects can be put on hold, miscommunication can occur, relationships can end or change, and cars, computers and other machinery can break down at the most inopportune moment. 
When Mercury turns retrograde it is not the time to start new projects or jobs if you can help it, get married, engaged or buy high ticket items. Mercury retrograde is like a wild card and it is a time to re-access, re-organize or re-work current plans.
Often during a retrograde period new information is revealed, and we can connect with people and situations from the past.
Since Pisces rules the 12th house of the zodiac we can be in the process of finishing up long term projects or situations during this time.
As Mercury moves back and forth during a retrograde, it will repeat aspects to the same planet three times.
Mercury conjunct Neptune can create confusion, lack of clarity and worst case scenario-lies or self deception. The best possibility for this transit can be high intuition, creativity or unknown information can be revealed. The first transit occurred February 18-19 and this will repeat itself March 26-April 2. It will turn direct while conjunct Neptune on March 26.
Mercury squared Jupiter, one of the rulers of Pisces February 22. It will repeat March 15 and April 11. With this transit avoid friction with authorities and be aware things can quickly get blown out of proportion.
Think back to the dates these aspects first occurred and learn from the previous experience and adjust actions and outcomes accordingly.
Love forecast for March
Venus enters Aquarius March 1-27, and love energy will become more playful and adventurous. Love and romance has been about practical matters with Venus in Capricorn and now energies will be lighter, less serious and more eclectic.
Venus in Aquarius is open minded and future oriented. People may seem more aloof or even provocative, and there will be a more daring spirit.
Unconventional and unusual relationships that don't follow the normal rules can occur during this time. Venus in Aquarius does not like to be bored and those born under this Venus like to me admired for their future minded visions, uniqueness and intellect.
This Venus likes independence, freedom and unconventionality. It's important to establish a basis for friendship and for those born with a Venus in Aquarius the line is often blurred between  friendship and romance.
With Venus in this sign we could find ourselves falling for people we already know. Take advantage of friends and group activities this month as you could meet someone new through settings like this.
Aquarius is not as attached to its emotions as some other signs and we often rely on the head before the heart.
Jealousy and possessiveness does not typically go over very well with Venus in this sign.  The Aquarius approach is less confining and can bring a breath of fresh air to some relationships.
For those who find Aquarius too standoffish and not passionate enough Venus enters Pisces February 26, where it will remain for the next 26 days. Venus is Pisces is softer, more romantic and since it is a water sign-more sensitive

Venus in Aquarius will work well for Libra, Aquarius, Gemini, Aries, and Sagittarius. Venus in Pisces works well for all the Water signs along with Taurus and Capricorn.

Mars is the other planet that affects our love life and it also rules men and sex. Mars is in Taurus throughout March, and the planet ruling Taurus is Venus.
Mars in this sign is slow, sensual and craves stability. It will clash with Venus on March 21. Be aware conflicts between men and women can occur at this time, and one way or another sparks will fly.
Other transits in March:
March 1, Venus squares Uranus. This can create a shakeup with love or money. It can be restless and you may crave a different kind of experience or more freedom.
March 6, the New moon falls at 15 degrees of Pisces. This moon sextiles Mars and Saturn giving it stability. Pisces rules the 12th house, so it's time to wrap up projects and situations, especially as Mercury is retrograde. Expect delays. As this Moon and the Sun conjunct Neptune expect vivid dreams and there could be a great deal of confusion, mis-communication or even deception. The opposite side of this is spirituality, creativity and compassion. It is likely we will see water related weather extremes in some areas.
March 9, the Sun sextiles Saturn. Great for getting things done. This is a matter of fact transit.
March 10, Mars sextiles Neptune. Positive for creativity, spiritual pursuits and compassion can be given or received.
March 13, the Sun sextiles Pluto. Great for deep conversation, groups and getting to the bottom of a problem.
The Sun also squares Jupiter. This is typically pleasant but things can get blown out of proportion.
March 14, Mars trines Saturn. Good for accomplishment and gives the ability and determination to complete any project.
The Sun also conjuncts Mercury and this is willful energy. Ego's may clash on this day.
March 15, Mercury squares Jupiter. Typically positive but watch out for tall tales and overindulgences.
March 16, Mercury sextiles Pluto. Great for intellectual pursuits and serious conversations.
March 17, Mercury sextiles Mars. Good for sales calls, or convincing others of your point of view. A great deal of communication will occur on this day.
March 20, the full moon falls at 0 degrees of Libra. This moon will be all about relationships as Libra rules the 7th house of marriage/committed partnerships. The only aspect the moon makes this time is its opposition to the Sun in Aries.
Venus sextiles Jupiter at 23 degrees of Aquarius/Sagittarius and this creates a pleasant atmosphere for love and fun! At the same time, Mars is square Venus which can create conflict between the sexes! Sparks will fly one way or another. With Mercury sextile Saturn lending some stability this could be a time for clearing away issues so the relationship can move forward. We could hear news of scandals.
March 20, the Sun enters Aries at 5:59 PM, EST. Welcome spring!
March 24-April 2, Mercury conjuncts Neptune at 16 degrees of Pisces. This occurred the first time February 19, and if you were affected by it then, you will be again. As Mercury is retrograde until March 28, information is likely to be confusing, not forthcoming, or incorrect. You may become forgetful, spill secrets, or this transit can reveal previously unknown information. 
This can be tiring and somewhat depressing. Watch your driving as this is an accident waiting to happen, and watch all communication. Check your email address before you hit send, and be aware that all you hear may not be correct, so don't act on it without checking the facts. At its worst this transit is indicative of theft and lies. We will likely see adverse water related weather conditions at various points around the globe. We will hear of scandals, lies and many facts will be unclear.
March 26, Venus enters Pisces.
March 27, Venus sextiles Uranus. This can be a somewhat exciting transit positive for new experiences in love, money and social events.
March 28, Mercury turns stationary direct at 16 degrees of Pisces at 9:59 AM, EST.
March 31, Mars enters Gemini in the early morning hours.
May you and yours have a beautiful spring!

Monday, February 25, 2019

Venus squares Uranus-Twists and turns

Venus is square Uranus this week, and this transit is exact in the early morning hours of March 1. The energy will be felt a few days before and after this transit is exact.

Venus rules relationships and money and either could take an unexpected twist. Some relationships will end suddenly and without warning, but there would have to be other indicators in the chart besides this one transit. Stable relationships could take an unusual turn or something different from normal may be in the plans. Uranus can shake us out of a rut.

As this aspect is applying (approaching the exact date) you should be careful about over-reacting to issues in relationships, or make sudden decisions you could end up regretting. Uranus transit often denote a desire for freedom 'at any cost,' that could seem regrettable at a later date.

In some cases this can bring fun and excitement for the day but the transit does not lend itself to longevity or stability. The best use of this energy is to explore or try something new and different even if it is as simple as a new restaurant, music or anything else that can elevate your consciousness to a new level.

Relationships that begin at this time may lack stability and should be allowed to withstand the test of time. This is prone to fascinating but unstable entanglements. No matter how great or exciting things seem at the time they may not be as realistic as you could believe while this transit is active.

This transit will play out in the world in terms of sudden and unexpected news, scandals, issues with finance/money and we will hear news concerning women. We could also hear news about the entertainment business.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Venus conjunct Pluto: Obsession and control

Venus will conjunct Pluto and this transit is exact February 22. We will feel the energy a day or two before and after.

We will be digging deeply into our relationships with an intent of trying to understand where we stand and how we really feel.
Pluto is compulsive in nature and some will feel obsessed with certain thoughts about their relationships that will be hard to let go of. Pluto rules sex, control and those who force their will on others.

If you dig too deeply its possible you could bring to the surface things that are better left alone or unsaid, as the ramifications can be long lasting. As Mercury also squares Jupiter things could easily get blown out of proportion and some relationships will end.

The possibility exists to transform a relationship at this time, but it would be a difficult proposition under this transit.

Worst case scenario a transit like this could relate to  blackmail, coercion, or physical violence in the worst case scenario.

Those with planets at 20-22 degrees of a cardinal sign (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) will be affected to a greater degree than others.

This transit will play out in the world in terms of news relating to women, scandals, fiduciary issues and most certainly abuse of power.