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Monday, August 10, 2020

Mars enters its Cardinal squares

Mars has entered its square to Pluto which will represent a tense and volatile time in the world. This transit is exact August 13-16, but the energy will be felt in the days before and after. Mars then enters its square to Saturn which is exact August 24th, but the energy will remain with us throughout the month of September as Mars turns retrograde September 9th. It may be worthwhile to pay attention to what happens over these days as these squares will repeat themselves several times before Mars leaves Aries in January 2021.

Mars-Pluto is an obsessive and volatile transit capable of producing conflict, anger, rage and abuse on many levels. Some things may end, but for some situations and projects may also come together at this time. Projects and situations reaching a peak can be one manifestation of this transit. Situations or additional information can also be revealed as Pluto transits typically reveal new information. Pluto-Mars often relates to manipulation, sex, money, power or control. Mars-Pluto transits at their worse are indicative of physical violence, jealousy and rage.

At its best, this transit may transform or regenerate something that needed to change.  Issues may finally be resolved one way or another and this can include relationships, business, and they way you approach things. It can also eliminate old conditions and create new ones, but even if this is the case, nothing comes easily at this time.

The best choice with a transit like this is to use clear thinking and pick your battles carefully because if you take a shot and someone, expect repercussions.

You will experience this transit to a greater degree if it is aspecting your personal natal chart. If this is the case you have a Cardinal planet-Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn at 23-24 degrees. If this does not affect your personal chart you could see this transit play out in terms of those around you.

On the world stage Mars-Pluto transits typically deal with violence and aggression, the abuse of power, media, finances and those pushing an agenda.

In mundane astrology Saturn represents the state and its institutions, as well as control and propaganda.

Mars rules men and guns and this transit is also connected to crime and criminal undertakings or forcing an agenda. It can involve nuclear weapons or events. This aspect hits the chart of Donald Trump who is on a downhill swing due to Pluto’s opposition to his natal Saturn which often deals with a loss of power. Mars will set off the Pluto-Saturn opposition in his chart and bring major problems and issues to the forefront.

Mars will also square Mercury in the chart of Vladimir Putin, setting off his transiting transiting Pluto-Mercury square. This will deal with propaganda, secret information and it is possible new information will be revealed.
Mars will square Pluto again October 9th and December 23rd.

Mars squares Saturn
Following Mars square to Pluto it begins its square to Saturn becoming exact on August 24. Mars-Saturn transits relate to frustration, delays and obstacles. Much work can be accomplished with a great deal of effort.

Mars rules our energy and in some way it may seem or feel restricted. This can be a period where we don't have the vigor we are accustomed to, and we may feel limited or slowed down in some way.

Mars-Saturn can result in anger and it is often considered a transit of some form of cruelty or it may seem that way.

The best way to deal with this transit is to proceed with caution, slowly and methodically as you go about your week. Used constructively, you may accomplish more than you think.
My advice is to use caution in your dealings with others as they can lash out if angered or irritated, and you could regret bringing up controversial subjects.

Saturn-Mars transits typically involve military and police affairs in the world and we can expect to see a great deal of upheaval over these few days if not violence.  
Mars will remain within 2 degrees of Saturn throughout the month of September, giving us a lengthy period of time under this restrictive energy.
Mars –Saturn will be exact again September 29th.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Mercurial energy changes as the planet of communication enters Leo

Due to its retrograde we have gone through a nearly 2 and a half month long season of Mercury in Cancer. Energy changes drastically when the planet of communication enters Leo August 4th.

We have experienced two retrogrades so far this year in water signs. Mercury was retrograde in Pisces February and March. This has given us a long period of emotional reflection and awareness and there are many things we should have learned during this time about our own emotional lives and those of others but now they way we think and communicate will change considerably.

 Leo is ruled by the Sun which represents us or our true inner self. Our perspective can become ego-centered (which we will see plenty of) or it can become focused on what our needs really are without being self centered toward others. At this time we have the possibility of focusing on what we really need and want. Mercury in Leo is a time to be your own best supporter, as well as those of others. The focus of Mercury over the next 2 weeks will be on what brings us the most joy, happiness and fun.

Mercury in Leo is more expressive, playful and dramatic than any other sign. While Mercury is in Leo the way we speak or even write can be designed to get others attention or simply get some type of rise out of someone else. Our communication takes on leonine qualities and the way we present ourselves and our ideas will be far more bold, expressive and direct. At best self expression can manifest itself in a creative and dramatic manner meant to draw in those who are most significant whether in love, friendship or business.

At worst communication can be too dramatic in nature and lean toward emotional outbursts rather than a creative expression of what we want. Take care not to let your conversation become too over bearing, demanding or provocative toward others. They same goes for being overly exuberant in your expression of emotions. Think about what you really wish to convey before expressing it. As Leo is a fire sign it may be hard to tone things down and come across in a manner that doesn’t overwhelm others. We can also expect a certain amount of gas-lighting and attention grabbing maneuvers with Mercury in this sign. But, all in all communication should tend toward being positive, upbeat and a little more playful if not enjoyable. That’s not bad in these overly serious times.











Tuesday, July 28, 2020

August 3 full moon in Aquarius: electric and unexpected!

The August 3rd full moon follows on the heels of the unpredictable Sun-Uranus square on August 2, and the Moon itself makes a square to Uranus on this full Moon, creating a mix of changeable if not erratic energy.

The influence of Uranus will being about unexpected situations, events and emotions. The Sun square Uranus represents changeable egos and the Moon rules the emotions and women as well as the home. Aquarius and Uranus can be connected to genius and cutting edge types of innovations so while this moon will be anything but serene, brilliance can be part of the energy as well as unpredictability.

You could experience a great restlessness or desire for change over these few days. Now may be the times to take a new look at how you approach things and make subsequent alterations. These changes may appear sudden to others but it would be the product of gradually evolving tensions that have become too burdensome to continue. Change could also seem to come out of the blue with little advance notice. If you have been in an oppressive relationship or some other situation that has not been working, now may be the time to break free and find a different path. Alternatively, others may choose to break free from something as well. The planet Uranus is often associated with ‘freedom at any cost,’ as well as divorce and separation. It is also associated with astrology, aviation and aircraft, earthquake activity and rebellions and coups and unpredictable weather and accidents.

Mercury opposes Saturn creating a serious if not pessimistic type of energy that can be associated with negative news and restrictions. Thinking will be very deep at this time and you could feel worried or find it difficult to communicate your ideas and feelings. This opposition in Cancer-Capricorn is concerned with home and security, or the security of the homeland. Mars is square Jupiter which can refer to a tendency to act in a careless manner. It points to impatience and recklessness, but on some occasions can indicate bravery. Jupiter also rules lawyers, the courts and government.

This is one of the most powerful full moons of the year and can act in ways that are random and volatile. It important to keep a calm attitude and approach things in an intelligent and grounded manner. For those who thrive on change this moon can seem electric.

This full moon will play out in the US and the world in terms of sudden and unexpected if not explosive events, concern with finances, and unstable political situations and and/or news concerning women. In the US President Donald Trump’s chart, this full moon shows revelations, or situations that will become revealed and it is possible a health problem could surface now or in the near future as it ‘sets off’ his current transit of Uranus square natal Pluto.  Pluto also deals with power struggles, bullying tactics, sex and money.
Aquarius is the ruler of the 11th house of the collective or humanity in general so there is a strong chance this moon will affect all of us in some way.  There could be concern over the internet or other electronic forms of communication, explosions or explosive situations and unpredictable weather. There is a strong possibility of violence on and around the few days surrounding this full moon so it is important to remain aware.

Friday, July 24, 2020

August 2020: The Leo season

In August the Sun travels through the sign Leo, followed by Mercury on August 4th. The planet of communication (Mercury) will move through three signs in August: Cancer, Leo and Virgo so communication and thinking will be interesting if not changeable throughout the month. Venus, the planetary ruler of love and money transits from Gemini to Cancer August 7th after it’s retrograde and four month stay in Gemini. Action planet Mars remains in Aries, already in its shadow period before the September retrograde when many things may take a different turn or be stalled or changed in some way. When Uranus retrogrades all of the outer planets that affect major life themes and changes will be retrograde and we will continually be re-viewing and changing our understanding of many different things this month. We will experience a powerful full moon on August 3rd, that will shake things up and give us an opportunity to release what has have outlived its time and purpose.

2020 has been an impactful and stressful year and this will not change during August. In the midst of a burgeoning pandemic, and several other national crises we can find a little light at the end of the tunnel as this is the most dramatic of seasons and the time to shine in your own light a little: It’s the Leo season.

Leo: Time to shine
Leo rules the sector of the chart that represents fun, entertainment and love and the Sun will remain in this positive and dramatic sign until August 22. During this period of summer our thoughts turn to companionship and romance along with beaches, trips and pleasant summer nights. This is typically a very positive time of the year but like everything else life in all areas has changed due to Covid. The energy may be somewhat restricted this year but it is important to remember that having some fun and light hearted times is the best way to find balance and harmony during these trying weeks. No matter how dire things may seem romance will never die, and the child within us all will remain in our souls,  so take advantage of this brief time of the year and remember there will be plenty of time to think about the more serious matters after the brief Leo season has passed.
Leo is ruled by the Sun which gives us life and warmth especially at this time of the year. Leo energy is confident and bold, direct and to the point. Drama is the point with Leo and we can all become a little more dramatic at this time whether it is in clothing, makeup or in the way we interact with others. Leo rules the theater and the stage and at this time we can remember the famous Shakespeare quote; “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.”

Communication is changeable in August
Mercury rules our communication and thinking and as it enters Leo August 4th, communication and the way we think and interact with each other takes on leonine qualities. While in Leo communication will take a far more dramatic and direct approach. Mercury has been in Cancer since late May due to its retrograde and we have been through a period of two retrogrades so far this year in water signs. Mercury was retrograde in Pisces February and March. Since February when Mercury entered Pisces we have been through a long period of emotional reflection and awareness. There are many things we should have learned during this time about our own emotional lives and those of others but now energies will change considerably. Leo is ruled by the Sun which represents us or ourselves. Our perspective can become ego-centered (and we will see plenty of this) or it can become focused on what our needs really are without being selfish to others. At this time we have the possibility of focusing on what we really need and want. Mercury in Leo is a time to take up a new hobby, change your style of dress and be your own biggest supporter. The focus of Mercury over the next 13 days will be what brings us the most joy, happiness and fun.

Mercury enters Virgo
Don’t take the excessive drama you may find all around you too seriously though because Mercury changes signs and enters Virgo August 19th where it will remain the rest of the month.
Mercury in Virgo is much more detailed and factual and we will be looking for more substance when we communicate with ourselves and others. During this time thinking becomes more efficient, focused and streamlined as opposed to bold and dramatic. We can tap into our intellectual bents and get to the point of any conversation much quicker. The downside of Mercury in Virgo is that it can become too critical and nitpicky, losing sight of the big picture.

The month starts off with a bang
The first transit of the month begins with Mercury’s opposition to Pluto August 1st. This can provoke deep thought and superficial answers will not suffice. Your inquiring mind may probe deeply into anything you are working on in a search not only for information but for the answers to deeply held questions and concepts. This can lead to obsessiveness and it may be hard to let go of a particular idea or thought until this transit passes. This kind of mental intensity can also lead to arguments and disagreements as opinions will be very strong. This is basically a transit of propaganda meant to sway your opinion that doesn’t necessarily put your real interests first.
August 2nd the Sun in Leo squares Uranus making this day quite changeable as opposed to what you had planned. You may feel nervous or restless, but for some this can be a day to change the status quo and do something different. We can expect to hear unexpected news that may seem to come out of the blue.

The August full moon in Aquarius
The August full moon follows on the heels of Sun-Uranus and peaks at 11 degrees of Aquarius August 3rd. This is a powerful full moon that forms a t-square which pulls in the energies of three planets. In this case both the Sun and Moon square Uranus. This will create changeable and unexpected situations, events and emotions. The Sun square Uranus represents changeable egos and the Moon rules the emotions and women as well as the home. Aquarius and Uranus represent genius and cutting edge types of innovations so we may see something of this nature.

You could experience a great restlessness or desire for change over these few days. If so, now may be the times to take a new look at how you approach things and make subsequent changes. Changes may appear sudden to others but it would be the product of gradually evolving tensions that have become too burdensome, and it may simply be time to change course and do things differently on any number of things. Change could also seem to come out of the blue with little advance notice. If you have been in an oppressive relationship or some other situation, now may be the time to break free and find a different path.

Mercury opposes Saturn creating a serious if not pessimistic energy. This transit can be associated with negative news and restrictions. Thinking will be very deep at this time. Issues could relate to home, family and the emotional life. You could feel worried or find it difficult to communicate your ideas and feelings. This opposition in Cancer-Capricorn is concerned with home and security, or the security of the homeland. Mars is also square Jupiter which can refer to a tendency to act in a careless manner. It points to impatience and recklessness, but on some occasions can indicate bravery.

This is a powerful full moon in Uranus’s sign, which makes it unpredictable. Uranus rules freedom, rebellions and coups, electricity and aircraft to name a few. This full moon will play out in the US and the world in terms of sudden and unexpected if not explosive events, finances, and political situations and news concerning women. There could be concern over the internet or other electronic forms of communication. There is a strong possibility of violence on and around the few days surrounding this full moon so it is important to remain aware.

Other transits in August
August 7, Venus enters Cancer until September 6th. Love energy will totally change from intellectual Gemini and become more emotional. Cancer likes security and stability, and you may feel more warm toward others of protective. There can be emotional ups and downs due to the Cancer sensitivity. Love and social events will be likely centered around the home this month.

August 10, Mercury squares Uranus. Mercury-Uranus transits can make us feel restless and jittery. For some however, this can be a liberating type of mental influence. We could hear unexpected news. This transit can produce some brilliant ideas if you can channel the energy in a positive direction. Problems could arise in communication.

August 13, Mars squares Pluto for the first of three times, as it will begin its retrograde that will last for the rest of the year on September 9th. This is a volatile transit indicative of anger, power struggles and there will be some who will try and force their will on others. This transit can produce compulsive or obsessive behavior and certain ideas may be hard to let go of at this time. This is a day or two to use caution, good judgment and if you poke the bear in the eye, expect it to strike back.  This transit will play out in the world in terms of political volatility, if not violence.

Uranus turns retrograde
August 15, Uranus stations to retrograde as it does every year. Uranus is an erratic and unpredictable planet that is associated with sudden and unexpected events and innovations.  If you are experiencing a Uranus transit personally, Uranus’s retrograde will be a significant period. In our personal lives we will seek innovation and changes within ourselves and our own inner thinking. These changes will be focused on the outside world when Uranus reverses course and turns direct again January 14th, 2021.
August New moon in Leo
August 18, the New moon falls at 26 degrees of Leo. Now is the time to shine and enjoy what is left of the summer. This new moon is positive for entertainment, friends, creativity and love. The moon trines Mars providing a pleasant burst of energy to top off the few days left of the Leo season. Make the most of it!
The Sun enters Virgo August 22
Virgo rules the 6th house of work and health, and it represents the mutable time of summer when weather begins to shift toward fall. Virgo marks a big departure from the boldness and drama of Leo. During this season we will come back down to earth, plant our feet on the ground and get back to work. Over the next 30 days we will become much more focused on work and health as we leave the summer fun behind. Virgo is connected to the body as well as the mind and the intellect. Now is the perfect time to begin a new workout plan or start a diet. During the Virgo season we ‘get real’ again in preparation for the changing season. The Sun in Virgo may bring out a desire for perfection, as this is what Virgo is known for. Anything less than perfect may create a feeling of discouragement so it is important to remember we are all human. The most positive side of Virgo brings out the qualities of responsibility, feeling grounded, diligence and meticulous work.
Mars squares Saturn
August 24, Mars squares Saturn. This is the 2nd Cardinal square with Mars we will experience this month, and like the earlier square involving Pluto this will be repeated several times during Mars stay in Aries. Pay attention to the issues that come up at this time as this aspect will occur again in October and December and the same issue could arise.  Mars square Saturn can produce blocks, frustration and obstacles. You must work hard to get your ideas across and even then it will be difficult. If obstacles seem overwhelming wait a few days for this energy to pass and try again. This transit will play out on the world stage in the form of collective anger and frustration, and Mars rules police and military affairs.
Venus opposes Pluto: Am I getting what I need
August 30 Venus opposes Pluto. This is another intense transit indicative of issues concerning money and relationships. This transit can produce an obsessive type of energy and in some cases new information can be revealed to us relating to money, sex or relationships.
You could feel instantly drawn to someone in a compelling or mysterious manner, but there could be something inappropriate about the relationship, or it could be based purely on physical attraction.
Some relationships will end while others could be changed for the better but the path will not be an easy one. Pluto has a compulsive affect and its nature is to push, dig and in some cases bully. This transit is indicative in the collective of news concerning financial matters and scandals, or even sex scandals.

Mercury-Neptune: Confusion
August 30, Mercury opposes Neptune. This transit is often confusing, misleading or it can coincide with confused conversation or direction, lies and mis-information. If you have to sign important documents today make sure you fully understand the content, and that goes for any project that begins at this time. Confusion will happen easily on this day so it is important to be as aware of situations that arise today. Neptune transits tend to put is in a fog of confusion but this will pass in a couple of days.

Best transits in August:
August 16, the Sun trines Mars giving us a burst of energy, drive and positivity. This can be a positive day for whatever you want to accomplish. The only drawback is with the Moon in Cancer you may have to overcome a certain amount of emotionalism to get to where you want to go.

August 17, Mercury trines Mars. This is a great day for communication which can be powerful, bold and to the point.

August 18, Venus sextiles Uranus. This is a good day for resolving any issues in relationships. Unexpected events may arise that can lead to social engagements, relationships, entertainment and fun.

August 25, Venus opposes Jupiter. This can be a little bit of a double edged sword as the combination of Venus and Jupiter is generally positive but if you overdo things, you will have to pay the piper later. You may not feel a great deal of drive today for work or accomplishment as the energies of this day lend themselves toward amusement or entertainment.

August 27, Venus trines Neptune. This is a positive and creative transit indicative of soft lights and reverie. You may experience more intuition than normal or vivid dreams. Neptune has to do with compassion toward ourselves and others.

August 20, Mercury trines Jupiter. This is a energetic and upbeat day for any type of communication. With your positive attitude today many things are possible.

Monday, July 13, 2020

Cardinal oppositions and new moon in Cancer: Emotional struggles and barriers

Between July 14-20th we will experience 3 cardinal oppositions between the Sun, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn as well as the new moon. Oppositions are stressful transits indicative of change on many levels depending on where this falls in your own chart. For many, this will be a difficult week.

July 15, the opposition from the Sun to Jupiter completes. While this is normally positive energy it’s hard to separate Jupiter from Pluto as these two planets are nearly conjunct or together. Things can get blown out of proportion or you may make some type of change. Sun opposing Pluto July 15 is indicative of power struggles, oppositions from others and some things may end at this time. New information could be revealed and Pluto rules sex and money.

This month’s new moon falls at 28 degrees of Cancer on July 20th. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the significator of women and our emotional lives. Cancer rules the 4th house of home, family and our basic foundation in life. Our focus during this moon will be home, work, family and our emotional well-being as well as basic security issues on a personal as well as global level. This moon can bring restrictions, blocks and a feeling of loneliness, coldness, lack of love or being alone in the world with our problems. We may face difficult barriers and obstacles to progress. This Moon forms another cardinal opposition with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. The Sun also opposes Saturn at this time. Sun-Saturn transits deal with responsibilities, restrictions and blocks and can indicate depression and low energy.

This will be one of the most difficult if not the most difficult new moon of the year as it opposes Saturn at 28 degrees of Cancer and the opposition is exact.  
Moon opposing Saturn can be melancholy and depressing and we may emotionally drift back to the past or have thoughts or interaction with people from the past. This moon can also deal with fear based issues.

As Saturn rules responsibilities as well as limitations, if you can rise above the natural melancholy and pessimism of this new moon you can accomplish a great deal of work. You may be dealing with responsibilities you might wish you could ignore or skip. Saturn can give us great determination to succeed and if you can tap into the determination and grit of this moon you can achieve success. If you can go through your day and take care of normal business with no issues, consider the day a great success. July’s new moon will require focus, determination and patience.

Moon-Pluto can dredge up deep unresolved issues relating to the past, resentment, emotional turmoil, and issues with women or concern over finances. It can also reveal previously unknown information.

Mercury is still within orb of its square to Mars and this can indicate irritations, arguments and accidents as well as hasty and impatient judgment.

If you are emotionally affected by these transits, know this energy will soon pass.

 In the United States chart this moon falls in the 8th house of death and finance. It opposes Pluto in the 2nd house of money-income and Pluto represents power, the dark or shadow side of things, change and transformation. This Moon will bring further news of the spread of Covid in the US and don’t be surprised if there is not news of shutdowns again due to the rapid rise of the virus.
As this Moon affects the 2nd/8th houses of the US chart we could hear of financial issues or market swings are possible.

Friday, June 26, 2020

July 2020: Saturn's last dance in Capricorn

Summer is officially here, and this season will be just as suspenseful as the rest of the year has been, so don’t look for things to go back to normal anytime soon. During July, Saturn leaves Aquarius and re-enters the sign Capricorn for a final 6 month stay. We experience a significant lunar eclipse with a major impact on the United Sates, Mars begins its long trek through Aries, Mercury turns direct, Jupiter and Pluto meet up, and the Leo season begins

Saturn re-enters Capricorn
July 2, Saturn (retrograde) re-enters the sign Capricorn where it has been since December 2017. Saturn dipped its toes into Aquarius March 23-July 1, giving us a hint of what is to come from December 2020-March of 2023 when it enters Aquarius again for the next 2 and a half years.
Saturn is the planet of discipline, structure and responsibility. Saturn in Capricorn is about hard work, business, security issues, responsibilities, government, hierarchies, and materialism. At worse it represents repression, limitation and deprivation, and at best you can build solid structures in your life that will withstand time. 

Saturn will re-enter Capricorn at 29 degrees which is considered a critical degree prone to major events and critical junctures.  There can be a feeling of a last chance to accomplish or finish something. In astrology the Sabian symbols assign a meaning to each degree of each sign. The Sabian symbol for 29 degrees of Capricorn is, “a woman reading tea leaves.” This meaning may be appropriate because when Capricorn was it 29 degrees in March, the global stock markets saw a down turn of 30%.

Saturn will join up with Jupiter and Pluto for 6 more months. Saturn and Pluto will represent the harsh energies we have been dealing with most of the year and since 2017.  Saturn conjunct Pluto brought us a worldwide pandemic when it conjoined in January 2020. It has also produced struggles over power, democracy, racism, Brexit and inequality to name just a few.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto has produced fanatical ideas, propaganda and conspiracy theories, financial and political issues, upheaval and the spread of Covid-19. Saturn rules structure and time, Pluto rules power and regeneration and Jupiter expands whatever it touches for better or worse. 

These powerful planets will be within orb of each other throughout most of the year and the energies of all three planets will come into play. Saturn and Pluto in conjunction is a harsh combination that tends to bring out the worse of everything-death, crime, corruption, but Pluto transforms and regenerates. So if we look at things in this light we have a regeneration and rebuilding period of society in a new and better way. Pluto transits tend to tear down and then rebuild in a different way, so this is actually an opportunity for great change. We will experience even more change when Saturn moves back into Aquarius late this year along with Jupiter.

Use the next 6 months to build and create permanent structures in your own life that will withstand the test of time. If you can succeed in this now, you can do anything in the future!

Saturn in Aquarius
Saturn entered (Aquarius) March 23, the sign of the collective and changed the energies globally. Saturn brings structure if not limitation to whatever sign it enters and since March most of us have been at home as a result of Covid-19 resulting in social isolation, and yet the collective has been making its voice heard in the form of worldwide protests and demand for change and equality. Saturn has squared Uranus over the past months for the first of 5 passes, and while things have not been smooth the over whelming desire for significant change is evident in many places around the world. Aquarius is the sign of brotherhood and equality and Saturn square Uranus is revolutionary energy that will bring societal upheaval, as well as financial. We will also be forced to deal with climate change in a more serious manner.  While Saturn is in Aquarius we will all be finding our own individual voice within the collective. Saturn was last in Aquarius 30 years ago; February 1991-January 1994.

The July lunar eclipse in Capricorn
The final lunar eclipse of the summer occurs just after midnight (EST) on July 5. This (full moon) eclipse falls at 13 degrees of Capricorn and will be most significant for those born under Cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra) with planets at 11-15 degrees. Capricorn rules the 10th house of business and priorities, and its planetary ruler is Saturn the ruler of structure and authority. This eclipse can be seen throughout much of North America and this is a ‘birthday’ eclipse for the US as it peaks just after July 4th

This Capricorn eclipse will direct our focus to our personal structures or foundations, the status quo and authority issues. As Mars is approaching its square to Mercury we could experience agitation at this time, and during the days following the eclipse there is a strong chance of volatility or even violence. Use care and caution and be aware of your surroundings and state of mind. You could have an ‘ah ha moment’ as eclipses often bring hidden information to light.

A nearly two year long eclipse series in Cancer-Capricorn began July 13, 2018 that lit up the Cancer-Capricorn axis ruling home, the homeland, priorities, security issues and our basic structures,  shifting our perception of security (Cancer) and authority (Capricorn). This will be the final eclipse in this series which will be significant in the US. The next eclipses will fall in the signs of Gemini, Sagittarius refocusing our priorities once again. Whatever lessons we have learned individually and as a collective will come to a head with this final eclipse in Capricorn.

Solar eclipses are typically connected with opportunities and beginnings and lunar eclipses with release, but at the same time any eclipse can be a bit of a wildcard. As Mercury is retrograde events connected to this eclipse can be delayed by days or weeks. The energy of an eclipse wanes as time goes on but it typically lasts until the next eclipse (or longer depending on the strength of eclipse) which in this case will be November 30.

The Moon opposes the Sun amping up emotions at the time of the eclipse which can make us emotionally reactive if we are not careful. As the Sun is in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn we may be focused on home, family and matters of priority. Emotions will come into focus for better or worse.

This is a rather serious eclipse as The Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all in a stellium (a group of 3 or more planets) and the Moon in Capricorn will aspect each of these planets all in Capricorn. This eclipse can bring endings, but this should not be feared as anything that ends has been on its way out for a while now.

In the United States chart the eclipse opposes the Sun and squares Saturn creating a difficult T-square. This will affect our structure and organizations such as Congress. The Sun in a country’s chart represents the head of government or in this case the US President. An opposition to the Sun represents a crisis point. At the time of this post news reports are stating bounty money was paid by Russia to kill US forces in Afghanistan and as we approach the eclipse more information will likely be revealed. The public tide will turn against US President Donald Trump even to a larger degree than it currently is. As Jupiter and Pluto also oppose the US Mercury we can expect to hear significant news of a rise in Covid-19 deaths, and/or other notable deaths. Financial markets could be affected and the days after the eclipse look volatile in the US.

Mars in Aries during July
Mars is the planet ruling our action and it entered Aries June 27th. It will remain in this sign until early 2021 due to its retrograde in September.

Mars is considered very powerful in the sign it rules, and we will be trying to accomplish a great deal over the rest of the year. Mars in Aries is action oriented and some people will come across as aggressive.  Aries does not let grass grow under its feet! For those born under the sign Aries it will begin a new two year cycle.

Mars will clash with all of the planets in cardinal signs, the first of which is July 8, as Mars squares Mercury. We will feel this energy in the days before and after and the lunar eclipse which will intensify this harsh energy.  Watch your communication with others, or it could work out the other way where someone is aggressive toward you. This is indicative of tempers, arguments, fights and harsh communication. It is also an accident prone transit so use caution driving. You could accomplish a great deal, mentally if you can harness the energy. Mars rules metals, knives and guns. This transit will repeat itself again July 27, when Mercury is direct.

Mercury turns direct
Mercury turns stationary direct July 12. When the planet ruling communication stations to move forward we can actually experience more confusion, breakdowns and changes in direction at this time than any other, except when it stations to turn retrograde. The stationary direct period lasts through June 15. Things will slowly return to normal and communication will pick up if it has been delayed. The retrograde ‘shadow period,’ ends on July 27th and from here its full steam ahead.  When Mercury turns direct we may pick up where we left off around mid-June. Mercury will transit through Cancer again entering Leo on August 4. With Venus’s direct motion as well we may finally feel things are starting to pick up and become closer to normal or the new normal during Covid-19.

July New Moon in Cancer: All about our emotions
July’s new moon falls at 28 degrees of Cancer July 20. Cancer is the natural ruler of home and family and the most emotional of signs. Both the Sun and Moon oppose Saturn which can make us feel blocked emotionally at the time. Don’t take this seriously as this will soon pass. The energy can be positive for serious thought and work, if you don’t let feelings of depression and loneliness interfere. For many, family responsibilities will come first at this time.
The Sun opposes Saturn on this new moon as well, which can add to the feelings of being weighted down with responsibilities. Conflicts between work and family responsibilities can arise. This will be a significant news day.

The Sun enters Leo
July 22, the Sun enters Leo and we are in the Leo season!  While Cancer rules home and family, Leo rules the 5th house of love and entertainment (as well as children). If Cancer is about family get together and vacations, Leo is geared toward singles and fun. The Sun will be in this sign until August 22, so dip your toes into the water and enjoy it. This time can be a much welcome break from the stress and seriousness of the world, and unfortunately it will not last long, so grab your fun in the sun while you can.

Other transits of significance in July:
July 14, the Sun opposes Jupiter. While this is typically positive and upbeat, if falls very close to the Sun’s opposition to Pluto July 15. Sun-Pluto oppositions relate to breakdowns in relationships, machinery and can indicate complete changes in direction that we may not have control over. This is not the day to push a contentious issue as it is prone to arguments and power struggles. We will see significant power struggles in the world.

July 22, Mercury sextiles Uranus. This can be a day of sudden, new and inspiring ideas and new ways of approaching things. Make use of this energy as it will disappear as quickly as it comes.

July 27, Mercury sextiles Neptune. This is a creative and pleasant type of energy that often has to do with compassion, creativity and intuition. Also on this day Venus squares Neptune. Romance can be in the air and this can work out one of several ways. While the positive side can bring pleasant times, the other side of the transit relates to misunderstandings, incorrect information or even lies. Watch communication with others and money matters.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Week of June 21st and 4 significant events!

Here we are in the final week and a half of June and this is probably the most significant part of the month. Neptune turns retrograde, Venus turns direct, Mars enters Aries and Jupiter meets up with Pluto.

Neptune retrogrades
Neptune turns retrograde June 23. I have already posted on this and you can catch up here. Neptune is the planet that rules illusion, delusion and confusion. If you do not have a harsh transit you may not be all that affected. We do a great deal of inner work when Neptune retrogrades every year.

Venus turns direct
The planet of love and money turns direct on June 25, at 5 degrees of Gemini. Have you enjoyed your trip down memory lane or experienced significant changes in your love life? If this is the case, remember this time well, as Venus will retrograde again in Gemini May of 2028.

Venus shakes up our love lives and money. It is associated with the past and those from the past and at times it reveals flaws in relationships. People can break up or get back together and there is a fated or karmic affect. Its direct motion can only help money matters overall. It will continue in the ‘shadow’ period of its direct motion until July 28, when it returns to normal. Venus will remain in Gemini until August 7th.

If it turns direct in a positive angle in your personal chart you could experience something positive, meet someone new or experience some type of good fortune.

Mars enters Aries
Mars leaves Pisces and enters its own sign Aries on June 27. It will be very powerful in this sign and remain here until January of 2021 due to its retrograde in September.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac ruling the self, and things won’t be boring with Mars in Aries. This is an action oriented Cardinal sign which means things will be happening.

Mars will clash with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto for the rest of the year causing upheaval in the world that can impact us personally if this hits something significant in your personal chart.
The most important dates to watch are:
July 8th and 27th Mars squares Mercury
Week of August 23
Week of September 27
Week of December 20

Jupiter conjuncts Pluto
Jupiter conjunct Pluto June 30, but the week before and after are significant. On a personal level significant events can occur at this time as Jupiter expands and Pluto reforms, remakes and changes. As a result many major things can happen: deals can come together or end depending on how this affects your personal chart.
This is significant in the world as issues concerning money, agendas, foreign related issues and politics will be revealed during these times. Jupiter-Pluto can also relate to terrorism. In the United States chart Jupiter and Pluto will oppose Mercury from the 2nd to the 8th houses of finance and death. I have been predicting for weeks Covid would expand at this time and Sunday saw the largest one day spike since it began. As a result we will hear of more death, and we could hear of some type of national death as well. This will represent the 2nd of three conjunctions and another one will occur in November.