Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Sun squares Saturn: responsibilities, obligations, endings

Over the next few days the Sun will square Saturn and this transit becomes exact Friday, March 17, at 5: 47 PM, EST.

This will affect us all, and it will affect those to a greater degree who have mutable planets-Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces at 27 degrees. If you have planets here, it may bring an issue to light in some way, or it could represent a blow to your ego.

Otherwise this is a day where most of us are working toward accomplishing something. There is no point in avoidance, some things have to be done. Best to get on with what needs to be done and not cast yourself in the role of victim.

This transit can seem limiting, dour or tiring. Some things can end. This isn't the day to play, but rather accomplish what needs to be done. Pay attention to your responsibilities and obligations, and this transit can be used to your advantage and things can work out well. 

The day for play will be Saturday, March 18, when Mercury conjuncts Venus! Relax and have fun, you have earned it!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Mars enters Taurus: Energy/action changes

Mars enters Taurus March 9, at 7:34 PM, EST. Energy will change dramatically as Mars enters the second sign of the zodiac. Taurus is an Earth sign, perfect for the early part of spring.

Mars in Aries (January 28-March 9) is very powerful in its own sign. One of the downsides of Mars here is moving too quickly without thinking through the consequences of things or acting on impulse. We have seen this happening in the news with legislation being proposed by Congress, that has been presented too quickly without enough deliberation (along with retrograde Venus, Jupiter and soon to be retrograde Mercury).

Now, as Mars enters Taurus our action will be given to much more deliberation and things won't move as fast.

Taurus is a fixed sign. Action won't come quickly, but when it does it will be more deliberate and has the potential of lasting consequences.  We will be able to push ahead without being easily distracted.

Mars here, is in Venus's sign, and Venus (in Aries) is in Mars sign. This is called mutual receptivity, and can allow for a deeper understanding between the sexes as  they are each adjusting to the energy of the other.

The downside of Taurus is that it can be stubborn and unbending. Compromise will be harder to come by and each party will be less likely to bend.

Taurus rules the second house of money, and it's here many of us will be focused at this time.

If you are a Taurus or a Taurus ascendant I find that Mars in your own sign makes life very busy. You would also be starting a new Mars cycle that goes for about two years.
Mars will remain in Taurus until April 21, when it enters Gemini and energy changes again.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Full moon in Virgo March 12

This week's full moon in Virgo falls on March 12, at 10:54 AM, EST, and peaks at 22 degrees of Virgo.

Virgo is an Earth sign and rules the sixth house of work and health.

Virgo can be associated with health, exercise and diets. Now would be the time to think about a healthier lifestyle or incorporating exercise into your plan.

As this sign connects to work, many people may well be concerned with more mundane affairs or even do it yourself projects at home. Issues may arise with work. Its all in the details.

Virgo can be the most critical sign of the zodiac and we may see this play out in terms of interactions with others. Virgo is also associated with worry. Before you criticize someone be aware of what might be at stake.

Mercury squares Saturn on this day becoming part of the full moon energy, and this is a tiring and somewhat negative transit as well.

It's hard to express yourself with this transit and some people may feel reluctant to state their true needs or desires. This transit focuses on obligations and responsibilities, not frivolities.

So we can expect a critical approach to things either literally or figuratively. Be careful in relationships that you don't become too critical, demanding or a nag.Or others may come across like this to you.

Virgo is all about the details. Anything that is lacking in detail will be highlighted critically at this point. Get your facts straight and make sure the blanks are filled in.

As the Moon will also square Saturn this increases the critical energies as well. Some situations and relationships will end on this moon.

On the world stage, the full moon falls on Neptune in the 9th house of the US (Sibley) natal chart. The Moon (and Neptune/US chart) squares Mars and we will see anger, frustration, upheaval and lack of clarity in the US. We may hear things that aren't true, unclear, or lies,that could be uncovered. Virgo relates to audits as well. The ninth house rules laws, foreign entities and foreign countries. At its worst, we could see violence on this moon.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The eclipse aftermath

Events continue to play out that relate to the powerful February 26, eclipse in Pisces. The energy of an eclipse continues to play out for weeks, and sometimes longer.

Today is an especially stressful day with the Moon, Venus, Uranus and Mars in Aries, all meeting up together bringing an angry (Mars) emotional (Moon) state for many with unexpected issues and answers (Uranus) Many relationship (Venus) issues are coming to the forefront as well. These planets all oppose Jupiter, bringing things to sudden conclusions, and creating a desire to break free of things, people and situations that have become stale, oppressive or hard to deal with. Anger and upset will be rampant, and actions sudden and unpredictable and hard to control, or at worst, violent.
Four planets in the sign of Aries is powerful, and there is a focus on me, myself and I, good or bad.

On the other hand Mercury (communication, thinking), The Sun (ego), Neptune (subconscious) and Chiron (wounded healer), are all in Pisces. The energy here is confusion, delusion, lack of clarity, or in some cases over the top, out to lunch delusional or crazy. Or you may be trying to help yourself or someone else with a problem. It could be a high day for creativity.

It's going to take a lot of balance to work with these energies. Half of them are in the Mars ruled sign (Aries-1st house) of the self, and the other half are in the sign the coincides with 12th house of the zodiac and endings, or for those with a spiritual bent-compassion and understanding.

As the Sun conjuncts Neptune today, things may be revealed, or the day could seem like a Svengali dream filled with mixed images and emotions.  The more unbalanced an individual is, the more difficult these next few days will be.

By Thursday, the Moon moves into Taurus and this may help the mix some. As the Moon sextiles Mercury thinking may eventually become clearer. By late day the Sun crosses Neptune and the fog will begin to lift for now.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

March 2017: Spring comes, the Goddess lof love steps back

As we begin the month of March we have two major eclipses behind us, but the energy of both will continue to play out during March and beyond. We are in the Pisces season now, representing the end of winter and before the month is out we will experience the astrological new year- or the Sun at 0 degrees of Aries (the spring solstice) and begin anew!

Jupiter is in direct opposition to Uranus and this will continue to shake up our world, and the two financial planets are both retrograde.

Jupiter opposing Uranus is the most important transit of the month, and it becomes exact on March 2. We experienced an exact hit of this transit December 28, of the past year and we will experience this again in September. This transit is actually part of a t-square that involves Jupiter, along with Venus and Mars as we begin the month.  These are potentially volatile aspects and we may continue to expect surprises that involve governments, laws and general discontent and disruption in the country (US).

Many more things will be revealed about our world and governments around the time of the total solar eclipse at 28 degrees of Leo on August 21. This will be the first total solar eclipse we can see in the US since 1991, and that one was only visible to a small part of the US.

As Jupiter opposes Uranus we will experience change in our world and personal lives. If this aspects your personal chart, you have cardinal planets-Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn at 20-22 degrees. If so, Uranus typically brings unexpected or even shocking change.

Many people will feel restless during this time, and can make sudden changes in their lives, jobs and relationships. This is not all bad, as some things may need to change. I learned years ago that 

Uranus typically cuts out the 'dead wood,' or things that need to change so we may move forward in a new and potentially better way.

This energy can be powerful and exciting. Uranus is the planet of change and Jupiter the planet of expansion. This is basically a 'gamblers transit.'  Some people may do things they never imagined or take chances and make their mark on the world. This transit can represent luck, and unbridled energy, but it should be controlled. In other words, don't go off half cocked, and have a plan in mind if you attempt large undertakings or something new, and proceed with more planning and research than exuberance for a greater chance of success.

Venus stations to turn retrograde on March 4. This occurs about every year and a half, and Venus was last retrograde July 25-September 6 of 2015.

Venus rules our love life, money and values, and it will be these areas of life we will re-access.

As both of the financial planets-Jupiter and Venus are retrograde, money matters and situations connections connected to finance and certain projects may be slowed down during this time.

Relationships will become more dramatic and seemingly karmic events can play out as well. Relationships may seem more difficult and expression of feelings harder.

Some relationships will end, others may get back together. 
Retrograde Venus is a wild card.

A retrograde Venus is not the time to get married, engaged, have plastic surgery, start businesses or major projects.

A new relationship that begins on a retrograde Venus can change when it goes direct,  or end all together. If it lasts, the love energy may never be fully expressed, or it could feel as though something is always held back.

Venus will turn direct on April 15, at 26 degrees of Pisces.

By March 30, and in the weeks before, Jupiter begins its second square to Pluto while in Libra. As Pluto is the planet of change and regeneration, more change will occur at this time, especially in terms of governments, laws and money.  This will be a time of fierce struggles in the government, clashing ideas, and conflicts over money and finance. This transit is at its most powerful the last week of March and into early April. The clash of Pluto and Jupiter has to do with the rise of international terrorism, and/or fights over how to deal with terrorism. We experienced Jupiter's opposition to Pluto in 2014 when ISIS formed its caliphate.

In our own personal lives change can occur as well. This can happen in the area of taxes or finance, or some other area of your life depending on where it falls in your chart. This transit will affect all of those born under Cardinal signs at 18-19 degrees, or have cardinal planets-Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn at these degrees.

As the Sun and Mercury are both in Pisces as we begin the month, each planet will conjunct Neptune and then square Saturn. Neptune is confusing, and Saturn transits typically deal with responsibilities and can be tiring and somewhat depressing. But, they are short lived.

March 1, the Sun conjuncts Neptune, and this is basically a low energy transit. Falling on the heels of the Neptune ruled eclipse, things can seem melancholy or confusing. get the facts correct before you take action. On the other hand it can indicate vivid dreams, creativity, and you could have a déjà vu experience or something of the sort.

March 4, Mercury conjuncts Neptune. As Mercury rules travel and communication we can experience a lot of confusion in either area. Caution is called for, especially while driving and in bad weather conditions. Like any Neptune transit however, this can be a positive for those involved in the creative or metaphysical areas. A good day for a reading. Look over any documents you sign carefully, and I would not consider this a good day to start a new venture.

March 5, Mars trines Saturn.  A good day for any type of accomplishment and you will have the energy to work long and hard. Gardening, perhaps?

March 6, the Sun conjuncts Mercury. There will be a great deal of communication, but this is a 'willful transit.' Ego energy can be high.

March 8, Mercury sextiles Pluto and this is a positive transit good for getting to the bottom of any issue or situation.

March 9, the Sun sextiles Pluto. Much like the previous day, and many people will be engaged in deep thought. People will seem direct today, but not in a negative way. Good for getting to the bottom of any issue.

March 9, Mars leaves Aries and enters Taurus. Taurus is a fixed sign and as Mars rules our action we will be much more determined.  Mars in Aries was forceful and action oriented and Mars in Taurus will be slower, more determined and perhaps not as harsh. Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare? Mars in Taurus is the turtle, but eventually it will get there on its own terms.

Venus and Mars are now in mutual reception. This means Venus is in Mars sign and Mars is in Venus's sign. The tow sexes can gain a greater understanding of each other at this time.

March 12, Mercury squares Saturn. This is a difficult and tiring transit not prone to good news. You may be focused on responsibilities. This is all about work. Don't take things too seriously. With work, it could be a good day for getting things done but it won't be light or frivolous.

This month's full moon, the companion moon to the February 26 solar eclipse, falls at 22 degrees of Virgo. This Moon peaks at 10:54 AM, EST.

Virgo is about work and health, along with details.  This can be a time of critical decision making, and any details left undone will be an issue at this time.

Virgo is an earth sign dedicated to practicality and work. Some people may seem overly critical at this time, and this could include you. While a Virgo moon works well for the Earth signs, it could seem more worrisome to Fire, Water and Air signs.

This Moon falls dead on Neptune in the US chart 9th house ruling foreigners, laws, publishing and ideals. As it will square Mars in the 7th house of 'open enemies,' expect to see major events unfold in the country and a great deal of anger in the general populace.  As this Moon falls on Neptune, the situation may not be immediately clear, or we could see or hear of scandals and deception.

March 13, Mercury enters Aries. This Mars ruled sign will insure that speech becomes more forceful. Many people will have a determined attitude in their communication. This is not all bad, but slow down your mind, before you act. Mercury will retrograde April 9, at 4 degrees of Taurus, then move back into Aries. So whatever we do now, may be re-done on the retrograde of Mercury in Aries that will occur April 21-May 4. The shadow period of the retrograde will begin on March 27.  Wrap important things up before this time!

March 17, the Sun squares Saturn. This is a tiring and limiting influence, and some people may feel drained. This is not the day for fun, or things of this nature, but used wisely you can accomplish a great deal. Remember, Saturn is about work and responsibility. If you can accomplish the most important things on this day, you have done well.

March 18, Mercury conjuncts Venus. This is a nice respite from the previous day. Plan some fun, communication will flow much easier and feelings may be expressed with ease.

March 20, the Sun enters Aries. This is the first official day of spring and as the Sun begins again at 0 Aries, and starts its 365 day journey through each sign. It's the astrological New Year!
There can be a strong desire to start new things. I'm not discouraging this, but remember that retrograde Mercury will soon make us reconsider our plans. Plan carefully!

March 23, Mercury squares Pluto. This is an obsessive and argumentative transit. Watch how you speak to others as to not encourage power struggles and disagreements. People may become determined to get what they want and not let go. We could be controlled for the day by a single idea.

This is also a transit of propaganda. We will see this in the world and it could take form in our personal lives. People will be trying to convince others of the validity of their ideas, and at times we can find out new information. It's important not to be obsessive.
Travel can be difficult and be careful of accidents. This is not a good day for travel, especially driving. Watch the road.

March 24, Mercury opposes Jupiter. This is far more positive than the transit of the previous day. Communication and thoughts can come at a fast pace, and many things, good or bad, can be blown out of proportion.

March 25, the Sun conjuncts Venus. This is a pleasant transit good for any social activity. It can however bring low energy, and be careful not to indulge to the point you have to pay the piper the next day. Enjoy!

March 26, Mercury is conjunct Uranus. Thoughts and communication can fly at a rapid pace. If you get a brilliant idea, write it down as it may quickly disappear from your consciousness. this transit is a double edge sword-you can experience brilliant and creative ideas, or the mental energy can make you nervous, and we can mentally change on a dime. We could also hear unexpected news.

March 27, Mercury sextiles Neptune. This is basically a creative transit that can inspire. As it involves Neptune however, make sure your ideas are grounded in reality.

March 27, the New Moon falls at 7 degrees of Aries at 10:57 PM. This Moon will conjunct Venus which should be pleasant but by early the next morning, this Moon squares Pluto and conjuncts Uranus. If you are up in the early morning hours difficult situations can sometimes present themselves and you may experience changeability.
The few days before the New Moon are referred to the dark of the Moon as the sky has little light. This can be a low energy period for many.

March 29, Mercury trines Saturn. This is stable energy and a positive day for accomplishment.

March 30, Jupiter squares Pluto

March 31, Mercury enters Taurus and for a short time speech and communication will be slower and more deliberate. The word stubborn also comes to mind, and ideas and opinions once put into effect will be hard to change if at all. Mercury retrogrades at 4 degrees of Taurus on April 9.