Monday, June 26, 2017

Powerful and explosive energies through July 4

We have a number of difficult aspects that will begin June 28,(or before) and continue through July 4. The Sun, Mercury and Mars are involved in a t-square that will involve Jupiter (Jupiter expands whatever it touches), and Pluto (power structures, bullies, abuse, breakdowns and change). T-squares are stressful planetary configurations that pull our energy in different directions.

These transits will affect us both on a personal level and on the world stage. The key is to stay aware of what is going on in your life and with other people who surround you. Some people will fare better than others, and those most affected will have Cardinal planets at 15-17 degrees in their personal charts. The Cardinal planets are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

As Cancer rules home and family, home may be a battleground where things can get tense and angry this week, but it is not limited to home. Cancer is also the most emotional of signs.

In times like these it is best to pull in your horns, so to speak. If you confront others, they will confront right back. Save controversial issues for another day (or week). You have been warned. There is potential for success, but it won't come easy over these days.

Use caution, calm and common sense and most people will fare ok, but expect to feel the energy.

June 28, Mercury conjuncts Mars at 15 degrees of Cancer. Mars/Mercury transits are generally indicative of a great deal of mental energy and accomplishment can be made if irritation and anger does not take over. Watch for accidents, especially driving. Mercury rules communication, young people and travel. Many people will seem angry, and some can become abusive.

June 29, Mercury opposes Pluto-This is an argumentative transit that can lead to obsessive thinking and propaganda. You may try and convince others of your viewpoint or vice versa. Again, use caution while driving. Obsessive thinking can be an issue. You may find out previously unknown information.

July 2, Mars opposes Pluto-This is a volatile, if not explosive transit. Use caution in your dealings with others, and chose your approach carefully. There will be a feeling of overall anger in the air. Some things will end at this time. Change is a possibility if you are seeking it. There can be delays and setbacks.

July 4-Mercury squares Uranus-This is prone to unexpected news, and change in plans. Expect the unexpected. If you plan a get together, be flexible.

As these transits play out in our lives, they play out in the world. We are going to see and hear a great many angry people this week, and some of it is likely over the proposed changes in healthcare in the US, but not limited to this.

We may see accidents, and situations involving young people. Mercury-Pluto rules propaganda. Don't automatically believe anything. As Mars opposes Pluto, we may see some type of attack or accident, but I hope I am wrong-the potential is there. Pluto also deals with abuse, the abuse of power, nuclear situations could come into the conversation, not to mention anger and the potential for violence. 

Uranus is the planet of explosions and explosive situations.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Astrology of Summer 2017

Summer begins with the Sun and Mercury's entrance into Cancer on June 21. Here's hoping you have a happy and prosperous summer-dip your toes in the water and enjoy life where you can!

Let's take a look at  some of the most significant transits of summer.

Now, the major transits.
The t-square of July
As we begin summer, a t-square starts to form in the sky with, Jupiter, Pluto and the fast moving planets that include Mars, the Sun and Mercury. As the fast moving planets enter Cancer, each one will become the third planet to be involved as it squares Jupiter and opposes Pluto. Eventually each of the fast moving planets will square Uranus as well.

A t-square is a potentially stressful configuration that involves the energies of three planets.

Jupiter  is the planet of expansion and grace. Pluto rules change, transformation, abusive/difficult circumstances, and breakdowns of situations, and Mars rules action, men, and anger and is referred to as the God of War. The Sun rules ego, and us personally, and Mercury rules communication, travel and thinking.

T-squares generally coincide with times that may not be easy, but working through them can bring change. You may feel pulled in many different directions. Sometimes major changes can occur on t-squares Certainly, we will see major events play out in the world, and some of these days will be dangerous times in the world. Below is a list of significant dates.

June 25, Mars squares Jupiter-situations blown out of proportion, change.
June 27, Mercury squares Jupiter-generally positive, situations blown out of proportion.
June 28, Mercury conjunct Mars-intense communication, arguments, potential of accidents
June 29, Mercury opposes Pluto-obsessive thoughts, searching for answers, arguments, accidents.
July 2, Mars opposes Pluto-Anger, issues of abuse, total change and breakdown, dangerous day in the world.
July 4, Mercury squares Uranus-Unexpected news and events, potential of accidents
July 5, Sun squares Jupiter-generally positive, overinflated expectations.
July 10, Sun opposes Pluto-change in situations, breakdowns, power struggles, issues of abuse.
July 17, Mars squares Uranus-Explosive and unexpected circumstances. Dangerous day in the world.
July 20, the Sun squares Uranus-Unexpected, changeable circumstances. Dangerous day in the world.

The Sun
Wherever the Sun goes, the spotlight shines.

Over the Summer months, the Sun will transit through Cancer ( June 21-July 22), Leo, (July 22-August 22), and Virgo, August 22-September 22.
Cancer is the sign ruling home and family, and it is here our focus will lie. Some will be focused on changing their surroundings, moving, buying or selling property.
If Cancer is about home and family, then Leo is about singles, fun and love. Leo rules the fifth house of love, friends and children.

Finally, the Sun enters Virgo, and this is the mutable sign when the weather starts to change. At this point we all become a little more occupied with work, and this is a good time to begin new health regimes.

Mercury-thinking, speech and communication
Mercury rules thinking, speech and communication. During June it starts out in Taurus, moves into Gemini June 6-20, and finally enters Cancer June 21-July 5.
While in Cancer communication becomes more emotional. People may come across this way and the emotions generally take precedence over intellect.

Mercury leaves Cancer and enters Leo July 5-August 24. Speech and thinking will be bigger, grander and could even get overly dramatic! Mercury's stay here will be short.
When Mercury enters Virgo, August 22, speech/thinking takes on a more pragmatic tone, and it can become more critical, both in terms of the way we think and communicate to others. With Mercury in Virgo we need to guard against speaking in an overly critical way to others, as well as thinking negatively.

Mercury will retrograde at 11 degrees of Virgo on August 13, and the shadow period of the retrograde when energy starts to change occurs about July 24.

On September 1, Mercury retrogrades back into Leo, where it will turn direct September 5, at 28 degrees.

This will be a powerful retrograde as Mercury is in one of its own signs of rulership.
Mercury turns retrograde 3 or 4 times a year, and generally has a bad name and elicits groans when mentioned.  To an extent this is perfectly understandable, as retrograde 

Mercury is the planet that causes delays, glitches, breakdowns in computers and equipment, relationships, slowdowns and brings hidden factors to the surface. It is however part of a natural cycle, and this period is meant to recess, redo and reconsider plans and situations in our lives.

Plans can be put on hold, miscommunication can occur, relationships can end or change, and cars, computers and other machinery can break down at the most inopportune moment.

When planets retrograde, their effects on humans are different than when in direct motion. Thinking is deeper, situations often appear to go underground for a time, or change altogether, and sometimes our focus shifts. Mercury retrograde is the most talked about retrograde, because it is a fast moving planet that controls our thinking, speech, travel, and cognitive skills.

When Mercury retrogrades, I always tell people, ‘Mercury retrograde is a wild card.” Sometimes, relationships can be fixed and problems brought out into the open if it is worth saving. Sometimes the karma of a relationship will play out as retrograde cycles are karmic in nature. Expect delays, changes of plans and try and not have situations set in stone.  In other words, prepare to be flexible.  Mercury retrograde is often a frustrating time to be looking for a job.  Don’t give up though, just keep plugging on and stay on top of all communication. And make sure you are direct and to the point in your communication with others.  If you don’t understand what someone is telling you, by all means ask for clarification.

With this retrograde in Virgo  we need to watch our speech and communication as we may become overly critical or even overly analytical of people and situations, or other people may seem this way to us.

Mercury will re-enter Virgo on September 10, where it will remain the rest of September.

Venus-the planet of love (and money)
Venus is one of the day to day planets that rule our love lives along with Mars. It also influences money, depending on where it is in your chart.

Venus entered Taurus June 7, and will remain there through July 4.
Venus in Taurus can be sensual and likes fine things. It is very powerful here as it is in one of its signs of rulership-the other one is Libra. This should be a time Taureans look and feel their best. This works best for water and earth signs.

Venus moves into Gemini late in the day July 4, where it will remain until August 1. Venus here may not feel as committed as it was in Taurus and flightier. Venus here does not like to be bored. Of course this is a good placement for Gemini, and for all air and fire signs.

August 1, Venus moves into Cancer where it will remain until August 26. Cancer will feel and look good with Venus here and it works well for earth and water signs. You may want to entertain more at home.

August 26-September 20, Venus will transit through Leo. Great for Leo as well as air and fire signs. Venus here is at its flashiest and most dramatic. New clothes may be in order.

Mars-the planet of action
Mars typically dictates our action and rules men. Mars is currently in Cancer until July 21. Mars in the sign ruled by the 4th house is typically the time people move, work on their homes and spend more time with home and family.

When Mars enters your own sign, typically you get much busier.

Mars enters Leo July 22-September 5. If Mars in Cancer is about home and family, Mars in Leo is about love, singles, friendship, finding love and children. As Mars rules the 5th house fun, entertainment and love is the theme.

Mars here is bolder, grander and more dramatic. It can also be prone to drama, and the drama Kings-Queens can come out but overall it should be a time where we are more focused on fun and entertainment.

September 6-October 21, Mars enters Virgo, and we become more concerned with matters pertaining to work, and this is a good time to begin a new health regime or exercise program. Mars here can be more down to earth, but we have to guard against acting in an overly critical manner.

Mars and Venus are the day to day rulers of our love lives.

The eclipses of August 2017

We have two important eclipses in August.
The first is a lunar eclipse falling at 15 degrees of Aquarius on August 7.
Aquarius rules the 11th house of friends, hopes and wishes as well as groups of all types, and to some extent we will all be focused here. As this eclipse/full moon trines Jupiter, this is a positive time for expansion, new ideas and getting together with friends.

The companion solar eclipse falls at 28 degrees of Leo on August 21, and can be seen coast to coast.

Leo rules the 5th house of children, love affairs and fun! I expect this eclipse to be a big one!

Eclipses are the universes  signposts, lighting the path into the future.
Eclipses are like wildcards, and one of the ways we learn how and what we need to change and evolve. An eclipse can seem good or bad, depending on what it aspects in your personal chart, and often an eclipse is dramatic, or reveals important information if it aspects a significant point in your own chart/life.  An eclipse often brings news pertaining to life's biggest events. The energy of an eclipse can go for months and in some cases years.

With an eclipse we have both endings and beginnings. A solar eclipse is more like a new beginning, and it is always a new moon. A lunar eclipse can being more news of endings and it is associated with a full moon.
Almost always unexpected information comes to light and at this time something may be eclipsed completely out of your life, or into your life.

Other aspects
Jupiter squares Pluto- This can relate to issues with joint finances, conflict, lawsuits, arguments, and major change and transformation in the world and our lives. At times individuals with this transit can believe they are right and attempt to convince others of their position. Strong opinions are evident. Caution. August 2-8, this transit is exact.

Jupiter sextiles Saturn-August 27-September 1. This is a very positive time, and many things can come together now. Good for starting new ventures, and combining the old with the new. If you start a new venture move forward after Mercury turns direct on September 4.

Saturn turns direct August 25, at 21 degrees of Sagittarius. this is always a major planetary movement and will impact you more if you have planets at 20-22 degrees of Sagittarius, or other mutable planets at these degrees. As Saturn turns stationary direct many things will start to move forward again. Saturn will transit through the latter degrees of Sagittarius and enter Capricorn late December.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

New Moon in Cancer: emotions

June's New Moon in Cancer falls at 2 degrees on June 23, peaking at 10:31 PM, EST.

Cancer is the most emotional of signs and rules the fourth house of home and family. You may be concerned with issues surrounding family, home, extended family and emotional issues. You could be dealing with family or emotional issues, working on your home, planning a move, or buying or selling property at this time.

We will have a stellium of four planets in Cancer at this time including the Moon, sun, Mercury and Mars. That's a lot of emotional energy!
Those born under or with water sign planets in their chart will feel more comfortable with this energy than the fire and air signs, who may find it too moody or overly emotional.

Venus trines Pluto and this gives us some positive energy for accomplishment, success and personal expression.

But, this Moon sets off the energy of a major t-square that will be with us well into July. As each of the fast moving planets (Sun, Mercury and Mars) move into Cancer they will square Jupiter, oppose Pluto and square Uranus creating volatile and explosive energies in our lives and the world.
Mars squares Jupiter on this Moon and this is challenging energy that can lead to situations being blown out of proportion. Mountains can be made out of mole hills.

On the other hand it is possible to utilize this energy toward change, and expansiveness, along with new beginnings, especially in the home and emotional life if channeled correctly (and calmly).

This Moon will play out in the world in terms of unsettling, emotional energy and events. In the US it squares the Sun which rules the US President.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Neptune retrorgades June 16

The planet ruling psychic ability, religion, compassion, creativity, dreams and many other things turns stationary retrograde for the next six months June 16 at 14 degrees of Pisces, and will continue its retrograde through mid-November.

This will bring about more acute sensitivity on an inner level and we may be able to pick up on those things we don't perceive when Neptune is direct. We are more likely to be listening to our own inner voice during this time and creativity and psychic or intuitive abilities may be increased during this time. As Neptune turns stationary retrograde things could get more confusing for a time.

If transiting Neptune aspects a personal planet in your chart, during this period we tend to become self deluding, depressed, or overly idealistic. Others may deceive us as well. It is important to be as grounded as possible during these times if you are experiencing a Neptune transit like this, especially a harsh one. Neptune transits can go on for several years and if ever your feet need to be planted on firm soil it is now if you have such an aspect.

Hard Neptune transits often coincide with over idealized relationships, or relationships with those who are really not available for a variety of reasons. We may feel we have met our soul mate or the most perfect partner in the world to wake up and find things were not as we had believed, or been led to believe which leads to discouragement, depression and disenchantment. Often when Neptune retrogrades we find out that our dreams are not based on reality and this generally occurs during the retrograde of a harsh transit in our charts. This can not only affect relationships but many other areas of our lives depending on what area of the chart Neptune is transiting. If you do not have a hard Neptune aspect, you need not be as concerned .

You will experience a hard Neptune transit if you have mutable planets-Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces at 13-15 degrees.

The positive Neptune aspects can lead to beautiful experiences, meeting someone who seems perfect and be a time of idealistic living.

Neptune rules illusion, delusion and confusion and is often the most misunderstood planet. It operates on a deep psychic level in our lives.
Neptune is generally retrograde six months out of every year.
This year Neptune turns retrograde while conjunct the Moon in Pisces which could seem like an energy shift. Neptune turns retrograde at 7:10 AM, EST. Some may feel the shift in energies.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Sun and Mercury oppose Saturn

The Gemini Sun moves into an opposition with retrograde Saturn that becomes exact  in the early morning hours Thursday, June 15,  -6:17 EST, to be precise. So the energy will be felt Wednesday into Wednesday night, especially.

For many this will be the daily grind, with the emphasis on grind. Saturn rules obstacles, delays, glitches, get the point.

In addition, this is a tiring transit that can lend itself toward negativity or even depression, and Saturn transits can often generate fear based thinking.
Some things will come to an end, and this can include relationships in some cases. But, this transit alone would not cause an ending, there would have to be more in your personal chart.

This will affect those to a greater degree who have mutable planets-Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces at 23-25 degrees. If So, Saturn is already conjunct, squaring or opposing your planet, and the Sun may well 'set off,' the existing Saturn transit bringing significant events.

Things can seem dull and you or others could feel reserved. Many will have low energy or could feel or seem reserved.

The key is that if you feel negative, not to take things too seriously. Some people might do well to spend time alone. You may be able to achieve through work if there aren't delays or interference.

By Sunday, June 18, Mercury will oppose Saturn at 24 degrees Gemini-Sagittarius.

Mercury-Saturn transits can deal with negative thinking and negative communications.

Mercury rules travel, young people, speech and communication. We could hear some negative news.

If the transit on June 13 had a significant affect or hits your chart, this one will as well.

It's important to remember with Mercury and Saturn its important to question your own judgment most of all before you make any serious moves or conversations. By the next day, things will lighten up considerably.

Of course this transit will play out in the world as well. We will likely hear news of politics (Saturn in Sagittarius), or could hear negative information or news.