Monday, November 11, 2019

Taurus full moon: Practical magic!

This month's full moon on November 12, falls at 19 degrees of Taurus, the sign ruled by Venus the planet of love, money, beauty and values. Taurus rules the 2nd house of money and income and opposes the 8th house of money, taxes, debt, sex and secrets and it is here our energies will be focused. This moon will be more intense if you are born under Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius in the mid to late degrees.

This moon activates the Saturn-Neptune sextile that dominates the sky this month. Saturn rules structure, responsibilities, boundaries and work, while Neptune rules the ethereal world, dreams, creativity and the imagination. This combination doesn't occur often and these two powerful planets in a harmonious angle can create practical magic along with the Moon in Taurus. Now is the time to focus on turning dreams and ideas into practical form and bring them to life, especially as this transit will not occur again until 2036.

Mars is in sextile to Jupiter which gives energy, positivity, inventiveness and a degree of luck which will help bring things to a successful conclusion at this time.

The Sun and Mercury's conjunction and opposition to the Moon brings family members and one on one close relationships into focus at this time and tensions can rise and emotions can be amped up at this time leading to stress, agitation and conflict. Taurus however, is ruled by the sign Venus and is known for being calm and grounded. focus your energies  on this as opposed to letting things get out of control.

As this moon is in Taurus we can see an increase in severe or unexpected weather conditions, and Taurus is associated with earthquakes, although this is not something I would expect. With the Moon's opposition to Mercury be careful of accidents and issues with travel.

Friday, November 1, 2019

November: Last Dance for Jupiter in Sagittarius

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This is the last month Jupiter will be in Sagittarius until it returns again in 12 years, or October of 2030. Jupiter is the planet of gain, luck and expansion.  In November, it transits from 23-29 degrees bringing luck and positive energy to all of the late degree Fire signs, or anyone with Fire or Air signs at these degrees. Jupiter in Sagittarius has been at home in its own sign, which means it functions well here, and it has been buoyant and optimistic. When Jupiter enters Capricorn in December, this will bring dramatic change as Jupiter is considered at its fall in Capricorn, which is Saturn's sign.  Here, it loses some of its strength, and will be more about practicality than optimism.

As we begin November we are roughly 9 weeks away from the Great Alignment in Capricorn that I and many others have been writing about for years. The energy is harsh, stagnant or even restrictive in some cases. Many events will occur at this time. The combination of Saturn and Pluto is indicative of power struggles, control, crime, abuse of power, subversive activities and it can be violent. We have been dealing with this energy all year, but when these planets conjoin we will see many more events play out in the United States, the world and our personal lives.

We will feel energy in November and December and these will be pivotal months as we approach this aspect that has not occurred in Capricorn since 1517. Saturn and Pluto form a conjunction (both planets are together in the same sign) about every 33-38 years, but it's been 502 years exactly since this pair joined up in the sign of Capricorn.

In fall of 1517 a monk named Martin Luther penned what was known as The 95 Theses,” a list of questions and propositions for debate. Popular legend has it that on October 31, 1517 Luther defiantly nailed a copy of his 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenberg Castle church for the Pope. Abuse of power in the Church and Clergy is what led to Luther's decision, along disagreements over Church doctrine. This began what was known as the Reformation and the Presbyterian and Lutheran religions were founded. In the Middle Ages the Church was the great political power in Europe. The Reformation would destroy much of the Church's power but it came at a great cost with decades of wars, rebellions and bloody persecutions.

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction is about power and control just as it was in 1517. It will involve the US Presidency, and many other individuals and countries are directly aspected around the world. Saturn will remain in Capricorn throughout 2020 with a short break as it enters Aquarius March-July. At this point we will start to see the beginning of what will be a new order unfolding. But, Saturn retrogrades back into Capricorn late July and remains there until the end of 2020.

Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio through November 20, adding more frustration to this period. Scorpio is ruled by both Mars and Pluto so this is a time secrets may be revealed, and thinking, speech and communication can seem extra heavy. Scorpio rules the 8th house of other people's money, corporate money, taxes and debt so changes may be made in these areas. It is best not to initiate anything new on a retrograde Mercury. Instead it is about re-doing and re-considering what you have already done, and at times we can re-connect with the past or things and people from the past. After Mercury turns direct it will remain in Scorpio until December 9, when it enters Sagittarius.

On November 8, Saturn sextiles Neptune for the final time and it is exact. Saturn rules structure and Neptune rules creativity and the ethereal realms. We will feel this energy the majority of the month. This is a positive time for combining your dreams with reality and it is possible at this time to launch something that you have been hoping for. This is also a time to see and analyze your life in a realistic manner, not overly optimistic, and not in a negative approach either. Things can be balanced and just right. We should have the vision and ability to see through things that are not truth. This transit could not come at a better time!

Other significant transits in November

November 1, Venus enters Sagittarius. This works well for all Fire signs. Love energy will become more adventurous and playful, and Sagittarius is the most optimistic of signs and before the month is over it will meet up with Jupiter which should bring some positive energy, especially for late degree Fire signs.

November 5, Mars squares Pluto. This is a harsh transit and at times the energy may seem cruel. This could manifest as a power struggle or disagreement. If compromise is too difficult walk away and shoot for a day the energies are not so volatile. It will be a heavy news day and there will be volatility in the host spots around the globe.

November 11, the Sun conjuncts Mercury at 18 degrees of Scorpio. This can be ego centered and willful energy and it is important to watch your driving as this can be prone to accidents. As Mercury is retrograde we may hear new revelations in the world and our personal lives.

November 12, the full moon falls at 19 degrees of Taurus. Taurus rules the 2nd house of money and its planet is Venus. This could bring news concerning money or income, and it is here many of us will be focused. Venus is also the planet of love and it rules our values as individuals as well as collective values. This moon trines Saturn and Pluto giving it some stability, but it opposes Mercury (retrograde). This could bring out previously unknown information and become somewhat argumentative. Watch your driving with Mercury as this planet rules vehicles, travel and young people. As Mars sextiles Jupiter this will add some positivity and expansiveness to this full moon.

November 14, Venus squares Neptune and this can create confusion in love and money. Be careful of things that seem too good to be true.

November 19, Mars leaves Libra for Scorpio where it will remain the rest of the year. Scorpio is the most intense of signs and it can at times border on obsessiveness. A lot can be accomplished with the planet of action in this sign if you can keep from becoming too obsessive or stuck on certain things or ideas. Scorpio rules the 8th house of sex, taxes and debt and we may hear news along these lines.

November 20, Mercury goes stationary direct at 11 degrees of Scorpio!

November 22, the Sun enters Sagittarius. Sagittarius is optimistic and positive and this is often the brightest time of the year for some. We are also entering the Sagittarius season!

November 24, Venus conjuncts Jupiter for one last blast of positivity and fun before both planets move on to Capricorn. Make the most of this day. As Mars also opposes Uranus there is an unpredictable element to this day, and many things can change.  It is highly likely we can see explosive news involving politics and explosive circumstances, if not explosions. Electronic communication could be affected.

November 25, Venus leaves Sagittarius for the more conservative sign of Capricorn.  Capricorn is all about solidity, and basics and less about fun. This is not bad, and in some cases necessary.

November 26, the New Moon falls at 4 degrees of Sagittarius. Now is the time for new starts and thinking outside the box. As Mars is still opposing Uranus there is an unpredictability in the air. Some things may change or end at this time.

November 27, Neptune, the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion turns stationary direct. Things can change direction in some way if this is aspecting something in your personal chart. Neptunian events have a tendency to appear as surprising, but in actuality the basis of Neptune related events was generally there all along, just hidden in a fog of confusion, lies or lack of clarity.  Such events tend to creep up on you and seem surprising at first, but the basis of the event was generally there, just obscured from recognition.
Surprises/events may occur for some individuals with Neptune in hard aspect in their natal charts.  If Neptune is good aspect to your personal planets events can transpire as pleasant if not subtle experiences. Others may barely notice if Neptune is not aspecting their charts.  Like everything else, it all depends on your personal chart, and what it holds.
Spiritual and creative issues are internalizes when Neptune is retrograde. Now that it is direct it will be easier to present artistic and creative ventures to the outside world. We will find it easier to understand our selves and subconscious motivations. As Neptune turns direct, what we have learned on deep psychic levels over the past several months can be put to use in the outer world. In some cases our thinking can become more clear.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Shocking Scorpio moon

This month's New Moon falls at 4 degrees of Scorpio and it opposes Uranus and it peaks October 27, at 11:38 PM, EDT.
This moon falls in the secretive and intense sign of Scorpio and with an opposition to Uranus at 4 degrees of Taurus we can expect shocks, changes, unexpected events, twists and turns, especially relating to women, family members and finances. You may feel nervous or exhilarated depending on what this moon does in your chart. You may want to break away from something and try a different or totally unique path compared to what you are used to.

Moon-Uranus transits are good for breaking out of the mold, leaving old habit patterns and getting a fresh start in some area. Alternatively, some things may end suddenly or make an unexpected turn in a different direction. There could be a chaotic and unpredictable twist at this time. With Uranus things begin and end as quickly as they begin. Stability will be hard to come by with this moon.

The Sun also opposes Uranus as it conjuncts the Moon. Sun-Uranus transits deal with sudden shifts and changes, most often of an unexpected nature.

Mars is square Saturn and this becomes part of the new moon energy as well. Relationships can get rocky, and there may be a general air of frustration or anger. Mars-Saturn typically relates to frustrating circumstances or feeling limited or held back in some way. This will affect those who have planets in Cancer, Capricorn, Aries or Libra at 15-17 degrees to a greater degree.

In the world and in our personal lives events will play out during the week, and things may not go as we expect. We can expect to see issues that involve women, money, market shifts and explosive circumstances. Uranus rules electricity, electronic communication and the internet, aircraft, explosions, coups, earthquakes and severe weather. There will be news concerning the US President and the population will be stirred up. We could see volatility or police action in the hot spots around the globe. Earthquakes and unexpected weather patterns can occur as well.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Powerful full moon in Aries: Bridge to change

This month's full moon falls at 20 degrees of Aries and peaks on October 13,at 5:08PM, EDT. The full moon in Aries and the Sun (20 degrees of Libra) form an exact t-square to Pluto. A T-square combines the energies of 3 planets, and creates an opening for change, but it is not an easy aspect. The moon also squares Saturn. This gives us a Pluto-Saturn-Moon type of energy which relates to change, transformation and for some this may activate deep seated fears, anxieties and things can culminate at this time one way or another.

Moon-Pluto energy can be a bridge to changing something, and it can be in any area of your life, depending on what this moon is aspecting in your personal chart. At times like this some things end, and some things can come together and complete such as job opportunities, work projects or any number of other situations you may be dealing with. It is not all negative by a long shot but this is not easy energy to deal with and can result in compulsive feelings, emotions and actions if you don't make a conscious effort to channel this energy into something positive and beneficial. It would be far better at this time to take a pro-active approach to your life rather than be driven by fear, the unknown, anxiety or compulsive or neurotic behavior.

On the other hand, it can give you the insight to go within and find out where you really stand on an issue and how you feel. Self analysis is very common with a moon like this, as is therapy which could also be beneficial. Something as simple as a talk with a good friend might be a positive step in the right directions. If something is bothering you seek out people who can help you deal with issues in a positive manner

Pluto deals with the deep and dark undercurrents and the darker side of emotions. It rules sex and frequently deals with money, control, manipulation, guilt, fear, emotional power struggles, jealousy or that which is buried deep inside. It can also bring up issues connected with the past, or long ago or forgotten experiences which may resurface now. New information can be uncovered as well as Pluto typically reveals something previously unknown.

Moon- Saturn transits deal with work and responsibility. This is a tiring transit and prone to negativity. The upside is a clear look at reality and responsibility. The rose colored glasses may come off.

Depending on your overall emotional state, some may feel lonely, unloved, and a powerful tendency to look at the worst side of things, or the most negative potential. The best thing to do if you feel like this is to do nothing, as this transit is fleeting and will pass shortly.

Saturn deals with work, responsibilities, the past, limitations, as well as the structures that give us a life, a job, and a place or status in the world.

The Sun's square to Pluto is another significant transit as this too can reveal new information, or be a harbinger of change and transformation. Things and situations can break down, to be rebuilt or transformed in a better way or toward a more positive situation.  At times this can be a feeling of forced change or a feeling that you have no choice but to go in a certain direction. Close relationships can become intense, and some types can use manipulation and guilt to get what they want. It is far better to take charge of your life and emotions and avoid these types of emotional power plays.

Venus opposes Uranus on October 12, and this become part of the full moon energy as well. We can expect unexpected if not shocking events or situations to come to light at this time. This does not have to be bad, and can even be exciting for some. Areas most likely affected would be money, finance, or relationships. Some relationships will end, especially those tottering on the edge, and yet others will begin. Uranus transits however can be fleeting and can seem like a powerful connection may fade away after this transit is gone.

On the world stage Moon-Pluto transits deal with corruption, propaganda, violence and those who push their will on others, and will likely uncover new information that will involve the media. Pluto rules oil, corruption, bullies, the media, and as the Moon is involved we could hear of women's issues. This Moon squares Mercury and Pluto in the US (Sibly) chart, which deals with information, young people, and the 8th house deals with death and transformation as well as finance and international finance.
Venus-Uranus will bring unexpected news, news of scandals, issues concerning women, relationships and we could see market swings or financial revelations..

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

October 2019: Approaching the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 2020

October begins with a  dramatic transit as Venus squares Pluto October 1. This is particularity intense as Pluto turns direct in the early morning hours of October 3. Venus-Pluto relates to obsessions, changes in relationships and money, and new information can be revealed in our personal lives and in the world.

Pluto's direct motion often coincides major world events and change in our own lives if this is aspecting something in your personal chart. Pluto's direct motion brings things to the surface that have been bubbling under for a long time. Pluto rules degeneration, decay and ultimately the rebuilding of something that must rise from the ashes of what Pluto has destroyed. Look for many things to move ahead now, especially legal and financial matters.

We are rapidly moving toward the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of January 2020, that will change our world. This transit will affect us all, especially those  with Cardinal planets (Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Libra) at 21-23 degrees. This aspect will greatly affect the US natal chart, and I expect we will find ourselves in the greatest Constitutional crisis anyone has seen that is alive today. This will affect the charts of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump specifically. It will not however, be limited to either of these parties or the US, as we will see global and personal change on many levels. Saturn-Puto transits tend to bring about changes on very deep and profound level as anyone who has experienced a transit like this can attest to. Pluto destroys to rebuild from the ashes.

Mars enters Libra October 4. Action changes as Mars moves to the sign where it is considered at its detriment. A planet in the sign of its detriment tends to behave badly so to speak, and the date to watch is October 27, as Mars squares Saturn. This co-insides with a volatile new moon in Scorpio. Mars square Saturn will end some relationships if they are tottering on the edge. Otherwise, this can be a frustrating time when we become aware of personal limitations. Otherwise, Mars in Libra rules the 7th house of marriage, partnerships and courts. Mars Libra can act out in a passive aggressive manner and many people will react to this energy by trying to keep the peace rather than face a confrontation. October will be a month of marriage and divorce, new relationships beginning and others ending.

October 7, Mercury opposes Uranus and the Sun squares Saturn. Mercury-Uranus is indicative of sudden and unexpected events and news on both a personal and collective level. Watch for accidents, and we could hear of internet/communication issues, plane crashes, accidents or injury and earth related issues. Sun square Saturn is a day most are focused on responsibilities and with Saturn involved it will be a draining day, but accomplishment is possible. Look for major news events on or around this day.

October 8, Venus enters Scorpio, the first of the fast moving planets to enter this sign. As each of the personal planets enter Scorpio they will oppose Uranus in Taurus. Venus is considered at a disadvantage in this sign but nevertheless can be positive for water signs. Love energy becomes more intense in nature for the next four weeks.

October 12, Venus opposes Uranus. This opposition creates unexpected events and change in love and money. Look for unexpected events to occur, and this falls on the eve of the powerful full moon in Aries, making this part of the full moon energy.

October 13, the full moon in Aries peaks at 5:08 PM, EST and will be one of the most powerful this year. Aries rules the first house of self, and self interests will be front and center. New information can be revealed. This moon squares Pluto and Saturn, creating change and/or regeneration of existing conditions. Some things will end at this time, to begin anew. As Venus opposes Uranus we can expect sudden and unpredictable events concerning love and money/finance. This will be a powerful and volatile if not violent time on the world stage. In the US we can expect to hear news about finance, corruption and it could be a pivotal time for the impeachment hearings in Congress.

October 14, the Sun squares Pluto. Look out for power struggles and this is another transit of change, often with a feeling of forced change. Interactions with others can be intense and some things may end.

October 23, the Sun enters the fixed sign of Scorpio. This is the season where the weather typically changes and we move toward winter. With the Sun's entrance into Scorpio we now have 3 fast moving planets, or a stellium in the sign that rules the 8th house of change and transformation. Welcome to the Scorpio season!

October 27, the new moon falls at 4 degrees of Scorpio. Our concerns will be connected to 8th house matters: Money, debt, change, transformation, sex and secrets. This Moon opposes Uranus, along with the Sun. We can expected unexpected events, especially connected with love, relationships and finance. Mars squares Saturn, and this can seem like a frustrating few days when we are reminded of what our limitations are. If this is how you feel, wait a few days and this energy will soon pass.

You will be affected by this to a greater degree if you were born in the early degrees of Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius or Leo or have planets in these signs at 4-5 degrees. The Sun and Moon are conjunct, or together opposing Uranus at 5 degrees of Taurus. We can expect sudden and unexpected events with this transit that can involve women, money, sex and secrets, and new information suddenly revealed. Many people will break away from something (or someone) to begin or start something new. Look for world events concerning money, earth disasters, accidents, volatility, information uncovered.

October 31, Mercury turns retrograde at 27 degrees of Scorpio. This will be the final retrograde of the year, and it won't turn direct until November 20, at 11 degrees of Scorpio. Scorpio is the most intense of signs and look for issues connected with money, change and transformation, sex, secrets and debt. Retrograde Mercury is a time for re-doing and re-considering what we have done and learned. It is not the time to start new projects, get married or buy high ticket items.

Happy Halloween!!

Monday, September 30, 2019

Venus squares Pluto: Obsessions, hidden information, relationships

Venus is square Pluto this transit relates to jealousy and obsessive behavior in relationships. Pluto rules money, power, control bullies and sex and often uncovers previously unknown information. It can seem volatile and ruthless and in some cases relationships will end. Pluto is about regeneration or endings, and  some relationships can change at this time or in the few days after this moon, for better or worse. Pluto deals with things that are dark and hidden, often in our own psyche or others and fears and compulsions can play out at this time.

This transit can be indicative of domestic violence if it is already a problem but not strong enough to cause it if there are no tendencies in this direction. Date rape, abuse and obsessive jealousy describes this transit at its worst.
The new moon fell over the weekend and it was a powerful supermoon in Libra which rules the 7th house of partnerships and courts.
We have entered a new phase in American history and this moon and Venus Pluto transit will play out in the world and US in terms of issues surrounding courts , legal matters, money and women's issues. The companion full moon on October 13, will be very volatile.

Monday, September 23, 2019

September Part 11-the Cardinal squares

Happy autumn equinox! Fall officially arrived September 23, at 3:51AM, EDT. Libra is an air sign concerned with relationships, and it is always seeking balance. The Sun has joined Venus and Mercury in the sign represented by the scales of justice, and within several weeks Mars enters Libra as well. We are now in the Libra season!

The first half of September we experienced the fast moving planets in Virgo clashing with Jupiter and Neptune, the planet of lies, illusion and confusion. Those most affected were Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces born around the middle degrees of the sign, or those with planets in these signs at 15-17 degrees. For many it was a discouraging and difficult few weeks.
The fast moving planets have entered Libra and will affect the Cardinal signs: Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn or those who have planets in these signs at 13-21 degrees. Look for changes to occur in relationships of all types and business or work matters. Squares create difficult and stressful situations that are indicative of change. If this aspects a major transit in your personal chart it could bring significant change, or a much needed change.

September 23, Mercury in Libra is square Saturn. This is typically tiring, draining and it can be slightly on the negative or serious side. News could be disappointing.

September 25, Venus squares Saturn. This is not a great time for social events and can affect relationships, money and personal values. You could consider what you are getting out of a relationship.

September 26, on the eve of the New Moon, Mercury squares Pluto. With this transit we can see or hear of propaganda and it can be obsessive if not heavy thinking. Accidents are possible.
The New Moon in Libra falls on September 28, at 6 degrees of Libra, the sign ruling marriage and partnerships. Mercury is still in its square to Pluto creating obsessive thinking, and this Moon will square both Pluto and Saturn before changing signs.

October 1, Venus squares Pluto This is prone to change in relationships especially if you have a Pluto aspect at 20 degrees. Otherwise it can be argumentative and obsessive in nature. Previously unknown information can be revealed.
Look to see major events play out in the world on these dates that will affect the US President, courts, financial matters, relationships and allies, and we will be subject to propaganda and stories many of which not be correct.