Monday, January 8, 2018

January 2018: the Capricorn season

We began the New Year with a huge Supermoon in Cancer. We will be under the energy of this powerful moon, which rules the 4th house of home and family (and emotions) until the new Moon on January 16.

 Mercury is almost out of the post retrograde shadow period (January 10), as it hits 29 degrees of Sagittarius. The December retrograde, plus the holidays put me behind, and I am just now catching up, and maybe you feel the same! As Mercury moves into Capricorn we should finally all get caught up, and things will move ahead normally.

There are a number of other powerful aspects this month, so let's get right to them.

January 9, the Sun, Venus and Pluto are all at 19 degrees of Capricorn. We now have 4 planets forming a stellium in Cap. This is powerful energy. Sun-Pluto transits relate to power struggles, change, issues over money and joint finances, and can create a feeling of 'forced change,' in some way. 

Pluto-Venus transits relate to money, values, obsessiveness and control over our love lives.

How you look and feel, and love will potentially be a serious matter with this transit. Jealousy and possessiveness can occur and so can self destructive tendencies, depending on how you are hard wired.

This transit is deep, there is nothing superficial about it. Issues that have been buried may now come to the surface.

With Pluto there is always the possibility of transcending something.
Mars at 19 degrees of Scorpio sextiles this conjunction, showing up the possibility of deep conversation and thought.

Of course this transit will play out in the world as well. Sun-Pluto transits relate to change, aggression, power struggles, taxpayer dollars, and those pushing their own agendas. Pluto-Venus transits relate to money, social values and women.

This transit will remain in close orb for the next several days. As the planets separate over the next 2 days the Sun and Venus will be conjunct and this is typically positive.

Mercury enters Capricorn just after midnight, (EST) on January 11. Mercury in this placement is more serious and practical. Now will be the time to get down to business and take care of serious matters with 4 planets in Capricorn.

January 12, Mercury conjuncts Saturn. This can be heavy and tiring, and can be negative for some. Communication may be more difficult, but you can take care of important matters. Saturn is about work.

January 13, Venus squares Uranus. This transit affects money, love, friendships and values. The day can be unpredictable, and  exciting, or as Uranus is unpredictable, it can also be a day fraught with change and unexpected circumstances. For some, relationships can end.

January 14, the Sun squares Uranus. This is a potentially explosive transit that may lend itself to dangerous situations in the world or bring things to a peak. People may seem edgy and it won't take much to set some people off. Plans may change at this time.

January 15, Jupiter sextiles Pluto. this is a positive sextile that will repeat itself in April and September. This is a good time to expand ideas and work in a group, especially pertaining to legal matters or the law. It will favor groups working together in society. Some will see accomplishment with this transit.
January 16, The New Moon falls at 27 degrees of Capricorn. On this day we have 6 out of 10 planets in Capricorn! It's all about business and getting things done, and can be a productive time. We have reached the peak of the Capricorn season.

This Moon conjuncts Venus, which is positive but  it squares Uranus which gives it an unpredictable element/edge. As the Moon passes through the early part of its peak in Capricorn you could get some difficult news, but as Venus is in the picture, for most it should go well in the end.

January 17, Venus enters Aquarius. Love energy becomes lighter and less serious as it leaves Capricorn. You could become interested in joining or doing things in groups under this placement.

January 19, the Sun enters Aquarius. Things overall may start to lighten up as two planets have now left the Capricorn stellium. Happy Birthday Aquarius!

January 24, Mercury conjuncts Pluto. This transit is argument and accident prone, and obsessive thinking can occur. We will see big news in the world this day.

January 26, Mars enters Sagittarius. Actions may become different from what you are accustomed to and in some cases people may seem flakier. Mars rules our action and Sagittarius rules the 9th house of education, travel and world view. Much of the news focus will be on politics during this period which lasts through March 17.

January 28, Mercury squares Uranus. Thinking may be erratic and unpredictable and you could hear unexpected news. Be careful while driving as you could lose your focus or encounter erratic drivers.

January 31, Mercury enters Aquarius. Thinking and communicating will not be as serious, and change tone. Groups will come into focus as Aquarius rules the 11th house of the collective.

January 31, the first lunar eclipse of the year falls at 11 degrees of Leo. The lunar peak occurs at 8:27 AM, EST.

Eclipses are like wildcards, and one of the ways we learn how and what we need to change and evolve. An eclipse can seem good or bad, depending on what it aspects in your personal chart, and often an eclipse is dramatic, or reveals important information if it aspects a significant point in your own chart/life.  An eclipse often brings news pertaining to life's biggest events. The energy of an eclipse can go for months and in some cases years.

Almost always unexpected information comes to light and at this time something may be eclipsed completely out of your life, or into your life. 

Eclipses can bring positive or negative events depending on what it aspects in your personal chart.

Leo rules the 5th house of children, friends, and love affairs, and many will be focused on this theme. This Moon opposes the Sun and Venus. We could see issues and themes concerning love, money and women. The August 21st total eclipse of 2018 was also in Leo, and many people lined the streets, parks and other places and turned the event into a party. Leo rules the 5th house of fun. Make the most of this.

We could hear news of royalty and this eclipse significantly affects the chart of the 45th US President. Many things will be revealed or come to light on and around this eclipse.

In the US natal chart this eclipse falls in the 8th house of taxes, money, death and transformation.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

2018: All the players/Saturn in Capricorn: the Good, the bad and the ugly

We will experience some major planetary shifts in the New Year that will affect the world and our personal lives.

First of all, Saturn entered Capricorn on December 19, after a two and a half year treck through the sign of Sagittarius. Saturn in Capricorn will be far different than Saturn in Sagittarius.

The last time Saturn transited Capricorn was November 13, 1988-February 8, 1991. Saturn cycles repeat every 29.5 years.

Saturn in Capricorn-The good, the bad, and the ugly
Saturn is considered 'at home' in Capricorn making it very powerful. Capricorn is a no frills, all business sign. When astrologers talk of  'getting real,' with Saturn in Capricorn they mean it. Capricorn has no time for frivolity here, and many things and situations in our lives and the world will change over this two and a half year cycle.

Capricorn can denote great wealth or great deprivation, and such is the nature of Saturn as well.

Those who will fare best will be Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces as Saturn will either trine or sextile their Sun. That said, how well you personally fare will depend on what Saturn will aspect in your own natal chart over the next two and a half years. You could for example be a Virgo (trine to the Sun) but if your Mars is in Cancer, Saturn will oppose it, bringing stress and challenges. So, all of the planets in your chart matter and have to be taken into consideration to know what Saturn in Capricorn will bring on a personal level.

Those who will experience the most challenges will be the Cardinal signs-Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn as Saturn will square, oppose or conjunct their Sun. Then again, if Saturn trines or sextiles other planets in their charts, they will experience positive periods. It is typically a combination of both.

If you are a Capricorn, Saturn last conjuncted your Sun 30 years ago. Saturn conjunct Sun is typically a period of re-creating many things in your life. Saturn  has moved from your 12th house of endings: the last house of the chart, and into your first house. Many situations that occur at this time are life changing. Things begun under this transit can have longevity for the future. Then again, as you are re-creating, some things can end. It is typically not without stress but in the end you may feel as though you have built something, or even purged your life of something that needed to go.

My advice is to go with the flow of the planets. Since Saturn in Capricorn is about building something, it would be a positive step to decide what in life you would like to personally build and focus on this. Set your intentions and stick to them. If you do, there should be a Saturnian reward at the end of the cycle. It is a time to access what is real and working in your life and discard the rest. It is also a time to save money and prepare for the future.

Saturn cycles affect the world and the collective as well. As Saturn in Capricorn rules business,  big business may gain more power. This can be good and bad. While we need big business and corporate jobs, big business as the Gods of the Universe does not especially bode well for the average individual. Too much control and power, whether through monopolies, politics, or taking away choice, is a negative. As the FCC recently voted to take away net neutrality regulations, this is one area Saturn in Capricorn may play out in a big way.

While some large organizations are better than others the stronger they become, the more power they exercise over individual life. For example if all the health organizations and hospitals continue to merge, they acquire a great deal of power over the individual and the health care markets. This translates into less choice for the consumer, no competition, and more power over our individual lives and the same goes for any other company or industry-this is just one example, I could have just as easily used the phone and cable companies.

As the 2017 tax plan has been passed and signed into law, the largest tax breaks will go to big business and the top 1%. To those who say big business will hire more people as a result of tax breaks is an unproven myth. 

Most economists and non-partisan think tanks say it this will not occur. It could actually contribute to a major recession or depression in the future when Saturn conjuncts Pluto. That said, as the bill was signed into law on a retrograde Mercury, chances are it will be changed at a future date.
Saturn in Capricorn will oppose Venus and Jupiter in the US natal chart at 3-5 degrees of Cancer in 2018. Venus and Jupiter are the two financial planets. An opposition from Saturn will not help the economy, and could in fact, help bring on a recession. The first opposition occurs late January-February, 2018.

The last time Saturn was in Capricorn, a recession occurred in the early 1990's, and we saw a recession 30 years earlier in the early 1960's as Saturn transited Capricorn then as well. This does not mean we will see a full blown recession in 2018, but rather the seeds will be planted in 2018, for the future and the rest of the Saturn in Capricorn cycle which will go through mid-December of 2020.

Saturn opposing Venus and Jupiter in the US chart will not  be limited to the financial arena. As these two planets lie in the US chart's house of 'open enemies', we will see problems arise in terms of relationships with other nations that could involve many things including banking systems. This will certainly deal with more political turmoil in 2018, as this transit is mirrored in Donald Trump's chart with Saturn square his natal Neptune late January-February. Many hidden issues will come out at this time,  as well as in March-April, July and October-November.

Venus rules women, money and social values, and Jupiter rules money and wealth as well as foreign entities and people, institutional medicine, religion and law.

As Pluto is also in Capricorn, we are headed toward the conjunct of Saturn and Pluto in January 2020. This transit occurs every 33-38 years. This is a harsh transit, and this will be a pivotal year in the US and on the world stage. Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn will change the world on many levels. Restrictive is the word that comes to mind, along with the potential of nuclear incidents, major changes, authoritarian governments and rule, crime, big business out of control, planned and organized tyranny at high levels, recessions, banking issues and disasters and activities that are not light or pleasant. Saturn-Pluto transits often coincide with harsh circumstances such as the bombing of the World Trade Center (Saturn opposed Pluto) or the start of WW11 (Saturn squared Pluto). The seeds of what we plant now as a collective will determine the future.

The positive side of this transit can be seen in skill and advancement in math, science and engineering, and profound understandings of deep subjects such as physics and genetics. Pluto transits tear down to rebuild in a different way. Change is inevitable with Pluto.

Jupiter in Scorpio
Jupiter is in Scorpio until November 8, 2018 when it enters Sagittarius. Jupiter in this sign rules money, taxes and debt and other people's money. As Scorpio related to the 8th house, it also rules sex. Jupiter is where we see our gain and advancement.

As Jupiter entered Scorpio we saw the rise of the #MeToo movement. This was a result of Jupiter in Scorpio and Mars and Venus in mutual reception. As a result of this we could see positive changes in terms of sexual abuse and harassment in the workplace and beyond.

Anything begun with Jupiter in this sign will not be superficial. Jupiter is deep and intense.

Jupiter will trine Neptune several times in 2018. This is a positive/compassionate and creative transit. In 2018 it will also sextile Pluto in Capricorn, as opposed to the square we experienced in 2016/17.  All of this is positive, and will be far different from Jupiter's (2017) opposition to Uranus which is far more unpredictable. Jupiter-Pluto transits can advance business and projects. Jupiter will also trine the US natal Sun. This is positive as well and can only be of benefit and help to the US.

Mercury retrogrades three times in Fire Signs
Mercury retrograde is not the time to get married, start new jobs and projects if you can avoid it, and things seemingly go backward or are delayed.
Retrograde Mercury dates:
March 23-April 15 (Aries)
July 27-August 19 (Leo)
November 17-December 6 (Sagittarius)

Uranus leaves Aries and moves into Taurus
This is another major planetary change. Uranus makes its first foray into Taurus, the sign ruling the second house of money May 18-November 6, 2018. On November 7, it returns to Aries for another 4 months. It will remain at 28-29 degrees of Aries until it re-enters Taurus again March 5, 2019 where it will remain through April of 2026.

We have seen many changes with Uranus in Aries, specifically the Uranus-Pluto square, that recently finished in 2017.

Uranus in Aries has seen much upheaval around the world. Aries is ruled by Mars, the God of war and we have seen war, disaster and continual upheaval around the world since it began its transit in May of 2010.

Uranus in Taurus will be ruled by Venus, the planet of values, women and money. As Uranus begins its first 6 month trek in this sign it trines Saturn in Capricorn and this will be exact in August and within a 1-2 degree orb September-October.

This will be a far better transit than the square we experienced 2013-16. Saturn trine Uranus will be more peaceful and less disruptive, overall.

Uranus in Taurus will dictate the future of money and world trade as it rules the second house of money and its ruler is one of the financial planets.. The last time Uranus transited this sign was April 1935-April 1942.

If you are a 1-2 degree Taurus Sun or ascendant, or if you have planets at 0-2 degrees of Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius this transit will affect you personally in 2018. For Taurus, Uranus will conjunct your Sun or ascendant and this can being sudden changes in lifestyle or desire to do something different. For Scorpio this creates an opposition, meaning you will experience unexpected issues that originate with another party. For Leo and Aquarius this creates a square, which typically brings unexpected issues and stress as Uranus stirs things up, and often gets rid of what has lost its purpose or meaning, often suddenly.

While Uranus spends 6 months in Taurus, it spends most of the other 6 months at the critical 29 degree of Aries. The 29th degree of Aries is considered the Anaretic degree and crisis oriented. Uranus will be at this degree late April-Mid May, and again November 7-December 6, and January , 2019-March 6, 2019 before moving into Taurus for the next 7 years. This is a powerful degree, and we can expect to see crisis situations in the world during these times.

Mars retrogrades June 26-August 27
The 'God of War' appears to move backward (retrogrades) through the signs of Aquarius/ Capricorn and turns direct at 29 degrees of Capricorn nearly 2 months later.

Retrograde Mars slows things down, tends to make people tired and angry, and more accident prone, and prone to minor illnesses. As with all retrograde planets, this is a karmic cycle, and many important situations in your life may occur now. Mars rules, men, sex, our actions (which may be convoluted or indirect), guns, war and aggression.

Many people complain of being tired during a retrograde Mars. Actions may be misguided or even lacking in good judgment by some.
Relationships and projects may seem to go backward or change altogether.
Beginning a relationship on a retrograde Mars, like starting a job at this time can be a wild card. Often when Mars turns direct again the situation can change completely.

Venus retrogrades October 5
Venus, the planet ruling love, money and values retrogrades  October 5-November 16 in Scorpio-Libra. It will be very powerful when it enters Libra November 1-15. As Venus retrogrades in the sign of its detriment into the sign of its rulership, this retrograde period will be very powerful.

When Venus retrogrades love energy becomes more intense and the drama often begins. It is a period when seemingly fated events occur, sometimes appearing to be beyond the control of the parties involved. Relationships can slow down or end. Sometimes those from our past can reappear. It is a time of reviewing and re-accessing your love life. Changes occur, and people can switch their affections and partners. The karma (karma=the universal will, what will ultimately be) of the relationship will play out during this period. Unresolved issues come to the forefront to be resolved one way or another, but if a commitment exists with work it can become stronger.

If Venus goes stationary direct on a personal planet in your chart or your Sun you may well meet someone significant at this time. 

A retrograde Venus is not the time to get married, have plastic surgery, buy art, jewelry or items ruled by Venus. Money matters may be slowed down as well.

Venus retrogrades about every 18 months. The most important period is the stationary retrograde period when Venus is starting to retrograde and the stationary direct period when it is about to move forward again.
If you begin a new relationship on a retrograde Venus the love energy may never be fully expressed or when Venus goes direct the relationship may change or end.

Eclipses in 2018
We will experience 5 eclipses in the New Year: three solar eclipses and one lunar.

Eclipses are like wildcards, and one of the ways we learn how and what we need to change and evolve. An eclipse can seem good or bad, depending on what it aspects in your personal chart, and often an eclipse is dramatic, or reveals important information if it aspects a significant point in your own chart/life.  An eclipse often brings news pertaining to life's biggest events. The energy of an eclipse can go for months and in some cases years.

With an eclipse we have both endings and beginnings. A solar eclipse is more like a new beginning, and it is always a new moon. A lunar eclipse can being more news of endings and it is associated with a full moon.
Almost always unexpected information comes to light and at this time something may be eclipsed completely out of your life, or into your life. 

Eclipses can bring positive or negative events depending on what it aspects in your personal chart.

 Eclipses can clear away the emotional baggage and re-set your emotional life, so to speak. Others may surprise you in some way. Unexpected and unplanned events can occur.

The Moon may focus our attention on relationships of all kinds, including the relationships among the collective-in other words events in the world that can affect us all typically coincide at the time of eclipses.

January 31, the first lunar eclipse of the year falls at 11 degrees of Leo. Leo rules the 5th house of children, friends, and love affairs, and many will be focused on this theme. This Moon opposes the Sun and Venus. We could see issues and themes concerning love, money and women. The August 21st total eclipse of 2018 was also in Leo, and many people lined the streets, parks and other places and turned the event into a party. Leo rules the 5th house of fun. Make the most of this.

We could hear news of royalty and this eclipse significantly affects the chart of the 45th US President. Many things will be revealed or come to light on this eclipse, and the other four eclipses as they all make significant aspects in his chart.

The second eclipse falls on February 15, and this is a solar eclipse that falls at 27 degrees of Aquarius. February 16, 1999 was the last time an eclipse occurred in this sign at the same degree.

Aquarius rules the 11th house of friends, hopes and wishes, as well as groups and organizations

Mercury trines Uranus opening the door to new innovations and ways of thinking. But, Mars squares Neptune and this is convoluted, and prone to misinformation, lies, deception and lack of clarity. We could see severe weather related conditions arise. This eclipse will also affect US politics and the US President, to name only a few. Information will come to light, and it may be distorted.

The next solar eclipse occurs July 12, and falls at 20 degrees of Cancer.
This eclipse will be volatile in many ways as the Sun and the Moon (eclipse) oppose Pluto. Pluto ultimately brings change and transformation on some level, but the path is not easy.

Many things can be revealed at this time, and many things will end. As Cancer rules home and family, issues may surface here, and on an emotional level.

On a world level this transit can relate to situations involving power struggles, agendas, and Pluto rules nuclear weapons. Pluto rules the bullies of the world who try and force their will on others. The media will be highly significant at this time.

A lunar eclipse occurs July 27, at 4 degrees of Aquarius. July 28, 1999 was the last time a solar eclipse occurred in this sign and at this degree.

Aquarius rules the 11th house of friends, groups and wishes and the collective.

This eclipse is likely to be volatile as the Moon (eclipse) is conjunct Mars. Mars rules young men, weapons, action, and police-military.

Moon-Mars transits are often associated with accidents, anger or upset, and violence.

On the upside as Mars rules our action you may find yourself very busy and if not careful you could reach the point of burnout.

A solar eclipse occurs August 11, at 18 degrees of Leo. August 11, 1999 was the last time an eclipse occurred in this sign and at this degree.

Leo rules the 5th house of friends, children, entertainment and love affairs and this could be a good time to meet new people, entertain, and enjoy the summer.

Mars at 0 degrees of Aquarius is entering into a square to Uranus over the next few days and the energy will be high. Sudden and unexpected events will occur, some out of the blue. We could hear of explosions, explosive circumstances, violence and police or military situations.

Some things will end suddenly, opening the door to new beginnings.

Venus is square Saturn and this can put a damper on love (in some cases) and some relationships will end at this time. This could also affect money.
How these eclipse affect you personally, as well as all of the other transits for 2018 depend on where they fall in your personal chart and what is being aspected.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2018-May you succeed in all you endeavor!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

January 1, 2018: Supermoon in Cancer

The full moon falls January 1, 2018 at 11 degrees of Cancer it is considered a Supermoon.  The lunar peak occurs at 9:24 PM, EST. Happy New Year!
Cancer is the most emotional sign of the zodiac, and ruled by the moon activates our emotions, for good or bad. The Moon also rules home, family and women.

This moon opposes Venus (2 degree orb) and Pluto (7 degree orb). Things can get intense with a Pluto opposition, or overly emotional, but as it is a wide orb, this will help. Moon opposing Venus relates to money, our social lives and love lives. Some relationships could end, but only if there is something else in the chart of a negative nature.

The Moon also trines Neptune, exact, and this is a powerful positive influence. Dreams may be vivid, and for a moment we may all be tuned into the collective approach to the New Year.

It also trines Mars and this is a positive, energetic influence.
The Moon forms a kite pattern that is associated with fate or destiny. A kite pattern involves both an opposition (moon opposing Sun, Pluto, Venus) and a grand trine. (Moon, Neptune and Mars-Jupiter) with a partial grand sextile consisting of three planets. (Neptune-Sun/Sun, Mars.
This moon will be many different things to many people. Of course it will work best for water and earth signs, and it will be more difficult for Air and Fire signs.

Richard Nolle coined the phrase Supermoon, and describes its effects:"SuperMoon is a word I coined in a 1979 article for Dell Publishing Company's HOROSCOPE magazine, describing a new or full moon which occurs with the Moon at or near (within 90% of) its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit. In short, Earth, Moon and Sun are all in a line, with Moon in its nearest approach to Earth. At any new or full moon, Earth and Moon and Sun are all in a line: Earth is in the middle in the full moon alignment, while the new moon happens with Moon in the middle. This coming together in an alignment is technically termed a syzygy. Sometimes - from a few times to a half-dozen times in a given year - these alignments also happen when the Moon is in its closest approach to Earth. Astronomers call this very special alignment a perigee-syzygy. I call it a SuperMoon – which is a whole lot easier on the tongue."

"SuperMoons are noteworthy for their close association with extreme tidal forces working in what astrologers of old used to call the sublunary world: the atmosphere, crust and oceans of our home planet - including ourselves, of course. From extreme coastal tides to severe storms to powerful earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, the entire natural world surges and spasms under the sway of the SuperMoon alignment - within three days either way of the exact syzygy, as a general rule. SuperMoon solar eclipses tend to have a wider sphere of impact, extending roughly a week before and after the actual event."