Friday, September 21, 2018

Venus Retrogrades-The Goddess of Love Ponders the Question...

Venus retrogrades on October 5, and this phenomenon can have a big effect on our love lives. Venus retrogrades every year and a half, and I always tell clients that during this time, the ‘karma,’ of their relationship often plays out. Retrograde planets often have to do with events that are ‘fated’ to some extent, or otherwise outside of our ability to control. During a retrograde period a planet appears to be moving backward in motion and many things can change, especially in relationships that are unstable or not fully committed.

A retrograde Venus is not the time to get married, have plastic surgery, or buy expensive products related to beauty, or even art as you may not be satisfied when the planet goes direct. Women driven businesses may see lower sales during this time.

Sometimes during a retrograde you can re-connect with those from your past, and other relationships may end during this period. Love energy seems more difficult and with Venus in Scorpio, which is considered at its detriment the worst qualities can manifest such as obsession, secretively, revenge, suspicion and mistrust.

Relationships that are tottering on the edge may end completely at this time. Situations become revealed for what they are. Other couples however, will reunite or take things to a deeper level.

If you begin a new relationship during a retrograde Venus the love energy may never be totally expressed. The relationship could survive for the duration of the retrograde then shift to another level or end when Venus goes direct. I always liken a retrograde planet to throwing a wild card into the mix.

Venus retrograde is a process. The shadow period when we first began to feel the effects of the retrograde began September 3, when Venus was 25 degrees in Libra. Venus officially retrogrades on October 5, and goes direct on November 16. Another shadow period follows where things are not quite back to normal until December 18.

Venus goes stationary direct at 25 degrees of Libra November 16. If this is aspecting a personal planet in your natal chart you may meet a new love during this time, see an increase in your social life or benefit from some type of Venusian activity: love, beauty, art or money!
Retrograde Venus can affect not only romantic relationships, but other relationships and situations as well, along with money, sex, and other 8th house related activities such as joint finances, lawsuits, insurance, credit, change and transformation and the way you feel in relationships.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Full moon in Aries: Blocks, limits and overcoming fear

The full moon in Aries falls on September 24, at 1 degree of the sign. The lunar peak occurs at 10:52 PM, EST. Aries rules the first house or the self, taking initiative, and moving forward. But, this Moon squares Saturn and opposes the Sun/Mercury. Saturn asks that we be real, face reality, and deal with matters at hand. Saturn can also create fear, negativity and tiredness.
Many will experience this as some kind of a block, slowdown, limitation or even ending. This can be a depressing influence on emotions and emotionally bashed relationships, and it will be a challenge to overcome this. Some things, relationships and situations may end, especially if they appear headed in this direction anyway.
Aries is a fire sign and its being reined in by its square to Saturn and Mercury. This forms a tight t-square between the Moon, Sun/Mercury and Saturn which is a difficult transit and we may be pulled in several different directions at the same time.
Chiron conjunct this Moon can relate to deep seated emotional wounds  that may come back up which may have occurred earlier in life, even childhood.
Another t-square is still present in the sky involving Mars, Uranus and Venus. We have been dealing with this several weeks now and with Uranus involved, events and situations can be unpredictable and unexpected.
If you can move beyond or not encounter emotionally based issues and tiredness, this can be a time to accomplish a great deal of practical work, as Saturn deals with work and responsibilities.
A full moon like this calls for us to work on removing limiting and fearful thoughts, and dealing with deep-seating unpleasant memories so we may move forward in a more positive manner.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Mars squares Uranus: Unexpected change!

The Mars-Uranus square finally becomes exact at 7:00 PM, EST, September 18. This will be the peak of this volatile energy, that began last week as Venus, Mars and Uranus formed a t-square, or major clash in the sky. This is the third and final pass of this volatile transit this year.

So, far we have seen a  hurricane hit the US East coast, and Typhoon Manghut has created major disaster in Hong Kong and China. It will be days before we know the final damage with any of these storms.

A significant gas line explosion occurred in the Boston, Ma area forcing hundreds to flee their homes, and the damage here is not all known at this time, either.

US Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh will face his accuser on sexual assault charges in a public hearing September 24, reminiscent of the Anita Hill hearings in 1991. These are a few of the unexpected and explosive incidents we have seen since this powerful transit began, not to mention the unexpected and changeable situations that have occurred in our personal lives.

You will feel this transit more if you have fixed planets (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius at 1-2 degrees in your personal chart.

While the peak of this transit occurs September  18, this energy will continue to be with us through September although events may not be quite as dramatic.

 If you have a fixed planet at the above degree, as Mars continues to move forward things should begin to lighten up, but you also have a Uranus transit.

Uranus is in Taurus and will clash with fixed planets at 0-2 degrees between now and early November. Uranus is the harbinger of change, often unexpected, freedom, and it shakes things up, in often unexpected ways. Many people seek freedom from something when Uranus enters their chart, or others around them seek freedom or unexpected change.

Uranus will remain at 1-0 degrees until early November when it will re-enter Aries one last time. Next spring it will move back into Taurus for the next 7 years.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Sun/Mercury, New moon oppose Neptune: The perfect storm

This week we have the Sun, and Neptune (along with the New Moon of September 9) opposing Neptune.

In addition, we have a powerful T-square involving Uranus, Mars and Venus at peak energies this week and next, making this one of the most significant weeks of the year, astrologically.

The New Moon, Sun and Mercury in opposition to Neptune points to water related issues as Hurricane Florence approaches the US East Coast. If you are in affected areas, I wish you luck and hope you are seeking shelter as evacuation calls are underway. From an astrological standpoint, expect this storm to be a major event with massive damage.

The Sun/Mercury opposition peaked September 7, but is still within orb, and the Mercury-Neptune opposition is exact September 13, but the energy will last the rest of this week.

Oppositions to Neptune can relate to confusion, lack of clarity, misunderstandings, melancholy, tiredness, lies and deception and coming to the wrong conclusions. Things can seem worse than what they really are, although at times new information can be revealed. It is best not to make important decisions at this time, as you may not have all pertinent information.

Dreams may be vivid, and compassion can be given or received.

We often hear news of the Vatican when Neptune transits are involved, and according to published reports Cardinal Weur of Washington, DC will discuss his resignation with the Pope over alleged reports of allowing Priests who participated in child molestation to remain in the ministry.

The T-square involving Uranus is very powerful and its affects tend toward sudden, and volatile if not violent events. Many situations will change in the world and our personal lives. This will be the third and final pass of Uranus in Taurus square Neptune in Aquarius. This square (now a T-square involving Venus) occurred May 17-21, and again early August. Each time this has occurred we have seen ecological disasters with the Kilauea volcano in May, and massive wildfires in California in July-August.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Can you see a gossip in astrology?

It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to talk and remove all doubt of it - Maurice Switzer
Can you see someone who would be considered a true gossip in astrology? Absolutely.
Mercury rules our communication, so this is the first thing to look at.  Jupiter expands whatever it touches, so Jupiter is typically part of the equation, especially in a square or opposition with Jupiter. And if Mercury is retrograde this could add to the tendency as well as retrograde planets can misbehave.
Add Neptune to the mix and the stories could get more distorted and bizarre each time they are told, if not completely misrepresented. Add Pluto and they could get more intense with a touch of revenge added.
The signs the planets are in make a difference as well.  For example planets in Cancer could make the gossip more emotional. Sagittarius could make the stories bigger and wilder.
Of course we are all born with a brain and get to choose when we open our mouths. This is where free will enters the picture. And some people were raised to believe gossip is wrong. Conditioning factors can enter the equation as well. So these people don't have to gossip even if they have this tendency. But, the conditioning not to gossip would show in the chart as well.
 All human idiosyncrasies show up in the natal chart.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Mars, Uranus and Venus form a T-square: Upheaval and change

A T-square forms the week of September 9, involving Venus, Uranus and Mars. It is a complex transit and the results will be change in many areas of life, the potential of attacks personally and in the world, relationship changes, and money/finances can be impacted as well.

A t-square is an astrological pattern that involves three planets and includes an opposition (difficult transit involving other individuals or oppositional forces) and two squares (obstacles). These transits inevitably bring change through difficulty as opposed to ease, and many situations reach a peak during these times.

In this case the T-square involves Venus (women, money and values), Mars (men, action, aggression) and Uranus (unpredictable or unexpected change), and Uranus is considered the planet of rebellion, and there is an urge to break free of something.

September 9, Venus enters Scorpio where it is considered at its detriment. When Venus or any other sign in its detriment, this means it is challenged to learn and refine the energies symbolized by that planet. Additionally, Venus will have entered it's shadow period of the retrograde (Venus retrogrades October 5-November 17) This will make aspects to Venus very powerful.

Mars re-enters Aquarius September 11, and this creates a t-square with Venus and Uranus.

At this point Venus is opposing Uranus, square Mars, and Mars is square Uranus!

The peak of this energy occurs between the 10th-14th of September, but the energies will be with us all month.

As Uranus is involves events will unfold suddenly and unpredictably. Mars is in the sign ruled by Uranus, which concerns freedom.

We may well see violence, upheaval, and unexpected change. Some relationships and alliances will end, other will form, most of it unexpected.

My advice is to give people a wide berth, and avoid explosive or controversial subjects. That said, many things will still change. In our personal lives we can experience sudden and abrupt change, or a desire to break free of some situation that has seemingly held us back whether it is a job, relationship or something else. Uranus is often called the planet of 'freedom at any cost."
Mars squared Uranus May 17-21, and again the first week of August. We saw many events and situations change during these times.

Many events will play out on the world stage involving politics, scandals, new and old alliances and potentially the financial markets. Expect anger in the world and this is a dangerous time. We could also see disastrous earth related events such as volcanoes and the like, accidents or airplane crashes.
If you have fixed planets (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) in your chart at 0-3 degrees, you will be affected more than others.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

A Grand trine in Earth signs

Mercury entered Virgo September 5, and this becomes part of a grand trine in Earth signs over the next few days.

Mercury in Virgo is more analytical, grounded, critical and worrisome, and it will remain here until September 22.

A grand trine is a positive planetary configuration that involves three planets in a particular element (Earth), that work together harmoniously.
In this case Mercury (communication) trines Saturn (structures, stability, past situations) which trines Uranus (new approaches, sudden, unexpected events). This can bring about opportunities for creative thought and expansion building upon new or existing structures or ideas.(Saturn)
This will also bring some positive energies to the forefront and for a while things may seem easier. This can spark progress, peaceful or easy change and openings for communication and change. This does not however, negate Venus's square to Mars, or the Sun's opposition to Neptune on September 8, but may help navigate the harsher energy and find solutions.
This will affect those more so who are born under or with Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) at 0-3 degrees in their personal chart.
If you were born with a grand trine in your personal chart, (or those born on this day) this is typically associated with 'luck,' although it can indicate inactivity or a lack of drive if energy isn't exerted in making these energies work.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Venus squares Mars: Jealousy, conflict,vague imaginings

Venus squares Mars all week, and this transit will peak  September 8, at 4:39PM, EST. From here Venus will move into Scorpio, opposing Uranus, but this will be the subject of one of the next blogs.

Venus and Mars pit the male and female planets against each other, but it can involve friction in other areas as well.
Emotions may be amplified at this time, for better or worse. We will likely hear scandalous news in the world.

Typically we think of Venus transits involving relationships between men and women, but Venus also rules values, our social lives and money. It is in these realms the conflict will lie.
There can be a tendency to act in aggressive ways and without allowing for mutual consideration. Some involved in relationships may become jealous or overly demanding.
For some, this is an aspect of sexual tension and in some cases could be considered a ‘battle between the sexes.’ It may be difficult to relate well to your significant other or those of the opposite sex in some ways.
Problems may arise in romantic and sexual relationships, and jealousy can sometimes rear its ugly head with this combination. In some cases you could experience crude or aggressive behavior, or you could feel a lack of consideration for your feelings, or the situation could be reversed.

On occasion this transit can signify situations involving money or possessions. Guard your belongings to make sure they aren’t stolen or lost.

This transit occurs on the same day the Sun opposes Neptune at 15 degrees of Virgo-Pisces. This transit can reveal information, and Neptune is connected with lies, confusion, lack of clarity, melancholy and vague imaginings that can be construed as romantic and other tragedies. Clarity may not be yours, and best not to act on half truths or delusions that parade as truth without full fact. Clarity will come after the New Moon, which becomes part of this energy.

The New Moon also opposes Neptune on September 8. The Sun opposing Neptune can involve the ego, and with the moon it is more emotional.

 Some relationships can end, but other transits would have to play a significant role.

At best, this could be an exciting if not electric time with your significant other, or someone special. Spiritual and creative pursuits may come front and center with the new moon as could helping others.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Powerful Saturn turns direct September 6

Saturn turns direct September 6, (7:10AM, EST) at 2 degrees of Capricorn. This is a powerful reversal of the planet of responsibilities and reality, and as it begins to move forward many things and situations that have been delayed will begin to move forward in some ways as well. With Mercury and Mars direct after the long summer retrogrades you should already notice forward movement, but the energetic shift with Saturn is especially powerful.

While retrograde, Saturn slows down the normal rate of activity so better methods can be developed and organized. Saturn (in Capricorn) rules the structures in our lives and allows us to develop our boundaries.

Wherever Saturn is located in your personal chart is where you need more work to avoid feeling limitation in some way.

When transiting Saturn is retrograde, and we experience a Saturn transit in our personal charts, the retrograde of Saturn is typically the most difficult period of the transit. When we experience a harsh Saturn transit, it typically makes three passes over the course of about a year, one of them typically while Saturn is retrograde. Saturn turned retrograde April 17, and retrogrades every year for about four months.

As Saturn turns direct this can be good news for many issues and situations that have been stuck or in some way or unproductive, and this is true for both the individual and the collective.  Saturn can represent a reality check in many areas of our lives and even in the world. We will see the direct motion of Saturn play out in the world, as situations begin to shift and change again in powerful ways.

While Saturn was retrograde many problems were internalized that were cloudy and difficult to figure out. As Saturn turns direct, these situations along with corrections and forward movement may be implemented.

Saturn is especially powerful in Capricorn where it is at home. This is a harsh placement of Saturn and Saturn/Capricorn rules time, among other things. Many people will feel their age, responsibilities and personal limitations as Saturn transits through Capricorn in this 'no frills,' sign where it will remain until late 2020.

Those with Cardinal planets (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Aries) at 1-11 degrees will feel the most pressure between now and the end of December as Saturn moves forward.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Remembering Princess Diana 21 years later

On August 31, 1997 Princess Diana, 'The People's Princess,' and Princess of Wales was killed in a car wreck in Paris, France. She was with Dodi Fayad, son of Egyptian billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed, and then owner of London Harrods Department Store. They were rumored to be getting engaged.
The events of this evening were tragic, as Diana was the most high profile British royal of the generation.  America loved her and to many of those of my generation she was 'every woman.' In my opinion she will never be matched, and no one comes close to filling her shoes now or since her death. She brought light to the most downtrodden in society, aids, the homeless along with family issues that others in her position did not and have not since.
On that night I was having a small party at my home when the news of the wreck came on CNN. It was a shock and everyone gathered around the TV to watch. Super psychic Bambi Barrett was one of those attending the party.
As the news of the tragic wreck flashed across the screen, I remember Bambi blurting out, 'she won't make it.' I was shocked and Bambi continued, 'and if by some miracle she does, she will never be the same.'
Events of that evening soon proved Bambi's words correct. The party ended as the magic of the evening was gone and everyone went home deep in thought and sadness. Diana was pronounced dead around 4AM, the next day, September 1. My husband and I never left the TV that night.
We were on the eve of a powerful eclipse that fell in a significant place in Diana's chart.
This  eclipse (9 degrees of Virgo), along with the Sun and Mercury fell almost exact on her natal Pluto. Transiting Pluto was square Mars in her 8th house which can show a violent death. This would be a dangerous combination, and aspects affecting Pluto can relate to death in extreme cases.
I believe at the time of her death, Diana was in a depressed and confused state, and had reportedly broken up with Physician Hasnat Khan.
There is nothing in her chart that tells me she would have married Fayad, and in time the relationship would have faded. I do believe however, she would have remarried within a few years.
Years later, rumors still persist and many do not believe her death was an accident. Like many of the great unsolved crimes and deaths we may never reach a consensus on what fully occurred that fateful night.
We will never know what the world would be like today had she lived, but I am certain she would have continued to spread her light of the issues that matter most to the common people.RIP Princess Diana, you will always be remembered.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

September 2018: Fall arrives/a volatile and changeable month

During the month of September:

The Sun transits through Virgo and into Libra.

Mercury moves through three signs: Leo, Virgo and Libra.
Venus travels through Libra and into Scorpio where it will retrograde in early October.
Mars moves through Capricorn and back into Aquarius for the second time this year.
Jupiter moves past the first half of its  cycle in Scorpio.
Saturn turns direct at 2 degrees of Capricorn, along with Pluto at 17 degrees of Capricorn.
It's been a rough summer for many with all the delays (6 retrograde planets), change (Uranus into Taurus) and three powerful eclipses. Of course summer does not officially end until September 22, when the Sun enters Libra.
September will bring several substantial planetary aspects and influences, and we are headed into a volatile fall/election year.
 May 15, Uranus entered Taurus and Mars entered Aquarius the next day creating a clash. We saw deadly clashes in Gaza, a volcanic eruption in Hawaii, and the political turmoil amped up, just to name a few situations in the world. Many people saw change and upheaval in their personal lives including job change, relationship endings, and unexpected, unavoidable events.
Mars squared Uranus for the second time during early August, and in September we will experience the final clash between these two powerful planets.
September 10, Uranus retrogrades to 1 degree of Taurus and Mars re-enters Aquarius for the second time this year.
On the same day Venus enters Scorpio, creating a t-square (3 planets with conflicting energies) with Uranus and Mars.A T-square looks like a T, and has two squares and an opposition.
This will be a volatile configuration that will be very powerful the 10th-14th.
We can expect attacks at various levels, and there is strong potential for violence along with other unexpected events in the US and around the world. Rest assured it will involve politics and more. We could see a drop or change in the financial markets.
On a personal level, this is a transit of change, breaking away from situations that limit your personal freedom and unexpected events, especially involving those who have fixed planets at 0-3 degrees, or those with planets in the early degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius.
The Mars-Uranus square is exact September 15-18, but we are looking at about a two week span, where we will see much tension in the world and our personal lives, change, and unexpected events. Mars/Uranus transits generally relate to explosive situations and circumstances, violence, unexpected change, military or police events, plane crashes, and anger, to name only a few. We could also see extreme weather or earth related disasters.
 In our personal lives we can experience sudden and abrupt change, or a desire to break free of some situation that has seemingly held us back whether it is a job, relationship or something else. Uranus is often called the planet of 'freedom at any cost."
Many things will change again at this time, and you can look back at the previous dates May 15-18, and August 1-4, to determine its affect in your personal chart and circumstances.
Both the New and Full Moon this month are stressful this month.
The September 9, New Moon (along with the Sun) falls at 17 degrees of Virgo and opposes Neptune at 15 degrees of Pisces. This creates a convoluted type of energy that can easily lead to misunderstandings, avoidance, insecurity, and/or lack of clarity.
My advice is not to take at face value anything that presents itself as all the facts may not be in. Things for some may seem worse than what they really are.
The Moon is supported by Pluto and Jupiter however, and this gives us an 'out,' to complacency or lack of clarity. Look for the facts, and they will present themselves, even if not this particular day. The energy is there to move forward in some way with Jupiter and Pluto.
A hard Neptune opposition can be a positive time for creativity or working to help others less fortunate. We may see outbursts of compassion in various places and ways.
The Full Moon falls at 1 degree of Aries on September 25. Aries is ruled by Mars, the God of War. The Moon forms a t-square, or a transit involving the energies of three planets, with a square to the Sun, as well as a square with Saturn. This configuration can pull us in many different directions.
This can relate to endings on various levels. Relationships that have outlived their purpose may end at this time, along with other situations. It may seem negative, tiring and depressing. this moon can link to fears rooted in negative childhood or other experiences. The words, 'chill out,' come to mind, and should be good advice on this Moon.
Saturn trines Uranus the first half of the month for the final time. This has been a big help in 2018 and will not return again soon.
This is positive and constructive energy. In many ways now is the time to combine old ideas with the new and come up with something totally different.
This is a good time for creative self expression as you can find ways of doing things that don't rock the boat. This is also good for group activity in the collective, and out personal lives.
From mid-month the transit begins to weaken but will remain within orb until November.
Other transits of significance include:
September 5, Mercury enters Virgo. Thinking becomes more detailed and critical. Mercury is at home here and conversations can be practical, deeper. Conversation and thinking can also become more worrisome and overly critical of others.
September 6, Saturn turns direct. While retrograde, Saturn slows down the normal rate of activity so better methods can be developed and organized. Saturn rules the structures in our lives and allows us to develop our boundaries.
Wherever Saturn is located in your personal chart is where you need more work to avoid feeling limitation in some way.
When transiting Saturn is retrograde, and we experience a Saturn transit in our personal charts, the retrograde of Saturn is typically the most difficult period of the transit. When we experience a harsh Saturn transit, it typically makes three passes over the course of about a year, one of them typically while Saturn is retrograde. Saturn turned retrograde March 25, and retrogrades every year for about four months.
As Saturn turns direct this can be good news for many issues and situations that have been stuck or in some way or unproductive, and this is true for both the individual and the collective.  Saturn can represent a reality check in many areas of our lives and even in the world.
While Saturn was retrograde many problems were internalized that were cloudy and difficult to figure out. As Saturn moves direct the answers are put into motion, and many matters connected with government, the collective and business begin to move forward.
September 7, Mercury trines Saturn. This is a stabilizing transit and during this time, much can be accomplished with ease.
Also on September 7, the Sun opposes Neptune. This is confusing and difficult. It is easy to make mistakes, or mis-communicate something. At its worst this can bring up paranoia, insecurity or lack of clarity.
September 9, Venus squares Mars. This can bring up issues and problems between the sexes, along with jealousies and other tensions. As this falls on the day of the New Moon which opposes Neptune, situations may well be unclear, convoluted, or new information can be revealed. If you are in the dark, do nothing, as light and clarity will soon return.
September 9, Venus enters Scorpio where it will remain the better part of the year. Venus is considered at its detriment in this sign ruled by Pluto. There can be a tendency while in Scorpio for Venus to operate in a more compulsive or obsessive manner, with a need to uncover the truth, whatever that may or may not entail.
Venus will retrograde October 5, at 10 degrees of Scorpio. During this time matters connected to love and money may shift. Venus retrograde cycles seem to be karmic, and during this time some relationships will end, while others move to different levels.
The shadow period of the retrograde cycle begins on September 3, while Venus is at 25 degrees of Libra. Venus will turn direct again November 16. It will re-enter Scorpio for the second time December 2, and will not change signs again until January 7, 2019 when it enters Sagittarius.
September 10, Mars enters Aquarius for the second time this year. It will clash with Uranus September 16-19. This will be a volatile period, and the last of three squares this year Uranus makes with Mars.
September 11, the Sun sextiles Jupiter. Positive and upbeat. Also the Sun trines Pluto giving us an opportunity to delve deeper into questions and issues.
September 12, Jupiter sextiles Pluto. The energy of this transit began several weeks ago and this is the peak of this energy. This is positive energy for practical accomplishment. Many things may come together at this time. Also, Venus opposes Uranus today. This can make us restless and desirous of seeking out new situations. Venus rules love, money and social values, and many will experience a desire to break free, break out of ruts and try new opportunities. Plans may not go as anticipated.
September 13, Mercury opposes Neptune. This is a confusing, tiring and convoluted transit. You may badly misjudge something if you are not careful. Miscommunication and lack of understanding are a great possibility today. Certain issues can be revealed. Use caution in all communication and driving.
September 15, Mercury trines Pluto. This is good for easily getting to the bottom of problems and communication should take on deeper tones.
September 16, Mercury sextiles Jupiter. This is friendly, positive and upbeat energy.
September 20, the Sun conjuncts Mercury. This is considered a willful transit, and egos may become apparent. Much communication on many different levels.
September 21, Mercury changes signs again and enters Libra. Libra is less harsh than Virgo and relationships of different types will be on many people's minds during this time.
September 22, the Sun enters Libra at 9:55PM, EST and the Libra season, along with fall is officially here.
September 23, Mercury squares Saturn. This can seem tiring, negative and a bit depressing, but will pass soon. Mercury also trines Mars giving the planet of communication a boost, but it can also lead to arguments.
September 24, the first full Moon of fall occurs.
September 25, the Sun squares Saturn. This can be a heavy, if not discouraging transit for some. Some things could end, for most it will be experienced as tiredness, or a focus on more serious matters.
September 27, the Sun trines Mars. This is energetic and pro active energy.
September 30, Pluto turns stationary direct. Pluto transits through the natal chart are often described as "change beyond your ability to control." When Pluto makes a harsh transit in your personal chart change will occur in your life with or without your help. The same goes for the positive aspects.
Pluto has been retrograde since June 2 and retrogrades every year. At this juncture it is very powerful, especially if it aspects something in your personal chart at that time.
  Pluto is now just over half way through its long cycle in Capricorn that will take us through 2024.
Anything that has been festering in the unconsciousness may force its way into the conscious at this time. This is a powerful planetary change and things that have been hidden, both individually and collectively will start to show itself for what it is. Lawsuits that have been put on hold may move forward as can anything of this nature.
Secrets may suddenly be revealed or come out of the shadows and we may see situations or even people turn obsessive in some way as Pluto has an obsessive quality to it.
Pluto rules the dark and hidden undercurrents, sex, bullies nuclear energy and raw power or those who hold such power. It also rules ultimate change and transformation. Typically when Pluto turns direct we see major events transpire in the world. If Pluto is making aspects in your personal chart, expect change in some way, depending on what the aspects are.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Mars turns direct: Forward Ho!

Retrograde Mars turns stationary direct August 27, at 10: 05 AM, EST.

Mars has been retrograde since June 26, and this period always coincides with a time of low energy, frustration and aggravation, delays and the 'fizzling out,' of many things. In some cases it can make health issues more exaggerated along with many other situations if it retrogrades on a specific planet in the personal natal chart.

For others there has been a re-connection of things and people or ideas from the past, and a reconsideration or change in hopes and wishes.

Since Mars is exalted in Capricorn, it will be very powerful as it stations direct at 28 degrees of Capricorn. This is like a big burst of energy, and you can expect action of some type if it aspects your personal planets.

Mars will remain in Capricorn at 28-29 degrees until September 12, when it enters Aquarius.

As Mars moves forward we may be dealing with issues that occurred while Mars was in Capricorn earlier this year, March 18-May 16.

As Mars enters Aquarius again we will retrace some of the steps we took while it was in that sign May 17-June 26, when it turned retrograde.

Mars leaves its 'shadow period,' October 11, and things should proceed as normal.

Life will begin to move forward at a much faster pace. The stationary direct period is when we will notice a pickup in energy, and start to see many matters for what they are and will be in the future. Mars will be in its stationary period from August 27-September 6, when Saturn will also turn direct, and forward movement really picks up. This will be something to watch!

Venus will retrograde October 5. So just as we get used to forward movement, we will be slowed down again in some areas as the planet of love and money retrogrades in the sign Scorpio. Such is the year, 2018.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Full Moon in Pisces August 26: The final chapter

This month's full moon falls at 3 degrees of Pisces August 26. The lunar peak occurs at 7:56 AM, EST.

Pisces is the natural ruler of the 12th house of things secret and hidden, hospitals, places of seclusion and endings.  The 12th house rules the subconscious mind or the unconscious mind and things that have lain dormant in your subconscious mind or issues you have pushed to the side may come to the surface now.

A Pisces full moon is a mixed bag. The sign is ruled by Neptune, the planet associated with illusion, delusion, confusion and lack of clarity. With Pisces you can soar to the highest of highs or sink to the lowest of depths. This full moon may bring inspired thoughts and creativity, compassion and a desire to help others on the high end, or negativity and depression or delusion on the low end. Pisces also rules drugs and alcohol, chemical gasses, and water.

As Pisces rules the 12th house we may see endings of different types on this moon, or it may touch something in your subconscious mind. We may feel linked to others psychically more than ever. Or you could feel lost in a fog (Neptune) and hopeless. It is better to make a conscious choice to move forward (Moon sextiles Saturn) and continue to live your own ideals. 

Pisces-Moon transits may be creative, prone to daydreaming, and create a desire to do compassionate things, but it is also prone to deception, lies, dishonesty, lack of clarity or a belief in something that is not based on reality. If something appears to be too good to be true, it probably is. Now is not the time to get involved in ventures, relationships or anything else that are not grounded in reality, and this is certainly not the time for speculative financial ventures/investments or new ventures that involve money. Setting your intentions on this full moon, creativity, psychic studies, charity work, daydreaming, artistic efforts, water related activities will all be good choices at this time.

Going blindly into something that is highly speculative (including questionable relationships) may not turn out so well.

This energy may be difficult for some to harness, but if you can it is a time of dreams, hopes, inspiration and pleasant memories.

Venus square Pluto becomes part of this full Moon energy, and this transit can lead to obsessions, meltdowns, breakdowns or changes in relationships.

The Grand earth trine is also part of this energy, giving us a positive boost toward change.

The Pisces Moon sextiles Saturn, also giving us a certain amount of stability.

This is the final full moon of summer, and as Pisces rules the 12th house many things will begin to be revealed, wrapped up and completed as Mars finally turns direct, August 27, and we will finally begin to move forward again after an entire summer of retrograde planets.