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Monday, November 12, 2018

Mercury (retrograde) square Neptune: Lies, cheats and misinformation

Mercury turns retrograde this week on November 16, the same day Venus turns direct, which will probably be a once in a lifetime coincidence. As Venus turns direct many situations that have caused you to feel stuck may start to resolve, but it may not be instant as Mercury turns retrograde in a tight square with Neptune that will last until from November 12 until about the 21st.

You can expect to experience confusion, lack of clarity, misinformation and in some cases depression as Neptune clouds the issue and is considered the planet of illusion, confusion and delusion.

A clear head will be needed over the next 10 days. Don't take everything at face value and at the same time don't assume the worse, either.

People may change direction once again, walk back previous decisions or deny having ever said certain things. They could also over promise, over commit and make decisions  without all the facts.

This will play out in the world as scandals, lack of transparency and lies. Situations may be revealed such as the actual voter counts in Florida and Georgia, as well as those who try and repress the information

Weather conditions could be affected adversely as well and the potential of flooding exists in some areas.

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