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Thursday, November 30, 2017

December 2017: Saturn enters Capricorn

December is a pivotal month as Saturn changes signs and enters Capricorn on December 19, several minutes before midnight on the East Coast. Saturn changes signs every two and a half years and when the planet known as the 'taskmaster'' changes signs energy changes in the world, and our lives individually. Things will start to shift in major ways now.

When Saturn moves to another sign, it typically changes houses in your personal chart. Each house in your chart represents a different area of your life, and as Saturn transits that house, this is where you focus typically lies, good or bad. Each chart is different.

Hard transits of Saturn (conjunct, square opposition) brings challenges and crisis, and easy aspects (sextile, trine) bring growth and stability. Typically, it's a combination of both.

Cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra) will face more challenges with Saturn in this sign, or there will be challenges if you have planets in Cardinal signs. Saturn was last in the Cardinal sign of Libra July of 2010-October 2012.

Saturn was last in Capricorn February of 1988-January 1991. If you are old enough to remember this time, you can have an idea of how Saturn in this sign will affect you, as it will make the same aspects this time as it made 30 years earlier.

Saturn in Capricorn will be far different from Sagittarius. Sagittarius is about world view, politics and ideas and expansion, whereas Saturn in Capricorn is about business, priorities, and building stability and foundations, and this is where I recommend you place your energy. Shore up your foundations, and find something you can build on.
Saturn here is very powerful in its own sign. Capricorn is all business, and no frills. Saturn (Capricorn) can denote great wealth and great privation as well.

Saturn will make many harsh aspects in the US chart as it transits through Capricorn and I will detail them in a later blog.

Mercury turns retrograde December 3, at 29 degrees of Sagittarius. The stationary retrograde period from December 3-5  is often the most frustrating and confusing. Things slow down, plans change and communication becomes more difficult. I expect a lot of Christmas gifts purchased during this period to be returned! 

Do not make major purchases, get married or start new projects on a retrograde Mercury. It is advisable not to start a new job if you can avoid it, but I always tell clients don't lose an opportunity by delaying it if you need a job. When you begin a job on a retrograde Mercury it will likely not turn out as planned or you may not be there forever. Sometimes though it can last for a while. There is no hard cold fact sheet of what it will do. Retrograde Mercury is always a wild card.

December 1, Mars opposes Uranus in the early morning hours. This is a volatile transit indicative of explosive and unexpected situations, as I wrote about earlier in the week. The energy peaks in the early morning hours and will begin to wane from here on.

December 2, Jupiter trines Neptune, exact, and this is the first of three passes. This is a positive transit, good for creativity, spiritual development and compassion. This is positive in every way. Dreams may seem vivid and compassion toward others is another theme of this transit.

Venus also enters Sagittarius. Venus in Sagittarius is lighter, more expansive and less intense than Scorpio. People may feel less committal while Venus is in this sign, and desire more fun!

On December 3, we also experience a full moon in Gemini. Gemini is the sign ruling communication and travel of all types. This is a powerful Supermoon and it becomes part of a mystical if not confusing t-square with Neptune and the Sun in Sagittarius. This is not the best day to make important decisions. We may experience lack of clarity in some way. Neptune transits can make things seem very real, but events that occur today should withstand the test of time, to fully understand how they will play out. As Mercury is retrograde, events connected to this moon may be delayed.

As this is a Supermoon, emotions will run high-good or bad. This moon will appear close to the earth, and should be quite beautiful.

December 6, Mercury conjuncts Saturn and it is retrograde. This occurred November 28. This is a serious transit good for solitary activity, or projects that require analysis. Otherwise, it may seem tiring, negative and depressing to some. There could be issues with communicating and communication. Mercury's sextile to Mars may give it  a little help, but it could also lead to harsh words if you aren't careful. It will occur again January 12, 2018 in Capricorn. Mars sextiles Saturn as well, and this will help with taking care of projects and give us the wherewithal to accomplish.

December 9, Mars enters Scorpio. Energy changes when Mars changes signs and in this sign Mars is concerned with 8th house matters; Sex, money, debt, taxes. other people's money. Scorpio is the most intense of all signs, and action may take on an intense tone that can at times border on obsessive for some.

December 10, Venus squares Neptune. This day is a double edged sword. For some this is a romantic transit complete with candle lights. For others, it will be a confusing transit that can make some feel insecure. All things may not be as they appear, and it's best not to take out of the blue statements or opportunities too seriously.

December 15, Mercury conjuncts Venus. This is a positive aspect, good for love, your social life and money.

December 16, The Sun trines Uranus. Positive for expansion of all types and there can be an electric type of excitement in the air.

December 18, a New Moon falls at 28 degrees of Sagittarius. This is an expansive new moon. It does however fall on Saturn, and Saturn is about responsibilities and obligations. Some things may end, but an ending opens the door to a new beginning of some type.

December 19, Saturn enters Capricorn

December 20, Venus trines Uranus. This is positive, and upbeat. Time for some holiday cheer!

December 21, the Sun enters Capricorn and winter officially begins. As the Sun is conjunct Saturn we may hear major news in the world. This can be a tiring day with many responsibilities.

December 25, Venus enters Capricorn and conjuncts Saturn. This transit is a double edged sword. The positive side is being with those from the past, committed, longstanding relationships, stability and security, family, long term thinking and planning. It can also denote feelings of having everything you need. I would like to personally wish you and yours the very best of holidays!

December 28, Mars trines Neptune. This is positive for creativity, spirituality, compassion and visionary action.

December 31, Happy New Year! May the new year bring all of your heart's desire! Here's to you kid!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Supermoon in Gemini: Emotional tsunami possible

December's full Moon falls on December 3, peaking at 10:47AM, EST. This is considered a Supermoon, which means it is closer to the earth.

Supermoon is, a phrase coined years ago by astrologer Richard Nolle. What is a Supermoon? It describes a new or full moon at or near its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit. The Earth, Sun and Moon are all in a line with the Moon in its nearest approach to the earth.

Nolle explaines further, "SuperMoons are noteworthy for their close association with extreme tidal forces working in what astrologers of old used to call the sublunary world: the atmosphere, crust and oceans of our home planet - including ourselves, of course. From extreme coastal tides to severe storms to powerful earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, the entire natural world surges and spasms under the sway of the SuperMoon alignment - within three days either way of the exact syzygy, as a general rule. SuperMoon solar eclipses tend to have a wider sphere of impact, extending roughly a week before and after the actual event."
The energy of a Supermoon typically increases the energies you feel and respond to-for better or worse.

This moon is in Gemini which rules the third house of communication, immediate family members, and neighbors. Communication, and how we communicate or think will be the theme of this moon. We could experience some type of communication or emotional outburst.

First of all, Mercury turns stationary retrograde at 29 degrees of Sagittarius, in the early morning hours, and this can confuse the issue, delay matters and make things generally hard to understand or figure out. The stationary period is typically the most confusing and difficult time of the retrograde.

This Moon also becomes part of a tight mutable t-square involving Neptune and the Sun. While Gemini is about communication, and the Sun (Sagittarius) is about truth, Neptune (Pisces) obscures, hides or confuses the truth.

So 'the truth' may be hard to come by, or as Neptune is involved you could be deceived by others or yourself on some matter, depending on where this t-square falls in your chart. This does not however, mean that you should assume the worst. In a few days this energy will move on and things will have more clarity. Some people may feel tired or melancholy.

A t-square is a difficult configuration that involves the energies of all three planets. Multiple situations are often occurring in your life at the same time.

A positive use of this energy is creativity or helping others. Dreams may be unusually vivid, and your imagination may soar. Make the most of this.

In the US natal chart this Moon conjuncts Uranus and Mars. Unexpected events and anger in the population will be present. Issues may arise concerning media, Money, taxes, and it is highly probable facts will be distorted and all things not as they appear. 
With Neptune involved we could see weather related conditions that could impact us as well.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Mars opposes Uranus: Upheaval, abrupt and sudden change

Mars opposes Uranus this week at 25 degrees of Libra-Aries, and the transit is exact Friday, November 30, in the early morning hours. We will see and feel the effects of this transit before and after it is exact.

Mars-Uranus transits are prone to sudden and unexpected events, situations and news and it is a volatile transit. Mars-Uranus transits can sometimes denote explosions and they certainly entail anger we will see play out on the world stage.

As Mars is in Libra, the sign ruling the 7th house of marriage and partnerships, it is likely this transit will affect relationships and it is not limited to romantic relationships but can encompass many different types of relationships. Some relationships will end at this time.

Mars is considered at its detriment in Libra making it very powerful. In astrology a planet in its sign of detriment is likely to show its worst side, and Mars is considered, 'the God of war.' Mars rules men, action, guns and police and military action.

In our personal life, this can be an angry and volatile time, especially if Mars aspects anything in your personal chart. This transit will aspect those with Cardinal planets at 24-26 degrees. (Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Libra) Mars-Uranus transits are prone to unexpected or surprising events, changes, accidents, rash action and separations. Now is not the time to push issues or issue ultimatums, but rather let this energy move by and wait for a better day.

If this does aspect your chart, now is the time to take a deep breath, and not approach sensitive issues that will result in explosive circumstances, but rather wait for a better day.  You could fall victim to someone elses anger, and no doubt you will see this energy at play in your life and in the world.
As Mars approaches its opposition to Uranus we will see unexpected and explosive events that could involve aircraft, accidents, coups, explosions, guns, weapons, sudden changes, and anger.

Mars-Uranus will certainly involve political events in the US as forms a t-square with US President Trump's natal Saturn/Venus conjunction. Venus rules women, money and values, and a t-square is a difficult configuration.

The last time this transit occurred was December 10-11, 2015. In the US, the San Bernardino terrorist shooting occurred before this transit was exact (December 2), the US military opened combat roles to women (December 3), President Trump called for a Muslim ban-(December 8, 2015).

Mercury conjuncts Saturn: Serious thinking

Mercury is conjunct Saturn and this transit will be with us until December 8.

Mercury-Saturn transits are prone to serious thinking, tiredness, and may seem negative to some.

The positive side of this energy is that we can take a far sighted approach (Sagittarius) to things, and give it form. (Saturn)

Mercury rules our thinking and when conjunct Saturn we may experience great intellectual precision and tenacity. Organizational abilities may be at an all time high as well.

You can immediately see the flaws in other peoples arguments, but may not see the flaws in your own. This transit is a double edged sword in this respect.

Communication with others may seem harder to come by or even difficult.

You should always be cautious of your own views, especially if they are negative so if you have a gloomy outlook, best not to take it too seriously.

Mercury retrogrades on December 3, and this will have an impact on this transit as well. Watch your critical thinking, and the way you approach others. You could change your mind about something.

Used constructively, you can accomplish a great deal during this time.