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Friday, September 19, 2014

Something strange brews: potpourri from heaven and autumn equinox September 19-25

The next few days are fairly significant in terms of planetary events that will affect our lives here on planet earth. Over the next several days Mars squares Neptune, becoming exact September 21, at 11: 40 P.M., EST, at 5 degrees Sagittarius/Pisces.  This influence will continue both before the transit is exact and a few days after.

Mars-Neptune transits are typically tiring, discouraging and prone to misunderstandings as Neptune is the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion. Make sure you have all the facts correct before you act. Unknown situations may become revealed at this time or obscure conflicts could emerge, especially if this transit aspects your personal chart or planets at 3-6 degrees of any mutable sign: Sagittarius, Pisces or Virgo, in which case the events could be significant, and of course it depends on exactly what it is aspecting in your personal chart.

Mars tends to create frustration and anger and in a square to Neptune confusion and unclarity. Neptune is an ego- less planet and the combination of Mars and Neptune is typically not a good one.

The other side of this transit is that it holds the potential for great spiritual awareness and creativity, along with empathy for others.

In the world this will play out in terms of muddled conditions, deceptions, issues surrounding religion,  discouraging situations, water related incidents and Neptune rules gasses, chemical weapons and the oceans. Mars rules young men and war situations.

Pluto goes stationary direct September 22 at 8:34 P.M., EST,  just hours after this transit and just two hours before the autumn equinox. Pluto will affect us both personally and as a collective as it amps up the subconscious stirrings in both. Things, situations and agendas that have been buried, hidden or underneath the surface burst forth now and true intentions are revealed and this can include lawsuits. This will affect your personally if you have Cardinal planets-Cancer, Capricorn, Aries or Libra at 9-11 degrees. As Pluto goes direct it is moving toward the Uranus-Pluto square that will become exact again in November bringing major change to all in one way or another. We are in historic-life altering times and these transits will bring about many events and changes in our world.

The Fall equinox occurs  September 21 at 10: 29 P.M. as the Sun enters Libra, and summer is officially over. The oldest meaning of the equinox is the day when daytime and night are of approximately equal duration.

Libra is the sign of balance, partnerships and marriage and now is the time to find balance in this part of your life and with others.

The first new moon of fall occurs September 24 at 1 degree of Libra at 2:14 A.M., EST. This moon conjuncts the Sun, sextiles Mars  and squares Pluto. We will be focused on relationships of all types and this is not limited to romantic situations. Moon-Mars transits show us a time to move forward and take action, and this moon squares Pluto by evening. Moon-Pluto experiences can be intense and deal with issues and obstacles.

Over the next week as these transits unfold Jupiter trines Uranus becoming exact September 25 at 2:17 P.M., EST. Jupiter-Uranus is a positive transit and Jupiter is the planet of gain and expansion. This will affect fire and air signs more than others, especially if you have personal planets (fire/air) at 13-15 degrees. Never underestimate the healing and protective power of Jupiter and it is also the planet of luck. Jupiter-Uranus in the right angles can relate to unexpected windfalls but this is rare. More likely it will be a positive time where new approaches, situations and opportunities can reveal themselves. It may be one of the most positive transits of the year, so make the most of these days.



Libra fall ingress chart/forecast : Sun enters Libra September 22

The fall equinox or Libra Ingress chart is set for September 22, 2014 at 10:29 P.M., Washington, DC, USA. This chart gives us a look at the last quarter of the year and what lies ahead in the US for the next 3 months.

The ascendant of this chart is 13 degrees Gemini, making Mercury (the trickster-nearly retrograde) the chart ruler, and Mercury lies at 26 degrees of Libra in the fifth house of children, young people, gambling and speculation. Mercury is days away from the fall retrograde and in the shadow period of the retrograde in this chart, so Mercurial energy is changeable. It's depositor, Venus also lies in the fifth house, and Venus and Mercury are in mutual reception, or each other's signs, and this shows us that communication is important and Mercury and Venus will co-operate with each other which should bode well for communication. It also shows a focus on children and young people and speculative situations or gambling and creativity which can take many forms.

Jupiter is prominent at 14 degrees of Leo in the 3rd house forming a grand trine with Uranus in the 11th and Mars in the 6th.  A grand trine is a positive flow of energy between the houses it aspects.

This transit points to new inventions, medicines, even events connected with spacecraft, aircraft and exploration. The third house relates to roads, railways, communication of all types including social media, schools, institutions, relations with neighboring countries and freedom of speech, all of which should see an increase, while the sixth house rules health, healthcare, public workers and the political institutions.

Jupiter will however start its square to Saturn after it crosses Uranus the latter part of September, and the square shows up more in the (winter) Capricorn ingress chart which can relate to economic downturns and conflict between political parties and ideas/structures and is a significant transit in the development-progress of the world.

Neptune is retrograde at 6 degrees and lies in the 10th house of Government, and head of government (the President) and is square Neptune in the 6th house. Mars-Neptune transits are convoluted and indicate confusion, trickery, lack of clarity and deception. Mars-Neptune can indicate chemical weapons, radiation and Neptune also rules water and the sea. (there are reports the Syrian army is once again using chemical weapons on the 'rebels.') Will they become a US partner now in the war on ISIS and Congress has voted to arm and train them? American journalists James Foley and  Steven Sotloff  are reported to have been handed over to ISIS for beheading by 'moderate' Syrian rebels who were paid. Who is on whose side here and why?

Propaganda, lies deceit and misguided direction are all the realm of Neptune-Mars and it is easy looking at the players to see just how convoluted the situation can become.

At the time of this post the President is forming a world wide coalition to fight ISIS among many countries. Will these countries deliver on their promises? That remains to be seen. Astrologer June Cowell wrote, "Kind of a 'say what they want to hear then do what you want secretly' ploy so typical in Politics and in human nature. Of course America has been guilty of such duplicity as well with US natal Mars in duplicitous Gemini, sign of multiplicity, one of the factors in the Pentagon's insistence that 'of course we can fight more than one war (Mars) at once'. But is it the sane and responsible thing to do?, says our natal Saturn exalted in balanced Libra."

Deceptive Neptune in its own sign shows large groups of displaced-disenfranchised people, as I wrote when Neptune entered this sign several years ago. It rules the masses, and shows the masses may be deceived in several ways this fall, and it also shows propaganda. Neptune signifies religion, scandals, mysticism, spirituality of all types that includes Islam-now on the front burner with the ISIS situation. Of course ISIS does not practice true Islam but the issue could become muddled and this movement draws the confused malcontents looking for something bigger than themselves under the banner of 'religion,' which has happened in the world before.

 At the time of this post the powers that be say 'no ground troops,' in the war against ISIS. Will the story remain the same once air strikes are in full force? Or will it be a case of having to back up and change tactics.  With Neptune square Mars it is possible we are not being told the full scope of the situation or it is unknown at this time.

Powerful Pluto goes direct 2 hours before the equinox and the day after Mars squares Neptune. Pluto turning direct is a powerful force in the world.  Issues that have been buried come to light, true motives are revealed, and  situations will escalate quickly throughout the rest of the year as the other outer planets also turn direct. Mars-Neptune is muddled, discouraging and ugly, not to mention deceptive.

As Mars lies in the sixth house we will see a continued focus on contamination or contagion issues such as Ebola and EV-D68 that has affected hundreds of children, or other viruses-diseases. The 6th house rules public health and  health care workers especially, which are at risk this fall. As Neptune squares Mars we may not get correct information about the situation from the top, the information could be distorted, subject to propaganda or mis-information and we could see a spread of disease, and-or confusion about other health related issues.

The moon of this chart lies at 17 degrees of Virgo in the 4th house showing the people and mood of the people and sextile Saturn shows public support for the military.  Virgo is the most discriminating of signs and while there is support for the military and government the public is in no mood to suffer fools gladly.

The ever present Uranus-Pluto square falls in the eighth house of death, transformation and international finance to the 11th house of large institutions and friendly countries. This is a war like configuration and I expect the war on ISIS to escalate with all the ramifications of war.

Aries rules fire among other things and with the trine between Jupiter and Uranus we may see massive wildfires that spread quickly this fall.

October will bring two eclipses. The first lunar eclipse October 8, falls at 15 degrees of Aries setting off the grand cross in this chart in the 11th and 8th houses. Moon-Uranus will bring unexpected situations that can involve women and square Pluto in the 8th deals with bullies in the world, agendas, finance, and death.

The second eclipse is a solar eclipse on October 23 at 0 degree of Scorpio falling on the cusp of the 5th/6th houses of children and young people, creativity, speculation and (6th house) health, healthcare workers and workers of all types.

While the grand trine in this chart is positive and we may see new inventions, ideas and approaches, Pluto in the 8th house is indicative of war, death and financial issues. Pluto square Uranus in the house of friendly countries indicates issues abroad, even among those countries and institutions considered friendly, such as the recent terrorist arrest in Australia.








Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The astrology of ISIS

Wikipedia shows the formation of ISIS or Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant on January 3, 2014 when the Iraqi government lost control of the city of Fallujah after days of fighting.

Much remains hidden about the terrorist group, its history and its leader,  Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ( who walked away from a US detention camp in 2009 telling the guards, 'see you in New York') who lives in seclusion in a secret location,  and it's possible that in the future other charts will emerge that show different beginnings. This chart also shows the occupation of Fallujah, Iraq.

Using 12 noon as the time, this chart shows an 18 degree Aries ascendant, and Aries is ruled by Mars, the God of War. (by early evening the ISIS flag flew over the city the story and was being reported around the world)

The Sun of this chart is 12 degrees of Capricorn, with Pluto at 11 degrees, Mercury 15 degrees and Venus at 25 degrees of the same sign in the 10th house of this chart, that shows a determined purpose and to an extent, success. The Sun also shows the head of the organization, and next to Pluto would show a ruthless and determined leader.

Pluto/Sun/Mercury shows a forceful presence that adheres to an ideological viewpoint (Mercury) with the intent of forcing  their will (Pluto) on others in a vicious and violent manner (Pluto). There is a reason astrologers refer to Pluto as the 'God of the Underworld."

Venus sextile Saturn and Jupiter trine Saturn shows the group well funded.  Mercury sextile Saturn shows well thought out plans. They know what they want to do.

The four planets in Capricorn form a grand cross with  Mars at 12 Libra, Jupiter, at 12 Cancer and Uranus at 8 Aries. A grand cross can be described as a cross formation that aspects 4 planets all of which become focal point of the chart and this chart (group) was born of the Grand Cross that occurred this year and will have long lasting ramifications in the world.

Individuals and entries whose charts possess a grand cross are generally considered driven, self contained, self motivated and do not rely on others.  It is a resourceful and willful pattern, and these individuals (organizations)  often relate to the world as if it was a series of challenges and obstacles demanding to be conquered which is how we have seen ISIS operate.

Saturn in Scorpio  at 20 degrees would well describe this group as Scorpio rules the eight house of death. If we change the time to 11 AM rather than 12 noon, it places Saturn in the eighth house (death), which better describes their focus. That would give this chart a Pisces ascendant, and Pisces rules all forms of religion, faith and ideology. That would also place Mars in the seventh house of 'open enemies,' opposing Uranus and show a volatile fighting force prone to many enemies and explosive situations, placing the grand cross, the prominent configuration in the chart in Cardinal houses. (Cardinal houses are 1-4-7 and 10 and denote greater significance)

The moon of this chart lies in Aquarius the sign of a 'world view,' and this group is attracting fighters, and disgruntled and misplaced individuals from all over the world who are lacking roots and stability. Their goal is worldwide domination of all Muslims and forming their own state. The moon squares Saturn showing a lack of emotion, coldness, and a lack of regard for women. Aquarius  is a sign often found in war times and situations and is ruled by Uranus the planet of coups and revolutions.

Neptune in Pisces in the 12th house shows this group driven by secret ideologies (and meeting places), however misguided.

Jupiter in Cancer is exalted here, and shows a type of patriotism and loyalty to their ideas and the idea of a caliphate, or a single Islamic state governed by a Caliph, a successor" – to Muhammad.

Jupiter opposing Pluto shows a rise in extreme violence and terrorism in the world, which I wrote about in January of 2014 and 2013 as this group was making their presence known.

Jupiter opposing Mercury shows a tendency to overdo situations, over exaggerate and a tendency toward sloppy thinking, or to notice some facts and ignore others, such as the fact that scholars of Islam state the doctrine employed by ISIS exists nowhere in the Koran.

Mars-Mercury square Pluto is the most violent of transits, driven by ideology, and Mars-Pluto transits are often found in victims and perpetrators of violent assault.

This is an evil and violent group that must be stopped before their influence spreads. Again, I refer back to 1934 when Hitler was allowed to rise to power by the rest of the world, and the last Grand Cross involved the same planets as the grand cross of 2014.

ISIS's weaknesses lie in the many enemies they create worldwide, and Mars opposing Uranus can show convoluted and unexpected action not always as well organized as they wish us to believe. Mars in Libra is at its fall here, and loses strength.

Looking at this chart the Sun, Pluto and Mercury oppose the Sun in the US natal chart, and this shows us a vicious enemy and certain conflict. At the time of this post (September 2014) the US is engaging in an air bombing campaign. There will be further conflict when the Uranus-Pluto square falls on the US Sun late this year.

Some significant dates that show events in this chart include the week of September 8, 2014 as Mercury sets off the Uranus-Pluto square, the eclipse of October 8, 2014 and November 23, late September-early October as Saturn returns to its natal placement,  November 9-16 as Mars conjuncts Capricorn planets, and November 27- December 27 as the Uranus-Pluto square falls on the Sun of this chart. The leadership at this time may end or change as the coalition of countries begins to take significant action against this terrorist organization.




Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 2014 forecast

                                                                "Hanging in there"

We have many important aspects this month, and the slower moving planets will start to enter Libra, setting off the Uranus-Pluto square several times. This will bring more changes to the world and our lives if it is aspecting your personal natal chart.

Many situations have occurred over the past few months in the world and we have seen the rise of the terror group ISIS and the conflict in the Ukraine continues with no end in sight and these situations are escalating and are indicative of Pluto square Uranus and the grand cross that occurred this spring.

As I have written in the past, the last time we had a transit like this involving Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto was 1934, when we saw the rise of Hitler who came to power. Within 10 years the world had changed in major ways and it will change again, hopefully in a more positive direction, ultimately. The clash between Uranus and Pluto is no laughing matter now, any more than it was during the decade of the Great Depression.

We are slowing building up to another direct hit of the Uranus-Pluto square that will occur late November. As this energy builds over the next few months, the world becomes more intense, major events occur on an international level at affect us all, at home, abroad and in our lives. People become angrier, less patient and more determined to get what they want.

How to channel this energy is an important question. If a square between these two planets is aspecting your personal chart change will occur in your life one way or another. The best way to do this is to take the bull by the horns. What do you need to work on? Are you in a relationship that has been limping along not fulfilling your personal wishes? Do you wish you had another job? Now is the time to act on these questions and move forward with what you know needs to change anyway, rather than letting change happen to you. These planets will bring change and the best thing to do is to move forward gracefully with what will be in your best interest rather than hanging on to a stale situation. Some things we can control, and some we can't. The key is to focus on what we can control, and remember we only control ourselves. Change begins within.

Some people will be able to channel great change and success at this time, and my biggest hope is if you are reading this you will be one of them! But, it will not always be easy. On the other hand, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

This energy will be felt the most strongly this year if you are an Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn and/or have personal planets at 10-13 degrees of these signs. If you do not know what is in your chart my advice is to go to one of the many internet sites that offer charts that spell out the sign and degree of your personal planets and get an astrological consultation. Knowledge is always power.

Many planetary changes occur in September that are important including the fact that Pluto turns direct on September 22, at 8:34 P.M., EST. As Pluto turns stationary direct at 10 degrees Capricorn, events and situations will start to move forward. Astrologer Mitch Lewis writes, " Many things have been buried in the unconscious both personally and collectively. Now they will come out into the open. This is a reversal of energy on a very deep level. Issues of power will come to a head, and if you’ve been waiting for a change in a power struggle, this may be the time. You will no longer be able to hold your feelings and desires inside. They will tend to come out with the reversal of this planet. "

As Pluto moves forward, Uranus continues its backward movement away from its 'retrograde station', to 14 degrees on September 26, and the two planets will meet up at 12 degrees Aires-Capricorn on November 27. They will come together in February 2015, at 14 degrees, 15 degrees in March, and 16-17 degrees in early 2016. By this point the world will be different and so will we.

We can look forward to Jupiter trine Uranus at the end of the month. This transit will bring a natural exuberance, and for some it will bring luck. We may uncover new ways of doing old things and this is a great transit for finance. This will affect you in a positive way if you have planets in fire signs at 13-17 degrees.

Other transits of importance include:

September 2, Mercury enters Libra in the early morning hours. This sign is much more prone to seeking harmony than Virgo. Libra rules marriage and partnerships and our thoughts will turn toward partners of all types and keeping the peace rather than not.

September 5, Venus enters Virgo. Venus rules love and money and does not generally do well in this most demanding and analytical  sign, but Venus and Mercury are in mutual receptivity, each being in the others sign, which will help with communication this month.

This month's full moon occurs at 16 degrees of Pisces on September 8, at 9:38 P.M, EST. Pisces is the natural ruler of the twelfth house which rules the unconscious mind, seclusion, and things that are secret and hidden. This full moon is known as the Harvest moon.

This is not an explosive full moon like some are, but Pisces can be somewhat negative at times (depending on what it aspects in your personal chart). It trines Saturn giving it some stability.

Neptune rules Pisces and relates to the thread of unconsciousness that runs through us and the entire collective.

We may experience tiredness and lack of drive, dreams and visions, compassion and creativity may come to the fore. Pisces is not about the ego, and Neptune is ego less.  Those prone to over drinking or over indulging in substances may do so at this time. Neptune rules, creativity, movies, psychics, visions, religion, water and the oceans to name a few. There may be a great deal going on internally for many of us, and it can be a time of questioning what we really believe on many levels.

However, the next day, September 9, Mercury squares Pluto at and this will set off the Uranus-Pluto square which becomes part of the full moon events. Mercury-Pluto is an obsessive transit and it may be hard to let go of a thought or idea on this day. This is prone to arguments and getting to the bottom of a subject, and best not to engage in a controversial subject unless you really want the answer.

On the world level this transit bodes for finding out about developing situations. The media or those in the media could be in the news and this is a harsh transit as it sets off the Ur-Pl square which means events that happen will be worldwide in nature. We could hear news involving transport, transportation, young people and there will be those who are trying to push their views, ideas and agendas. The full moon in Pisces, conjunct Neptune shows us there will be large numbers of people in the world in dire and bad conditions, and as long as Neptune remains in Pisces this will be the case. We may see adverse water related weather conditions.

September 10, Venus opposes Neptune which could bring news concerning women, and there could be confusing news about money-financial markets. In our personal lives this transit can go one of two ways-it can be a dreamy romantic day/situation, or more likely one where romance will be quite confusing. All of these transits last for a few days. If you meet someone new on this transit things will not be clear, even if you think they are. It is basically a transit of unclarity and deception. Fantasizing is fine, but remember that is what it is and keep your feet on the ground. Mercury sextiles Jupiter also, which is good for communication, but don't put too much hope in things until time allows you to see the results of Venus opposing Neptune. It may simply make an unclear situation seem something it's not.

September 13, Mercury opposes Uranus, setting off the Uranus-Pluto square at 15 degrees Aires, Capricorn. This energy is prone to nervousness, irritation and intensity is speech, thoughts and communication. With this transit, I tell clients to slow down their mind and thinking. Speak what on your mind and you may live to regret it, the key for today is calm and deliberate speech and action. In the world we will hear unexpected news, and there could be problems concerning young people, accidents and news of unexpected events with much communication and debate. This is a difficult transit, especially if it is aspecting your personal chart.

Also on this day, Mars enters Sagittarius at 5:57 P.M., EST and 'the God of War,' will be in this sign until October 26. This is an expansive sign, ruled by Jupiter and we may notice a more direct approach as Sagittarius is a fire sign. It is likely we will see an increase in military situations around the world as Mars is in this sign.

September 14, Mercury enters its pre retrograde shadow period for the next several weeks, and turns retrograde on October 4. Now is the time to wrap projects up, and anything new that you begin over the next few weeks may change when Mercury does turn retrograde.

September 21, Venus sextiles Saturn. This is a positive transit for money, meetings and people and situations relating from your past. It can be positive socially, but for taking a realistic and pragmatic approach.  Also, Mars squares Neptune and this is foggy, depressing and tiring energy. It is discouraging, and anything begun on this transit may not turn out well. Issues may seem clouded and unclear in your life and the world, and we may see water related weather conditions.

September 22, Pluto goes stationary direct and things or situations that have been buried will come out in the open and if there is a power struggle of any type simmering, this will bring things out into the open. We will see many situations escalate around the world as this most powerful of planets turns direct.

September 22, the Sun enters Libra at 10: 29 P.M, EST. Fall officially begins as the Sun enters the sign ruling marriage and relationships for the next 29 days.

September's New Moon occurs September 24, at 1 degree Libra. New moons are generally about new beginnings and this moon is in the sign ruling relationships. The moon sextiles Mars, a good time to start new projects and there are no other adverse planetary aspects this day. If nothing in your chart contradicts it, this should be a pleasant New moon.

September 25, Jupiter trines Uranus and this is the most pleasant aspect of the month, especially if this is aspecting your natal chart. This energy will be building at least a week before this date and at least a week after. Jupiter-Uranus can deal with money and travel, as well as new ideas and beginnings. Jupiter is the planet of money and finance and Uranus is the planet ruling electronics and technology, new situations and freedom and for some this will be very positive and we will see the results in the world as well.  We may see new medicines, technologies, even news relating to space and aircraft, and we may hear of new approaches to problems. The stock market will respond well.

September 27, Mercury enters Scorpio and we get our toes wet with the planet of communication in this sign.  Scorpio is the natural ruler of the eighth house of finance, other people's money, change and transformation and is intense. In just over a week, Mercury will retrograde, and go back into Libra for most of October.

October 29, Venus enters Libra until October 29. Libra rules Venus and this is a good placement, and will be far less critical than Virgo. Venus rules love and money and it is at home in the sign of partnerships and marriage.