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Thursday, December 31, 2020

January 2021: A Brave New World


We have finally made it to 2021! Saturn and Jupiter have left heavy Capricorn and we are in a bold new time with both of these powerful planets in the sign of Aquarius. While there is no general astrological consensus on exactly when we enter the true Age of Aquarius, we are now in a time when the themes, ideas and ways of life will shift toward (Aquarius) the sign that rules the collective, or all of us. Over the next two and a half years we will be focused on matters that affect us all, and finding our own place in the collective.

Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus and the Democratic Party is ruled by Saturn. Democratic Presidents have been elected or served terms during the previous Saturn in Aquarius periods over the past century.  Decisions and plans made at this time will be bold, futuristic and geared toward the general population as opposed to specific individuals and vast corporations. This does not mean however, that everything will go smoothly or as planned at all times. 

During 2021 Saturn will square or clash with Uranus three times creating upheaval, unexpected events and unusual twists and turns. In 2020, Saturn conjunct Pluto resulted in the worldwide spread of Covid, political turmoil and questions of abuse of power. In 2021 we will be dealing with change, unexpected events, the climate, money and financial markets and any other number of issues that may arise, often out of the blue, which is the nature of Uranus. The first of these powerful aspects will occur in February and the affects may become apparent as we approach the end of January. This is not all bad however, as in times like these we often see new inventions, projects and come up with better ways of dealing with many different things.

During January Jupiter will square Uranus, Uranus will turn direct and (Mars) the planet of action will enter Taurus. Venus, the planet of love and values will transit through Sagittarius and Capricorn. The Sun will move through Aquarius and then Pisces. We will experience a new moon in Capricorn and a powerful full moon in Leo.

Jupiter squares Uranus

Jupiter is the planet of gain and expansion and it will clash with Uranus this month. It is exact in its square on January 17th but we will feel the effects before and after this date. Uranus turns direct on January 14th, making this transit even more powerful. When Uranus turns direct, it typically coincides with major world events that can seem very unpredictable and out of the blue. January 20-21st stand out as Mars joins these two planets as it conjuncts Uranus and squares Jupiter making the few days around this a very dangerous and explosive period. Use care as accidents could occur.

This transit is by no means all negative, and unexpected and significant opportunities can come up. Some astrologers believe this period coincides with growth and awakening of the human consciousness furthering the evolution of man. This transit occurred at the time of the 1969 Moon landing as well as the French Revolution.

Jupiter square Uranus is especially powerful January 15-20th. This is revolutionary and unpredictable energy and courts, religion, money, laws and fanatics could be front and center at this time. We could also see issues with the internet, hacks or problems with electronic communication.

We could experience sudden changes in life direction or fortune. This is a true gamblers transit and it can go either way in terms of gain or loss, but it is a gamble regardless. Energies may seem exuberant to some but it is a time to keep your feet planted on the ground. There can be an urge to break free from anything that seems oppressive and some relationships may end at this time, or other situations that have held you back could end. Extravagance and erratic behavior could lead to loss. You could experience great flashes of insight and if this is the case it is important to make a note of it, as it will disappear as quickly as it came. You may also find yourself more suggestible to weird or unusual ideas. The last time we saw this transit was 2007, preceding the 2008 bank crash and Great recession. When it occurred 14 years earlier we saw the first bombing of the World Trade Center by Islamic Fundamentalists.

Mars enters Taurus

Mars enters Taurus January 7th after a long 6 month stay in Aries. Mars in Aries has inspired a great deal of anger and aggravation, especially as it has clashed with Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn on multiple occasions. Mars is the planet that rules our actions, sex lives and anger and it will remain in Taurus until March 4th.

Mars in Taurus will be considerably different from Mars in Aries. Taurus is an earth sign ruled by the planet Venus, so our energies and action will change considerably but this does not mean we aren’t still going to see periods of anger and volatility in January. Planet Venus not only rules love and money, but our values as well, and it is likely we will see many conflicts over what we value and how we approach our personal and collective values in January which is of course, Inauguration month.

Mars will make some serious clashes with Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, along with Uranus in Taurus. During these times stubbornness and inability to bend may be a problem, and we could experience anger and frustration ourselves, and it will play out on the world stage.

There can be an earthy type of sensuality to Mars in this sign, after all Taurus is ruled by Venus. We will be more inclined to look for material and physical comfort and be attracted to beautiful things of lasting value as Taurus likes fine things and luxury as well as value for the money.

As Taurus rules the 2nd house of money, there will be a greater focus on making and keeping money, and we will be focusing on practical matters as long as Mars is in this sign. Mars in Taurus is prone to determination and reaching goals in a slow but steady manner.

Mars in Taurus will work best for the other earth signs-Virgo and Capricorn. It can work well for Cancer, and Pisces. This period will bring more stress to Scorpio, as Mars in Taurus will oppose Scorpio, or any Scorpio planets placed in the chart. Mars in this sign will also be more difficult for the other fixed signs: Leo and Aquarius as Taurus creates a challenge to these signs along with more obstacles and blocks. None of this however, will be anything that cannot be overcome with patience and fortitude and it will soon pass.

Mars makes a number of stressful aspects in January and after these transits have passed we will see more of the laid back and steady side of Mars in Taurus.

The most significant Mars dates

January 13th, Mars clashes with Saturn which is tiring, frustrating energy. It will play out in terms of world events, but may create a great deal of frustration if not delays, in our own lives. It is best to relax and know this energy will soon pass, and the blockages we feel at this time will improve quickly.

Mars joins the Jupiter-Uranus square on January 20th when it conjuncts Uranus. This can make for an explosive day, with things going differently than planned.  This can produce excitement, but it can also be indicative of sudden changes, outbursts of temper and a danger of accidents, explosions and sudden change. Surprise attacks are something to watch out for.  Inauguration Day in the US will be volatile day.

January 23rd, Mars squares Jupiter. This can be indicative of blowing things out of proportion. Alternatively, this transit can confer real courage and a desire to step up to the plate and do what is necessary if a crisis of some type occurs

 Mercury enters Aquarius

The planet of communication enters Aquarius January 8th switching Mercurial energies once again. It will remain in this sign until March 15, due to its upcoming retrograde. Mercury rules our mind, thinking, and the way we communicate with others and process information. During Mercury’s transit through Aquarius we may all be a little more open minded and receptive to new ideas than normal.

Aquarius is known for its quirky, wild and weird side as well as its intellectual, inventive and eccentric nature. Aquarius is associated with the 11th house in astrology which rules the collective, as well as groups and organizations. The planetary rulers of Aquarius are Saturn and Uranus.

Uranus rules new, cutting edge types of concepts and with Mercury in this sign you may be able to expand your ideas and approaches and come up with more original ways of focusing on life. In this way you may be able to benefit from Mercury’s transit through this most intellectual and logical of signs. Go bold this month as Uranus is known for producing cutting edge types of innovations. If you can tap into this energy, you could have flashes of intuition that could lead to new ways of looking at things and new approaches. Uranus-Aquarius is associated with concepts that may seem off the grid in the moment, but later result in innovations that become the future norm. The internet for example, is a Uranian concept. Who thought 40 years ago it would be what it is today?

 The planet of love enters Capricorn

Venus enters Capricorn January 8th leaving Sagittarius behind for another year.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of structure, work and responsibility and this will color our love interests over the next three weeks. Venus in this sign will work best for Earth and Water signs.

Venus in Capricorn gives love and social activities a more traditional, perhaps enduring and committed flavor. The focus will shift from fun and good times (Sagittarius) to the more practical side of love, which is of course necessary if there is to be a future together.

Sometimes there can be a desire for social prestige and attraction to those in positions of authority. We may experience ambition for wealth and status and may be attracted to those we meet in connection with work or in places of commerce.

Love and friendships may take on a more committed or serious tone during this period. Many will be looking for ways to make our lives and loves more real in a tangible sense.

Venus in Capricorn is interested in the real side of love and romance. Our focus may shift to a more traditional outlook and concerns with questions like where would we live and how do we pay for it if things work out.

 While Venus is in Capricorn a successful partner will sweeten the deal. Romance can be overshadowed by responsibility which will generally come first while Venus transits this sign.

Basically, Venus-Capricorn takes a more mature approach to relationships and love like past times when our relationships were bound by rules. Love must be earned while Venus is in this sign. Relationships will be built on a willingness to work together through difficult times, as Saturn understands the true meaning and value of commitment. Venus will reward hard work in relationships by defining obstacles and making the commitment together to resolve them.

Venus in a Saturn ruled sign may not sound appealing to some, but it projects its own type of warmth, stability and security. After the initial honeymoon period, practical concerns have a place if the relationship is to endure. Now is the time to focus on this side of your relationship and make it more substantive, lasting and real. Love energy will change once again when Venus enters Aquarius February 1st.

New Moon in Capricorn January 13th

This month’s New Moon falls in Capricorn and the lunar peak occurs at 12:00 AM, EST. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and is connected to work, responsibilities, obligations and structure, and it is likely we will be focused on these matters.

This Sun and Moon conjunct Pluto creating intense, sometimes obsessive feelings, revelations, and thoughts of the past and at times past lovers may re-appear. Sun-Pluto can relate to power struggles, issues over money or sex, and intense or obsessive thinking.

January is a volatile month in general and this powerful Capricorn moon will be no different.  We will likely see issues relating to control, power, politics and Pluto tends to rule crime, the criminal element and hidden issues can often come to light on a Moon like this.

We will have a chance to create order in our lives at this time, as well as change and transformation. Ambition may be stimulated and new moons represent new beginnings.

Mars has entered its square to Saturn however, so we may face or encounter anger, frustration and blocks. This can also be a mentally and emotionally draining period. This period will however pass within a few days and we can gain momentum as we move forward.

The best use of this energy is to focus on what you would like to change or create in the New Year. With the powerful and determined Capricorn energy you can make great strides forward if you use patience and good judgment, so this moon will have its rewards.

The Aquarius season is on

The Sun leaves hard driving Capricorn and enters Aquarius January 19th and will remain in this sign until February 18th. Aquarius is connected sudden and unexpected events, freedom, and a love of doing things our own way, or just different from the norm. It’s time to throw off the shackles and lighten up.  

With the Sun in this sign we desire new experiences and freedom. That freedom can take many different forms including the right to be exactly who we are and tolerance is one of Aquarius’s greatest gifts. Alternatively, this could mean something as simple as a new hairstyle, way of dress, new restaurants, or even a new route to work. It’s all up to you how far you take this energy.

Non-conformist Aquarius is the sign of the entrepreneur who makes a success of doing things his or her way as well as the downtrodden outcast, the intellectual, and the freedom fighter. During this time we will experience a month of ditching what is tried and true to make room for the new, the unusual and the experimental.

Aquarius is a humanistic sign and is connected to the 11th house of the collective. We don’t have to go solo with the Sun in this sign and are typically happy to be a part of a group as long as we don’t have to conform to group norms or lose our own identities in the process.  So go ahead, be yourself and have some fun. The Sun in Aquarius can make for a magical month of new discoveries.

January’s powerful Full Moon in Leo

This month’s full moon falls on January 28, at 9 degrees of Leo. Leo rules the 5th house of love; children, fun and entertainment, and this may be a good night to let your hair down a little, but with some precautions. Leo is associated with the Sun; the ruler of the heart, both metaphorically and literally. This will be an action packed, temperamental moon and we can expect to see grand-standing and plenty of antics from the theatre of life. Those who feel ignored at this time may make sure we know they are there.

The Moon opposes the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn all in Aquarius. Moon-Sun oppositions relate to our interactions with others, in particular those closest to us and at times tensions can flare if there is friction. Sun-Jupiter is typically pleasant but things can get blown out of proportion and Sun-Saturn relates to work, restrictions and responsibilities and at times it can be depressive and indicative of endings but some of the other planets involved can help with this. The Sun is conjunct Jupiter which is connected to expansion, and typically positive. With the Moon’s opposition to 3 planets in Aquarius we may hear of legal or court matters, religion, medicine and new approaches to old ways of doing things.

Venus conjunct Pluto can be connected to obsessive thoughts and feelings directed toward relationships, love, money and sex. Matters may become deep, intense and there could be issues of control, or certain things may be revealed at this time. At the very worst this transit can be indicative of violence and volatile feelings or actions. Some relationships could end, and others could be transformed for the better with a great deal of work. Nothing will be superficial on a transit like this.

The Leo moon will square Uranus and Mars. This is the most significant and volatile aspect this moon makes. The combination of these three planets can be indicative of angry and explosive situations and events. Moon-Mars relates to women and anger, or emotional anger. Add Uranus to the mix and we have a truly explosive and unpredictable 24-48 hour period with the powerful full moon in Leo. Accidents can be a possibility as well, so take care.

Mercury retrogrades

Mercury turns retrograde January 30, at 26 degrees of Aquarius and this is our first quarter retrograde. Mercury retrogrades 3 or 4 times a year. The shadow period of this retrograde will start on January 15th, which is when we begin to notice changes in Mercurial energies. If you are looking to finish something up before the retrograde this month, it would be ideal to do so by this date. If not, wrap things up as far from the retrograde as possible. Each year Mercury retrogrades in a certain element, and in 2021 the element is Air. Our thinking, speaking and communication with others will be affected more than normal during the retrograde periods.

Retrograde Mercury is the phenomenon that causes delays, glitches, breakdowns in computers and equipment, relationships, slowdowns and brings hidden factors to the surface. It is however part of a natural cycle, and this period is meant to recess, redo and reconsider plans and situations in our lives.

Plans can be put on hold, miscommunication can occur, relationships can end or change, and cars, computers and other machinery can break down at the most inopportune moment.

When planets retrograde, their effects on humans are different than when in direct motion. Thinking is deeper, situations often appear to go underground for a time, or change altogether, and sometimes our focus shifts. Mercury retrograde is the most talked about retrograde, because it is a fast moving planet that controls our thinking, speech, travel, and cognitive skills.

 Mercury retrograde is a wild card. Sometimes, relationships can be fixed and problems brought out into the open if they are worth saving. Expect delays, changes of plans and try and not have your schedule set in stone.  In other words, prepare to be flexible.  Make sure you are direct and to the point in your communication with others.  If you don’t understand what someone is telling you, by all means ask for clarification.

After Mercury turns direct again (February 21) we will go through another significant period of Mercury in Aquarius until mid-March. After Mercury turns direct, we may find ourselves back at the same point we were in late January when it turned retrograde, but this time all systems are on go!



Monday, December 28, 2020

The final full moon of 2020!


The last full moon of the year falls in Cancer on December 29th. The lunar peak will occur around 10:38PM, EST.

Cancer or the 4th house relates to home and family, and during the holidays our thoughts typically turn to family, whether we are able to be with them or not. Cancer is typically warm, comforting and associated with home, security, safety, the past and all of our intimate feelings for others.

The ruler of Cancer is the Moon, and like the moon our feelings can fluctuate during this time.  This may not be a problem for the Water signs, but it can be more difficult for those born under Fire and Air signs. At times Cancer can become too passionate and feeling and the intensity can overwhelm us or we could become impatient with others. For those born under Cancer, or who have a Sun or Moon in this sign these feelings will be no big deal, but for others there is a good chance things can get too dramatic or intense at times over the next two weeks. 

The Sun makes a positive sextile to Uranus creating feelings of excitement, intuition, change and freedom. This is the time to make plans, look at new ways of doing things. It can also make for an interesting holiday weekend.

Mars is still in a square with Pluto, although these two malefic planets are separating. You could feel some kind of stress or anxiety at this time, but the positive aspects made by the moon should be more powerful. On December 30th, the Moon travels deeper into Cancer, squaring Mars and opposing Pluto. Things could become touch and go at this point, but if so, the feelings should be fleeting, as the Moon moves quickly.

With the Moon’s positive aspect to Uranus, now is the time to make plans for the New Year and liberate yourself from the things within your power that are oppressive and have outlived their time-this can include thought patterns, fears, people or situations you find yourself in.





Thursday, December 17, 2020

Saturn has entered Aquarius!


Saturn enters Aquarius December 17th, at 11:57 PM, EST. Saturn has not been in Aquarius since 1994 (February 1991-January 1994). In the past century Saturn was in Aquarius January 1962-March 1964, and 1902-1905.

Saturn will remain in this sign through July 1, 2020 when it will return to Capricorn for another six months, re-entering Aquarius again December 18, 2020-March 7, 2023.

Saturn and Aquarius versus Saturn and Capricorn

Saturn in Aquarius is in the second sign Saturn rules, along with Capricorn although its energetic expression will be far different.

Aquarius is an Air sign, and Saturn in this sign is co-ruled by Uranus, the planet of sudden and unexpected events, so during Saturn’s time in this sign we may both collectively and individually experience unexpected events while the planet of structure and discipline (Saturn) occupies this sign. Air signs are prone toward new and futuristic as well as humanitarian thinking.

Saturn is considered the great teacher, and the planet of structure and discipline. Keywords that describe Saturn are: hard work, patience, discipline and maturity. Wherever Saturn goes it reveals the positive and the worst-especially what is NOT working, and where we need to apply more of our energies to improve things.

Saturn in Aquarius rules the 11h house, or the collective. Our future over the next several years will involve the collective as opposed to the individual. We will all be in it together, in other words. As Aquarius rules the collective and Saturn is in this sign, we are now being asked to engage in social distancing (Saturn=restrictive in Aquarius (the collective) as a result of Covid-19 at the start of this cycle. Working online is something many people will utilize at this time (Uranus rules the internet), and air travel is not recommended and may be stopped for a time, at the time of this post. Aquarius rules groups, aircraft, lightening, cutting edge technology, thinking, logic and science, future oriented technology and solutions. It rules astrology, aeronautics, forward thinking individuals, freedom and new inventions, which we will see many of over the next few years.

During the years Saturn is in Aquarius it will ask us to change from a society of self-interest to one that recognizes the needs of the majority, or the collective and achieve a new form of true Democracy that works for the majority as opposed to a minority. Many changes will occur around the world.

Saturn in Aquarius has a co-ruler: Uranus. Uranus rules the unexpected, explosions, explosive situations, technology, freedom and breaking away from the old, coups and revolutions. It also rules anarchy, wild animals, assassination attempts, bacteriology, birds, broadcasting, brotherhood, calamities, change, clairvoyants, electronics, fanaticism, genius, inventions, liberty, inequality, influenza, liberals, lighting, metaphysics, psychics, science, and zealots to name just a few.

Saturn squares Uranus

Saturn began its square to Uranus in Taurus when it entered Aquarius march 21, but this square will not complete until 2021. The most intense period this year is between the time of this post and mid-April. This square will be exact the week February 2021, June 2021, December 2021, and October 2022. Uranus square Saturn deals with upheaval and change in the world as well as our personal lives. In Taurus, this upheaval will affect money/financial markets, earth and weather related changes and conditions, possibly the production and distribution of food, coups and revolutions and unexpected events in the collective and our personal lives. November 2008-Septemember 2009 we experienced a Saturn-Uranus opposition, a square occurred July 1999-May 2000 and we experienced a conjunction of these powerful planets February-October of 1988.

Saturn in Capricorn

In Capricorn, Saturn was about building and hard work. Capricorn is conservative and restrictive and at the same time can represent big business and great wealth. It is a stodgy if not heavy sig, and there is nothing light about it.  It’s conjunction with Pluto and Jupiter (in Capricorn) has brought about a great deal of turmoil in the world. Pluto changes, reforms and often tears down to rebuild. These three planets together represent two of the major ten aspects that create change and upheaval in the world. This transit deals with corruption, crime, corruption at the top and Jupiter-Pluto can deal with pandemics as it did with the Spanish flu in 1918 as well as governments and money.

Capricorn is a materialistic sign and also one of the signs that rules the earth. We have seen a great deal of materialism during the last 2.5 years Saturn has been in Capricorn. Now, as we approach the end of Saturn’s transit through Capricorn we are faced with the problem of what happens when society becomes so materialistic it ignores the majority, which is why income inequality has now become a theme we are being forced to deal with. Society as a whole cannot exist peacefully for long when the needs of the top 1% come at the expense of the 99%. Saturn in Aquarius will make this obvious and be an impetus toward change.

The earth itself is in need of our help as global warming and the consequences become a major theme we will be forced to work with one way or another. When Saturn transits Aquarius we will be forced to put the needs of the citizens and earth itself ahead of corporate greed and negligence of the planet. Part of this issue will be amplified with Uranus in Taurus, which will create a clash with Saturn when it enters Aquarius, creating further upheaval, as it is now. We experienced the dust bowl the last time Uranus was in Taurus in the mid-1930’ which had a devastating effect on the Western and Plains regions  of the US due to poor farming practices that left the soil eroded.

Saturn in Capricorn dealt with banks, big business and authority. Capricorn is needed in a society to create structure but there must be balance. Saturn in Capricorn deals with authority and top heavy financial hierarchies which can lead to power imbalances and well as corruption. News reports currently state a select group of Senators got word of the pandemic and its affects and dumped millions of dollars in stock ahead of the stock market decline which in normal society would be called insider trading punishable by prison time. This is only one example of many. Saturn has transited through Capricorn 4 times since 1900, and each time materialism has become too top heavy and we have experienced a recession in the US.

Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn in Aquarius will force us to deal with the needs and desires of the collective as opposed to the 1%. Saturn began its square to Uranus when it entered Aquarius, but will not complete until 2021. During this time it will lead to upheaval but in the end we will have an opportunity to have a more balanced world. In this way we can experience true Democracy.

During the years Saturn is in Aquarius it will ask us to change from a society of self-interest to one that recognizes the needs of the majority. All is not negative however; we will see great advancement in thinking and technology during this new and exciting period of time. For the record, I believe there will be a vaccine for the cororavirus by December or January2021, or alternatively, there will be some other exciting new advancement in health care.

Saturn and you

Saturn in Aquarius will work well for Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius.  Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio may experience some challenges as it will square or oppose your sign as it does every 7 years. When Saturn enters your sign (Aquarius) you have entered a new 30 year cycle and in many ways will re-create yourself over the next 3 years. I will write more about this in the near future.

During these years we will see significant news regarding airlines, flight and aircraft or spacecraft. At the time of this post the airlines are asking Congress for a 50 million bailout. The last time Saturn was in Aquarius Pan American Airlines bankrupted and Eastern airlines shut down. Between 1991-04 we saw numerous significant airplane crashes, and NASA launched the Mars Observer for a flight to the Red planet.

Saturn conjuncts Jupiter

Before this period is over Saturn will conjunct Jupiter, and this is another significant transit that deals with great changes in the evolution of man, history and thinking. This transit occurs every 20 years and the last time was Taurus, the sign ruling the earth and money. We have gone through a lengthy period of Saturn-Jupiter conjunctions in earth signs, and this year it will switch to Air signs.

Saturn will conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn December 15-18, 2020, and Aquarius December 20-28, starting a new period in Air cycles which will change thinking.

 This cycle has sometimes been referred to as the “Presidential death cycle,’ although I am not predicting a death. No Presidential death occurred in 1980 or 2000. There were however assassination attempts both times. In my studies of Presidential astrology and assassinations neither George Bush or Ronald Regan’s chart indicated death by assassination, while the others did.


Thursday, December 10, 2020

Venus enters Sagittarius!


       Venus enters Sagittarius December 15, where it will remain until January 8, 2021.

This energy will be far different from the Scorpio energy we have become used to over the last number of weeks. While Scorpio is deep, intense and sometimes brooding, Sagittarius is lighter, more adventuresome, buoyant and geared toward new experiences, trying new things and living life to the fullest. This will of course work great for Sagittarius who may look and feel their best during this time. It will also work well for the other Fire signs; Aries and Leo.

Venus in Sagittarius has been known to gallop away quickly if things get too heavy or serious, especially if a new relationship is involved. Typically, Sagittarius can be the most restless of signs and cannot stand to be bored! Venus-Sagittarius does not like confrontations or discord and sometimes likes to wear rose colored glasses.

Venus in Sagittarius is associated with freedom and experimentation as well as jovial and upbeat times. Serious minded lovers may find this hard to take or those who a looking for a commitment. If you have been in a stable relationship for a while however, this should not have a negative affect.

Emotional drama does not typically go over well with Venus in this sign. Sagittarius is about expanding your outlook and definition of what pleases you. You may find yourself in a more idealistic mode over the next few weeks and expect your lover to keep up. This may singe the wing of the more sensitive types as can the typical Sagittarius blunt honesty.

During this transit of Venus you may have to decide if you would rather be totally ‘honest’ in your most intimate relationships and risk hurt feelings of others that may not be so easy to repair in the future. Think about what you have to say before you say it as Sag has a reputation of putting both feet in their mouth!

Venus-Sagittarius is far less focused than Venus-Scorpio. Sagittarius love begins with friendship and may seem more like a universal type of love. Romantic adventures, truth and higher meaning are the qualities that will take priority during our time with Venus in Sagittarius.

December 30, Venus will square Neptune. This can be a double edged sword as it can represent soft lights and reverie, or it can represent misunderstandings, lack of clarity, or someone who is dodging the truth. This can also relate to overindulgence so be careful in that area.




Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Solar eclipse in Sagittarius: Finding truth and justice


On December 14th, we will experience a total solar eclipse at 23 degrees of Sagittarius. The energies of this eclipse will be expansive, energizing and we will be prone to trying something different and adventurous. Sagittarius is all about finding and getting to the core truth. In astrology a solar eclipse can be something of a turning point and decisions made at this point can have long lasting implications in the future.

Solar eclipses repeat themselves every 19 years, so the last time we experienced an eclipse like this was December 14, 2001. If you are old enough to remember this time and what happened, it could give you a clue as to what to expect again this year.

Venus sextiles Jupiter putting a pleasant spin on things and this is indicative of pleasure, harmony and social events. As this eclipse joins Mercury it will relate to how we think and communicate. As it is also in positive aspect to Mars it will give you the energy to act toward your goals.

A harsh aspect to Neptune however, means you must protect yourself from lies, deception and mistruths as well as the Coronavirus. This aspect can make you feel confused, weak and lethargic. With Mercury also square Neptune, use caution in terms of any business dealings or opportunity that may arise and make certain it is legitimate. At worst this transit is indicative of lies and deception, self deception or confusion. Use care while driving as well and it is best to expect others on the road to be distracted.

In the US chart this eclipse squares Neptune meaning we will be dealing with confusion, lack of clarity and more propaganda. We will continue to see an increase in Covid cases and the mortality rate. There will be angry energies present in the US along with the potential for misdirection, lies and power struggles. This will be a period when many things will be revealed including inconvenient truths in government.

US President Donald Trump was born on the day of a total lunar eclipse at 23 degrees of Sagittarius, the same as December 14th. Life changing events typically occur when something ‘sets off’ the same degree/sign of a person born on an eclipse or their pre-natal eclipse. In this case as the Sagittarius moon falls in Trump’s 4th house this represents an ending of his administration. This also coincides with the day electors meet and announce their votes for President and Vice-President. Biden won the popular vote and the electoral vote. The planets clearly favor Biden on this day.


Tuesday, December 8, 2020

The Great conjunction of 2020


Jupiter conjuncts Saturn December 21st: The age of Aquarius!

During the month of December we will have an opportunity to see Saturn and Jupiter side by side in the night sky! This is because Saturn and Jupiter will conjunct, or be side by side this month offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to see them. The best evening to look is December 21st, but they will be visible at other times as well. To read more about how to see these planets click here.

Saturn and Jupiter will be visible to the naked eye, but they also have major significance in astrology as they only meet up every 20 years. This marks the beginning of an entirely new cycle, and a new time in our lives and in the collective. We are leaving the old story and a lot of baggage behind. Consolidate your losses now, and there is no point in dragging your past with you into the future. It’s time for a new approach and viewpoint.  What will your new story be?

Saturn enters Aquarius

December 17th, Saturn enters Aquarius changing energy and our focus dramatically over the next 2 and half years. Saturn is called the taskmaster in astrology and is typically concerned with boundaries, work and achievement. Saturn teaches people to work through limitations, obligations and adversity. There is always a focus on the sign and house Saturn travels through both in our personal charts and on a global level. If Saturn makes easy aspects we have gain with a great deal of work. If Saturn makes harsher aspects with other planets we typically have some type of obstacle to overcome. Saturn last transited through Aquarius February 6, 1991-January 29, 1994. If you are old enough to remember this time you may have an idea as to how this Saturn cycle will affect you on a personal level.

Aquarius is a futuristic sign that builds with a vision toward the future. The planetary rulers of Aquarius are Saturn and Uranus. Saturn represents structures and building but Uranus is the planet of technology, cutting edge medicines, science, and ideas that are at times of a genius nature and quality. But, Uranus is also unpredictable, changeable and in some cases explosive, so some unexpected situations will also arise next few years as well.

Aquarius rules the 11th house or the collective and groups.  During this Saturn period we will all be working to find our own place within the collective and with Saturn in this sign, the collective will make their voices heard. This Saturn cycle will bring more structure in the way we deal with the pandemic, among other things.   Aquarius is connected with humanity and those things we all share as inhabitants of the planet. This includes the planet itself and issues of survival such as enough food, healthcare and a desire to build our own life on our terms within the collective, as well as the betterment of mankind.

Aquarius is revolutionary, rebellious and analytical, detached and employs reason over emotionally based decisions and ideas. Aquarius is not afraid to question the powers that be while putting the collective welfare at the top of ideals and plans.

Aquarius is connected to science and academics and allegiance to ideas or doctrines which can turn out well, or badly. Aquarius is about moving away from strict dogmas and doctrines that only approach things in one way. This energy will be more open and all encompassing.

The darker side of Aquarius is that it can be erratic, self-absorbed, tactless and more focused on the collective rather than individuals. Aquarius is an Air sign so as reason supersedes emotion Aquarius is not known for its personal warmth. Abraham Lincoln was one of the most famous Aquarians and his focus was clearly on the collective as he led the US through the Civil War of the 1880’s.

In 2021 Saturn will square Uranus three times: the weeks of February 14th and February 21st, the week of June 13th and the final week of the year or the week of December 25th. Saturn-Uranus cycles are associated with changes in finance, the financial markets and money. Many global changes may occur at this time of an unexpected nature. Uranus rules aircraft, technology, coups and revolutions and explosive and unpredictable events. In 2008, Saturn opposed Uranus. In 2000 Saturn squared Uranus. At that time Saturn was in Taurus and Uranus in Aquarius. This coincided with the burst of the dot com bubble.

Jupiter enters Aquarius

Jupiter is the planet of gain and expansion, optimism and abundance and joins Saturn in Aquarius two days after Saturn enters the same sign or December 19th. Jupiter in Aquarius is futuristic, revolutionary and concerned with fairness and social justice. Jupiter’s expansive and freewheeling nature will work well in the sign that is concerned with humanitarian interests, independence, freedom and innovation. All of this will be far different energy than Jupiter/Saturn in Capricorn we have experienced over the past year. We will be more concerned with new ideas, novel approaches and doing things our own way. We will also be leaving a lot of baggage behind us as we begin a new chapter in our own lives as well as the collective.


Jupiter conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius

On December 21st Jupiter meets up in the sky with Saturn and the two form a conjunction which means they are together or side by side. This is one of the most important cycles in terms of major changes in the world, and civilization. Some astrologers consider this cycle the foundation upon which the world is built. It has been said this cycle is considered the ground base of human development which marks the interaction between the perception of ideas, potentialities and the manifestation of ideas in the concrete material world. We well feel and see the results of these two energies in the weeks before and after the planets are conjunct. Jupiter joins Saturn once every 20 years.

The Saturn-Jupiter conjunctions occur in the same element for long periods of time. This 20 year conjunction marks a 200 year change from the Earth signs-Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn to Air signs which is very significant. In the future we will be dealing with the element of Air. This will bring information to the forefront of things to an even greater degree than it already is. We are entering uncharted territory and a new era.

What could the Great conjunction mean for us personally?

-New alliances and friendships

-We may become more tolerant of others.

-We will be working to find our own individual place within the collective.

-New ideas and concepts. We should guard against strict dogmatic attitudes, which would miss the point of the Aquarian expansiveness.

-More personal structure and awareness in dealing with Covid.

-New visions that lead to new projects.

-Being a part of the cutting edge in technology, medicines, entertainment or another field.

-A larger than previous vision of something we will work toward.

-Feeling freer to be ourselves.

-A greater awareness of the suffering of others and doing something about it.

-Becoming an advocate of freedom and equality for all.

-Unexpected new awakenings and directions.

-Giving or receiving unexpected forgiveness.

-Starting an online business.





Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Mercury enters Sagittarius!


Every year Mercury travels through all of the signs for roughly a month each time, unless there is a retrograde. Toward the latter part of the year, the Sun enters Sagittarius, and this year the planet of communication does so as well. We will be more social and many may start to look forward to the holidays in particular.

Mercury enters Sagittarius December 1-December 20th changing Mercurial energies dramatically.

Sagittarius is the sign ruled by Jupiter the planet of luck and expansion, and Mercury rules travel, communication, young people and our thinking. Our thoughts may turn to travel or family members/extended family and our thinking will be broader and greatly expanded. We may also feel more buoyant, upbeat and impulsive.

Mercury is not totally comfortable in this energy, but this does not mean things will take a negative turn. In Sagittarius/ Mercury worries about the bigger picture of things but can lose track of smaller but important details.

Mercury in this sign is associated with expansion and the spreading of knowledge that can have a great deal of depth. This is an outgoing time and socializing with others will come easier than normal even for those who are shy. This Mercury is about visions of the future and can shine a light on that that which needs to be brought to light.

The challenge with Mercury in this sign is developing discernment in the quest for truth and not falling prey to every idea that crosses your path or blowing an idea totally out of proportion. We must remember that it is only through discernment that we can we narrow down ideas to find the path to real truth, which is the true quest for Sagittarius.

Expect to be more open to new ideas, people and life in general. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign and mutable signs are subject to change and fire signs are prone to action.

Mercury in Sag is idealistic, visionary, and dynamic and does not like to be bored. Our minds can get restless easily and we may experience a need for something bigger than normal to occupy the mind.

Sagittarius likes to take the broadest perspective of ideas and concepts. We may go through quite a few mental adventures and twists and as Sagittarius rules the 9th house of worldview, we could change our view of how the world operates or broaden it in some way. We may also become interested in further education and it does not have to be formal.

The downside of Mercury in Sag can lead to speaking without first thinking, exaggerating, or saying things that just are not true. Our minds may wander more than usual, which can be positive or negative. You may have so many different thoughts you might do well to write the important ones down to refer to later.