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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

December 2015: Finishing up the lessons-out with the old

As we begin the last month of the year the Saturn-Neptune square that has changed the world is still exact at 7 degrees of Sagittarius/Pisces. As I predicted when I began writing about this major transit in 2014 this square (and the events in Paris) has made us aware of many things, most importantly the worldwide threat of terrorism both in the US and abroad. While this square will begin to separate on December 5, the ramifications of this energy will linger for weeks and months to come. This has been the first exact hit of this transit but it will return again in June of 2016, as well as September. In June, Saturn and Neptune will be part of a t-square involving Jupiter the planet of finance and gain. A t-square shows us situations that involve the energy of all three planets involved. I will write more about this in the future.

As Neptune is in Pisces this concerns religion, or ideologies that parades as religion. The square between Saturn and Neptune shows us a conflict between this type of ideology and the rest of the world. In less than one month the world has changed and morphed into a new and different time and place where we must pay attention to what is at hand. Fear, confusion and lack of clarity can run amuck, but we also have the potential to turn our ideas, thoughts and dreams into concrete reality at this time.

 As Jupiter is in Virgo we collectively have the abilities to work hard and find concrete solutions to the problems.

This is and has been heavy and negative energy in the world. Now, as in all times we must try and explore the other side of this energy which can concern concrete realization (Saturn) of our own personal goals, hopes and wishes (Neptune). If one thing stalls or fades out, whether it be a work goal, or any other situation, now is not the time to give up, but rather push ahead. Utilize the powerful energy of Saturn and through hard work and working smart you may start to realize your goals. If you swing in the direction of Neptune (illusion, delusions and confusion) you may give up, lose faith or want to retire from the situation. It is a difficult balancing act, but it can be done. We must utilize the creativity, imagination and inspiration balanced with the work ethic of Saturn to combine these energies in a positive manner.

Then again, some things will absolutely come to an end or be revealed for what they are. Difficult relationships, or those that have not been solid or tottering on the brink for some time are especially prone to dissolving at this time. If you are in a relationship like this, now is the time to move on, not swim upstream against the current of an impossible situation to have to repeat this time again when this energy returns next year.

A relationship that works out is one that works. If two people are meant to be together they will be, but disinterest, lack of clarity and communication, or bad treatment by others is not a relationship it is an unhealthy situation that has nothing to do with love. This powerful square can help us see things for what they really are. If this is your situation you don't have to give up the dream of being in a relationship, but rather change the face in the picture. Giving up on an impossible situation does not mean giving up on the dream, but rather finding a suitable partner that shares your dream. In these ways the Saturn-Neptune square can help us.
Other transits of interest this month:

December 1, Mercury trines Uranus and this is quick and positive bringing new ideas and conversation to the forefront.

December 4, Mercury squares Jupiter While basically positive watch for things to be blown out of proportion. Also, Venus enters Scorpio where it is considered in its determent. A planet operating in a sign considered its detriment doesn't operate well, or acts needy. In Scorpio, Venus can be obsessive, possessive and too intense. This sign generally works best for water and earth signs.

December 6, the Sun sextiles Mars and this can be beneficial as one of the most explosive transits of the month occurs as Mars squares Pluto. This is negative, argumentative energy. The combination of Mars and Pluto is volatile and typically relates to arguments, power struggles, issues over joint finances or sex, and at times it is explosive enough to become dangerous. Watch your movements and interactions on this day and avoid potential disasters. Push someone and they will push back. This will be a major day in the world and this transit will relate to police and military action. On November 30, when Venus squared Pluto gunmen attacked a Mali hotel taking 170 people hostage.

December 9, Mercury enters Capricorn where it will remain for some time other than a brief week in early January when it enters Aquarius, only to retrograde back into Capricorn. Pay attention to what you do during this Mercury placement, as when it retrogrades in January you may have to retrace your steps again. It may be wise to purchase holiday gifts before Mercury enters its pre retrograde shadow period December 20. Mercury will turn retrograde January 5, 2016.

December 10, Mars opposes Uranus, setting off the other half of the Uranus-Pluto square. This is volatile energy that can bring an element of the unexpected. Some relationships will end with this transit, or other things could suddenly end or change. This will be an explosive day in the world. As Venus opposed Uranus November 23-24 Turkey shot down a Russian warplane and tensions escalated. 5 people were shot near a Black Lives matter encampment in  Minneapolis. Uranus is connected with explosions, coups, aircraft, and unexpected changes. This will be a big day in the world.

December 11, Venus trines Neptune and this is a positive transit for love and creativity. A New Moon occurs at 19 degrees of Sagittarius. This moon sextiles Mars making it positive for action and squares Jupiter showing us things can be blown out of proportion.
Sagittarius rules the ninth house of groups, friends, hopes and wishes. This moon falls on the heels of the Mars-Uranus opposition and shows us we will be dealing with laws, foreign connections and people abroad, overall.

December 14, the Sun squares Jupiter and while this is basically positive things and situations may be blown out of proportion. Mercury sextiles Neptune and this is positive for creative thought or readings.

December 17, Venus sextiles Pluto and this is positive for commerce and feelings may seem deeper.

December 19, is another significant day as Mercury conjuncts Pluto. This is an intense, even obsessive transit. Good for getting to the bottom of things, you may find out information, but it is argumentative and can be heavy. You could feel unable to let go of a particular thought and avoid drama and arguments. Someone may try and convince you of something or it could be the other way around. Another heavy day in the world, with a focus on young people, disagreements, and transport or transportation.

December 20, Mercury squares Uranus and this transit today along with yesterday sets off the Uranus-Pluto square which will come together again next month for the last time. World events will be large. Today we could hear unexpected news, and Uranus involves explosions, aircraft and the unexpected. You could feel scattered, changeable, or get unexpected news.

December 21, the Sun enters Capricorn for the next 29 days. Winter is here!

December 24, Venus sextiles Jupiter. With the state of the world we can use a happy, lighthearted and enjoyable transit like this! A cosmic Christmas gift, enjoy!

December 25, Mercury trines Jupiter and this is positive and light hearted. Uranus turns stationary direct, and this is a significant event as world events generally occur around this time and this amps up the energy of the Uranus-Pluto square which will once again make the world an angry place and we will see more changes as this transit comes together for the final time next month.

December 25, a full moon occurs at 3 degrees of Cancer. Cancer is about home and family, but is also the most emotional of signs and many things can go wrong when adult families gather together. Here is hoping for peace at home and in the world.

December 29, the Sun squares Neptune and this is a creative, meditative transit. Mercury squares Mars and this is angry, irritating energy that will also play out in the world. Be careful with travel and driving.

December 30, Venus enters Sagittarius. Love energy will be lighter, less committed (if you are not in a committed relationship) and more fun loving. Just in time for New Years Eve.

December 31, Happy New Year. May your New Year bring what you desire the most. Good luck!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Full moon in Gemini November 25

This month's full moon falls at 3 degrees of Gemini November 25, at 5:44 P.M., EST. This will set off the Saturn-Neptune square that has already changed the world in the past few weeks. Many things will come to a head on this full moon, and it is a holiday (week in the US).

This moon will be connected to young people and children, conversation/communication, and transport/travel as the ruler of Gemini is Mercury. The full moon will oppose Mercury making it argumentative, and be careful if you travel.

November 24, Mercury conjuncts Saturn and this is a negative, tiring transit prone to serious conversation and communication, along with overwork that could be as simple as getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday. We will be concerned with relatives, young people, travel and will likely hear news in the world that affects large groups of people, and potentially travel or transportation.

The Saturn-Neptune square not only affects the world, it affects us as individuals if it aspects your personal chart. Many situations, even relationships that have not been on solid, level ground will come to an end, or be seen for what they are.

By November 29, the Sun conjuncts Saturn, and squares Neptune and this is another most critical day in the world. I hate to say the week has potential for upheaval in the world but it does.

On a personal level you may swing between wanting to relax, and wanting to take care of business, or get back to work. Go with whichever desire is greater, and here is to a safe and happy Thanksgiving week if you are in the US!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Neptune turns direct: the fog rolls in

Neptune turned direct November 18, and this will amp up the energy of the Saturn-Neptune square.  Situations may become confusing, foggy or even depressing as these two powerful planets meet, becoming exact on November 26, 2015 for the first time.

As Neptune turns direct it is like fog rolling in. The path may seem dimly lit and you may not be able to exactly see your next step. Clarity of thinking is needed now, more than ever as opposed to just reacting to things. In actuality, this is a period where one reality may morph into something else, especially if the Saturn-Neptune square aspects any planet in your personal chart at 3-9 degrees or so of a mutable sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces). I wrote about this in detail and how it affects us on a personal level in my November blog.

As Neptune turns direct confusion may increase for the time, and events will start to be revealed for what they are. Neptunian events have a tendency to appear as surprising, but in actuality the basis of the situation was generally there all along, just hidden in a fog of confusion, lies or lack of clarity.  Such events tend to creep up on us and seem surprising at first, but the basis of the event was generally there, just obscured from recognition. An example would be a sudden break up with where the reality of it was in some way being swept under the rug. It could apply to any situation, however, not just breakups. 

Overall this is a difficult and emotional time for many, especially as Neptune is in the sign of Pisces where it is most powerful.

In terms of the world, we will morph into a different reality at this time, and this will affect us all as a collective, as I have written about numerous times.
Now, above all is the time to try and think clearly and be guided by reason, not emotion or reaction, or what you wish something to be. And of course we can use this energy to turn dreams into concrete reality with some hard work.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Saturn-Neptune and the US astrological chart

We have entered into a weird and changeable period as the Saturn/Neptune square becomes exact, and this will change our lives  as well as world we live in. I first began writing about this powerful square in 2014, and events are now shifting and changing on the world stage as individuals, countries, nations, politicians and governments realize they have not been looking at many situations in a clear and effective manner, and it is time to make changes on many levels. We will see confused, contorted political candidates, issues, and in many ways wrong judgments will be apparent, and it is possible wrong decisions or policies can be implemented during this time that will have to change again.

This powerful square in the world will primarily  have to do with terrorist groups who cloak themselves under the guise of religion, but are in fact nothing but extremists and killers.

Religion can play a role in many things, or people can be swayed by religious factions, or that which is appears to be religion, and is in fact nothing more than mass manipulation. We are at risk of being lied to in many ways. Now is the time to think reasonably and use reason in your decisions.

Neptune rules religion, distorted minds, confusion lies, deception, saltwater and many other things. We have clearly seen in the past year how terrorist groups draw discontented and disenfranchised youth into their midst who feel they have little to lose and everything to gain by following a vision bigger than themselves, however contorted their Neptunian vision may be. Neptune will be in Pisces for many years to come. As Neptune entered into this sign I wrote "this placement shows many groups around the world will be disenfranchised, and this placement of Neptune would be very negative in this respect."

Neptune was in Pisces before the US Civil war and during the Salem witch trials. So, you can see what I mean when I state that we must chose our saviors and make our personal decisions carefully. During each of these periods there were groups of disenfranchised people, that choose sides. Religion, or questions relating to basic humanity arose during these times as they are again today.

We have seen a Russian plane shot down over Egypt by terrorists, and before this article was finished we saw the vicious attack in Paris November 13. We are in a time of sudden changeable and unexpected events that could certainly include issues and events connected to airlines, aircraft, spacecraft and accidents whether deliberate or unintentional. This event shows clearly the terrorists have a greater capacity than previously thought, hence a rethinking of aviation will occur, along with many other things.

Another example of things being revealed for what they are occurred when CNN ran a story story on post traumatic stress disorder among police officers in America. According to the story the numbers of officers with this condition is alarmingly high, and there are many officers in need of treatment that have been denied for one reason or another.
As these numbers have been revealed, it can no longer be ignored or denied. Eventually, the truth will emerge on this and many other things and show us that we must deal with things differently, and change our course. While we collectively may have ignored, and denied and not seen things that have been hidden in plain view, they will now be revealed for what they are.
There is a positive side to this situation, because as Neptune-Saturn reveals, action can be taken to change course and correct what needs to be changed.
As Jupiter is in Virgo during this time, many things can be fixed once they are uncovered, and dealt with. Jupiter in this sign is practical, and prone toward practical accomplishment and that is the positive news.
In the United States chart (Sibly chart) Neptune, Saturn and Uranus will clash, showing us issues and problems in the areas the planets fall, along with the signs and houses.
Neptune square Uranus in Gemini shows us public confusion, waste and inefficiency, scandals relating to the administration of power and a lack of clarity and firm direction in many areas, issues with travel, young people, the printed and written word and speech. Maybe social media will come into question as it plays such a large role in recruitment. In Paris the terrorists communicated via play stations. Play stations are primarily used by young people.
Saturn/Neptune will bring many things to light that have not been addressed. Other situations can include internet theft, hackings, aircraft and airport security, power plants, water supplies, laws and of course the mass exodus of refugees from Syria.
What comes to light needs to come to light. While on the surface this seems negative we may see advances/changes in medicine, disease control, drug laws, and other areas.
Saturn will oppose Uranus, becoming exact (in the US chart) the week of December 5, but events will be occurring before and after.
Saturn-Uranus transits can have an element of the unexpected, and this combination can shake up financial markets, and wealth can shift. Using the Sibley chart Uranus falls in the 6th house of national health, healthcare, workers and the military and we can see issues here.
Using the other US chart for July 4, 1776 with Sagittarius rising, we see a clash with  what we could be considered known enemies (of the US). As Neptune is involved there could be issues at sea or with the Navy.  Uranus events are typically explosive and can involve explosions or aircraft, directly or indirectly.  We can see changes in laws, speech and communication, electronic surveillance, disagreements with those in power or authority, clashes between conservative and non conservative elements, accidents and explosions and even unusual weather conditions.
Uranus rules coups, aircraft, electricity, the internet, explosions, and Uranus in Gemini relates to speech, free speech, the electronic media and young people.
Significant dates (give or take 2 days) are November 20, 23, November 24-25, and November 30th-December 1, November 23-27, 29th, December 4-5th-11 or before, December 18-19 and 20-23, and December 25, and 29th.