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Monday, November 23, 2015

Full moon in Gemini November 25

This month's full moon falls at 3 degrees of Gemini November 25, at 5:44 P.M., EST. This will set off the Saturn-Neptune square that has already changed the world in the past few weeks. Many things will come to a head on this full moon, and it is a holiday (week in the US).

This moon will be connected to young people and children, conversation/communication, and transport/travel as the ruler of Gemini is Mercury. The full moon will oppose Mercury making it argumentative, and be careful if you travel.

November 24, Mercury conjuncts Saturn and this is a negative, tiring transit prone to serious conversation and communication, along with overwork that could be as simple as getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday. We will be concerned with relatives, young people, travel and will likely hear news in the world that affects large groups of people, and potentially travel or transportation.

The Saturn-Neptune square not only affects the world, it affects us as individuals if it aspects your personal chart. Many situations, even relationships that have not been on solid, level ground will come to an end, or be seen for what they are.

By November 29, the Sun conjuncts Saturn, and squares Neptune and this is another most critical day in the world. I hate to say the week has potential for upheaval in the world but it does.

On a personal level you may swing between wanting to relax, and wanting to take care of business, or get back to work. Go with whichever desire is greater, and here is to a safe and happy Thanksgiving week if you are in the US!

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