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Thursday, August 26, 2021

September astrology: 6 planets retrograde-reevaluate and reconsider


During September all of the outer planets (Pluto, Neptune, Uranus and Saturn) as well as Jupiter, and Mercury (at month’s end), are retrograde. This can slow things down to an extent, so we can go back and reaccess our lives and where we are going. Don’t take this as a negative however, or feel nothing can be accomplished. Many things actually move forward during retrogrades in unexpected ways, some things come to the surface we need to know, and at times we uncover new information, or learn new and better ways of coping and dealing with issues. The retrogrades are simply part of the natural cycle of life and astrology.

 Mercury, the planet of communication turns retrograde in Libra September 27-October 18th, which will allow us to review our partnerships and determine if we are getting what we need.


For some time now it has appeared astrologically there would be another major wave of Covid before year’s end and we are now in this wave which will last until year’s end at least. In the United States chart, Pluto the planet of death and rebirth is once again opposing Mercury in the US chart 8th house of death as it did in January 2021 and May-July of 2020. This does not bode well for the nation’s children who have returned to school. The sign Pisces is connected with infectious diseases and Neptune is retrograde in Pisces, and Jupiter was retrograde in Pisces until late July. More shutdowns eventually? It’s possible, and the pandemic is far from over. Our best hope is that everyone does what they can to insure their safety and the safety of others. In other words, masks and vaccines, our only tools for fighting our way back to normalcy.

Planetary changes

During September the Sun moves from Virgo into Libra and the fall equinox occurs September 22. The Sun enters Libra on this day, the first sign of fall, and the Libra season is on!

Mercury, the planet ruling communication is in Libra this month. Venus, the planet of love and money goes from Libra into Scorpio, and the action planet Mars, leaves Virgo for Libra on September 14th.

On September 14th we have a New Moon in Virgo, followed by a magical Pisces full moon on September 20th. The New and full moon will focus on the 6th/12th house axis. In astrology this means we will be focused on work, health, healing and pets.

Significant aspects in September

September 1st, Mars has entered its opposition to Neptune which will peak September 2.  This is tiring, confusing and at times discouraging energy. Expect news relating to Coved, race issues, scandals and foreign policy on the world stage and in the US. It’s worth noting this is the first day after the purported US withdrawal from Afghanistan, and this is indicative of confusion, misinformation and the potential for violence still exists.

Any Mars transit can turn into anger or volatility and this is no exception. If you can tap into the higher components of this energy which are compassion, creativity, and spiritual pursuits you can make better use of the first couple of days this month. While this aspect will weaken, the energy will remain with us for the rest of the week.  At times Mars -Neptune aspects can be connected to water issues, gasses, religion, lies and deception, philosophical viewpoints and complete lack of clarity.  Of course hurricane Ida has wrecked havoc on Louisiana and we should be getting more news about the damage. Use care for these few days.

September 4th, Mercury trines Saturn. This should give us a positive day for getting a great deal of work done. You should be able to confront all matters realistically and make informed decisions.

September 5th, Venus squares Pluto. This is prone to obsessive thinking, especially in matters concerning relationships and money. Issues and mistrust could crop up if your relationship is prone to this type of thing. Over thinking could also occur. At best, you could see a transformation in relationships with a lot of hard work involved.

September 6th, Mars trines Pluto. You can accomplish a great deal with this transit and it is positive for dealing with groups or other people and can give courage, and the drive to go after what you want to accomplish.

Venus trines Jupiter on this day as well. This is positive for any type of social interaction and it is uplifting, and hopeful.

Also, the Sun trines Uranus September 6th. This is a day to try something new, or new ideas. There can be a positive charge in the air that could take things in a new direction for you.

September’s New Moon

This month’s new moon falls at 14 degrees of Virgo. This new moon trines Uranus and opposes Neptune. As Uranus is at 14 degrees of Taurus this makes this aspect exact as astrologers say in terms of its trine. A trine is an easy aspect that generally manifests in a positive and natural way. As it opposes Neptune as well however, make sure you have the facts straight and know what you are doing as there could be some confusion.

Virgo is an Earth sign and associated with the 6th house of work, health and pets. With the moon’s trine to Uranus you could experience some type of breakthrough in any of these areas or a positive new development.

Virgo is the sign associated with work and likes to get things done. In this case you could take a new direction (Uranus) and create tangible change. Work could be completed, dogs taken to the vet, the room gets redecorated or however you want to direct this energy.

Venus is still within orb of its trine to Jupiter and this can create a pleasant, hopeful and social energy so this new moon is a good time to connect with others.

The planet of love and money changes signs

September 10th, Venus enters Scorpio where it remains until October 7th, and love energy changes once again. Venus in Libra is 'lighter,' and Libra generally seeks balance and harmony whereas Scorpio is more intense, and can be considered heavier or even obsessive in nature. Love is a serious matter to those with Venus in Scorpio.

Is one sign better than the other? No, but a planet can be better placed where it operates easily and more smoothly.

It is a matter of love styles more than anything. If you were born with a Venus in Scorpio your approach to love will be far different from a Venus in Libra or any other sign for that matter.

Venus in Scorpio can attract others with their intensity and a willingness to make commitments. Feelings run deep, but at times they can display jealousy or a desire to dominate.

Venus in Scorpio can become so intense that at worst some could feel obsessively entangled with someone they may not even know that well. Since Scorpio is a water sign feelings and emotions can seem overpowering and this can be difficult for Fire and Air signs.

And then, there is the sex. Scorpio is known as the sexiest of the twelve signs and for Scorpio sex is at the top of the list. Scorpio is complex and craves intimacy like air but they are not always open in terms of what they should tell or express to their lover. Scorpio is secretive in nature and can be looking for power over his/her lover and to use sex to manipulate those feelings. Venus in Scorpio will bring intensity and passion to the bedroom. Scorpio considers sex personal, erotic and necessary to emotional survival. Feelings run deep, but at times Scorpio can display fiery jealousy with a touch of revenge.

Once burned, Venus in Scorpio never forgets, and can spend years dwelling on someone they feel hurt by. On the other hand Venus in this sign can be a magical and passionate time that you never forget. Loyalty is important to Venus in Scorpio and it is typically reciprocated. Scorpio can have a wonderful ability to heal and regenerate both yourself and others.

September 14th, the Sun opposes Neptune. This energy is confusing and can create a lack of clarity and misinformation may be easy to believe on this day. Not the best day for important decisions, it would be better to let the fog dissipate first. At times previously unknown information can be revealed on a Neptune transit. If this energy seems tiring it will pass within 24 hours to a greater extent. This energy is often associated with compassion, creativity, spirituality and dreams.

The planet of action enters Libra

September 14th, Mars leaves Virgo for Libra where it will remain until October 30th. We can expect a major energy shift as Mars-Libra is a great deal different from Mars in Virgo.

Mars rules men, sex, action, conflict and wars to name a few.

Mars in Libra is considered at its detriment which means its action can be misused or weakened and this may represent passive aggressive energy for some. Whereas Mars in Virgo is action oriented, especially when it comes to getting things accomplished, Mars in Libra is more about companionship, relationships, and creating balance and harmony with others, so our actions and direction will change as well.

Mars is ruled by Aries, and Libra is the opposite sign so this placement is not as active or action oriented as it would be in some other signs. That does not mean however it is bad or negative, just different. Mars in Libra can be quite pleasant and Mars changes signs about every month and a half and returns to each sign every two years.

Libra is a people pleaser and Mars/Libra is concerned with creating harmony, justice and avoiding unpleasantness and some may be more focused than ever on finding or maintaining a relationship. Libra is represented by the scales of justice, and fairness to all becomes more important with Mars in this sign.

Libra rules marriage and committed relationships and relationships and partnerships of all types will garner your time and attention and this is not limited to romantic relationships. Sometimes Libra represents courts, lawyers and court battles as well, but Mars moving into this sign is not going to create a court battle or lawsuit without some other very heavy aspects in your personal chart.

Negative qualities of Mars in Libra can include procrastination, lack of decisiveness in action, and avoiding any conflict at all costs for the sake of not rocking the boat. Mars-Libra can almost sense conflict before it occurs and they are adept at knowing when conflict is going to occur so this is a great sign for conflict management.

If you are born with Mars in Libra you are naturally in focus with the moods, feelings and ideas of those around you, determined to maintain harmony. Beauty, justice, relationships, love, romance and peace are forefront in your mind. Some of those born with Mars in Libra include Abraham Lincoln, Nicole Kidman, Zac Efron, Edgar Allen Poe, Bill Gates, John Lennon, Roman Polanski, Dalai Lama XIV, Elvis Presley, Ingmar Bergman, Federico Fellini, Robert Plant, Michael Douglas, and Bill Clinton and Nelson Mandela.

September 16th, Venus squares Saturn. This may be a day where you have to put responsibility before pleasure and it can be tiring energy. Otherwise, relationship issues can crop up or you may feel as though you are not getting enough appreciation. If this is the case, relax as this will pass within a day or two unless you are in a difficult relationship and bigger aspects are at play in your personal chart.

The Sun also trines Pluto giving us the ability to delve deep into our feelings, and is favorable for dealing with others and especially groups so this will help the Venus-Saturn transit.

September’s full moon in Pisces September 20th

This month’s full moon falls at 28 degrees of Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac that rules the 12th house of the subconscious mind, secrets, endings and all things spiritual.

The Pisces Moon has the most sensitivity and perception of surroundings.  Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune and while Neptune rules spirituality, religion, creativity and compassion, it also rules drugs, alcohol, addictions, lies and deception, and these issues could become obvious on a full moon like this if they already exist.

It is important to be aware at this time, especially if you are offered any type of questionable proposition. Don’t sweep issues or unanswered questions under the rug and you should be fine.

This Moon can spark creativity, intuition, and you could find yourself on the giving or receiving end of compassion. Dreams may seem unusually vivid and real.

Insecurity could crop up at this time as Neptune rules the unconscious and those emotional issues that plague you may surface at this time.

Mercury trines Jupiter on this full moon. This is a positive if not hopeful energy. A great day for presenting your ideas to others or any type of presentation, and will go a long way toward making this a positive full moon.

September 22, Mercury squares Pluto. This day is prone to arguments and indicative of those who try and push their ideas on others. Arguments are common with this aspect as are accidents, so use care. Deep thinking can occur on this aspect and it could be favorable in terms of research or digging for answers.

The Sun enters Libra September 22

Our annual fall equinox occurs September 22, at 9:12 PM (EDT) and we officially enter the Libra season and fall 2021.

In astrology the Libra season is when the weather begins to officially shift toward fall and we start to focus more on our partners, partnerships, values and more social interaction. There are 12 seasons every year and when the Sun enters Libra there is a greater energy or desire for peace and balance within ourselves and with others.

Libra is the sign that rules the 7th house of marriage, partnerships and courts and Libra’s ruling planet is Venus. Venus is concerned with money, beauty, love and values and our energies will be focused in this direction. Libra likes civility, fairness and justice, as Libra’s symbol is the scales of justice. Make plans to socialize to the extent you can but don’t overbook yourself and then flake out. This can be the downside of Libra along with procrastination and indecisiveness. Libra can get so caught up in the pursuit of fairness, justice and looking at things from a detached angle they sometimes never get where they want to go by over thinking every point of view they encounter.

Since Libra is an Air sign thoughts and ideas at this time will be large, and somewhat detached. Air signs are the thinkers and initiators, and don’t like to slow down most of the time.

Libra does not like arguments, ugly comments, sordid situations or cruelty. The big clash you were expecting to have with your new boss or your best friend about the way things are going may no longer seem so important after all. With Libra, people want to feel the love most of all.

You may find yourself getting more annoyed with anything that does not contribute to your own personal harmony, and may want to eliminate those who create drama or trauma in your life. The Libra season will be time to take a look at who is in your life, why they are there, and whether your own needs are being fulfilled in the important relationships in your life. This will be a significant shift from the Sun’s transit through Virgo which will not occur again until next year.

September 23rd, Venus opposes Uranus. This can be a day of unexpected twists and turns, excitement and changeability or it can be a day of unexpected issues that change your plans. Uranus is connected to unexpected events and situations so your reaction will depend on how you are wired. If you meet new people, no matter how well you seem to get along, the relationship may not last. Sometimes, this aspect can have to do with finances or money and we often see changes in the markets.

September 25, Mars trines Saturn. This is a positive day for accomplishment, and you will find that if you focus on getting things done, you can do more than you may have originally thought without a great deal of effort.

Mercury retrogrades September 26

Mercury turns retrograde September 26-October 19th so don’t be surprised if phone calls, communication issues or other glitches become obvious now. If you are not familiar with retrograde Mercury this is a three week period that occurs 3-4 times a year involving the planet of communication and its apparent backward motion. It is known for breakdowns of all types, slowdowns in projects, job interviews and almost any other area you can think of. The first few days of the retrograde can be where you notice this Mercurial shift in energy. The stationary retrograde period is September 26-30.  This will be followed by Mercury’s stationary direct period which can also be maddening, as the planet turns direct again October 18-22. At times, things change again at the end of the retrograde cycle.  After Mercury turns direct it will move through the Libra cycle again or until November 5th. This will be a long time for Mercury to remain in Libra and if you feel things get stalled late September, after mid-October you may return to those things that were not completed.

As Mercury retrogrades in Libra all of our partnerships and relationships will come into focus.  This allows us time to reevaluate who we are spending our time with and how well it is working.

In marriage and other intimate relationships we may take this time to view where we are really going and if the relationship really has the potential we hoped. This is a great time for solving problems and issues between two people, so the relationship may function at a better and higher level.

As Mercury relates to things from the past, we may reconnect with others we have lost contact with. This can include romantic partners, friends and others.

What Not to Do

Don't make important changes such as starting a new job or project, launching a website, buying big ticket items, closing on real estate, buying electronic equipment, getting married or engaged, having elective or cosmetic surgery, launching new endeavors, or signing contracts. Of course, there are some exceptions:

Let's say you need a job and one comes up during the retrograde. Don't turn it down, as a job on a retrograde is better than no job. Things may change after you begin. For example, there could be a shift in the direction of the job, or you may not have understood the nature of the job. If you have to have surgery under a doctor’s orders, go ahead. Surgeries are performed successfully every day of the year, and sometimes retrograde Mercury is about correcting something. If you have to sign a lease or another document, ask a lot of questions. Go over things several times, and enlist the judgment of your trusted friends.

This retrograde is the perfect time to reassess, reevaluate, revisit, redo, rethink, and even redesign our lives in some way. This is a time to stop, look, and listen to our inner voice, so that you may move forward with clarity and confidence when Mercury turns direct again. It is a time of personal realignment with the world. You may reach a sense of completion with something by the time this cycle ends. View this chapter of your journey as your private inner garden: now is the time to cultivate it and clear that which needs to be removed so that optimum growth can occur as Mercury turns direct in about three weeks. 

There is no doubt frustrations can and do occur under retrograde. But, it is important to remember this is part of the natural cycle of life. This time is about reflecting on what we have done, and will do in the future, but not yet moving forward. Just like the crab that moves sideways, sometimes we have to take this approach and move sideways before we can really move forward. This, too, is part of the natural flow.

September 29th, the Sun trines Saturn. This represents another positive day for accomplishment. Saturn tends to bring us ‘reality checks,’ but in this case without a great deal of stress.

September 30th, Venus squares Jupiter. This aspect falls on a Thursday and you may feel you want the weekend to start early. While this is pleasant, things can be overdone-food, socializing, relaxing or some other type of overindulgence. Don’t end up in a position where you have to pay the piper the next day!

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Full moon in Aquarius at a critical degree



It’s unusual that we get two full moons within a month, especially in the same sign. When we do, this is popularly referred to as a ‘blue moon,’ of sorts. The upcoming August full moon will be in the same sign as it was in July. The last full moon occurred July 23, at one degree of Aquarius and the August full moon falls at 29 degrees or the end of Aquarius. Aquarius rules the collective, or all of us. The New moon in Leo on August 9th squared Uranus. So, we will experience two full moons, one at the beginning of Aquarius and another at the end of the same sign, and a New moon square Uranus, giving us a triple dose of Uranian energy, or in other words: unpredictability. Things that began on the last full moon in July or the New Moon may finish on this full moon.


The July full moon at 1 degree of Aquarius denoted new beginnings of some type, even though full moons are usually associated with endings. Some astrologers believe the first degree of any sign carries with it a similar energy as the sign Aries.  Aries is associated with the self, pioneering themes or being an originator of something, impatience, being active, sports or even anger and fights.

 On the world stage, there is no doubt this full moon has to do with end of the US military presence in Afghanistan, and by this full moon the Taliban will be in complete control of the country. Uranus also rules earthquakes and can be associated with weather events, and at the time of this post over 1,400 people are dead from a 7.0 earthquake in Haiti and many more are missing. Other events will escalate and occur in the world as we approach August 22.

As Mercury conjuncts Mars before the full moon peaks this week, we can expect confusion, agitation, anger and potential accidents and it is important to be aware and use care. This aspect reaches a peak August 17-18, but the energy remains for the rest of the week. Mercury-Mars can relate to critical thinking, discussion and debate and a great deal of mental energy as well. It can also relate to issues with immediate family, young people, co-workers, pets and communication.


In astrology the 29th degree of any planet is considered a critical degree or the Anaretic degree which can be associated with a crisis, or there can be problems in decision making, rashness and in general this degree assumes more power than other degrees, as is evidenced by the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Afghanistan and Haiti. The The 29th degree (this full moon) often represents the end of a cycle, or finishing up something. We aren’t quite finished with the old, but already making plans to move into something new which could be a totally different direction. This degree can be seen as a test to learn how well we have completed our lessons.


As the full moon affects us all, we will be dealing with these issues on a collective, as well as individual basis. Some astrologers consider the 29th degree fated, and we can be confronted with problems concerning some of the most challenging issues connected to the sign. Planets at 29 degrees can be considered out of control at times and Aquarius is associated with disruption and in some cases volatility, the struggle for freedom, explosive situations even coups. Not only is the Moon at 29 degrees, so is the Sun in Leo, so it is considered to be at an anaretic degree as well giving us a double dose of unexpected events, endings and crisis situations. The Sun opposing Jupiter can be positive, but also associated with blowing things out of proportion or in some instances, grandstanding or gaslighting.


Aquarius is considered the sign of brotherhood for all. It is a humanitarian sign with progressive leanings. Now is the time for networking, exchanging ideas, and getting together with others on an inclusive basis.


The planetary rulers of Aquarius are Saturn, which represents our structures, and Uranus the planet that is associated with unexpected events. With an Aquarius moon you never know what can happen, especially at the 29th degree. Themes of freedom can be present not only in the collective but our personal life as well.


This full moon is conjunct, or we could say it aligns with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, luck and gain so this gives us a positive and hopeful energy although with Jupiter retrograde it could blow some things out of proportion, or it could manifest as arrogance, depending on the individual or things might now go as well as we expect. Jupiter is about justice, integrity and growth and relates to optimism, good fortune, happiness, success and personal and spiritual growth. Even with Jupiter retrograde there should still be some planetary help but we may discover there are certain issues that need to be fixed, changed, or resolved.


Aquarius is a rational as opposed to emotional sign, so we will be looking at things without involving all of our emotions. Creative and original concepts or ideas may come our way, and Aquarius strives for honesty, loyalty, friendship, freedom and how we can be our most authentic self and make the world a better place for ourselves and everyone else. This energy is about ‘me versus we,’ and learning to include everyone as opposed to being exclusive and shutting others out that don’t share your views. The true energy and purpose of this moon is about learning to co-exist with others and tolerance, while being true to yourself, yet appreciating the differences.


In astrology the Sabian Symbols are a set of 360 phrases of words that correspond with each of the 360 degrees of the wheel of the zodiac, from Aries 1 to Pisces 30.

 The Sabian symbol for 29 degrees of Aquarius is butterfly emerging from a chrysalis. We can take this to mean we are collectively and individually emerging from the old ways, and approaching new ways of doing things in the world and within our own lives. What lessons have we learned individually and collectively as we emerge? Only time will answer this question.





Thursday, August 5, 2021

New moon in Leo August 8th


The August New Moon falls at 16 degrees of Leo on August 8th. This New Moon squares Uranus which typically results in change, often of an unexpected nature. You may feel stressed, anxious, and restless or as though you want to try something new or approach things from a new direction. Egos may show themselves on this moon along with drama, so these are things to guard against.

Uranus is the planet associated with freedom, often from whatever you find oppressive. It can create instability or changeability in relationships. If there is something that you are trying to break free of you may seriously consider doing it at this time. Impulsive decisions however, may not go as well. The challenge of this New moon will be to act in a solid way in the face of unexpected change. All change is not necessarily major or negative. We could also experience a sudden epiphany or come up with a unique idea or approach to something just as easily.

This aspect could give you the incentive to take a leap of faith in many respects. Of course, the outcome will be better if you have seriously considered what you really want to do, and where you are going as opposed to acting on impulse.

Venus in Virgo has entered its opposition Neptune in Pisces. This can create a magical type of feeling that anything is possible. Enjoy the feeling and strive for what you want to accomplish but it is important to remember that Neptune can create illusions that crumble when faced with the light of the Sun, so make sure you have your facts and information correct if you are embarking on something important. On the positive end Venus in Virgo can give us the ability to delve into detail and facts and make positive as well as practical and rational decisions.

Leo is a passionate sign that loves to play. The New moon rules the 5th house of fun, romance and entertainment so don’t be surprised if you don’t feel the urge to connect with your significant other or those you are most attracted to and start a fire that burns within the heart. Moon-Uranus can create unexpected emotional changes or unexpected connections but plans can be fluid or changeable. Sometimes it’s the unexpected things that create the best and most vivid memories. Stay safe.