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Thursday, March 11, 2021

Cosmic and majical new moon in Pisces


This month’s new moon falls in the last sign of the zodiac or Pisces on March 13th, at 5:21 EST. We will begin to feel the energy in the week before and for two weeks after until the next full moon on March 28th.

On a Pisces new moon the dream can awaken and we can be led to follow the magic of our heart. This moon has great sensitivity and compassion and perception is heightened. Now is the time to try and express the positive qualities of Pisces which include creativity, visualization, expressing your intuition and accepting things that are less than perfect, including people in your life. This does not mean you should become a doormat, but perfection is a hard to attain quality. You could consider taking a ‘leap of faith’ in some manner during this moon. Pisces is mutable energy which means it is always changing and sifting.

Affairs of the heart will be important as Venus, the planet of love is approaching its conjunction to Neptune. Venus conjunct Neptune can be a double edged sword. It can be magical, mysterious and creative. Love can be grand at this time, or you could be deceived. If you meet someone new don’t take anything for granted and this is not a positive aspect for financial matters. Pisces likes to transcend beyond the day to day world so this moon and the few days before and after can be a beautiful time to connect with others and reach for the sky as long as you keep your feet on the ground.  

 This can seem like an especially idealistic time and for some and it will represent candles and reverie but at the same time Neptune can also represent illusions that simply do not last as time passes.

Some may experience feelings of insecurity or confusion and if this is the case it may simply be a period not to take action. Creativity, art, faith and compassion will be greatly enhanced as well dreams. Engaging in compassionate ventures, any type of creativity or spiritual search is the highest and best use of this energy. It is no mistake that Passover and Lent are occurring over the next two weeks.

With a Moon in Pisces some things can end, or you may have projects or events you are wrapping up. Pisces represents the 12th house or the end of the zodiac. Endings are simply the preparatory phase of new beginnings. The 12th house also represents places of seclusion, and what lies in our subconscious mind, which may be speaking very loudly to us at this time.

This moon sextiles Pluto giving us great emotional depth and the ability to communicate on a deeper so now is the time to express your truest and deepest feelings with others.

In the collective, the New moon will play out as well as in our personal lives. Pisces can be especially deceptive and manipulative so we can expect propaganda and conspiracy theories to ramp up, but we may also see acts of great sacrifice and compassion as well. Sorting through actual facts will be a necessity; racial justice/injustice will be a theme at this time. Pisces is frequently connected to water related weather conditions and events.  

Those most affected by this moon will be the mutable signs; Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, or anyone with planets in their chart at 20-26 degrees of a mutable sign.


Monday, March 1, 2021

The astrology of March 2021


The first of 3 squares this year between Saturn and Uranus occurred last month. While this powerful transit will continue throughout most of the year, its influence will be waning a bit-at least for now. In the US the most significant event appears to be the major snowstorm that blasted a great deal of the nation creating disastrous power and water outages in Texas that also cost a number of lives. We also saw corona virus deaths reach 500,000, and of course the political division in the country continued along with investigations into the January 6th Capitol riot. Saturn’s square to Uranus not only affects world events, but our own personal lives. Change can be inevitable if this transit touches something in your personal chart, and some of it can be unexpected.

 One individual we are all aware of is golf pro Tiger Woods who’s Mercury (cars-travel) was aspected by the Saturn-Uranus square. He suffered a serious car wreck February 23, and now faces some major recovery time. Best of luck to Tiger!

During March the Sun travels through Pisces, then Aries bringing spring and the solstice with it on March 20th.  Mercury, the planet of communication continues its transit through Aquarius and then Pisces. Venus will travel through Pisces and then Aries, and Mars, the planet of action and war leaves Taurus to enter intellectual Gemini. We have a New Moon in Pisces, followed by a beautiful full moon in Libra.

While March should be less stressful than February, this month there will be a number of planets in Pisces that aspect or meet up with Neptune. While Neptune may bring creativity and some beautiful or ah ha moments it is also associated with lack of clarity, misinformation and deception so we are likely to hear a great deal of misinformation in the public sector as well as our own lives. These transits require clear thinking and awareness of your surroundings and interactions with others. On or around these dates we may also see water related weather events. The most important dates to watch for are:

March 10, March 13, March 27-29.

The Sun in Pisces and Aries

The Sun transits through Pisces February 18th through March 19th. Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac that rules the 12th house that astrologers connect to endings, places of seclusion and the unconscious mind. This part of the zodiac is considered the realm of the unknown that also governs things like secrets, dreams and magic.  At times this last sector of the astrology chart can represent secret enemies or clandestine affairs or relationships that remain secret and hidden as well.

Pisces is a sensitive water sign, whose planetary rulers are Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter is the planet of gain and expansion and Neptune rules the oceans, intuition, psychics, dreams, drugs or alcohol, spirituality, and lies or deception. Neptune can represent beautiful dreams and inspiration or it can cause you to sink to the lowest of emotional depths. This is represented by the Pisces image which depicts two fish swimming in opposite directions.

There are 12 astrological seasons coinciding with the 12 signs of the zodiac and each sign affects a different part of your chart every year, and each month the Sun enters a different sign.

During the Pisces season get ready to feel more, be more emotional, and dream bigger. You may feel more intuitive, creative and tuned in to others. You might become more interested in movies and art, or anything that can allow you to escape reality for the moment. Now will be the time to go with the flow and perhaps not follow a rigid schedule because like water, Pisces like to flow along at its own pace.

Compassion is a Pisces trait and you may feel more of this for others, or you could even become engaged in a cause you feel strongly about over the next month. Pisces typically have a way of calming and helping others in moments of crisis, and these individual have a tender and helpful spirit.

During the Pisces season good movies typically come out, along with art, music, theatre and news concerning religion, even if it involves a TV news story or documentary.

With the Pisces connection to the last part of the zodiac or the twelfth house many things may end during this time, or you could be wrapping up certain projects in preparation of new ones. Pisces is also the last sign of the winter months just before we enter Aries and spring. It has been a long winter this year and brighter days (literally) are on the horizon now as we approach the Aries season when we will all begin anew once again.

The first day of spring always occurs as the Sun enters Aries which is also the spring solstice. This year the solstice falls on March 20th at 5:37 AM, EDT.The Sun in Aries rules the first house of the zodiac or the self, and its planetary ruler is Mars, the planet of action, aggression and the ruler of men. Aries is a fire sign that can denote bravery, as well as impatience.

While the Sun is in Aries we can expect to be more driven and try to accomplish more. The sun in Aries is like a fresh start and like the plants that begin to grow at this time; we too begin new endeavors as spring is in the air!

We will have little desire to let grass grow under our feet with Aries. Expect people to be more assertive and aggressive in terms of getting what they want. As Aries rules the first house of self we will be more aware of what we want, but the key is to remember that others will feel the same. This can create conflict and the Aries personality can at times be brash and demanding. But at the same time this sign can show great loyalty and determination. Conflicts can arise with the sun in Mars sign but for the most part Aries likes to be fair in all matters if not impartial.

Mercury in Aquarius and then Pisces

Mercury continues its transit through the sign Aquarius until March 15th when it enters Pisces. Due to its retrograde last month Mercury has been in Aquarius since February 2nd for a total of 6 weeks. This is a great deal of Mercurial Air energy which will change on March 15, when Mercury enters Pisces, the sign of inspiration, faith and dreams.

 During Mercury’s remaining time in Aquarius we will be able to look at all sides of the picture and be able to mentally detach from ideas and situations more easily. Aquarius is considered quirky, eccentric, and open. Your mind needs the time and room to explore new ideas with this sign and you may explore new concepts and ways of looking at problems. You may want and expect more mental freedom and the time just to be you.

 When Mercury enters Pisces things that are secret and hidden can sometimes be revealed. Pisces and the twelfth house are a mixed bag. Pisces is the planet of psychic ability and creativity, inspiration and intuition, romantic love and daydreams. But, it also rules alcohol and drugs, lies and deception, hidden situations and information, illusion, delusion and confusion.

Mercury in Pisces can confuse the issue at hand or it could make you more intuitive, or you could believe you are intuiting a situation only to find out you are off base. It may be hard to get a clear picture with Mercury in this sign, or you could misspeak or fail to understand the actual issues. Artistic ability, compassion and psychic talents can be highlighted. Mercury is in Pisces is considered to be its detriment. Thus, its action in this sign doesn’t function as well as other signs.

On the other hand, Mercury travels through the 12 signs every year. Pisces is a dreamer and you may find yourself focused on your own dreams. In dreams, we often find our pathway to happiness if we can become clear enough about what it is we truly want. If we can answer this question we can find a way to manifest it.

Mars enters Gemini

March 3rd, Mars, the planet that rules our action enters Mercury’s sign or Gemini where it will remain until April 23. As Mercury rules speech we may all feel quite assertive when we are communicating with others, and it is important to remember the wise person thinks before they speak. You may be inclined to be direct when you communicate but strong words can inadvertently create advisories.

Mars instigates our action and while in Gemini we will be anything but bored. This will manifest in curiosity, trying new things and ideas and we can expect our mind more than anything else to be ignited. With this Mars placement we have the ability to take action on our new ideas and implement them in a logical way as Gemini is both logical and intellectual. Gemini also loses interest quickly and can’t stand to be bored for long.

The challenge with Mars in Gemini will be to stay on track and not become too scattered as Gemini finds it difficult to stay focused on one thing for long periods of time. The key with Mars in this sign will be to not start too many projects, leaving everything unfinished and nothing completed. If we can conquer this tendency we can accomplish a great deal with Mars in this sign.

Mars also rules sex and passion so it should come as no surprise that while in this placement mental stimulation and a meeting of the minds will become the biggest turn on of all. In terms of meeting new people expect to be more curious about how they think and respond to things. If there is no mental or intellectual compatibility expect to lose interest quickly. Every sign serves a purpose and in this case, now is the time to approach things slowly, getting to know more about the person first. If you are intrigued by their mental prowess, then there is a chance to move forward.

Venus in Pisces and Aries

Venus is ‘exalted’ in Pisces in astrological terms meaning it is well placed in this sign which is gentle, perceptive, artistic and emotional creating a great ambiance for love. Pisces is Venus’s favorite sign and love has no barriers here.

Now is the time to embrace romance, love, fantasy, creativity and dreams and Pisces is all about all of these things. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion as well as Neptune the planet that rules the imagination, our dreams and fantasies. Giving to others comes much easier at this time as Pisces is known as the most compassionate of signs, and our desires turn to focus on meaningful and deep bonds. Neptune frequently brings about a desire to merge with others on a very deep level. Venus is operating at its highest octave in this sign.

You may feel romantic thoughts and experience love at its fullest but we must also remember that since Pisces is co-ruled by Neptune, Venus in Pisces can also mean putting on rose colored glasses and failing to judge a situation for what it really is. Love can be grand, but we must also pay attention to warning signs that tell us the person we are interested in is not perfect or all in the relationship. This can be a fine line to walk; feeling the romance of Pisces and yet maintaining boundaries and a clear perspective. In other words, because Venus is in Pisces does not mean throwing caution to the wind. The desire to merge with others will be significant and complex but we must be careful just who and what we choose to merge with.

Venus changes signs entering Aries on March 21st. Venus in this sign will be a far different energy than Pisces. Aries rules the first house, or the self and Venus in this sign has the ability to be assertive in terms of desires, wishes, boundaries and what the individual wants. When Venus was in Pisces the energy was selfless, kind and focused on others, but this is not the case with Aries. To a degree Venus in this sign can be selfish or self absorbed, but on a deeper level it has to do with getting in touch with what we each want as individuals. In other words, to please others you must first understand what you personally want in a relationship. As Venus transits Aries we are likely to put our own desires and needs front and center for the time.

Boundaries with others will be more important as well. Over the next 24 days enforcing personal boundaries with others will be a priority. If you don’t want to do something, you will be much more inclined to deliver a firm NO thanks and mean it. Aries after all, does not let grass grow under their feet and sees no point in wasting time with things or people they have no interest in. This is not so much of a problem for those born under a Fire sign but the sensitive water signs may be more uncomfortable with this energy.

Aries love can be ardent, straight forward and sexy. Venus will remain in this sign until April 14th.

March’s new moon in Pisces

On a Pisces new moon the dream can awaken and we can be led to follow the magic of our heart. This month’s new moon falls in the last sign of the zodiac on March 13th, at 5:21 EST.

 With a Moon in Pisces some things can end, or you may have projects or events you are wrapping up. Water may be prominent in your live at this time whether a trip to the ocean, lake, or involved in a water related weather event. This moon has great sensitivity and perception is heightened. It is possible you could experience feelings of insecurity or confusion and if this is the case it may simply be a period not to take action. Creativity, art and compassion will be greatly enhanced as well dreams. Engaging in compassionate ventures, any type of creativity or spiritual search is the highest and best use of this energy.

This moon sextiles Pluto giving us great emotional depth and the ability to communicate on a deeper level with others or within groups. Venus is conjunct Neptune which can be a double edged sword. This aspect can be magical, mysterious and creative. Love can be grand at this time, or you could be deceived. If you meet someone new don’t take anything for granted and this is not a positive aspect for financial matters. Pisces likes to transcend beyond the day to day world so this moon can be a beautiful time to connect with others, and reach for the sky but keep your feet on the ground.  

In the collective, the New moon will play out as well. Pisces can be especially deceptive and manipulative. Sorting through actual facts will be a necessity.

The full moon in Libra March 28th

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty and values so this full moon is all about relationships and love. Libra rules the 7th house of partnerships so the focus is on relationships of all types. You may feel drawn to create more harmonious circumstances as Libra does not like fights, arguments or the disruption of the peace.

The full moon makes a number of aspects. The Sun opposes the Moon as it does on every full moon putting the focus on we versus me, and whether your emotional needs are being fulfilled.

This moon opposes Venus which can be a laid back and relaxed type of energy, but if there are tensions between you and your significant other, this could bring them out to be resolved. The moon sextiles Saturn bringing a stable energy that can help level out any stressful feelings and is positive for getting things done. The Sun is conjunct Venus which is a light, positive, uplifting and social type of energy. For most, this full moon will bring out a desire to socialize or be with loved ones. Mercury is approaching its conjunction to Neptune, which is not exact until March 29th, but this energy will be powerful between now and then. Mercury-Neptune transits can be confusing and clarity in many matters may be lacking. Remember that Neptune is the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion as well as lies and disinformation. At times information can be uncovered with a transit like this in both our personal lives, and on the world stage. As Pisces rules water, in particular the ocean, we could see water related weather events.

Other days of interest in March

March 3rd, Venus sextiles Uranus. This can be an unusual and exciting day that can bring business, social and romantic opportunities. It is favorable for business and creative projects.

March 4th Mercury conjuncts Jupiter which positive and upbeat and will help in all types of communications. This transit occurred on Valentine’s Day but Mercury was retrograde. Now we have a chance to make use of this hopeful and fair minded energy without the retrograde.

March 10th the Sun conjuncts Neptune creating an unfocused if not confused energy throughout the day. This is not the day to make important decisions, especially relating to finances. The day may seem tiring if not discouraging to some. Your intuition may seem on spot and dreams could be vivid.

March 18th, the Venus sextiles Pluto and we could have insights into regenerating relationships. Positive for love and business.

March 20th, Happy New Year to all who love astrology as the Sun begins its trip anew through the zodiac for the next 365 days. Here is to the 2021 astrological New Year and the hopes we have for it!

 March 21, Mercury sextiles Uranus. This is a positive mental influence prone to brilliant ideas and discoveries.

March 21st, Mars trines Saturn. This can give you the drive and fortitude to accomplish many tasks. Energy should run smoothly and consistently.

March 23, Mercury squares Mars. This is one of the more stressful aspects this month and prone to arguments, disagreements and accidents. Use care in traveling and communication.

March 30, Venus sextiles Saturn. This is a positive influence for business and friendships, especially those from the  past and your most loyal inner circle.