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Thursday, March 11, 2021

Cosmic and majical new moon in Pisces


This month’s new moon falls in the last sign of the zodiac or Pisces on March 13th, at 5:21 EST. We will begin to feel the energy in the week before and for two weeks after until the next full moon on March 28th.

On a Pisces new moon the dream can awaken and we can be led to follow the magic of our heart. This moon has great sensitivity and compassion and perception is heightened. Now is the time to try and express the positive qualities of Pisces which include creativity, visualization, expressing your intuition and accepting things that are less than perfect, including people in your life. This does not mean you should become a doormat, but perfection is a hard to attain quality. You could consider taking a ‘leap of faith’ in some manner during this moon. Pisces is mutable energy which means it is always changing and sifting.

Affairs of the heart will be important as Venus, the planet of love is approaching its conjunction to Neptune. Venus conjunct Neptune can be a double edged sword. It can be magical, mysterious and creative. Love can be grand at this time, or you could be deceived. If you meet someone new don’t take anything for granted and this is not a positive aspect for financial matters. Pisces likes to transcend beyond the day to day world so this moon and the few days before and after can be a beautiful time to connect with others and reach for the sky as long as you keep your feet on the ground.  

 This can seem like an especially idealistic time and for some and it will represent candles and reverie but at the same time Neptune can also represent illusions that simply do not last as time passes.

Some may experience feelings of insecurity or confusion and if this is the case it may simply be a period not to take action. Creativity, art, faith and compassion will be greatly enhanced as well dreams. Engaging in compassionate ventures, any type of creativity or spiritual search is the highest and best use of this energy. It is no mistake that Passover and Lent are occurring over the next two weeks.

With a Moon in Pisces some things can end, or you may have projects or events you are wrapping up. Pisces represents the 12th house or the end of the zodiac. Endings are simply the preparatory phase of new beginnings. The 12th house also represents places of seclusion, and what lies in our subconscious mind, which may be speaking very loudly to us at this time.

This moon sextiles Pluto giving us great emotional depth and the ability to communicate on a deeper so now is the time to express your truest and deepest feelings with others.

In the collective, the New moon will play out as well as in our personal lives. Pisces can be especially deceptive and manipulative so we can expect propaganda and conspiracy theories to ramp up, but we may also see acts of great sacrifice and compassion as well. Sorting through actual facts will be a necessity; racial justice/injustice will be a theme at this time. Pisces is frequently connected to water related weather conditions and events.  

Those most affected by this moon will be the mutable signs; Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, or anyone with planets in their chart at 20-26 degrees of a mutable sign.


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