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Thursday, January 28, 2021

February 2021 Astrology: Saturn squares Uranus


January was a volatile month with the insurrection at the Capitol, the second impeachment of ex-President Donald Trump, major protests in Russia and other issues at home and abroad to name only a few. Unfortunately, February will be equally volatile. All of this is due to the rapidly approaching square or clash between Saturn and Uranus.

We begin the month however, with Mercury’s retrograde (in Aquarius) and the Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn all in Aquarius. This forms a stellium, or 5 out of 10 planets all in Aquarius. Aquarius rules the 11th house of the collective, so this month we will all be focused on issues that concern us all in a significant way.  Each of these 5 planets in Aquarius will clash with Mars and Uranus creating conflict and unexpected events in our lives and in the world.

The Sun will move from Aquarius into Pisces later in February and Venus will move through Aquarius and enter Pisces, while Mars, the God of War is in Taurus all month. We will experience a New Moon in Aquarius on February 11th and a full moon in Virgo February 27th. And of course, February is the month for lovers with Valentine’s Day! There is a lot to cover this month.

Saturn squares Uranus

Saturn will square Uranus the first of three times this year and is exact February 17th. Saturn square Uranus is one of the 10 major aspects that brings about broad and unexpected change on the world stage and often our own lives.

Saturn squares Uranus for the first time since 2000 in the signs of Aquarius-Taurus. Saturn in astrology rules our structures and Uranus is the planet of sudden and unpredictable events. The Saturn archetype represents reality and is associated with security, restrictions, the law, organization control. It represents the State and its legal system and all conservative bodies. It also represents authority, tradition and time.

The Uranus archetype represents the need for change and freedom, originality and independence to go about things differently. It stimulates innovation, brilliance and genius. It is associated with coups, earthquakes, aircraft and spacecraft and is considered disruptive in a hard aspect, which it is.

Both Saturn and Uranus are planets ruled by Aquarius, and transiting Saturn and Jupiter are both in Aquarius this year. When Saturn and Uranus clash it becomes a collision between the new and the old and change becomes unavoidable. This aspect is indicative of major change and disruption of the status quo. The dates listed below are the peak of this aspect. We can expect to see change and disruption occurring in the days and weeks before the peak of this aspect.

Saturn makes three squares to Uranus this year:

-February 17th     -June 15th     -December 24th

Uranus is in Taurus, and Taurus is ruled by Venus. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, money and values, and Taurus rules the earth as well as money and finance so these are the areas this transit activates. Aquarius (Saturn) rules the collective, humanity, new ideas, groups and their activities. Ultimately, Uranus (Aquarius) is about freedom so these are the areas Saturn will activate.

When these two planets clash, the results are somewhat unpredictable with Uranus in the picture, and Saturn is often associated with fear and negativity. Some fears however should be acknowledged. For example if a volatile storm is approaching your area it is time to lock down or get out. Some fears need attention, but at other times we can dwell on useless fears that are a manifestation of our inner conversations with ourselves, past experiences and general negativity. During these times it is more important than ever to check the facts and make sure you are not being misled by fear mongers and those whose purpose is to create disharmony. With an aspect like this stress and anxiety can take over and the most important thing to do during this time is to stay grounded and be flexible.

There is no doubt this transit will play out on the world stage and has been associated with market and financial downturns, and we are currently in a Covid recession. In 2000 we saw the crash of the .com industry. At that time Saturn and Uranus were square but the opposite of what we experience this year-Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus.

Saturn-Uranus transits are associated with tyranny, extremism and right wing politics. We are also at risk this year of significant internet hacks such as the one that occurred in December, airplane crashes, weather and earth changes and unfortunately, violence.

In our own lives we may experience personal changes as this transit peaks for the first time in February.  What exactly this affects depends on where it falls in your personal chart. Some of its manifestations however may include: Job and work changes that happen suddenly, breakups of relationships that are tottering on the edge, or a desire for greater freedom from anything you find repressive. Changes in finances can occur, or losses. Now is the time to keep an eye on your money and investments.  This is not all negative however, because at times when a transit like this occurs issues and situations we have been putting up with suddenly end. If this happens know that whatever ended has outlived its purpose and new experiences will shortly follow.

Sometimes transits like this it can coincide with major projects and events coming together that we have been working on for some time. Either way, with Uranus in the picture there can be an unexpected element to what we experience at this time. It is best to remain positive and keep an open mind.

Mercury retrogrades

Mercury remains retrograde throughout February until it reverses course and turns direct on February 21st.

You have probably heard people talk about this or even speak of their dread of it. Of all the planetary aspects, this one definitely gets the most attention. When Mercury retrogrades, it appears to go backward. So, when the planet of communication retrogrades, those areas of life it rules are basically not functioning up to par.

Mercury rules all kinds of communication, verbal and written, speaking, learning, even listening and thinking, as well as all forms of electronic communication. It rules formal agreements and contracts, buying and selling, travel, transportation, and shipping. It also rules pets and young people. You shouldn't expect terrible things to happen, but on a certain level, chaos and confusion can and will occur.

When Mercury turns direct on the 21st things may get screwy again before they get better. This and the retrograde station, or the few days after it turns retrograde are typically the worst time of the entire period. Sometimes at this juncture, plans change again or reverse course, so it will be a few more days before things begin to straighten out.

Mercury retrogrades in Air signs this year

Each year retrograde Mercury favors a specific element — fire, air, water, or earth. This time around, Mercury enters its retrograde in the Air sign of Aquarius. The Air signs are thinkers, communicators and among the most intellectual of people. Air inspires us to approach things logically and without prejudices. So, since Mercury is the planet of communication, thinking and travel, we can expect it’s retrogrades to be extra confusing this year.

What not to do

Don’t start a new project, launch a website, buy big ticket items, close on real estate, buy electronic equipment, get married or engaged, have elective or cosmetic surgery, launch new endeavors, or sign contracts. Of course, there are some exceptions: Let's say you need a job and one comes up during the retrograde. Don't turn it down, as a job on a retrograde is better than no job. Things may change after you begin. For example, there could be a shift in the direction of the job, or you may not have understood the nature of the job. If you have to have surgery under a doctor’s orders, go ahead. Surgeries are performed successfully every day of the year, and sometimes retrograde Mercury is about correcting something. If you have to sign a lease or another document, ask a lot of questions. Go over things several times, and enlist the judgment of your trusted friends or advisers.

The planet of action is in Taurus

Taurus is an earth sign ruled by the planet Venus, but this does not mean we aren’t still going to see periods of anger and volatility in February. Planet Venus not only rules love and money, but our values as well, and it is likely we will see many conflicts over what we value and how we approach our personal and collective values this month.

Typically, Mars in Taurus would is a slow, determined and laid back, plodding kind of energy. Mars in Taurus will slow things down, which will be a relief for many after the hectic go-go-go energies of Mars in Aries that go back to July of last year through early January. People may seem more determined, if not stubborn in their actions. Decisions made and actions taken during this period may be permanent in nature.

There can be an earthy type of sensuality to Mars in this sign, after all Taurus is ruled by Venus. We will be more inclined to look for material and physical comfort. We will be attracted to beautiful things of lasting value as Taurus likes fine things and luxury as well as value for the money.

The planet of love in Aquarius

The planet of love enters Aquarius on February 1st, changing love energies once again. While in Capricorn love energies over the past month have been about commitment and practical matters when Venus enters Aquarius it will be anything but practical.

Aquarius is connected with sudden and unexpected events, freedom, and a love of doing things our own way, or just different from the norm. With Venus in this sign we desire new experiences and the heart desires more freedom and at times space to roam. The desire for more freedom can take many different forms including the right to be exactly who we are, and tolerance is one of Aquarius’s greatest gifts. It’s all up to you how far you take this energy. This Venus placement can be highly social with a bent toward new experiences. You may find that you gravitate toward unusual individuals who are different from the norm and unorthodox experiences.

We will experience a month of ditching what is tried and true to make room for the new, the unusual and the experimental.  Aquarius is a humanistic sign and is connected to the 11th house of the collective. With this placement friendship will be an important first step if you meet someone new. Unorthodox and unusual relationships may seem the norm for this time.

This will be an excellent time for those born under the sign Aquarius as well as Gemini and Libra. As Aquarius is an Air sign we may experience a greater focus on the mental aspects of a relationship than the physical for this time.

Mercury will retrograde during most of this transit. While this is not an ideal time to start a new relationship it is known for re-connecting with those from the past. Relationships can seem to have a fated quality at this time.

If you keep an open mind, Venus in Aquarius can make for a magical month of new discoveries.

Venus makes several aspects during February;

February 5th, Venus conjuncts Saturn. This can relate to those from the past and can be positive for business opportunities. It could seem harder to relate toward those we love, and at times issues in relationships could arise or we could feel underappreciated.

February 6, Venus squares Uranus. Expect the unexpected in love and your social life, especially with retrograde Mercury. This is typically positive but plans can change as well.

February 12, Mercury conjuncts Venus and it is retrograde. Trips down memory lane could occur and this is typically pleasant for communication and business. Great for any type of conflict resolution.

February 19, Venus squares Mars. This can predispose some to jealousy. Otherwise, sparks could fly, but it is a thin line to walk as this is sometimes connected with trouble between the sexes

Venus enters Pisces

February 25, Venus enters Pisces for the final few days of the month and it will remain in this sign until March 21st. Venus is considered exalted in Pisces which means the transit is powerful and its energies flow easily. Just as Aquarius Venus was the opposite of Venus in Capricorn (January), Venus is Pisces is very different from Aquarius. Pisces is about feelings and romance, and is a tender placement for the planet of love. This will work very well for all Water signs, especially Scorpio as this places Venus in Scorpios 5th house of love, bringing opportunities to take your relationship to another level, or meet new people.

The Sun enters Pisces

The Sun is in Pisces from February 18-March 20th and the Pisces season is on! Pisces is the last sign of winter when we begin to look forward to spring which occurs March 20, when the Sun enters Aries.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac which means we are wrapping many things up in preparation for a new season. It also means some things may end, or new facts can be revealed at this time.

Pisces is a water sign and is ruled by both Jupiter and Neptune which is associated with the sea. Feelings and emotions are stronger under this transit and we typically do not rush or go about things as quickly as we do when the Sun is in Air or Fire signs. This is a beautiful placement for the Sun, but can be somewhat too emotional for some of the Fire signs. Either way, each sign has their day, and the next 30 days are all about those born under this sign.

Pisces can be dreamy, psychic and intuitive or creative. Some of our finest artists, actors and musicians were born under this sign. This should be a time when we get more in touch with our emotions, so enjoy the season.

February’s New Moon in Aquarius

This month’s New Moon falls at 23 degrees of Aquarius on February 11th. Aquarius rules the house of the collective as well as friends, hopes and wishes. Your friends and groups may be important at this time.

Aquarius is about new and unusual approaches to things and new ways of looking at old issues and problems. This Moon will square Mars, so you may feel some type of friction at this time. Mercury is also within orb of a square to Mars which can relate to debate and arguments, and a great deal of mental activity.

Venus is conjunct Jupiter on this one day out of the year. This places the two financial planets together which can only be positive and this is a day to socialize and mix to whatever extent possible. Love matters are favored by this transit as are social affairs. This positive aspect will help to offset the heavier ones. With Mars-Mercury in the picture however be careful as this can be accident prone.

Full Moon in Virgo

The full moon falls on February 27th at 8 degrees of Virgo. Virgo rules the 6th house of work and health. Virgo is a grounding Earth sign and now will be a great time to make changes in terms of work, health issues or new work out, diet, or exercise plans.

The Moon opposes the Sun amping up emotions and can sometimes cause a bit of friction in our closest relationships. This Moon trines Uranus however, creating opportunities for new ideas and projects and this is an upbeat and positive aspect. As Virgo is all about details, now is the time to wrap up any pesky items that need completion. One last note-the downside of Virgo is criticism, so watch how you approach others and the way you present things.

February 14th-Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, and may your hopes for the day exceed your expectations.

The first half of the day the moon is in romantic Pisces sextiling Pluto making conversation and communication deeper but easy at the same time. The second half of the day into evening the moon moves into fire sign Aries making the energy more enthusiastic and confident. Mercury’s conjunction with Jupiter points to a positive and light hearted day with a great deal of conversation. If you overdo on this day remember what they say about paying the piper on Monday!

Other significant transits in February

February 1st, the Sun squares Mars. This can be an energetic day where you accomplish a lot or it can be a day filled with agitation and arguments. Best not to push things and be careful of accidents.

February 8th, the Sun conjuncts Mercury. This is a communication prone transit, but some people may seem willful and antagonistic on this day so be aware.

February 10, Mercury squares Mars. This is an argument and accident prone transit so use care. Otherwise a great deal of mental activity and debate can occur. Mercury also rules vehicles, pets and young people.

February 12-13 Mercury conjunct Venus. This is typically a very positive aspect, indicative of light and positive communication, good for socializing or business. The only drawback is that Mercury is retrograde and Mercury is a wildcard so on occasion things go in reverse of the positive manifestation.  It is unlikely this would happen but worth a mention.

February 24, Mars trines Pluto. Pluto can deal with groups, so this can be a positive day for getting your ideas across and for practical accomplishment.

February 25, the Sun sextiles Uranus. This can be a day where the energy feels upbeat and exciting. Now is the time to try out new ideas, projects and ways of doing things even if it is a new route to work.


Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Fiery and volatile full moon in Leo!


This month’s full moon falls on January 28, at 9 degrees of Leo.

This may be a good time to let your hair down a little, but with some precautions. Leo is ruled by the Sun which is connected to the heart, both metaphorically and literally. This will be an action packed, temperamental moon and we can expect to see grand-standing and plenty of antics from the theatre of life. Leo is connected with the theatre and drama and we may feel overly dramatic at this time or be with those who do. Drama can take many forms and perhaps you can have some fun but rest assured those who feel ignored or unappreciated at this time will likely make sure we know exactly how they feel. Leo energy often comes with a powerful drive to be treated like a Queen or King, after all it is the sign of royalty.

You can express your dramatic side through clothes, makeup and new hair styles. You may be in a mood to look great, and be noticed. Even normally shy people become bolder on a full moon like this and may seek the limelight.

As Leo is connected with the 5th house many will seek fun and entertainment.  You could feel an urge to go out, get together with friends, party and break free, but Covid may well put a damper on plans like this which could create frustration.

The Moon opposes the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn all in Aquarius. Moon-Sun oppositions relate to our interactions with others, in particular those closest to us and at times tensions can flare if there is friction. Sun-Jupiter is typically pleasant but things can get blown out of proportion. Sun-Saturn relates to work, restrictions and responsibilities and at times it can be depressive and indicative of endings but some of the other planets involved can help with this. Feeling restricted on this moon can create agitation.

 With the Moon’s opposition to 3 planets in Aquarius many will seek new ways of doing things. This combination can create a desire to seek out adventure but it will be tempered by Saturn. With Aquarius, freedom and individuality often become a significant theme.

Venus conjunct Pluto can be connected to obsessive thoughts and feelings directed toward relationships, love, money and sex. Matters may become deep, intense and there could be issues of control, or certain things may be revealed at this time. At the very worst this transit can be indicative of volatile feelings or actions. Some relationships could end, and others could be transformed for the better with a great deal of work. This is the nature of a Venus-Pluto transit and feelings will not be superficial at this time. Pluto is the planet of change and transformation and it is up to us to direct the energy in a positive way.

The Leo moon will also square Uranus and Mars. This is the most significant and volatile aspect this moon makes. The combination of these three planets can be indicative of angry and explosive situations and events. Moon-Mars relates to women and anger, or emotional anger. Add Uranus to the mix and we have a truly explosive and unpredictable 24-48 hour period with the powerful full moon in Leo. Accidents can be a possibility as well, so take care.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Mars enters Taurus!


Mars finally enters Taurus January 7th after a long 6 month stay in Aries. Mars in Aries has inspired a great deal of anger and aggravation, especially as it has clashed with Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn on multiple occasions. Mars is the planet that rules our actions, sex lives and anger and it will remain in Taurus until March 4th.

Mars in Taurus will be considerably different from Mars in Aries. Taurus is an earth sign ruled by the planet Venus, so our energies and action will change considerably but this does not mean we aren’t still going to see periods of anger and volatility in January. Planet Venus not only rules love and money, but our values as well, and it is likely we will see many conflicts over what we value and how we approach our personal and collective values in January.

Typically, Mars in Taurus would be a slow, determined and laid back, plodding kind of energy, but Mars will make some serious clashes with Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, along with Uranus in Taurus. During these times stubbornness and inability to bend may be a problem, and we could experience anger and frustration ourselves, and we will see it play out on the world stage.

Mars in Taurus will slow things down, which will be a relief for many after the hectic go-go-go energies of Mars in Aries. People may seem more determined, if not stubborn in their actions. Decisions made and actions taken during this period may be permanent in nature.

There can be an earthy type of sensuality to Mars in this sign, and after all Taurus is ruled by Venus. We will be more inclined to look for material and physical comfort. We will be attracted to beautiful things of lasting value as Taurus likes fine things and luxury as well as value for the money.

As Taurus rules the 2nd house of money, there will be a greater focus on making and keeping money, and will be focusing on practical matters as long as Mars is in this sign. Mars in Taurus is prone to determination and reaching goals in a slow but steady manner.

Fixed signs like holding onto things and change comes slowly for Taurus. Holding on to anger can be a problem with Mars in Venus ruled Taurus. Many would rather try and keep the peace, holding onto things until it reaches a boiling point and then they explode.

Mars in Taurus will work best for the other earth signs-Virgo and Capricorn. It can work well for Cancer, and Pisces. This period will bring more stress to Scorpio, as Mars in Taurus will oppose Scorpio, or any Scorpio planets placed in the chart. Mars in this sign will also be more difficult for the other fixed signs: Leo and Aquarius as Taurus creates a challenge to these signs along with more obstacles and blocks. None of this however, will be anything that cannot be overcome with patience and fortitude.

Mars makes a number of stressful aspects in January and after these transits have passed we will see more of the laid back and steady side of Mars in Taurus.

January 13th, Mars clashes with Saturn which is tiring, frustrating energy. It will play out in terms of world events, but may create a great deal of frustration if not delays, in our own lives. It is best to relax and know this energy will soon pass, and the blockages we feel at this time will improve quickly.

Jupiter clashes with Uranus January 15-19, and is exact on January 17th.  Jupiter-Uranus is revolutionary energy that has to do with sudden, unexpected events, and as Uranus turns direct January 14th, this makes it more even more powerful. Mars joins this configuration on January 20th when it conjuncts Uranus. This can make for an explosive day, with things going differently than planned.  Mars conjunct Uranus can produce excitement, but it can also be indicative of sudden changes, outbursts of temper and a danger of accidents, explosions and sudden change. Surprise attacks are something to watch out for.  This will be a volatile day.

January 23rd, Mars squares Jupiter. This can be indicative of blowing things out of proportion. Alternatively, this transit can confer real courage and a desire to step up to the plate and do what is necessary if a crisis of some type occurs

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

January New Moon: Dealing with the shadow


This month’s New Moon falls in Capricorn and the lunar peak occurs at 12:00 AM, EST. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and is connected to work, responsibilities, obligations and structure, and it is likely we will be focused on these matters.

The Sun and Moon conjunct Pluto creating intense, sometimes obsessive feelings, revelations, and thoughts of the past. At times past lovers may re-appear. Sun-Pluto can also relate to power struggles and issues over money or sex.

January is a volatile month in general and this powerful Capricorn moon will be no different.  We will likely see issues relating to control, power, political control and revelations and Pluto tends to rule crime, the criminal element and hidden issues can often come to light on a Moon like this on the world stage and sometimes in our own lives. This new moon appears significant in the charts of Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and many others. Of course, we can only know what we hear on the news in this regard as to what happens with public figures. With Trump however, it represents a culmination of the end of his term, regardless of the false information being spread about over turning the election. This is not going to happen, but it will generate a great deal of fear and anxiety.

Mars has entered its square to Saturn so we may face or encounter anger, frustration and blocks. This can be a mentally and emotionally draining period. This will however pass within a few days and we can gain momentum as we move forward. Mars-Saturn transits can be indicative of police and crime, frustration and anger, or even accidents. Blocks can appear to slow you down in some way. If this happens it is better to wait the energy out over the next few days than to row upstream against the current.

Pluto represents the dark side or the shadow side of our personalities. We will have a choice to make on this full moon about how to use this energy. We can sink into the mire of obsessions and past issues or we can use this same energy to transmute a situation and focus on how to rise above it. Pluto transits can confer steely determination. In this way we can compare the energy to alchemy and transmute the shadow into gold by doing the inner work necessary. If you feel none of these feelings with this new moon you can use this very powerful energy to focus on your personal ambitions for the New Year. In this way, you can make this moon work for you. With the powerful and determined Capricorn energy you can make great strides forward if you use patience and good judgment, so this moon will have its rewards.