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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

The powerful astrology of March 2022


During March the Sun transits through Pisces and moves into Aries bringing with it the spring equinox and the start of an astrological New Year as the Sun enters Aries March 20th.

Mercury, the planet of communication will move through three signs this month; Aquarius, Pisces and then Aries changing Mercurial energies at each juncture.

The two planets that rule our love lives; Venus and Mars both enter freedom loving Aquarius March 5th switching up energies so that we may expand our outlook and approach to many things, especially friendships and love. Mars and Venus will travel together in Aquarius this month creating exciting opportunities for Aquarius, Libra, Gemini, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius in terms of meeting new people. Mars and Venus are conjunct or within 1 degree of each other from March 5th-15th. This creates a greater focus on our social lives and interactions with others. We will experience a new moon in Pisces and a full moon in Virgo bringing about a focus on healing, work and in some cases the esoteric arts.

All of the planets are direct this month and Venus leaves its post retrograde shadow period after March 3rd. This means we have nearly two months or until April 29th with no planetary retrogrades at all, so it should be full steam ahead this month.

March New Moon in Pisces

March 2nd is a significant astrological day as not only is this the Pisces New Moon; we have 2 stelliums in the sky (a group of 3 planets in the same sign) that will exert a significant amount of energy this month. Wherever these planets are placed in your personal chart is where your focus will be in March.

Venus, Mars and Pluto are all conjunct, or together at 27 degrees of Capricorn March 2-3rd but the energy begins to build before the planets are exact and will linger until Mars enters Aquarius March 5th. This aspect can represent many things but money, our love lives, sex and issues concerning control and obsession are top of the list. This aspect could throw an individual who lacks self control into a rage. It could also connect you with someone you feel very strongly about, for the better or worse.

The Pisces stellium consists of the Sun and Moon at 12 degrees of Pisces which is the March New Moon, March 2nd. Jupiter and Neptune are the other 2 planets in this group. Pisces is associated with water and water related conditions, compassion, spirituality, creativity, dreams and psychic awareness. On the negative side it can represent a lack of clarity, drugs, confusion or lies and displaced people.

Mercury is conjunct Saturn at 19 degrees of Aquarius.. Mercury-Saturn transits are associated with heavy thinking, discipline, worry and anxiety or fear, serious decisions and communication, which could be delayed for a day or two. It will also give us the ability to find structure in our thinking along with the potential for innovative ideas as this conjunction is in Aquarius, the sign associated with brilliance.


It’s not easy to predict how you will feel with a moon like this, especially with a triple conjunction of three planets. The Pluto, Mars, Venus aspect is heavy but the Pisces stellium lends itself toward feeling either uplifted or downtrodden. With Jupiter as part of the mix we are offered some protection and possibly grace on some level which will go a long way toward helping things work out in a positive manner.

These few days around the new moon stand out in the US natal chart as Pluto, Venus and Mars all conjunct the US Pluto. We are experiencing the once every 248 yr Pluto return this year. The last time Pluto was in this placement was 1776. We can expect to hear significant news in the world and the US on or before March 2nd that could relate to potential war, politics, control, societal volatility and/or financial markets.

Mars and Venus enter Aquarius

Mars is the planet that rules our action, ambitions, passion, men, sex and aggression. Expect a major energy shift when Mars moves from Capricorn to Aquarius March 5th-April 15th.  Venus, the planet of love and money will enter Aquarius just 7 minutes after Mars and the two planets that rule our love life will be conjunct or together for the next several days. Mars and Venus will remain close together throughout Venus’s transit through Aquarius. The last time Mars and Venus danced together in Aquarius was December of 2016.

Since Venus and Mars rule our loves lives and these planets are in the same sign the next four weeks can present new opportunities for those looking to meet someone special. Libra or those born under a Libra ascendant could benefit in particular as both Venus and Mars will transit their 5th house of love increasing opportunities to meet someone new. Other signs that could benefit include Leo, Aries, Gemini and Sagittarius.

While Mars in Capricorn was focused on practical responsibilities and work, Aquarius energy is far different.  Mars in Capricorn is considered ‘exalted,’ which means its energy can be harnessed and focused in a slow steady approach toward a goal, even if it means playing the long game because Capricorn has plenty of patience and commitment to get there.

Mars in Aquarius action is more unpredictable if not changeable as Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus, the planet of unexpected change. During Mars cycle in Aquarius we can expect unexpected change sometimes that seems out of the blue.

Aquarius is a fixed Air sign. With fixed signs energy moves more slowly and can be resistant to change. Air signs bring a logical and detached approach to matters and operate from this basis rather than an emotional one. Aquarius is steadfast in terms of protecting individuality in the face of change. This sign does not change to follow trends, fads or the latest rage unless it is convinced this presents a better opportunity for all.

Aquarius is considered the sign representing humanity and the collective. Aquarius concerns are typically global or their interest lies in terms of the larger betterment of all as opposed to certain people or groups. Many politicians are born with the Sun in Aquarius including Abraham Lincoln.

Words that describe Aquarius typically include quirky and eccentric. During Mars transit through this sign we can expect to operate from a more idealistic point of view and often put our passions into group efforts even if some ideas or approaches seem off the wall to others. Aquarius is typically more progressive than other signs and highly involved in social activities. Mars in Aquarius individuals are the rebels, inventors and rule breakers sometimes with a touch of genius. This sign is the reformer and if things are pushed too far can totter on the brink of being a zealot at times.

Mars-Aquarius does not like to be out of sync with others, especially those in his or her own groups. When a kindred spirit is found this sign can be the most social of all. If ideas clash too often Aquarius may seek out other groups they feel a greater connection to.

We can expect to act according to our core beliefs and ideas during this time. During Mars six week tour through Aquarius things may seem lighter than they were with Mars in Capricorn, and we could experience a great idea during this time and run with it. We will be action oriented but with Uranus as a co-ruler of Aquarius we may change many things and try different approaches.

Freedom is all important to Mars-Aquarius. You may not want to be confined or feel too tied down and may be more open to unusual friendships and hanging out with people who are different from your usual social circle. You will be interested in ideas outside the box, forming your own opinions, and what is happening in the collective.

Now will be the time to chill out from all of the heavy Capricorn energy that began in December. Relax, and take the time to view the world from a different perspective and you will make the best possible use of Mars in Aquarius.

Mercury enters Pisces

March 9th the planet of communication enters the last sign of the zodiac or Pisces joining the Sun and Neptune in the same sign which creates a Pisces stellium that will generate a gentle, flowing type of energy. Pisces is ruled by both Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter is the planet of faith, optimism and growth, while Neptune represents our highest ideals as well as confusion, delusion and illusion.

When Mercury enters Pisces we can expect communication to become flakier, and miscommunication to be a common theme. Rather than being focused on facts, we may be swayed more by the mood and tone of thinking and conversations. We tend to operate more on intuition, and spend time reflecting on the past.  Our instincts often drive thinking and communication, dreams and fantasies can become more vivid.

Pisces is a mutable water sign. While all water signs are sensitive and emotional, a mutable sign is changeable, so our thoughts and feelings will be constantly shifting and changing over the next 25 days.  We will likely become more attuned to idealism, fantasy, creativity, art and particularly our feelings. We often reach deep into the recesses of our subconscious mind to find creativity and find fresh and new ideas. At times we may discover or understand things to a greater depth than we have before, and we could even feel a certain illumination. Dreams typically become more vivid while Mercury is in this sign as well as more frequent. During Mercury’s transit through Pisces we will sense and feel things we don’t normally pay attention to, and sometimes know things that cannot be explained because our subconscious mind is being triggered. Pisces is after all the sign that rules psychics. It also rules religion and faith, and some will find this a more spiritual time, and focus on their inner life more than material. With Mercury in this sign we may be much more inclined to take a ‘leap of faith’ in some direction we have not previously tried. Many time we think about the bigger questions in life such as ‘what is my true purpose,’ ‘what is God,’ or ‘does life go on after death?’ None of these questions are trivial and topics like these will likely come up more frequently. Compassion can be given and received during Mercury in Pisces. We are more attuned to others and their pain or problems at this time than we normally are. The downside of this transit is that we may find that we are more forgetful, experience brain fog, or show up late at work or meetings as we are not so focused on details at this time. It is important to pay attention to communication because we can mishear something we thought was said or others may misspeak.

March 18th full moon

This month’s full moon falls at 27 degrees of Virgo, the sign that rules the 6th house of work and health. The planetary ruler of Virgo is Mercury, the planet of communication that also rules travel and pets.

Virgo is strongly associated with health and healing. If something has seemed off on the physical plane now would be the time to visit a Dr. or health practitioner. This does not mean that you should expect to be ill, but in some way we will be focused on 6th house matters. You could start a diet or exercise plan, or something else to improve your overall wellness, and work experience.

A Virgo full Moon can be discerning, but the other side of this is criticism. We could face self-criticism, or feel critical of others.

While Virgo is typically a sign connected with groundedness and clarity the opposite may hold true this time as this Moon opposes Neptune, and this may prove to be a challenging time for many.

Moon-Neptune transits tend to increase the subconscious drives that are already there. As Neptune is the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion, clarity will not be easy to come by. We can experience withdrawal of ourselves or others, hypersensitivity, confusion and indecisiveness, impractical ideas, deception or self deception or overindulgence in alcohol or substances if that tendency exists already.

The other side of this transit can be creativity, psychic awareness, spiritual awakenings and compassion for others.

This full moon calls for us to strike a balance between work and our physical health as well as criticism and acceptance. This is a time to focus on work, health, work habits and day to day activities.

The moon’s trine to Pluto gives us an opportunity to create change in an easier and more graceful way than at other times. It will also allow us to speak our feelings in a powerful yet gentle manner.

Happy New Year

March 20th the Sun enters Aries. This is the spring equinox, the first day of spring and the astrological New Year as the Sun begins its 365 day trip once again around the zodiac and through all of the signs.

The Sun enters Aries at the 0 degrees of Aries, or what astrologers call the ‘world point or Aries point’ which is associated with visible change in the outer world as well as world events.

Aries is not only a Fire sign, but a Cardinal Fire sign which means they are ready to handle just about anything that comes their way. Cardinal signs are the natural leaders in life and like to be in the circle of movers and shakers. They typically exude confidence and don’t let grass grow under their feet.

Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of action and war. Mars is a take charge planet, and can be determined, brash, and assertive and always seeks movement or action.

Aries rules the first house of the zodiac or the self. As the Sun moves through this sign we tend to be focused on our own needs and desires more than others. For this reason Aries is sometimes considered a selfish planet.

During the Pisces season we are typically focused on merging with others to the extent we can typically overlook or not place the biggest emphasis on ourselves. When the Sun moves from Pisces into Aries we come back to what our own desires and needs are and how to go about meeting them.

As Aries represents the beginning of the astrological cycle there is often a big emphasis on new starts, new beginnings, or seeing potential in new projects and situations. Like the spring flowers and vegetation that begin to grow, we too can start anew and plant our seeds for the rest of the year to come. Aries likes things direct, bold, and in a big way. Aries people typically do not wait for around for things to happen, they make things happen. When the Sun enters Aries we all get a bit of the same take charge attitude that Aries has and become more focused and driven to make things happen. 

The downside of this period will be impulsiveness, making decisions to fast and moving forward without thinking things through first. Aries can come across as too aggressive, hot or impulsive, and at worst be self absorbed.

Aries typically carry themselves with confidence that can sometimes come across like aggression but in many cases it comes from a desire to be straightforward and get things moving. Unlike Pisces energy, Aries is not always thoughtful and feelings may not be focused on the other person we are dealing with. In this way, Aries can often get a bad name as being self serving.  When this energy is present you or others may speak or act without thinking about how our words and actions affect the other person. Those who find this energy the most difficult are Water signs.

At best the Fire energy of this sign can motivate and drive you toward working toward your goals whatever they may be. For others, this transit will involve a feeling of new beginnings and new opportunities to take advantage of. You may feel emboldened to really be yourself and put your needs out there.

Your confidence will likely be inspired over the next month, even if you are normally a shy or retiring person. You probably won’t need the validations of others, as you will give it to yourself. Happy astrological New Year and Happy Birthday to Aries!

Mercury enters the 3rd sign this month

The month began with the planet of communication in Aquarius, then Pisces and on March 27th, it begins its yearly sojourn through Aries where it will remain until April 11th.

Mercury’s entrance into Aries can bring about much needed clarity, especially after its transit through Pisces over the past few weeks which was much more lethargic. While Mercury is in this sign we can come across as more assertive and confident. We typically say what we mean, and mean what we say, and others will do the same as well.

Thinking will pick up speed and shift toward a style of getting straight to the point, sometimes to the point of even seeming abrupt or rude to others, so it is important to watch our words and tone.

For the Fire signs this will seem very natural and comfortable, and for others (especially Water signs) this type of communication may seem too harsh or outside their comfort zone.

Conveying information and ideas will be faster, sharper and without beating around the bush but we must watch out for overly assertive communication with others or getting carried away with ideas that have not been thoroughly vetted as our mind is moving so fast.

At its best Mercury in Aries can provide us with a mental state that is optimistic, encouraging, on point and self-confident. At its worst Mercury in Aries can come across as thoughtless, aggressive, impatient and without respect as we can sometimes forget to approach conversations in a thoughtful manner. Details can be missing in conversations and communication as Aries is prone to streamlined thinking and does not like to get bogged down too much in details.

Other aspect of interest;

March 1st-2nd-the Sun sextiles Neptune. This is generally a positive transit indicative of communication that may be unexpected. This can be a caring and compassionate as well as creative aspect.

March 5th-The Sun conjuncts Jupiter-This is a positive and expansive transit that can produce a feeling of hopefulness. A positive day for interactions with others.

March 13th-The Sun conjuncts Neptune. This can produce a dreamy type of feeling along with tiredness and a general lack of clarity or confusion. Save important matters for a different day if possible. Dreams may be vivid.

March 17th-Mercury sextiles Uranus. This day will be filled with conversation and ideas, some of it unexpected. This is a day to look at things from a different angle. Brilliant ideas may come but disappear just as quickly.

March 18th-the Sun sextiles Pluto. Good for activities with groups, making presentations or expressing your true feelings about something along with uncovering information in an easy way.

March 19th-Venus squares Uranus-Expect things to not go as planned today especially concerning social activities or money. This transit can go either way; you could have an unexpectedly good time or something may not go as planned. Don’t expect to have long lasting ties with those you meet today for the first time. Financial markets could be affected.

March 20th-Mercury conjuncts Jupiter-This should be a positive and uplifting day as long as nothing gets blown out of proportion. The phrase ‘tall drinks and tall tales’ comes to mind. Don’t promise more than you can deliver.

March 22nd-Mars squares Uranus. This could be one of the most consequential days of the month as Mars-Uranus aspects deal with unexpected events, explosive situations, or unexpected twists and turns. This aspect is definitely accident prone and can lead to arguments that seem to come out of nowhere if you are not aware. The energy of this will build up in the few days before and remain after the aspect is complete. Expect significant news in the world that could pertain to violence, changes in the financial markets, explosions or issues around aircraft. Also we could see unexpected weather or earth related conditions.

March 23rd-Mercury conjuncts Neptune. This can be a tiring and confusing day as Mercury rules our mind and Neptune is unclear. Keep things as straight as you can in your own mind, and delay important transactions if possible.

March 26th-Mercury sextiles Pluto. Great for conversation and getting to the bottom of any problem with relative ease.

March 28th-Venus conjuncts Saturn. Responsibilities may rule the day as this is not the best day for social interactions or matters pertaining to romance. A good day to clear out closets!















Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Full moon in Leo: time to roar


February’s full moon falls in the sign Leo which is associated with drama, royalty, fun and pleasure. It rules the 5th house of love, friends and children so it is here our attention will be focused.

At this time you may want to impress others, update your hair or wardrobe or anything else that may draw attention. You may feel as though you have been held back in some way and want to get out and roar. With Mars conjunct Venus you may also want to connect with others, your significant other if you have one, or if you are single you may be looking for love at this time.

The downside to a Leo full moon is that some may feel overly sensitive or unappreciated. It is important to be careful about offending others even inadvertently. The downside to Leo is its desire for constant attention. If this is not fulfilled, Leo can turn the room upside down in their quest for attention and respect. This is also a sign that does not like personal criticism.

The only aspect the Moon makes is its opposition to the Sun which happens every time we experience a full moon, so basically this moon is unaspected. Unaspected planets play out in their purest form with few boundaries, so this moon is PURE Leo for better or worse.

Sometimes unaspected planets go rogue and can play out their worst side. In the case of Leo that would include marked attention grabbing behavior that would make an impression. This is likely to play out in the world as well as our own lives and we may see plenty of grandstanding. If this is the case things will change when the moon enters practical and down to earth Virgo around 1PM on the East coast.

It’s interesting to note that on a Leo full moon we often hear news of royalty. According to reports Prince Andrew of the UK  has settled a widely publicized lawsuit with Virginia Giuffre who accused him sexual abuse when she was a teenager.


Tuesday, February 8, 2022

The US Pluto return: Shadows and light


Astrologers have been watching as we approach the first US Pluto return for years if not decades. The US will experience its first ever Pluto return which will be exact three times in 2022 including February 22nd, July 11th, and December 28th. Countries have birth charts just like people and while the above dates show us when this powerful transit is exact, the energy will be with us throughout 2022 and into 2023. The Pluto return will determine the future and the direction of the US for many years to come. Pluto falls at 27 degrees of Capricorn in the US chart and it was at this degree when the US became its own sovereign nation in 1776. In all actuality we have been experiencing the Pluto return since 2016 as Pluto has an orb of influence of 10 degrees which began at that time. As the Pluto return is exact this year the Plutonian energy will increase and we will see exactly where it is leading us; Will we succumb to a darker side of the collective psyche that includes racism, upheaval, violence, anger and control by a minority or will we rise up and reform what is broken and listen to the higher side of the collective psyche and our better angels?

Pluto rules that which lies beneath the surface which is now rising to the top and making itself known.  Pluto rules power, control, decay and destruction, nuclear power, upheaval of governments, terrorists and criminals, extremists, and resources. No country or society will experience a Pluto return before approximately 248 years which is how long it takes Pluto to circle the zodiac and return to its original placement at the birth of the country.

(Update 2-24) As the powerful Mars, Pluto, Venus conjunction approaches the US natal Pluto,  Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine February 23rd. The US along with other NATO countries have condemned this action, which was anticipated by the US government. The triple conjunction of the above mentioned planets becomes exact March 2nd, and clearly shows US involvement and interest in the outcome of the crisis. This will undoubtedly continue to cause volatility in the US stock market and other markets this year. It is highly probable gas prices will rise along with the cost of food due to Uranus in Taurus among other notable aspects.

Pluto is known for tearing down and destroying to create something new. Power can be unlocked, taken, abused and mishandled. It can also be relinquished. Pluto rules the shadow side of things and the darkness that is generally hidden until something causes it to surface. It does not go unnoticed at this time there is a push in some states to ban what certain legislators are referring to as ‘critical race theory,’ in schools. Wikipedia defines CRT as ‘a cross-disciplinary intellectual and social movement of civil-rights scholars and activists who seek to examine the intersection of race and law in the United States and to challenge mainstream America liberal approaches to racial justice. For example, the CRT conceptual framework is one way to study how and why US courts give more lenient punishments to drug dealers from some races than others.’

There are thousands of facts that support the idea that the US is deeply steeped in racism which began even before the US Constitution was written and continues to this day. Millions of Americans support racial equality in 2022 because it has not yet been completely achieved. So why now, CRT?  Pluto likes to obscure the facts, distort and control. The attempt to convince Americans the underside of America does not exist is a part of the Pluto return.  According to Pew research two thirds of Americans support racial equality and the BLM movement. The genie is out of the bottle and regardless of a desire to suppress the facts or outlaw certain books in the schools; the genie not be put back into the bottle. So, this really just becomes a hot button to stir up anger and divisiveness between political parties more so than anything else. This is simply one example of many issues we are facing with the Pluto return.

 Pluto falls in the 2nd house of the US chart which rules money, finances and values. Saturn ruled Capricorn represents the status quo, business, banks and the like. The US Saturn falls in the 10th house of the US chart.

 In mundane, or world astrology Saturn in the 10th house represents the Government and leadership of the country. At the time of this post, a majority of Republicans (according to polls) say they believe the Presidential election was stolen. Radical fringe groups are making a great deal of noise and coming out of the shadows; some of them threatening Civil War and supporting Russia and Vladimir Putin. The Republican Party of today has no focus other than to obstruct President Biden according to the words of the Senate majority leader. The Democratic Party and Biden agenda the majority voted for is being held hostage by two Democratic Senators. This too, falls under the shadow of Pluto and attempts to control  as opposed to serving the interests of the people and country. (undoubtedly though, some of those just mentioned would argue they are serving the country).

The January 6th committee is uncovering further information about those who tried to overturn the Presidential election through a coup and the actions they took to accomplish this. A former Speaker of the House (Newt Gingrich) is calling for those investigating the Capital insurrection to be jailed much like Putin calls for his opponents to be jailed in Russia. None of this is surprising as Pluto rules extremists and those with agendas who push their point of view.

Along with Covid we are experiencing a dysfunctional Congress, significant supply chain issues, inflation and a major attempt at voter suppression. Add to this increasing climate change and a potential war in Eastern Europe. Update: The war has begun as Putin entered Ukraine February 23rd) 

The Pluto return will certainly not be just one event but many including all of the above mentioned issues and much more before it is over. Democracy could fall at this time, or it could survive. Either way, over the next few years the US as a nation will be reborn based on where the collective places its true values and vote out those who are afraid of putting the country before their jobs and personal status as power brokers.

Some mature countries have experienced a Pluto return such as England which has experienced three Pluto return cycles with significant events at each return. On the other hand Rome began to lose its status as an empire after its 2nd Pluto return.  Egypt, India, Iran and Japan are among the oldest countries in the world and have survived a number of Pluto returns, but they have changed at each 250 year juncture in some way. Assyria, Persia, Greece, Rome, the Arab empire, Ottoman, Spain, Romanov Russia, and Britain were all empires at some point. The French Revolution occurred just after France’s 1st first Pluto return. The energy of a Pluto return will play out for a long period of time with lasting consequences for years to come.

While we have never experienced a Pluto return in the US we have experienced other hard aspects to Pluto which can give us a clue as to what more we can anticipate.

Transiting Pluto squared natal Pluto in the US chart between 1848-1850 when it was in Aries. At this time there was a cholera outbreak in Washington, President Zachery Taylor died along with former President James K Polk. Taylor was supported by ‘rough and ready’ political clubs of the day which held a nationalist political view and economic stance. Taylor died unexpectedly and Millard Fillmore became President. In 1848 the California Gold Rush created a great deal of wealth for some and the Mexican-American war occurred. In 1848 the US was in a recession to name only a few events at that time.

Transiting Pluto opposed the US Pluto 1936-37. Oil was found in Saudi Arabia, the “New Deal’ and its social safety nets came into being and FDR was re-elected. The ‘New Deal’ was focused on relief, recovery and reform.  In 1936 we were still dealing with the ‘Dust Bowl,’  issues related to poor farming practices. By 1936, all the main economic indicators had regained the levels of the late 1920s, except for unemployment, which remained high. In 1937, the American economy unexpectedly fell, lasting through most of 1938. Production declined sharply, as did profits and employment. Hitler rose to power in Europe but the US did not enter the war. Polio was epidemic causing half a million deaths a year at its peak in 1940.

We experienced another square to Pluto in 1982-83. The first cases of AIDs occurred in the US in 1981 so by 1882-83 it was becoming another endemic disease as US leaders remained silent and unresponsive to the issue. Weather disasters occurred with El Nino and encephalitis outbreaks occurred on the East Coast. Ronald Regan became President in January 1981 and 52 Iranian hostages were released. The US entered a severe recession from July 1981-82 and the first woman was appointed to the Supreme Court by Reagan.

These are only a few of the events that occurred during the hard transits of Pluto to Pluto. Pluto can bring about reforms and advances as well as destruction such as the ‘New Deal’ of the 1930’s which lead to eventual prosperity in the US. It is possible the ‘build back better’ plan could be such a reform if it is ever passed by Congress and the US has never needed it more as our infrastructure is deteriorating. 

In summation, we can glean some information from the hard Pluto transits to the natal US Pluto in terms of what to expect;

-political struggles 

-war or the potential for war 

-economic problems can almost be counted on as Pluto rules the 2nd house of money in the US chart

-disease and endemics have occurred on each Pluto-Pluto transit

-significant change is possible leading to greater prosperity and advancement of the collective, or change can take the form of destructive events that do the opposite. Either way, over the next few years the US as a nation will be reborn based on where the collective places its true values.

Lastly, it is important to mention the two other transits that will color the outcome of the US Pluto return. Throughout 2022 Saturn is square Uranus. Saturn-Uranus transits often deal with financial issues and a redistribution of wealth, attempts to overthrow the status quo, and tendencies that lean toward anarchy and fascism. According to the late Andre Barbault who made many significant predictions concerning WW11, fascist governments that come into existence at this time have the ability to remain in power for long periods of time.

The other aspect worth mentioning is transiting Neptune’s opposition to natal Neptune in the US chart and its square to the US natal Mars.

The US natal Neptune-Mars square can be considered a deeply creative or spiritual transit but it is also an aspect that creates suspicion and often misguided actions or mistrust. Since it falls in the US 9th house this can include certain foreign policy decisions.  It can also represent religion and extremist viewpoints, confusion, and lack of clarity or even misinformation. The 7th house represents the countries open enemies, relationships with other powers, international disputes and foreign trade. Transiting Neptune in Pisces is setting off the US Mars-Neptune square so we will see issues in all of the above mentioned areas. Neptune in mundane astrology rules fraud and swindles, plots and sedition, also Democratic liberalism, over confidence and oil. The last time transiting Neptune opposed the US Neptune and squared Mars was just before the US Civil war which was a time fraught with confusion and division. The 7th house also refers to 'open enemies' which certainly includes Russian along with other countries.

In his January retirement speech Supreme Court Judge Stephen Breyer reiterated the fact the US Founding Fathers described America as a ‘Great Experiment.’ Benjamin Franklin said ‘it’s a Republic if you can keep it.’  The Pluto return will show us that we can take nothing for granted, and we have a Republic only if we can keep it.

The US is due for a cosmic makeover during 2022 through its Pluto return.  We are at a turning point in history, and what the outcome will be depends on all of us.