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Monday, March 14, 2022

Jupiter conjunct Neptune; A global humanitarian response


Jupiter is moving toward its conjunction with Neptune which will be exact April 12th. Of course we are already feeling the effects of this energy and will continue to until Jupiter leaves Pisces for Aries on May 11th. Jupiter returns to Pisces to conjunct Neptune once more October 29th-December 20th. No one living at this time will experience this aspect again in our lifetime.

For the most part this should be a positive and creative type of energy, but there are certain pitfalls to avoid such as escapism, lack of clarity, substance abuse, self deception or looking at things through too rosy glasses.

This aspect occurs about every 12-13 years moving forward from one sign to the next. For example in 1907 which was the first conjunction of the century, Jupiter-Neptune was in Cancer and the last conjunction of the century was in 1997 in Aquarius. This century it began in Aquarius in 2009, and 13 years later or this year (2022), it will be in Pisces which is the second conjunction of the new century. The next conjunction will not be until 2034 in Aries. The last time Neptune was conjunct Jupiter in Pisces was 1856.

If Aries is the first sign of the zodiac representing new beginnings, Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac meaning some things will come to an end at this time both on a personal and global level as Pisces rules the 12th house of the zodiac or endings. Neptune places an emphasis on the collective mindset and the collective global power. Jupiter aims for peaceful exchanges and is expansive and humanitarian in nature. We will see a great deal of humanitarian efforts at this time.

While we may experience many beautiful moments personally with this aspect especially in regards to creativity, building our dreams, intuitive experiences and spirituality, this is a significant transit in the world as well.

Pisces rules spirituality and religion, creativity and the arts and most of all compassion. We can expect to see compassion play out in many forms around the world this spring but at the time of this post there is a huge outpouring of compassion  directed toward the war torn country of Ukraine that is being attacked by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s military. At the time of this blog the US alone has pledged 2.7 billion in military support along with relief from NATO and other countries as well. Countries bordering Ukraine have set up reception facilities to help the 2 million plus refugees who have fled their homeland and from all accounts are welcoming as many newly homeless individuals as they can. There have been reports of individuals giving their time and musical abilities to play for those who have crossed the borders and strangers are taking strangers into their homes while citizens all over the world morn for the losses Ukrainians are suffering and the compassion is evident as the world reacts to these tragic situations. Unfortunately, Neptune in Pisces relates to many displaced people in the world. Jupiter will bring aid, compassion and hope.

Some of the things we saw in 1856 will be replayed in 2022. For example, spiritualists and mediums came into vogue at this time.  Cholera and diphtheria deaths at this time fed a desire to communicate with lost loved ones. The esoteric arts are more popular than ever today and will continue to grow. Interest in astrology is increasing as evidenced by the many articles that show up in well known magazines online and in print.

Diphtheria was an extremely contagious disease, just as Covid is today. Neptune is strongly connected to infectious diseases and Jupiter expands whatever it touches. While Covid numbers are going down in March we are not yet out of the woods this spring and need to remain cautious.

In 1957 the Dred Scott decision made by the Supreme Court was significant news. Dred Scott was a Missouri slave who sued for freedom. This was an important issue of the day and it was believed the decision would settle the question of slavery making it legal or illegal. In March of 1857 the Court announced Dred Scott was a slave, and proceeded to make even more controversial rulings on the citizenship of blacks, the Missouri Compromise and legislative rights of Congress in the territories.

As Jupiter rules courts and the law controversial decisions are being made by the Supreme Court  and will continue in 2022; abortion, vaccine mandates, redistricting and guns to name only a few. The Supreme Court itself has become controversial due to political divides and in particular the politically charged appointments of some justices. 

There were certainly many individuals in 1857 who supported Dred Scott's desire to be free, as opposed to the Court’s decision that he remain a slave. Race is a major issue in the America of 2022 once again. On a side note however, this is not only due only to Jupiter-Neptune. Transiting Neptune is once again creating a t-square in the US chart; it is opposing the US natal Neptune and square Mars. The last time this aspect occurred was just before the Civil War. I am not in any way predicting another Civil War, but the US is polarized and we are certainly in a war of ideas at this time.

Oil is ruled by Neptune and as Jupiter expands whatever it touches the prices of oil have risen due to President Biden’s blockage of Russian oil, due to their assault on Ukraine. It is interesting to note the first oil well ever drilled in the world which produced oil was drilled in 1857 by the American Merrimac Company in southeast Trinidad. Neptune also rules nuclear events and there has certainly been concern over both an attempt by Putin to use nuclear weapons as well as the Russian takeover of Ukraine's nuclear power plants.

Other events that occurred in 1857 in Europe include the Vienna Monetary Treaty which set a currency standard for use in Germany, March 9th, President Joe Biden announced he is putting his support behind research and development of a US Central Bank of digital currency.

Art, theatre and music will likely take a turn for the better with this aspect as Neptune is associated with art, theatre and the performance arts.  In 1857 the impressionist movement was well under way which would herald the start of what we consider modern art.

Religion and spirituality will come into play with this aspect. Spirituality and religion are two different things and we can expect news of both and we may or may not agree with all we hear. All religious ideas will not click with all people, and some of the news may be about religious philosophies that are not popular in the West. The Taliban for example,  is described by Wikipedia as a ‘movement of religious individuals educated in traditional Islamic schools.’ Many of their ideas would not be tolerated in the US and are considered extremist. In all likelihood we will hear news regarding the Catholic Church that seems to be tied into this set of transits. The last time Jupiter opposed Neptune in September 2015 the current Pope visited the US and spent time in Washington, DC which was widely televised.

 This is an aspect that favors universal moral values according the late Andre Barbult who whose work was widely known in predicting events connects with WW11. Hopefully this is the right transit for the right time.

How does this affect your personal chart?

If you have any planets at 21-24 degrees of Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn or Pisces this aspect will touch your chart. What happens depends on what the aspect is doing and what else is in your chart. (You can call your local astrologer for more (

If you know your ascendant use this, otherwise your Sun sign.

Aries-Your secrets, mysteries, those things that are hidden from view and your subconscious mind.

Taurus-Your hopes, friendships and groups of all sorts including companies and teams.

Gemini-Career, status, your mission in life.

Cancer-Travel and education that may or may not be formal. Your world view.

Leo-Sexual and financial relationships with others. Change and transformation of some sort.

Virgo-Partnerships and potential court matters.

Libra-Work, body, mind and spirit, diets and taking care of your health.

Scorpio-Children, friendships, love matters.

Sagittarius-Home, family and your basic foundation in life.

Capricorn-Your thoughts and mind, your voice, co-workers and immediate family or those who come across in this manner.

Aquarius-Money, possessions and self esteem.

Pisces-Personal expansion in the world and benefit. 





Monday, March 7, 2022

Venus and Mars have entered Aquarius!


Expect a major energy shift now that Venus and Mars have ditched the sign Capricorn and moved into Aquarius March 5th-April 5th (Venus) and 15th. (Mars) Venus has been in Capricorn since early November due to its six week retrograde.  The planet of love and money will ented this sign just 7 minutes after action planet Mars enters Aquarius and the two planets that rule our love life will be conjunct or together for the next several days  and very close together the entire month of March. The last time Mars and Venus danced together in Aquarius was December of 2016.

Since Venus and Mars are in the same sign the next four weeks can present new opportunities for those looking to meet someone special. Libra or those born under a Libra ascendant could benefit in particular as both Venus and Mars will transit their 5th house of love increasing opportunities to meet someone new. Other signs that could benefit include Leo, Aries, Gemini and Sagittarius.

While Venus was in Capricorn the energies was focused on practical responsibilities concerning love, work and money, and Capricorn is not a light hearted sign. Venus in Aquarius is unpredictable if not changeable as Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus, the planet of unexpected change. Aquarius is a fixed Air sign so energy moves more slowly and can be resistant to change. Air signs bring a logical and detached approach to matters and operate from this basis rather than an emotional one. Aquarius is steadfast in terms of protecting individuality and does not change to follow trends, fads or the latest rage unless it is convinced this presents a better opportunity for all.

Words that describe Aquarius include humanitarian, quirky, freedom loving and eccentric. During this transit of Venus we can expect to operate from a more idealistic point of view and put friendships first before romance or love. Communication may not be especially romantic and could seem much more detached.

Freedom is all important to Venus Aquarius. You may not want to be confined or feel too tied down and may be more open to unusual friendships and hanging out with people who are different from your usual social circle. You will be interested in ideas outside the box, forming your own opinions, and more interested in making new friendships with unusual people.

With Venus and Mars in this sign we desire new experiences and the heart often desires more space to roam. The drive for more freedom can take many different forms including the right to be exactly who we are as tolerance is one of Aquarius’s greatest gifts. It’s all up to you how far you take this energy. This Venus placement can be highly social with a bent toward new experiences. You may find that you gravitate toward unusual individuals who are different from the norm and unorthodox experiences.

We will experience a month of moving away from what is tried and true to make room for the new, the unusual and the experimental.  Unusual relationships may seem the norm for this time.

Venus in Aquarius can’t stand to be bored. Aquarius is a highly social sign that likes to experiment with and experience the untried, unusual and different types of friendships, relationships and social experiences. Venus Aquarius is the time to get out, mingle and exchange conversation and ideas with others and stretch your thinking.

We don’t have to go solo with the Venus in this sign and are typically happy to be a part of a group as long as we don’t have to conform to group norms or lose our own identities in the process.  So go ahead, be yourself and have some fun. Aquarians make great, albeit at times quirky friends.

On a global level we can expect this sign to bring about a greater interest in humanity, personal freedoms and those trapped in the war in Ukraine. Aquarius is also connected with wars and explosive actions so we will see many unpredictable twists and turns as the month goes on.

Now will be the time to chill out from all of the heavy Capricorn energy that began in 2021 and then took a detour with the Venus retrograde. Relax, and take the time to view the world and your social life from a different perspective and you will make the best possible use of Venus and Mars in Aquarius. Most of all get in touch with what you really want and don’t be afraid to take a different approach.