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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The Astrology of 2019 and what it means

Some years are more significant than others in terms of planetary alignments and their affects. 2019 is such a year and we will see many shifts personally, collectively and even historically. At certain times in history the individual takes precedence and other times the collective experience becomes especially important. Some of these times I refer to include the US Civil War, the two world wars, the Dust bowl and Depression of the 1930's and periods such as this which end up in the history books. Of course this does not mean  you should not always focus on moving your own life forward to the best of your ability to achieve your hopes and dreams, personal to every individual. But, we are all rapidly moving toward the harsh Saturn-Pluto conjunction of January 2020. This and the approaching year is a dangerous time in the world which will bring political, geo-political, financial and Earth/weather related changes collectively, and of course some individuals will experience more challenges than others.

With Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, Cardinal signs in particular have been and will experience major change over the next several years: Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn, or those with planets in these signs.

Nations like people have birth charts and the United States is a Cancer nation. I use the Sibley natal chart which places the ascendant of the US at 12 degrees of Sagittarius. This places transiting Saturn and Pluto in the US second house of money, opposing the 8th house of taxes, taxpayer money, foreign investment and transnational companies for a number of years. The 8th house also rules public mortality, death and national death, or rebirth and renewal of the country. This means we will see a greater focus on finance, banks, money and debt. Saturn and Pluto together in Capricorn is a restrictive transit and often indicative of shortages, crime and abuse of power that will be challenged. The economy will slow down  and at worst, a recession could be indicated.

The Sun in any nations chart rules the government or specifically the sovereign body-the King/Queen, Prime Minister or President.
Saturn in Capricorn will oppose the US Sun in 2019, indicating issues and potential changes with the US President, the economy and as the Sun falls in the 7th house of the US chart, courts and those considered 'open enemies' of the United States. This will occur for the first time January 15-24, and again in September. 

This transit places severe obstacles in the way of the President, and Mr. Trump will face serious legal jeopardy in 2019 involving finances, his children and the women the American people and the world now know he paid to keep quiet. Resignation or serious calls for impeachment now become a greater reality, and this period will begin with, if not before the solar eclipse of January 5, 2019.

That said, the Sun is also the vital core of any person or entity, and to say this period is good for the country would not be correct, regardless of anything that will happen with the President, or anyone's feelings about the current government. America as a nation, will face some severe challenges in 2019.

Jupiter, the planet of gain and expansion is also in its own sign: Sagittarius making it very powerful as well.  This sign is typically forward looking and expansive, and Sagittarius rules the 9th house of world view, travel, higher education, foreign people and places. It will benefit Sagittarius and all other fire and air signs the most, or those with planets in fire and air in their own charts.

Jupiter will square Neptune on several occasions during 2019. The first square occurs throughout January, and is exact January 12-16. It will re-occur June 16-22, and the third week of September, although it is not exact, but within 1 degree. Transits do not have to be exact to have an effect.

This can be a feel good kind of energy but it is wise not to over anticipate as it is a often smoke and mirrors we are really dealing with. In the collective we can expect more scandals to emerge and Jupiter rules the Republican party and is also the planet of finance. We will see some convoluted situations, and scandals, and we can only hope someone capable is looking after the money and the financial welfare of the nation.

We will see a continuation of the disinformation and propaganda we have seen over the past several years. We can also expect to hear news concerning education and colleges, clergy, priests, religion, water related weather incidents and potential disease. This transit can also represent theft. Another major hack? It is certainly possible among other serious crimes.

This can be a very psychic, creative and spiritual energy but must be treated wisely as Neptune is the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion. Question all contacts or projects that begin during these periods and let them withstand the test of time before assuming they are final. In other words, question all things and read the contract if you commit to something.

On December 3, Jupiter moves into Capricorn, the ruler of the 4th house of home and family until late December 2020. Over the next year Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will all be in Capricorn.
Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions occur every 20 years and represent a major new cycle in world events and history.

Capricorn and earth signs will benefit from this placement as well as some water signs, and those with planets in Earth/Water.

Migration or large numbers of displaced and downtrodden people will continue to be a problem for the world as their numbers increase. There will some movement toward compassion for these people as Jupiter squares Neptune and Saturn sextiles Neptune in 2019. When Neptune entered Pisces I wrote there would be large groups or poor and displaced populations. Neptune was last in Pisces during and before the US Civil war and there were large groups of displaced people during those years as well, before, during and after the end of the war.

Mars moves from laid back Pisces to Aries on New Year's eve which will make a huge shift in energy and action during the final hours of 2018. Mars in Aries makes action aggressive and at time forceful. It is considered at its dignity or at home in this sign making this placement very powerful and will remain here until February 15. Aries rules the first house of self, and people will be focused on self interests which they will pursue actively if not at times, aggressively.

New Year's Day the Sun conjuncts Saturn and this is not a light hearted transit for New Year's day but a rather somber, reflective or serious transit.

As Mars is in Aries and four other planets are in Capricorn, expect many planetary clashes in January, which will create tension, change and even anger, and these clashes will play out collectively and personally. January 21-22 and February 14-15 stand out as some of the more significant days, and Cardinal signs will experience more challenges than others.

Eclipses are like light posts showing us the way, or the themes of the year. We will experience 5 eclipses in 2019, 4 of them in Cancer-Capricorn. This tells us home, work and our personal and collective foundation will be our focus as well as security issues, our emotional and home life, and the homeland itself in 2019.

The first is a solar eclipse at 15 degrees in Capricorn on January 5. Capricorn rules the 10th house of business and priorities and we can expect news of big business, banks and the economy. This is a significant eclipse as it is conjunct Saturn and Pluto. Saturn can relate to endings, responsibilities, ambition and things from the past, or it can contribute to emotional depression and insecurity. 

Pluto rules things that are secret and hidden, sex, power and the abuse of power. Uranus turns direct January 6, at 28 degrees of Aries, signaling major if not surprising events in the world, and unexpected twists and turns in our own lives as this becomes part of the eclipse energy.This moon also sextiles Neptune and while sextiles are generally positive we could hear misinformation that could be easily believed. The Moon's sextile to Neptune can be creative, spiritual and compassion can be given or received, and we will see this play out in the world as well.
The companion lunar eclipse is a full Moon, and it is a Supermoon, falling on January 21, at 0 degrees of Leo. Supermoons are associated with heightened intensity and weather or earth related events such as earthquakes.

Leo rules the 5th house of children, friends, and creativity. While the solar eclipse will be a somber affair, Leo is a fire sign and energies will be significantly different and many will be focused on love, children or fun.

Mars squares Pluto on this eclipse, the transit of cruelty, frustration, blocks and change and regeneration.
At best Mars square Pluto can bring change and re-birth of a situation but it is not an easy transit and many people will seem to be or actually be angry. Mars-Saturn creates blocks and frustration, and this becomes part of the eclipse energy.

July 2, a solar eclipse occurs at 10 degrees of Cancer. Cancer rules the 4th house of home, family and foundation, or homeland. Cancer is the most emotional of signs and rules our emotional life. With an orb of 7 degrees it will oppose Saturn, and responsibilities or endings can be forefront. This eclipse falls on the Sun (President) in the US chart and squares Saturn signifying stress in the country, the Congress and potential endings of some type.

The July 16, eclipse is a lunar eclipse falling at 24 degrees of Capricorn. This moon is conjunct Pluto (and Saturn), and conjuncts Pluto in the US chart, opposing Mercury. This signifies issues relating to money, the economy, big business, and misuse of power. Public mortality could come into play and there could be a significant death or deaths during this eclipse or the eclipse in Cancer. We will hear news of young people and the press. Business, money and security will be a focus.

The final solar eclipse of the year occurs December 26, and is also in Capricorn at 4 degrees. This Moon is conjunct Jupiter (in Capricorn) and will lighten the mood considerably. We could hear news with Jupiter related themes: travel, foreigners, the law, politics, medicine and religion.

We will be concerned with business, money, our foundation and security issues throughout 2019.

Uranus will compete its final transit in Aries and move into Taurus March 6, where it will spend the next 7 years. Uranus entered Aries March of 2011, and it has been a time of promoting self interests, geo-political change and volatility as signified by Aries ruler, Mars which astrologers call the 'God of War'.  February-early March Uranus is at the critical 29th degree or the Anaretic degree. There is a desire for freedom, independence and breaking free of many things and situations. We will see crisis in the world, as well as indecision.  Collectively and individually we will be focusing on putting something to rest in order to begin anew.

When an outer planet like Uranus shifts from 29 degrees to 0 degrees of a new sign major change occurs typically of a critical nature, so we can expect to see major crisis and change in the collective. For example, Uranus (in Taurus) re-entered Aries November 6, (2018) and we saw a major shift in US Congress and government. When Uranus was at 29 degrees of Pisces, (Pisces/Neptune rule oceans) about to shift into Aries in 2010, we saw the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and we will see critical events in the world at the time of this major shift.

Uranus in Taurus will focus on finances, wealth, money and the state of the earth itself for many years in the future. We will no longer be able to ignore climate change and its obvious damaging results. During the last cycle of Uranus in Taurus, (June 1934-May 1942) major Earth changes occurred in terms of the 'Dust bowl,' an era of severe dust storms that damaged agriculture and economy of the American and Canadian prairies. It was caused by severe drought and failure to apply dryland farming methods to prevent wind erosion. The soil turned to dust and formed back clouds called black blizzards that killed livestock and humans and caused tens of thousands of farm families to flee these areas.  In 1936 the catastrophic losses reached 25 million dollars a day, before they came to understand and correct the cause.

While Uranus in Aries has affected the Cardinal signs, Uranus in Taurus will have a greater affect on the Fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Many changes will occur over the next 7 years with those in each of these signs, or who have planets in Fixed signs.

We will not have the number of retrograde planets we had in 2018, so many things will move forward this year, rather than laterally as they did in 2018. During 2018 as many as 7 planets were retrograde at one time. Mars and Venus will not retrograde in 2019 but Mercury will retrograde three times:

March 5-25 in Pisces

July7-August 2 in Leo/Cancer

November 2-19 in Scorpio

Things go haywire on a retrograde Mercury, communication is interfered with, machines break down, and it is not a time to begin new projects, get married or buy high ticket items. As Mercury retrogrades we are often put in a position of re-accessing or re-doing rather than starting new ventures. New projects that begin on a retrograde Mercury often fail or have to be re-worked when the planet of communication turns direct. Retrograde Mercury is part of the natural cycle of life.

Saturn will sextile Neptune in Pisces/Capricorn, and the first pass of this positive transit occurs January 24-Feburary 10. The transit is exact again June 15-22, and is within a 1 degree orb in November. It is within close orb much of the year, meaning it will be a prominent influence.

You can makes your dreams come true with hard work and a realistic approach which will come with ease. Patience and self discipline can coincide without difficulty, compassion can intertwine with concrete actions and events and many will experience solid spiritual support or encouragement.

You can become attracted to groups, clubs and organizations that share your interests, and charities, welfare groups and other philanthropic organizations can see gain.

This transit can be associated with acquiring or building a 'dream home.'

Groups associated with building, and conservation matters may become successful.

In 2019:
Pluto is in Capricorn, 20-23 degrees
Neptune is in Pisces, 13-18 degrees
Uranus is in Aries/Taurus, 1-6 degrees
Saturn is in Capricorn, 11-21 degrees
Jupiter is in Sagittarius/Capricorn
Mars transits through 8 signs, Aries-Scorpio

Here's wishing you and yours a happy and prosperous 2019!

Monday, December 3, 2018

Mars conjunct Neptune: strange happenings, unusual events

Mars conjuncts Neptune and this transit is exact December 6-7. The New Moon on December 7, will square these planets and this will be a powerful combination.

Mars is in Pisces, Neptune's sign, and Neptune is currently in Pisces. Mars-Neptune energy typically doesn't go very well together, as Neptune rules the ethereal, and Mars the ego.

Depending on how you are wired this transit will affect differently people, differently. The combination can be romantic for some, and delusional, upsetting or paranoid for others. Others may show or receive great compassion and it could manifest as spiritual awareness or creativity at best.
Neptune is the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion, and Mars conjunction (planets are together at 13 degrees of Pisces) can set off dreams, delusions, creativity and compassion. If you are dealing with an issue it may not be as bad as you think. You will know more after this energy passes. Dreams may seem vivid and psychic abilities enhanced.

Don't take all information at face value you encounter at this time, it may not be correct.

Now, add to this transit Mar's square to the Sun and Neptune, which will build in energies December 4th/5th. Sun-Mars is energetic and aggressive, and Mars-Neptune is confusing, tiring and portends to a lack of clarity.

Mercury turns direct December 6, and things may get worse before they get better. As Mercury reverses course, new information is revealed, and sometimes things change their course once again.

This is a convoluted several days, and it may take a few days to see all things for what they really are.

The New Moon falls on December 7, at 15 degrees of Sagittarius and this moon squares Neptune and Mars amping up the convoluted energy already in the sky. Moon-Mars transits are associated with burnout, anger, and upset. Moon/ Neptune transits are associated with insecure feelings, lack of clarity and confusion, and issues with women.

Of course this energy will play out in the world. We may see water weather related conditions, issues with gas and chemicals, oceans, scandals and deceptions, issues or scandals concerning same sex couples, anger, lack of clarity and transparency in politics and lies. Displaced people may also be in the news.

Monday, November 19, 2018

December 2018 astrology

As we begin December, retrograde Mercury is in its final week of the retrograde period in heavy and intense Scorpio. It turns direct at 27 degrees of Scorpio on December 6. Around this time situations and personal directions may change again, new information can be revealed and unexpected situations can show themselves before Mercury gets back to normal. The planet of communication will then re-enter lighter and more expansive Sagittarius December 12, where it will spend the rest of the month. After a year of unusually intense retrograde planets causing delays and obstacles by January 6, 2019,  every planet astrologers use are in direct motion and we will start out 2019 with all systems on go.

Venus enters Scorpio December 2, where it will remain through the first week of January. Venus was in Scorpio during September and October and went through a six week retrograde period, shaking up love, relationships and money. Changes were made, some of them unexpected, and now we may revisit issues or situations that began but were stalled in October.

Venus in Scorpio will be the last blast of Scorpio energy in 2018. Scorpio rules the 8th house of sex, change/transformation and other people's money. 

Venus here is intense and can hold a grudge, but this should nevertheless work well for Water signs. It has bounced between Scorpio and Libra since August, and is still officially in the post retrograde shadow period until December 19. By this point whatever changes were in store to happen have occurred and we won't have to deal with another retrograde Venus for 18 months.

December's New Moon falls at 15 degrees of Sagittarius December 7. Mars is conjunct Neptune creating fog, confusion and lack of clarity. Mars and Neptune do not blend well as Mars rules the ego and Neptune the unconscious. We could be dealing with unknown factors and very unclear situations, and astrologers call Neptune the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion. The new Moon squares this powerful transit and this creates a clash. As Mercury has just turned direct, this can generate even more confusion and I would advise not making important decisions or jumping to conclusions until a few days go by and the fog clears. On the upside we may see creativity and compassion for others and my advice is to place your focus here.

The winter solstice is the shortest day and longest night of the year and it falls on December 21, at 5:23 PM, EST. At this moment the Sun enters Capricorn for the next 29 days and winter is officially here.

December's full moon falls on December 22, at 0 degrees of Cancer. This moon will set the tone for the rest of the holiday season, and Cancer rules the 4th house of home, family and is the most emotional of signs. Mercury is conjunct Jupiter and this provides a light and optimistic energy but can be prone to overdoing things! Venus trine Neptune is generally positive, romantic and upbeat.

December 31, Mars enters Aries, known as the 0 degree world point which can coincide with significant events. Energy changes from an inner to outer manifestation in our lives as well as the world over the next six weeks. Mars at 0 degree of Aries is oriented to the world at large, and can represent a spectacular outrush of energies in the collective. As Aries is a Cardinal sign energies will increase in pace and be changeable. Aries rules the first house or ourselves, and many people will be attempting to put their personal agenda into motion as we enter the new year. 

Those most affected will be Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn. As this is a significant change of energy on New Year's eve be careful if you are out and about as this is worthy of attention.

Some of the more significant dates in December include:
December 2, the Sun trines Mars-positive and energetic.
December 5, the Sun squares Neptune. This can be tiring, if not confusing energy.
December 16, Venus sextiles Saturn. Positive more money, getting things done, people and things from the past.
December 17, Mars sextiles Pluto. Positive and energetic for group activities, easily getting to the bottom of situations through conversation.
December 20, The Sun trines Uranus. electric energy, new opportunities and ways of doing things.
December 24, Mercury squares Neptune. Intuitive and compassionate for some, can be tiring.
December 28, Venus sextiles Pluto. Expressive, feelings will be deep and conversations will not be shallow.
Here's wishing you and yours the happiest of holidays and a very Happy and prosperous New Year.

Full Moon on Black Friday

This month's full moon falls at 0 degrees of Gemini on November 23, close to midnight and in time for the US Thanksgiving holiday. It is a powerful but convoluted full moon.

Gemini rules communication, travel, computers, young people and its planetary ruler is Mercury, which is retrograde and square Neptune. Many retrograde screw ups could occur on this moon, and confusion should be expected!

Mercury-Neptune transits relate to confusion, lack of clarity and lies.  All you hear may not be true, and some people may change their mind on issues or say they committed to one course of action when they did not (or vice versa).

The Moon opposes the Sun and Jupiter, and Moon-Jupiter has a tendency to over promise or blow things out of proportion, although it can be positive.

The bigger picture is this moon squares Mars, the 'God of War'.

As the Moon rules women and family, issues may arise at family gatherings, and more than a few may blame Mom for something. Interactions can be intense, and people may seem agitated and upset.

Of course, Black Friday, the consumer driven 'holiday' will be special this year, with retrograde Mercury and this full Moon. Can you imagine the Christmas gifts that will be sent back? People could also get nasty trying to get what or to where they want.

Outside of this and all kidding aside, this full moon presents its challenges with a square to Mars. The 0 degree Moon is a powerful aspect and it would be easy to set off an argument, and care should be exercised in communication with others. Men and women may not communicate well.

This moon will play out on the world stage in terms of important and volatile news we will hear over these few days. We will be lucky if we don't hear of violence as we so often do these days. Mars rules young men, guns, police and weapons and the Moon rules women.