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Friday, September 10, 2021

Venus enters Scorpio


September 10th, Venus leaves Libra and enters Scorpio where it remains until October 7th, and love energy changes once again. Venus in Libra is 'lighter,' and Libra generally seeks balance and harmony whereas Scorpio is more intense, and can be considered heavier or even obsessive in nature. Love is a serious matter to those with Venus in Scorpio, as is money, and Venus rules both along with our values.

No sign is better than another but a planet can be better placed where it operates easily and more smoothly. Venus in Scorpio is considered ‘at its detriment,’ by astrologers which means it doesn’t operate as easily as in does in other signs and the energy can misbehave, so to speak, and so can we!

 Venus in the signs is a matter of love styles more than anything. If you were born with a Venus in Scorpio your approach to love will be far different from a Venus in Libra or Cancer or any other sign for that matter.

Venus in Scorpio can attract others with their intensity and a willingness to make commitments. Feelings run deep, but at times they can display jealousy or a desire to dominate.

Venus in Scorpio can become so intense that at worst some could feel obsessively entangled with someone they may not even know that well. Since Scorpio is water sign feelings and emotions can seem overpowering and this can be difficult for some, especially for Fire and Air signs.

Scorpio is known as the sexiest of the twelve signs and for Scorpio sex is at the top of the list. Scorpio is complex and craves intimacy like air but they are not always open in terms of what they should tell or express to their lover. Scorpio is secretive in nature and can be looking for power over his/her lover or to use sex to manipulate those feelings. Venus in Scorpio will bring intensity and passion to the bedroom. Scorpio considers sex personal, erotic and necessary to emotional survival. Feelings run deep, but at times Scorpio can display fiery jealousy with a touch of revenge. Once burned, Venus in Scorpio never forgets, and can spend years dwelling on someone they feel hurt by.

On the other hand Venus in this sign can be a magical and passionate time that you never forget. Loyalty is important to Venus in Scorpio and it is typically reciprocated. Scorpio can have a wonderful ability to heal and regenerate both yourself and others.

Several dates will be important during Venus’s transit through Scorpio.

September 17th Venus squares Saturn. This can be a tiring transit and issues in relationships or with money may surface. A breakup of some sort can occur if this aspects an important point in your chart, but is typically not serious enough to cause one otherwise. Work and responsibility may rule the day rather than love and social matters, as Saturn likes to focus on what must be done. This aspect can make you feel lonely, shy, unloved or unappreciated but if this is the case, this energy will pass within 25 hours so it is nothing to take seriously or act on.

September 23rd Venus opposes Uranus but the energy will be felt the day before. This can be a pleasant and exciting day filled with change and new opportunities, or it can be a day fraught with unexpected changes and unsettling news. Uranus is the planet associated with sudden and unexpected events and new and bold ways of approaching things.  Again, it depends on how this aspects your personal chart but Uranus wants us to experience new possibilities that are typically outside the box. Go with the flow on this day and take advantage of all opportunities and changes that come your way, but be aware sometimes things that occur on Uranus transits disappear as quickly as they began. You could be concerned with money matters on this day, and we often see changes in the financial markets when this aspect occurs.