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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

August 2018: 6 planets retrograde, a dramatic eclipse, two positive trines

August begins with a volatile Mars transit, and both Mars and Mercury are retrograde slowing things down, uncovering situations and creating frustration. Much of the month between 5 and 6 planets will remain retrograde. 2018's final eclipse will occur August 11 in Leo, and Saturn will trine Uranus giving us a much needed break in terms of some more positive and less volatile energy. Jupiter will also trine Neptune, and this is positive, creative, compassionate and spiritual energy which seems much needed with all of the harsher aspects that have occurred this summer.

Mars square Uranus becomes exact on August 1, at 2 degrees of Aquarius/Taurus. This transit will weaken over the next two weeks but be in effect until Mars re-enters Capricorn August 12.

We experienced this transit mid-May when Uranus entered Taurus, and Mars entered Aquarius. This time however, Mars is retrograde, making it very powerful, frustrating and angry.

This is a potentially violent and volatile transit, leading to unexpected incidents in the world and or personal lives if we are not careful. In May when this occurred we saw clashes and deaths in Gaza due to the opening of the American Embassy in Jerusalem. We also saw the eruption of the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii, among many other things.
We could hear shocking news, ecological disasters and unexpected events.
Mars rule police, guns, and young men, and Uranus can also rule aircraft (crashes).
In our own personal lives we need to proceed with caution as issues can become blown out of proportion and bigger than we expected with this energy. Uranus rules separation and change and  some will make sudden, or not so sudden departures from their norm and routines. Relationships can suffer as Uranus rules freedom, and this is an impetus for change if the relationship is not meeting the needs of both parties.

This energy will remain very powerful through August 3rd. It will retrograde several more degrees backward (making it slightly less intense) but basically the energy will be with us until Mars re-enters Capricorn on August 12.

You will be personally affected f you have fixed planets-Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius at 1-3 degrees in your chart.

Mars will remain at 29-28 degrees of Capricorn August 12-September 11, when it re-enters Aquarius in direct motion and we will repeat the same Mars cycle all over again that began on May 17. Most of 2018 Mars will remain in two signs, Capricorn and Aquarius.

Mars remains retrograde until August 27, when it turns direct at 28 degrees of Capricorn. (Happy days are here again!) While retrograde Mars lends itself toward slowdowns in work and activities, relationships can seem to go backward at times (Mars rules men), we experience low energy and more frustration. Health matters can be exaggerated if Mars hits a critical juncture in your chart and you have a health issue.

During August Saturn will trine Uranus at 2 degrees of Capricorn-Taurus August 13-September 20.  This represents a positive change in energy as change itself will not be so erratic or upsetting.

The energy will be reflected in the world and our personal lives, as always. Saturn and Uranus are opposing forces with Saturn as authority and structure and Uranus as rebellious and progressive. At this time these two energies can be combined effectively and without stress.

Saturn involves the old, and Uranus the new, and at this time the two can be combined harmoniously and this is a positive time for group activity and stability.

This can be a time of increased responsibility and greater freedom, especially for Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, or those who have planets in the early degrees of these signs in their natal charts.

While Uranus tends to create sudden and upsetting change, during this time change can occur in an easier and more methodical manner, and changes undertaken now can have a lasting base for the future, especially after 

Mercury and Mars turn direct. Best to save important changes until then.
The eclipse season is not yet over, and the third and final eclipse of 2018 occurs on August 11.

This is another solar eclipse (New Moon) that falls at 18.42 degrees of Leo, the sign ruing the fifth house of love, friends, entertainment and children.
Eclipses are like wildcards, and one of the ways we learn how and what we need to change and evolve. An eclipse can seem good or bad, depending on what it aspects in your personal chart, and often an eclipse is dramatic, or reveals important information if it aspects a significant point in your own chart/life.  An eclipse often brings news pertaining to life's biggest events. The energy of an eclipse can go for months and in some cases years.
Almost always unexpected information comes to light and at this time something may be eclipsed completely out of your life, or into your life. Eclipses can bring positive or negative events depending on what it aspects in your personal chart.
As Venus squares Saturn August 10, this becomes part of the eclipse energy and relationships that are tottering on the edge may take  turn for the worse or end all together. Other situations may end as well. Healthy and positive relationships will remain. Venus square Saturn can make is feel unattractive, unloved, lonely, tired, underappreciated, and at times bad behavior could come into play. You may expect too much of your friends, and when your expectations are not met great misunderstandings may occur.
We could see endings play out in a public way and/or we could see changes in the financial markets among other things.
Other transits of significance include:
August 6-Venus enters Libra. Venus in this sign is more romantic, peaceful and partner oriented than Virgo. Venus is comfortable and considered at home in this sign.
The Sun squares Jupiter which is typically considered positive, but things can be blown out of proportion or overdone.
August 7, Uranus turns stationary retrograde.
While retrograde, Uranian energies are more bottled up, and the individual becomes aware of the need for change or revolution.  When Uranus turns direct those energies can be acted upon, seemingly in an unexpected manner. Events involving Uranus often seem shocking, but they are often the inevitable result of a situation, and transits involving Uranus often wake us up to what is really occurring in our lives. Uranus retrogrades every year, and turns direct again January 6, 2019.
As Uranus retrogrades it will move from Taurus back into Aries for one more swing in this sign November 6-May 7. This will be the final pass Uranus will make in Aries for anyone reading this blog.
As of August 7, 6 out of 10 planets are retrograde.
Venus trines Mars, and this is a good day for social, business and romantic activities.
August 8, the Sun conjuncts Mercury. This is considered a 'willful' transit and agitation and anger can be easily set off.
August 9, Venus squares Saturn. As we are in the energy of the solar eclipse this can be a powerful transit. Some may feel discouraged, unloved, and depressed. Some relationships or other situations may end and this is not positive for financial transactions.
August 11, Solar eclipse in Leo
August 12, Mars re-enters Capricorn
August 18, Mercury sextiles Venus. This is a light, positive and upbeat transit.
August 19, Mercury turns stationary direct at 11 degrees of Leo. Over the next few days, direction may change once again, and more glitches may occur as the planet of communication begins to move forward once again.
August 19, Jupiter trines Neptune and this transit is exact. This is the final pass of this transit which is creative, compassionate and spiritual in nature. If you are or have a water sign at 14-18 degrees in your chart this will form a grand trine in your chart, which is positive can bring unique opportunities during this time. The world needs creativity and compassion and now is the time for these characterizes to be displayed. Dreams may be vivid over the next few weeks, and there may be a greater interest in metaphysical subjects. We could near news of religion, the Vatican, or other spiritual or religious institutions, and this transit may be reflected in movies and TV shows during this time.
August 23, The Sun enters Virgo. Virgo represents the mutable sign of summer, where weather begins to change. Virgo is far different from fun loving Leo and rules the sixth house of health, service and work.
August 25, the Sun trines Uranus. This is positive and a day to take new approached and looks at new ways of visualizing and doing things.
August 26, the last full Moon of the summer falls at 3 degrees of Pisces. Pisces rules the 12th house of the subconscious mind, endings and things secret and hidden. As Venus squares Pluto issues may become intense, obsessive, argumentative and many may search to get to the bottom of the of some type of question they deem important.
August 27,  Mars turns stationary direct at 27 degrees of Capricorn.
August 28, Mercury squares Jupiter. Generally positive but many things may be blown out of proportion.
Summary: It's been a difficult summer for many with three volatile and difficult eclipses, Uranus's shift into Taurus from Aries, and Mars retrograde in Aquarius along with Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. August starts out with a bang with the Mars-Uranus square and a dramatic eclipse on August 11. As Mars re-enters Capricorn August 12, things should begin to calm down as Mars is in the sign ruled by Saturn. Mercury turns direct August 19, and Mars turns direct August 27 and things and situations that were stuck will start to move forward. With the fast moving planets direct, along with the Saturn-Uranus trine and Jupiter-Neptune trine we should end the month in a far calmer and better place than we started.  

Monday, July 30, 2018

Unpredictable square: Mars-Uranus

We are in a period where most people are dealing with some kind of problem, loss or issue, and the energy is not going to shift immediately. That's not to say good things can't happen, and things will be smoother for some than others.
First of all we are in the eclipse season. The eclipse of July 27, was powerful and volatile. We will experience another solar eclipse in Leo August 11.
Mars is retrograde, and very powerful. In Aquarius it rules the collective and there will be surprises in the future. It plays out in the world, and of course our personal lives.
Mars is square Uranus this week and this is unpredictable, explosive, and hard to handle energy, that will last through the first week of August
Caution is required with energy like this, especially as we approach the eclipse mid-month.
On the upside, many people will make changes that can be positive, forward thinking and unique, and break away from that which has become stale and outworn.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Unpredictable lunar eclipse July 27

The second eclipse of summer is a lunar eclipse that falls at 4 degrees of Aquarius, July 27-28. The lunar peak occurs in the US at 4:20PM, EDT, although it is not visible. This is a total lunar eclipse that will last 103 minutes, making it the longest of this century.
Eclipses are like wildcards, and one of the ways we learn how and what we need to change and evolve. An eclipse can seem good or bad, depending on what it aspects in your personal chart, and often an eclipse is dramatic, or reveals important information if it aspects a significant point in your own chart/life. An eclipse often brings news pertaining to life's biggest events.
With an eclipse we have both endings and beginnings. A solar eclipse is more like a new beginning, and it is always a new moon. A lunar eclipse can bring more news of endings, and is associated with a full moon. Almost always, unexpected information comes to light and, at this time, something may be eclipsed completely out of your life, or into your life.
Eclipse in Aquarius
This eclipse is in Aquarius, which rules the 11th house of the collective, friends, groups, as well as hopes and wishes. The collective will come into play, and events can occur that pertain to us as a whole, or within your personal collective group or organization.
The planetary rulers of Aquarius are Saturn and Uranus. Uranus is known to bring the unexpected. An Aquarius eclipse is time to reach out and try something new. Aquarius is about trying new and different situations which can attain different results.
An eclipse like this one last occurred in July, 1999. If you are old enough to remember what happened then, you may have some idea of what this eclipse may bring you on a personal level.
How Other Planets Come Into Play
The Moon conjunct Mars is the strongest influence of this eclipse and can make you feel that you are ready to take the initiative in many areas of your life. On the other hand this can create irritation, anger or frustration toward women, family members or those closest in your life. It may be difficult to control emotions at this time, and if you remain in an agitated state and you can act irrationally or without thinking. Others could act this way toward you. It is important to remember this is not the time to push controversial issues, and emotional control is important.
The Sun opposes Mars. This can be an energetic transit and you can experience a busy time. Sun-Mars is associated with sex, personal initiative, and the other side of this is anger, agitation, bossiness and frustration. You could also experience this in your relationships with others. As the Sun rules the ego, many people may be unwilling to compromise of back down on issues.
Mars is retrograde, and this can create an excessive amount of frustration, and sometimes anger. As Mars retrogrades we often experience delays or have to back track rather than move forward. If you struggle with some destructive issue or behavior you may have to admit change is needed at this time. Health matters can sometimes take longer to resolve. As Mars rules men, they often seem to go 'retrograde.'
This eclipse (Moon) squares Uranus. This can create rapid mood swings, changes in mood and attitude, restlessness and unpredictable behavior from yourself or others. You could create or experience an emotional outburst within yourself or from others and this transit creates a fluid and changeable atmosphere. Uranus is connected with explosions and explosive circumstances, shocks and surprises. Some situations and relationships may suddenly end as Uranus is connected with a desire for freedom.
The Moon, Mars and the Sun square Uranus. This creates what is called a t-square whereby the energies of three planets are involved. This gives us a strong urge to break from restrictions and limitations imposed from others or within ourselves. Mars will continue to square Uranus through the first week of August creating unexpected situations and events connected to the eclipse that can continue to play out in coming weeks.  This is not the time to take any dangerous risk, or you may experience shocks and surprises, or express this as inventive, unusual or creative energy.
Venus trines Pluto. With this we can find solutions to problems connected with money, love or other areas. Some will focus on romance.
Saturn trines Uranus. This will give us some much needed stability. Saturn rules the old and Uranus the new and the two can be harmoniously combined during this time. This can help give you focus.
Break Free and Move Forward
The best outcome of this eclipse is an opportunity where you may break free of situations that have been holding you back, and this can happen unexpectedly and without notice.  You may break free of relationships, jobs or many other aspects of your life and during this time you could find unique and cutting edge solutions to problems. The energy is erratic and unpredictable and needs to be channeled into constructive work and activities. Even still, it is highly fluid and likely something will change and work out differently than you expect. At worst, this is angry, volatile and unchanneled energy that can lead to rash or impulsive action, unexpected and unwanted change.
As Mercury is just beginning its stationary retrograde period, communications and situations may be confused and plans may not work out as expected. When an eclipse falls on retrograde Mercury events connected to the eclipse may be delayed.
This eclipse will be a test of our stability on a personal and emotional level. It is time to change certain things, without throwing the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak. As Saturn trines Uranus, we have the ability to move forward in a positive, focused and enlightened manner without having to absorb the other erratic/unpredictable energies that are also at play.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Mercury retrogrades in Leo this week!

Mercury turns retrograde July 26, at 23 degrees of Leo. It won't turn direct again until August 19. While in Leo, Mercury is ruled by the Sun, which rules the fifth house of love, romance, friends and children. Leo is dramatic and rules theatre and drama. We may see many people acting in an overly dramatic manner.

The next three weeks may be a period where things seem at a standstill, especially our outward action. On an inner level however, we can accomplish a great deal.

Mercury turns retrograde 3 or 4 times a year, and generally has a bad name and elicits groans when mentioned.  To an extent this is perfectly understandable, as retrograde Mercury is the planet that causes delays, glitches, breakdowns in computers and equipment, relationships, slowdowns and brings hidden factors to the surface.

All of this will occur, but this period does not have to be the disaster many believe it to be with some basic knowledge ahead of time.  The four most important things are to 1) understand what retrograde Mercury means, 2) know what to expect, 3) know what to avoid, and lastly 4) understand what you can gain from it.  

What Does Mercury Retrograde Mean?
In the strictest sense, the planet of communication does not actually go backward, it only appears to. A planet is described as retrograde when it appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac, and this is referred to as apparent retrograde motion.  When planets retrograde, their effects on humans are different than when in direct motion. Thinking is deeper, situations often appear to go underground for a time or change altogether, and sometimes our focus shifts. Mercury retrograde is the most talked about retrograde, because it is a fast-moving planet that controls our thinking, speech, travel, and cognitive skills. When Mercury retrogrades, there are several phases. 

The first phase is the pre-retrograde shadow period which began July 8. This period is where Mercurial energy starts to shift, and it is time to start wrapping up new projects for the time being and focus on what is at hand. 

The second phase of retrograde Mercury is the stationary retrograde period, when Mercury starts to shift into apparent backward motion. This occurs July 26-29 when Mercury starts its retrograde. This is the period most glitches start to become evident, and thinking and communication may become foggy.

Mercury continues to retrograde through August 19, when it turns stationary direct August 19-21. This is the second period when glitches, breakdowns and changes in direction may occur.

Mercury begins to move forward again on August 22, but remains in the shadow direct phase until September 2, 2018.  Mercurial energy does not pick up its normal pace until completion of the second shadow period. So, the retrograde Mercury period is actually a much longer cycle than most people understand. Changes will occur at the juncture of each retrograde phase.

What to Expect
Prepare for slowdowns, delays, miscommunications, interference with travel and appointments, and the breakdown of machinery, situations and even relationships. If your car has been limping along and you have been putting off a repair, know this is the likely time it will become obvious that you need to fix it. If your computer is slow or having problems, be sure and back up everything important. If you are in a relationship that is tottering on the brink of ending, this may well be the period that it can occur, and often does.

Of course, Mercury retrograde is a wild card. Sometimes, relationships can be fixed and problems brought out into the open if it is worth saving. Expect delays, changes of plans, and try and not have situations set in stone.  In other words, prepare to be flexible.  Mercury retrograde is often a frustrating time to be looking for a job.  Don’t give up though, just keep plugging on and stay on top of all communication. And make sure you are direct and to the point in your communication with others.  If you don’t understand what someone is telling you, by all means ask for clarification.

What to Avoid
Knowing what to avoid may perhaps be the most important step in surviving retrograde. Don’t get married, start a new business, start new projects or begin anything you hope will become permanent. Don’t purchase high ticket items, important gifts, paint, or anything you expect to be there for a long time if you can avoid it. Retrograde Mercury is not the time to start new projects, but rather finish up the old, and redo, re-organize or re-work. If you have to take a job however, do so by all means. The job may change in the future or it may not be permanent, but even if this occurs, you have bought time.

What You’ll Gain
Know that retrograde Mercury is part of the natural cycle of life and it is not anything out of the ordinary. Everything serves a purpose and the point of a retrograde Mercury is to slow down a bit, reflect, rethink, re-do, re-plan and reorganize and reconsider. It is a period of correction. Often during a retrograde, thinking changes direction and a more appropriate course of action can be mapped out. Often new information comes to the surface that must be considered. Sometimes secrets are revealed, and the truth comes out into the open.   Retrograde Mercury is a time to plan, work on you, and delve into the spiritual side of life. Sometimes important contacts with people from our past can be initiated, and there is generally a focus on things of the past that can come back up to be resolved. Just focus on what is at hand rather than starting new situations. Most of all relax, and enjoy the summer!

Unclear and unpredictable situations arise

We are in for an unpredictable week as we approach the July 27, lunar eclipse, and subsequent transit of Mars square Uranus.

Eclipses reveal and uncover things, but certain situations may be cloudy and unclear as Venus opposes Neptune July 24, at 16 degrees of Virgo/Pisces.
Venus rules love, money, women and social values. Its opposition to Neptune can confuse the issue and be prone to lies, deception and misinformation or confusion.

People may not show their true colors, or may be deliberately deceptive. Watch your belongings, as this is a transit of theft on many levels.
Some may experience this as melancholy, depression or feelings of discouragement.

Don't take things at face value and dig beneath the surface if you want true and correct answers. Use caution with money on this day.
The other side of this energy relates to healing, sacrifice and could be a true selfLESS love, or act of kindness.

Dreams may be vivid and creativity at a high.

If this aspects mutable planets (Gemini, Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius( at 15-16 degrees, it will have a larger affect, depending on what is aspected in your chart.

At the same time the Sun squares Uranus at 2 degrees of Leo-Taurus. People may act rashly, and without thinking things through correctly. Don't act until you are in full possession of the facts.

People will be agitated, and some of them acting on their frustration and anger without knowing what the truth really is. Some people may make sudden breaks from situations that have become oppressive or just veer off in new and untried directions.

Events connected to the eclipse can be 'set off,' at this time, and Sun-Uranus transits deal with unexpected and unpredictable situations.

In the world this transit will play out, and as we approach the eclipse and square to Mars we are in a dangerous period, that will be fraught with conflict.

Situations may be unclear over the next few days, and you will have to search for the truth as it is likely unclear or we may be deliberately lied to.

As this eclipse conjuncts Mars and squares Uranus we could see violence in the world, along with explosive and unexpected situations.

This is the time to watch your surroundings, be careful and calm and do not start important new projects if you can avoid it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Mercury retrogrades July 26

Mercury turns retrograde in the morning hours July 26, and will remain retrograde until August 19, when it turns direct again. You have probably heard people talk about this or even speak of their dread of it. Of all the planetary aspects, this one definitely gets the most attention. When Mercury retrogrades, it appears to go backward. So, when the planet of communication retrogrades, those areas of life it rules are basically not functioning up to par.

Mercury rules all kinds of communication, both verbal and written, speaking, learning, even listening and thinking, as well as all forms of electronic communication. It rules formal agreements and contracts, buying and selling, travel, transportation, and shipping. It also rules pets and young people. You shouldn't expect terrible things to happen, but on a certain level, chaos and confusion can and will occur.

A Retrograde on Fire
Each year retrograde Mercury favors a specific element — fire, air, water, or earth. This time around, Mercury enters retrograde in the fire sign of Aries. Fire signs are innovative, unusual, and love to think big! Look at the big picture and come up with solutions that involve fire element qualities: creativity, enthusiasm, forward thinking, communication, and most of all, action. Fire signs don't let grass grow under their feet, and sometimes we must make decisions on the spot.

What to Expect
First of all, communication can break down, slow down, or stop altogether. People can become confused, change their minds, job interviews can slow down, and things, projects and people can change their course of direction, sometimes unexpectedly. Equipment can breakdown, whether it is a computer, a coffee pot or a car. It is hard to get decisions from others, and if you do, they could change their mind after Mercury turns direct.

Thoughts and inner conversation can be more negative during a retrograde. If this occurs, view it as though it were playing out on a screen. View it objectively, as though you are watching someone else. Step back, consider the possibilities, and consciously decide on a positive path to action, rather than listening to negative self-talk.
Retrograde Mercury can be a time of reconnecting with those from the past in some instances. This does not mean reconnect to a former, toxic relationship, but reconnect with those who have been tried and true. Go back to the things from the past that have served you well and reconnect. You could hear from relatives, old friends and on occasion old loves. It’s time to take care of those things you have put off, and clear your closets, both literally and figuratively.

What Not to Do
Don't make important changes such as starting a new job or project, launching a website, buying big ticket items, closing on real estate, buying electronic equipment, getting married or engaged, having elective or cosmetic surgery, launching new endeavors, or signing contracts. Of course, there are some exceptions:
Let's say you need a job and one comes up during the retrograde. Don't turn it down, as a job on a retrograde is better than no job. Things may change after you begin. For example, there could be a shift in the direction of the job, or you may not have understood the nature of the job. If you have to have surgery under a doctor’s orders, go ahead. Surgeries are performed successfully every day of the year, and sometimes a retrograde Mercury is about correcting something. If you have to sign a lease or another document, ask a lot of questions. Go over things several times, and enlist the judgment of your trusted friends.

Your Secret Garden
This retrograde is the perfect time to reassess, reevaluate, revisit, redo, rethink, and even redesign our lives in some way. This is a time to stop, look, and listen to our inner voice, so that you may move forward with clarity and confidence when Mercury turns direct again. It is a time of personal realignment with the world. You may reach a sense of completion with something by the time this cycle ends. View this chapter of your journey as your private inner garden: now is the time to cultivate it and clear that which needs to be removed so that optimum growth can occur as Mercury turns direct in about three weeks. 

There is no doubt frustrations can and do occur under retrograde. But, it is important to remember this is part of the natural cycle of life. This time is about reflecting on what we have done, and will do in the future, but not yet moving forward. Just like the crab that moves sideways, sometimes we have to take this approach and move sideways before we can really move forward. This, too, is part of the natural flow.

Upcoming eclipse in Aquarius July 27: Upheaval, transformation, breakthroughs

The lunar eclipse this month falls at 4 degrees of Aquarius, on July 27. Eclipses can bring positive or negative results, but they typically usher significant life events in or out of your life. An eclipse like this last occurred in July 1999.

As this Moon and Mars are in Aquarius, the ruler of the collective, many events will occur that affect us all and we will be concerned with world events more so than usual, but each eclipse is also personal in terms of our own experience.

This is a powerful eclipse for a variety of reasons. First of all, Mercury and Mars are retrograde and we may be dealing with retrograde type situations: that is things that began earlier, have come back as an issue, or not been completed. When an eclipse falls on a retrograde Mercury events connected to the event can be delayed. As this eclipse is the longest of the century, its shelf life or length of its influence in our personal lives is longer as well. Eclipse energy typically lasts at least a month, sometimes much longer.

The Moon is conjunct Mars and this can often bring emotional stress, anger, or frustration. This can be directed at anyone but the Moon can typically involve women and family members or those closest to us. We could be concerned with events in the home.

Both the Sun/Moon and Mars square Uranus, and Mars is part of a slow moving square that will be exact July 31-August 3. This square is explosive, unpredictable and prone to unexpected events that can occur in the world and our personal lives.

The square occurred for the first time as Mars entered Taurus May 16, and the proceeding days. During this time we saw volatile incidents in the world and the eruption Hawaii's Kilauea volcano. The square will complete a third and final time September 16-20.
We can expect to see these types of unexpected incidents, violence or possibly even talk to war or military events in the world.

If the eclipse or Mars square fixed planets in your personal chart-Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius at 0-2 degrees, you can expect to see unexpected events and circumstances occur in your life with much change.

Saturn is trine Uranus as well, and this transit gives us stability and something to focus on. Saturn and Uranus combines the old and the new, to create something different.

At best, during this period we can break free of circumstances and situations that have been holding us back, and new elements and situations may enter our life, sometimes unexpectedly. It is possible other people we are engaged with may want to break free, especially those relationships tottering on the edge.

In summation, this eclipse is not the best time to begin new projects as Mars and Mercury are retrograde. This energy needs to be channeled and we need something to focus on at this time, as the potential exists for anger or rash and hasty decisions we could come to regret. Focus and calm will be the key to a successful experience, and at best we can approach things in a new and innovative manner. It is better to plan events at this time than to put them into action. Innovation can be a key, and in this respect the sky is the limit.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Unpredictable t-square brings upheaval: Mars, Uranus, the Sun

We are in a period where most people are dealing with some kind of problem, loss or issue, and the energy is not going to shift immediately. That's not to say good things can't happen, and things will be smoother for some than others.

First of all we are in the eclipse season. The eclipse of July 12, was powerful in that it and the Sun opposed Pluto. This created endings and loss for many, and I have heard of quite a few deaths.

The next lunar eclipse falls on July 27, and it is going to be a wild ride. The Moon conjuncts Mars (men, anger, emotional upset), and the Sun, (ego) Moon (women, emotions) and Mars all square Uranus (unexpected) making this an unpredictable time. Many changes will occur, some will seek change and freedom and we can expect surprises in our lives and in the world.

Mars is retrograde, and very powerful. In Aquarius it rules the collective (we are all watching the situation unfold with Trump/Putin) and many other things, and there will be more surprises in the future. It plays out in the world, and of course our personal lives.

Mars is square Uranus and this is unpredictable, explosive, and hard to handle energy, that will last through the first week of August.

This will be joined by the Sun in Leo July 23-30, forming what is called a t-square. This involves the energy of three planets making it even more unpredictable and full of surprises, especially around the eclipse. Caution is required with energy like this, especially as we approach the eclipse and months end, and it is important to find an outlet to channel the energy into.

On the upside, many people will make changes that can be positive, forward thinking and unique, and break away from that which has become stale and outworn.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Pre-natal charts and eclipses

Planetary cycles affect your life before you were even born into the world. While many modern astrologers do not use pre-natal charts, (charts that begin at conception) they are as relevant now as they were in the past and much can be gained in terms of family connections, appearance, and traits and characteristics that will come to life once a baby is born.

Astrologers often specifically look at the Pre-natal eclipse, or the last solar eclipse that took place before your birth, and it has a strong influence throughout your life. Some believe this eclipse propels your soul into its existence, but whether you believe this or not the pre-natal eclipse has a significant effect throughout your life, as a solar eclipse typically repeats itself every 19 years. As solar eclipses occur in series called Metronic returns (which means they re-occur every 19 years), sometimes they end or change cycles. In this case, there would be a New Moon at or around the same degree as the eclipse that would have the same significance. The pre-natal eclipse always leaves an imprint on how we approach decisions, interact with others and approach our life. What it specifically affects depends on where it falls in your personal chart.

The first return of the pre-natal eclipse is 19 years later. At this time there is typically a dramatic change in lifestyle as one typically begins adulthood. You could marry, leave home, start college or begin a job. 19 is a powerful turning point for most people.

Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette turned the tide of the US Revolutionary War at 19. Upon joining the Continental Army, Lafayette befriended General George Washington. However, the young aristocrat's most important contribution didn't occur on the field of battle. He helped convince the French monarch King Louis XVI to intercede on behalf of the American rebels.

Drew Barrymore, Olivia Wilde, Princess Diana, Melanie Griffith, Ava Gardner, and Leeann Rimes, Eleanor Roosevelt and Barbra Bush are all famous people who married or were engaged at age 19.

The next return of the pre-natal eclipse is at age 39. Liu Chuanzhi founded Lenovo at 39, Gordon Moore founded Intel at 39, Amancio Ortega founded Zara at 39. Anna Nichole Smith died at 39, as did Martin Luther King, Jr, Stonewall Jackson, and Amelia Earhart disappeared at that age. Their work on Earth was done.

At age 58, At 58, Sony chairman Akio Morita introduced the Sony Walkman, an idea no one seemed to like at the time. Charles Dickens died at 58 as did Andy Warhol, and President William McKinley as assassinated at that age.

At 77, we experience the 4th return of the pre-natal eclipse, and again at age 96. Betty White was still famous and working at age 96, as was Bob Hope and George Burns.

What significant events stand out at these ages in your life or others you know at these 19 year intervals? Can you identify these events? To find out where your pre-natal solar eclipse occurred click here.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

How will the solar eclipse in Cancer affect you?

Eclipses are like wildcards, and one of the ways we learn how and what we need to change and evolve. Often eclipses are dramatic, or reveal important information if it aspects a significant point in your own astrological chart.  An eclipse often brings news pertaining to life's biggest events. The energy of an eclipse can go for months and in some cases years.
With an eclipse we have both endings and beginnings. A solar eclipse is known for new beginnings, and it is always a new moon. A lunar eclipse can being more news of endings and it is associated with a full moon. During July we have both a solar and lunar eclipse.
Unexpected information can come to light or something may be eclipsed completely out of your life, or into your life. Eclipses can bring positive or negative events depending on what it aspects in your personal chart.
 An eclipse can clear away the emotional baggage and re-set your emotional life and typically brings some type of surprise event.
On July 12, a solar eclipse occurs at 20 degrees of Cancer, which peaks at 10:48 PM, EDT in the US. Most of this eclipse occurs over the Pacific and Indian oceans so it will not be visible in the US.  
Cancer rule the home and emotional life, and it opposes Pluto in Capricorn which rules business, work and priorities. During this eclipse we could feel pushed and pulled between these two polarities. People will be focused more on home or property matters, family members, children or those considered extended family members.
During this eclipse the Sun and Moon will oppose Pluto and this can bring up heavy emotional baggage. This can represent an emotional turning point with a partner, family member, or some other individual, or it could be a turning point in your life, depending on what it aspects in your own chart. A personal crisis can set off events leading to change. Pluto aspects can create drama and obsessive feelings or we could be dealing with someone who is trying to convince us of something or push their weight around, as Pluto rules bullies. With Pluto involved, skeletons can come out of the closet, self-destructive tendencies buried deep in our subconscious mind can come to light, or we can see this occur in other individuals, some of whom may play a close role in our lives. This eclipse will bring change and transformation on many levels and is important to be self-aware at this time and in the days leading up to this eclipse.
Pluto rules the dark undercurrent, things that are secret and hidden, sex, death and regeneration, power struggles, decay. Powerful forces are at play involving the subconscious mind, personal and collective power, abuse, and ultimate change, all of which may not be completely within our control. It could intensify deep seated fears and issues within the subconscious and obsessions over personal situations, or even fear based types of subconscious reactions to things may occur. There will be a deep desire to let go of that which is no longer beneficial. Pluto is the ultimate harbinger of change, sometimes that which is is out of personal control or comes through other people.
Watch for violent or volatile outbursts in the world and those who would push their opinions and views on others in the collective as well as our personal lives. As an opposition to Pluto is involved, this frequently plays out as an complete change, or issues come to light through or as a result of other individuals. Some situations will end on an eclipse like this, and it is important to remember if this occurs, endings are followed by new beginnings, and the energy of this eclipse can ultimately show a silver lining in what is to come.
There are two grand trines in this eclipse which can be the bright side if this occurs, and a grand trine is a pleasant aspect that gives us the opportunity to find a new solution or opportunity to do something different and find a new path.
Venus (love, money, values) trines Saturn (structure) which trines Uranus (new situations, unexpected events).
There is also a grand trine in Water signs. The Sun/Moon (ego, emotional life) trines Neptune (compassion, creativity, intuition) which trines Jupiter (gain, expansion, money, generosity).
Pluto urges transformation of the negative, destructive parts of our lives and transformation to a higher and better realm of living. The grand trine and Uranus show potential outlets for new opportunities but not without work and effort on our part.
Those affected to a greater degree will be born under the signs of Cancer, Capricorn, Libra and Aries. You will see personal change to a greater degree if you were born July 9-15, January 8-14, April 7-13, or October 11-17.  
This is a powerful eclipse for change and it is urging us to let go of things, people and situations that no longer serve our best interest, find a new path forward and regenerate parts of our lives that need change.
Here is where the eclipse will affect you based on your Sun sign. If you know your rising sign use that.
Aries- Home, work, family and priorities
Taurus-Immediate family members, neighborhoods, co-workers, legal medical situations, education and travel.
Gemini-Money, possessions, other people's money, debt, investments, change and transformation
Cancer-Partners, courts, legal situations, emotional life
Leo- Hidden matters, the subconscious mind, endings, work and health.  
Virgo-Friends, hopes and wishes, groups children.
Libra-Work, business and priorities, home, family life
Scorpio-Travel, education, legal matters, immediate family, neighbors, co-workers.
Sagittarius-Joint finances, debt, insurance, endings, lawsuits, surgeries, investments and insurance, money and possessions.
Capricorn-Partners and legal situations.
Aquarius-Work and health, hidden matters, the subconscious mind, endings.
Pisces-Entertainment, friends and children, hopes and wishes, groups.