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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Uranus squares Pluto: Rock our world again

If there is any possibility for enlightenment, it’s right now.  Not at some future time.  Now is the time.
– Pema Chodron

Uranus squares Pluto,  becoming exact for the final time March 16, at 9:50 P.M., EST at 15 degrees of Aries-Capricorn. I count 10 times this square has been, or will be within 1 degree of being exact between July of 2011, and January of 2016. Many astrologers are focused on the periods the square is exact, but it does not have to be exact for major events to occur in the world and in our lives. Events generally happen when it is within a 3 degree orb or less, (but can occur when it is wider.)

While this is the last exact hit, the square will return again in January of 2016 again, aspecting at 16/15 degrees of Aries/Capricorn. Then as it moves on in 2016, we will finally be free of this tumultuous energy.

The Uranus-Pluto square affects the charts of many people-about half or more of those I speak with, the United States chart, and the charts of many other countries and entities as well. So, we know this aspect will bring societal change in many respects to large masses of people who are going through their own changes. Changes will occur on two levels: change in the world or the collective, and change personally to individuals. This article  will deal with both.

 This is the most tumultuous and challenging aspect of the decade, perhaps generation, and its effects have changed the world since 2011 and will continue to do so throughout early 2016. This square occurred in 1934, and it was conjunct Pluto in the mid-1960's. Both periods of time coincided with major change in society and the world as well as the lives of individuals.

Look for events in March to be similar in nature to April and December of 2014, and we may see many of the same types of situations: air crashes, threats of war, potential of terrorist attacks, revolutions, cyber attacks,  partisan politics and a very polarized US and for that matter, a polarized world, extreme weather conditions, disasters and in general sense some very angry/hostile individuals.

Uranus is in Aries (revolutions, sudden, unexpected, explosive and shocking events and change, personal desires acted upon and drives for freedom), and Pluto is in Capricorn (regeneration, death and change beyond personal control, bullies, unabated power of all kinds, secret agendas, nuclear energy and power, earth related weather or manmade events.

This year, things will be a little different with this square, in that we are not only dealing with Uranus and Pluto,  but we are dealing with two squares, in fact. The other square involves Saturn and Neptune, and it too is in aspect during this same period.

Saturn square Neptune

The Saturn-Neptune square was 'set off,' mid-January and will continue to be in aspect through about mid-April the first time. This square will affect those who have mutable planets in their personal charts at 3-7 degrees. The mutable planets are Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo, and Gemini. If this square affects your chart look for aspects of your life that you have depended on to fade out over time: Your personal realities will change,  depending on what this square aspects in your chart and could affect any areas. One reality will dissolve over time into something new, and you are likely to be cognizant of what this is at this time. March 15-17, could be significant days if you are experiencing this transit.

In the world, the square involves religion and ideology, particularly that of the terrorist group ISIS or ISIL and their activities. Neptune rules religion and the ideas behind religion will be challenged in many ways. For example, Is ISIS practicing a twisted view of Islam, do they want to be agents for the apocalypse, or are they just psychopaths, liars and murderers killing Christians (and others). While, this transit seems to relate specifically to ISIS,  other issues and challenges concerning religion will arise as well, especially fundamentalist types of religion, not just Islamist extremists, but they will be front and center. There could be an increased backlash by Christians against ISIS and Islam as the questions are pondered.

Neptune also rules pictures, photography, lies, lack of clarity, disappointment and misguided actions, all of which can relate to terrorists groups who post their pictures on the internet and the reactions toward them. While ISIS will eventually be defeated, a clear and well directed policy is needed, all the while they (ISIL) continue to promote lies and deception directed at misguided youth across the world, trying to convince them their 'religion,' is the truth.

Neptune in Pisces squared Saturn in Sagittarius on another occasion when 'religion' was questioned in the world, and that was  1692-93. The occasion: the Salem Witch trials in the US. Wikipedia states, "The episode is one of the nation's most notorious cases of mass hysteria, and has been used in political rhetoric and popular literature as a vivid cautionary tale about the dangers of isolationism, religious extremism, false accusations and lapses in due process. It was not unique, but simply an American example of the much broader phenomenon of witch trials in the Early Modern period. Many historians consider the lasting effects of the trials to have been highly influential in subsequent United States history.

More than once it has been said, too, that the Salem witchcraft was the rock on which the theocracy shattered.—George Lincoln Burr"

So, while in 1692 under this same transit, innocent women were burned at the stake or hanged for 'being witches,' in 2015 innocent men are being burned in cages or be-headed for not following ISIL's brand of so called religion, just like the 1600's, or even worse the Middle Ages.

By  November of this year, the Saturn-Neptune square is exact at 7 degrees of Sagittarius-Pisces and it falls on Uranus in America's chart. I believe this transit will deal with ISIL or some other similar organization, and we will be fully engaged in a war against them, directly or indirectly. This is a major transit and I will write more about it later.

History always repeats itself as do astrological transits. The only question is how long will we as a collective (not just America) allow these activities to go on before taking enough action to stop them?

So, we are dealing with two squares this time, rather than one and the influence of each will be evident in terms of events. But, back to the Uranus-Pluto square.

At the time of this post February 26, both Uranus and Pluto are at 14 degrees of Aries-Capricorn, and we can see events in the world heating up every day, and some of us see it in our own lives.

In April 2014 the Grand Cross involved Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter and Mars in Libra. In March 2015, the Uranus/Pluto square will be 'set off' by Mars and Venus in Aries.

Mars in Libra is considered to be at its debility, and it was retrograde last year in this sign. While Mars is considered the 'warrior planet,' it was more of a people pleaser, and weaker in this sign and it was retrograde to boot.

Action will be much more decisive and quick with Mars in Aries, as this is the sign of Mars rulership.

The most important dates of this powerful square will be:

March 4-Venus conjuncts Uranus and squares Pluto setting off the square. Venus rules love, money and women. We can hear news of both, and this could be a turning point in some relationships.

March 11-Mars conjunct Uranus and squares Pluto.  Mars-Uranus is explosive and volatile, and issues, power struggles and unexpected situations will be front and center. This is a crisis transit, but it will affect you personally only if it is aspecting your chart.

March 20, a solar eclipse occurs at 29.27 degrees of Pisces, the sign ruling religion. As this eclipse is less than a degree away from Aries it will set off the Uranus-Pluto square.

April 4, a lunar eclipse occurs at 14 degrees of Libra and this opposes Uranus and squares Pluto. Expected issues surrounding women, changeability, unexpected events and relationships of all types may be the focus.

April 5, the Sun conjuncts Uranus and squares Pluto. Sun-Uranus transits deal with unexpected issues, and Sun-Pluto transits generally relate to change and power struggles.

Events can occur a few days before and after these dates, and astrological events can occur weeks before or after an eclipse.

If the Uranus-Pluto square affects your chart, not all events are negative. Uranus generally brings unexpected and shocking situations that are in fact, often the inevitable conclusion of a situation, and Pluto brings change and transformation, often change beyond our personal control. We generally have some idea of what the change is, even if we are not 100 per cent certain.

The outcome of this transit will also depend on what else is in your chart at this time.

If this transit affects you this year, it likely affected you in April 2014, and December 2014. Go back to these dates and try and remember what happened, although it may not be exactly the same. And if you do not have personal planets from 12-18 degrees of Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn this transit will not personally affect you, but could well affect those you associate with, therefore affecting you.

If this transit aspects your chart my advice is to take the bull by the horns, so to speak. If you are in a job that you hate, make a move and go on a job search. If you are in a bad relationship, start to think about your life after the current relationship and reach out to new possibilities and situations. This way, we retain more control of our own lives and are at least making an effort to take a positive step forward, rather than waiting for the change to be made for us. Change is the most difficult to those who resist it, especially if you know you are in a negative situation that you are trying to hold on to. Many things will end during this period, but new things will begin as well. For many, this time will be a turning point, or a fork in the road in some way. You can depend that this will be an important time where clear thinking and good decision making will be important.

I have seen marriages and divorces, breakups and new relationships begin under this square. Job changes can be a major theme, start ups, or companies can close. This transit affects the first, fourth, tenth and seventh houses of personal development and desires, home and family, partnerships and marriage and business and priorities.

The US chart and the Uranus-Pluto square

The Uranus-Pluto square falls within one degree of the US natal Saturn at 14 degrees of Libra, and the US Sun at 13 Cancer. The US chart has a natal Sun-Saturn square which in part accounts for the phenomenal  work ethic America has been known for.

Saturn in the US chart signifies state execs, law enforcement agencies, justice and order, and structure. Saturn falls in the eleventh house ruling the legislature and Congress, and has relevance to foreign countries and affairs with distant connections. The Sun in the US chart falls in the seventh house of open enemies and represents the President, as well as those who are considered enemies of the country, such as terrorist groups.

The Uranus-Pluto square forms a grand cross involving both of the above mentioned planets and Mars.

So, this transit is crisis prone, and will involve the President and our leaders, law and order, those considered 'open enemies,' and our basic stability as a country. The critical dates are the ones that were mentioned earlier, and the eclipse periods.

It is probable that not one, but many events will occur, like in April of last year.

I advise all of those living in large cities to use caution, and be aware of our surroundings and situations. I would avoid malls, and after a quick look at the chart of the Mall of America, ( which was threatened) I would especially avoid that one.

Jupiter trines Uranus

Jupiter trines Uranus for the second time becoming exact March 3. This is a positive transit in every way, and if this aspects your chart at 14 degrees of Leo-Aries, you can expect many positive things, and new situations during this period. After March 3, the influence of this transit will still be evident, even though Jupiter continues to retrograde through the end of the month.

If there is a silver lining, or some type of 'planetary intervention,' at this time it is the fact that Jupiter is a positive and protective influence and it sextiles Saturn in the US natal chart lending support. This transit will also lend support to individuals whose chart is aspected.

Jupiter retrogrades to 12 degrees by the end of March where it will remain over the next month. Jupiter turns direct April 9, amping up the protective energy and by the second week of May it sextiles the US natal Saturn once again. It will make its final positive trine to Uranus at 19 degrees of Aries-Leo the third week of June.









Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February's New moon occurs on February 18, at 6:47 P.M., EST, falling at 29.59 degrees of Aquarius. This is the second new moon in Aquarius in less than a month in the same sign.

As this moon falls at 29.59 degrees this is the Anaretic degree, considered a critical degree in astrology that can be crisis oriented. This degree can be associated with a sense of urgency, and poor decisions and vacillation can occur.

There can be an explosive quality about Aquarius in world events as well as personal situations and this is considered a Supermoon." A SuperMoon is a perigee-syzygy, a new or full moon (syzygy) which occurs when the Moon is at 90% or greater of its mean closest approach to Earth (perigee). SuperMoons are noteworthy for their close association with extreme tidal forces working in what astrologers of old used to call the sublunary world: the atmosphere, crust and oceans of our home planet - including ourselves, of course. From extreme coastal tides to severe storms to powerful earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, the entire natural world surges and spasms under the sway of the SuperMoon alignment - within three days either way of the exact syzygy, as a general rule. SuperMoon solar eclipses tend to have a wider sphere of impact, extending roughly a week before and after the actual event+-Richard Nolle
At the time of this post on February 17, a tsunami warning has been issued after a 6.9 magnitude earthquake that hit off the Japanese coastline.

Additionally,  Mars is at 29 degrees as well, also placing the planet of action at a critical degree. Some consider the 29th degree karmic in nature.

Aquarius rules the 11th house, or the collective and we may be associated with groups, group activities and will see events that concern the world at large. Aquarius is the sign often associated with war and revolution. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus.

This new moon peaks at 6;47 PM, (EST) and within a few minutes moves into the sign Pisces, the 12th sign of the zodiac. At 6:50 P.M, EST both the Sun and the moon move into the sign Pisces shifting the energy to 12th house matters.

The 12th house concerns matters and issues that are secret and hidden, issues in the subconscious mind and Pisces rules religion, spirituality and compassion, as well as drugs and the seamy side of society. The moon will conjunct Neptune and we will see more water related weather conditions and the Saturn-Neptune square will be set off.

I call the Saturn-Neptune square dissolving realities. For those individuals with early degree mutable planets in their charts-Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, confusing issues may occur and you could find yourself at a turning point.

The few days leading up to the new moon is often a period of low energy for many.