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Thursday, March 27, 2014

April 2014: Rocky roads ahead

Spring is here, and events of the grand cross begin to unfold for what they will be in the world and in our personal lives. During the last week of March we have been concerned with a missing aircraft and 200 plus passengers, a deadly mudslide in WA. state, and the annexation of Crimea to Russia, to name a few events. Look for many more such type situations to arise in the world especially around the hot spots on the globe.  As I have written in the past, the grand cross will not represent one event, but rather many, and will change our lives and the world in many ways, just as the grand cross of 1934 did before WW11.

The grand cross aspects the Sun of the United States itself, and many events will unfold during this time and we will be in for a rocky ride this month collectively and in the United States.

If you have not read my article on the grand cross, I would suggest this if you want to understand the dynamics of this tumultuous time we are in. It is posted on my website under newsletters, or previously before this blog. (Rock our world: the grand cross of 2014, Parts 1 and 11.)

The March 30, New Moon will 'set off' the grand cross at 10 degrees of Aries and from this point forward the energy of the planets involved will continue to escalate through April. If you have personal planets at 8-14 degrees or so of Cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn, Libra and Aries) this new moon and the grand cross will affect you more so  than others. New moons generally coincide with new beginnings, but as this moon aspects the grand square it may seem like a full moon in strength.

March 29, Venus squares Saturn at 22 degrees of Aquarius-Scorpio on the eve of the new moon. Venus-Saturn transits relate to money and love and is generally not conducive to social activities. Some relationships may end during this time.

As Mars retrogrades in Libra throughout April from 21-11 degrees we will feel a greater sense of frustration on many levels, especially if Mars aspects a personal planet in your own chart. Mars in Libra relates to seventh house matters: marriage, relationships, courts, and those considered 'open enemies,' or those you know to be and consider and enemy or person whose interests are directly opposed to your own. Unknown situations may come to light during this period, especially about relationships, projects and relationships may slow down or stop totally, and many partnerships and situations that are tottering on the edge will end this month. Retrograde Mars is not the time to begin new projects. Anything begun during this cycle may well end when Mars turns direct after May 20.

April 2, the Sun conjuncts Uranus at 12 degrees of Aries and this relates to sudden, and unexpected events. This sets off the grand cross, and Uranus rules aircraft, explosions, technology and sudden changes that have not been fully anticipated. Events will begin to unfold in our world.

April 3, the Sun squares Pluto, and as this aspects the grand cross look for events over these several days to be large and sudden. Sun-Pluto transits relate to unabated power and corruption, crime, major changes, and situations that involve bullies on some level and transformation of many types. Pluto rules nuclear weapons and energy.

April 5, Venus enters Pisces changing the love energy to a softer and more romantic tone for the next four weeks. This will work well for water signs.

April 7, Mercury enters Aries changing Mercurial energy after a long stint in Pisces/Aquarius. People will become more verbally assertive and the mental flow will be at a faster pace.

April 8, the Sun opposes Mars, and this is a transit that is indicative of fights, arguments and upsets, and this will manifest in the world. Mars rules military and police action, war and strife. Couples are prone to fighting.

April 11, Venus conjuncts Neptune. This transit has dual possibilities. For some it could be experienced as romance and soft lights. The basic nature of Neptune however is delusional or unclear, and best to trust nothing until this transit passes, especially what other people may say unless you know them well. Misunderstandings are possible.

April 14, and the next 10 days becomes a pivotal time of the month as the grand cross approaches an exact configuration. On this day, the eve of the lunar eclipse in Libra, Mercury squares Jupiter, and conjuncts Uranus, while Pluto goes stationary direct at 7:44 p.m. EST.

Mercury-Jupiter deals with situations that get blown out of proportion, governments and young people, and Mercury-Uranus is unexpected information and news, technology, issues with travel, transport, airplanes, and sudden unexpected news in general. Weather related events could also occur. This is a day to be careful driving.

Pluto retrograde is a significant event, especially so close to the grand cross.  As Pluto retrogrades, situations become more intense, and situations previously unknown may become revealed at this time. The planet of ultimate transformation becomes more powerful, more 'plutonian,' and the desire for regeneration stronger. On a personal level we may feel the need to let go of things, people and situations that have outlived their usefulness in our lives.

April 15, a full moon/lunar eclipse occurs at 25 degrees of Libra, and Mercury squares Pluto, setting off the grand cross again over the few days before and after the eclipse.

Mercury-Pluto is an intense, obsessive transit and rules media, propaganda, arguments and dictatorial attitudes,

Events will occur before and after the eclipse that are large in nature in the world and our personal lives.

The eclipse occurs in Libra, the sign ruling the seventh house of marriage, partnerships, courts and those whose interests oppose our own. Some relationships may end on this eclipse, or take a turn in a different direction.

April 16, Mercury opposes Mars at 15 degrees Libra-Aries, and this is a transit of arguments, disagreements and propaganda, and could relate to accidents, military action and a general anger in the world and our lives. Best to think before you speak.

 April 20, Jupiter squares Uranus, opposes Pluto . Jupiter-Pluto rules agendas, terrorism, financial cycles and upheaval in the markets. Jupiter-Uranus rules aircraft, revolutions, disruptions, changes in technology and finance, and general changes in the world relating to governments, finance, changes in direction that may be unexpected. Not all events will be negative although it may seem that way. On a personal level we have an opportunity to break free of situations that have become oppressive.

April 21, Uranus squares Pluto, exact.

April 22, Mars squares Jupiter. Mars rules war, action, strife, men, and Jupiter rules money and governments. Again, events will play out on this day, and situations may change or become blown out of proportion in the world and our personal lives.

April 21-25, the grand cross becomes exact with Mars.

April 23, Mars opposes Uranus, squares Pluto at 13 degrees in the cardinal signs. Mars-Uranus is volatile, indicative of unexpected and explosive situations, and Mars-Pluto deals with anger, war like circumstances, changes that sometimes have to do with finance and assets, and Pluto rules nuclear energy and weapons. This transit falls on the US natal Sun which rules the President-leadership, and the heart and soul of the US.

April 25, the Sun conjuncts Mercury, and this is an agitating, willful transit. Could involve travel, transport, debate.

April 28-29, a new moon/solar eclipse occurs at 8 degrees of Taurus. Taurus is the natural ruler of the second house of money, earned income, and rules the earth itself. Events in the world and our personal lives will occur at this time, depending on house placement


While we are in for some volatile times collectively and personally, if the grand cross affects your chart, my advice is to not live in fear, but rather look at your own life, where it is likely you are on the precipice of some type of change. As Pluto is involved, change in inevitable, and situations go more smoothly if you go with the flow rather than fight circumstances and hang on to the old. Positive situations can come of these volatile times, and you may be propelled into a new situation of some type, that in the end can work for the greater good. It is important to be aware of the times and change, but better to work as an agent of change for the positive, taking control of your life than fighting against it.






Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rock Our World: the Grand Cross of 2014 and its effects -Part 1

The most important transit of the year, and perhaps the most important planetary alignment  of the decade becomes exact April 2014. The grand cross peaks the third week of April 2014. This aspect does not have to be exact for events to occur.

A grand cross is a rare configuration shaped like an X, that involves two 180 degree oppositions, and four 90 degree squares that plays off the energy of all the planets involved.

In this case we are dealing with Uranus in Aries (revolutions, sudden, unexpected, explosive and shocking events and change), Pluto in Capricorn (regeneration, death and change beyond personal control, bullies, unabated power of all kinds, secret agendas, nuclear energy and power, earth related weather or manmade events, Jupiter in Cancer (home, family, money, expansion, the homeland taking on greater importance), Mars in Libra (action, war, strife, military) and even Mercury in Aries (communication, young people, transport).

The grand cross affects the charts of many people-about half or more of those I speak with, the United States chart, and the charts of many other countries as well. So, we know this aspect will bring societal change in many respects to large masses of people. Changes will occur on two levels: change in the world or the collective, and change personally to individuals. This first article deals with change occurring in the collective, and the Part 11  will deal with changes we will experience as individuals, which may or may not involve the collective experience.

As all of the planets involved are in Cardinal signs and events will be significant and immediate. Aries deals with the first house and the personal will of ourselves and others. Libra rules others than ourselves, partners of all types, and rules the 7th house of open enemies and courts. Capricorn rules the 10th house of business and it is tied into the earth itself, and here we have another view of the types of situations this transit will bring.

I do not believe this aspect will bring one event, but rather many events escalating around the same time, although there may be one that stands out among others. As the buildup of this powerful transit continues over the next 6 weeks and beyond, we are currently seeing related events occurring now and will continue to do so until the aspect peaks in April, and after. The upheaval and subsequent removal of government in the Ukraine and ongoing conflict with Russia is one such example of what this most powerful aspect will bring to the collective.

Uranus-Jupiter relates to extreme conditions and situations involving weather or earth related changes, money can be made or lost overnight, and countries and entities can break apart suddenly as we are currently seeing in Kiev. Uranus rules and involves aircraft, technology, revolts and technology.

Uranus-Pluto deals with agendas that are extreme in nature (such as the bill that was vetoed in Arizona allowing gays and others to be banned/turned away from private businesses) financial cycles, and the rise of specific agendas, propaganda,  violence and terrorism in the world.

The effects of the square between Pluto and Uranus have been ongoing since Uranus entered Aries in 2010, but this time we add to the mix Jupiter, Mars and Mercury. The eclipses of April will set off the events of the grand cross.

For the first time in the history of the United States the grand cross falls on the Sun of the United States with Pluto opposing the US Sun.

In January 1934, we experienced a grand square between Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter in Aries, Cancer and Aries at 23 degrees of these cardinal signs. It did not however aspect the US natal Sun. It is important to look at the events that occurred during that time, and it was an important year that planted the seeds of what would come over the next decade, and the world was never the same again.
That year Hitler came into power becoming Furher over Germany and police forces in Germany were consolidated under the jurisdiction of Heinrich Himmler the avowed Nazi who condemned thousands to death in the death camps of Auschwitz. We could see the rise of another such type of individual in the world during this period.

The Dust Bowl removed great quantities of  topsoil across the American West, damaging farms, crop production, and livestock ruining 300 million acres of farmland and we are at risk now of extreme weather conditions that we have already experienced in terms of a cold winter, and more extremes will follow.

The New Deal in 1934 led to the establishment of the Securities Exchange commission by Franklin Roosevelt which began a series of banking reforms, as well as the Federal Communications regulating broadcasting, and Bonnie and Clyde were killed. These are only a few instances of this pivotal time in history before WW11, and now is equally pivotal.

In early 1934 Roosevelt devalued the dollar. Numerous individuals and companies were prosecuted related to President Roosevelt's Executive Order 6102. Prosecutions occurred under subsequent Executive Orders 6111, 6260, 6261 and the Gold Reserve Act of 1934   that prohibited the hoarding of gold.

China's central bank has engineered the recent decline in the country's currency as part of its efforts to prepare for wider trading, according to the Wall Street Journal. With fewer speculators trading the yuan, China intends to challenge the dollars role, and sees freeing its currency as a step to getting there, according to the story.


Why should you be interested in China? Because this is indicative of the types of change we will see worldwide and no man, woman or country is an island, and the Grand Cross affects the world and everyone in it, one way or another if you live among civilization.


Take a look at the political cartoons I have reproduced on this page from 1934. Notice the issues  discussed are the same as today: government overspending, market manipulation, questions over the constitution and government regulations, blaming capitalists for financial woes  and spending. Astrological cycles are cyclical and eventually repeat themselves. The question is: how much have we learned since the 1930's and how far will we go to prevent history from repeating itself on more than one level.

The grand square of 1934 fell at 23 degrees of Aries, Cancer and Libra. In April 2014 the grand cross falls at 13 degrees of Capricorn opposing on the Sun in the US natal chart. Pluto is the ultimate planet of transformation and regeneration.

Pluto opposed Venus (US natal chart) in 2008-10 bringing on the 'Great Recession," or the financial meltdown of the banks, and it opposed Jupiter 2010-2012 when we continued to see high unemployment, anger and the splintering of the Republican party. Pluto's  opposition to the US Sun becomes exact April 12-June 5, December 28, 2014-January 25, 2015, July 25, 2015-September 14, October 6, 2015-January 30, 2016. Uranus will also be square the US Sun within a few degrees December 2014 as well, creating another grand square between three planets again.

Astrologer Celeste Teal wrote, " This Grand Cross stimulates the Solar Eclipse of January 2011 that fell at 13 Capricorn. Eclipses in Cardinal signs are known for bringing a focus to national affairs and to the business world, when the business world is often depressed or disturbed."


April 2014 will represent the only time the grand cross is formed with Jupiter and Mars. In 2015 during the final Pluto opposition to the US Sun, Saturn will be square Neptune. This transit is related to political reforms and according to the famed astrologer Barbault, and this is a cycle governing the development of socialism/communism.

In mundane astrology the Sun represents the President and government. It represents the way a nation expresses itself, and the way foreigners view the nation. In a way it is the 'soul' of a country. This will be an important time for government, which will be under pressure, and for the President who may face additional risks and opposition from his 'partners,' which includes Congress and others.

Pluto represents that which is subversive, corrupt, hidden and secretive in society. Pluto rules secret police, organized crime, secret agencies and societies, and what Jung called 'psychotic outbreaks of the collective unconscious.' It also rules nuclear weapons and energy, bullies and unmitigated power, including power of governments unrestrained, nuclear weapons and energy, and major transformation.

As the transit takes the form of an opposition the crisis will come from an outside force, or forces. Looking at past countries/civilizations Pluto-Sun oppositions either bring transformation as a result of deep internal and external change over time with opposition and purging of that which is destructive, or a complete collapse compared to what was known before. Sometimes Pluto goes through a phase of destruction and tearing down, then later rebuilding in a stronger way. Either way, the United States and its government will go through a transformative process the likes of which we have not seen before. Sometimes this transit takes the form of what some call creative destruction.

Two charts most commonly used for the US are the Sibley Chart (Sagittarius rising) and the Gemini rising chart. Looking at the Sibley Chart the US Sun falls in the seventh house ruling foreign relations, and is typically considered the house of 'open enemies,' showing us a conflict brewing with an enemy that is known. As the grand cross also affects the chart of Russia, this may well represent one such entity. Using the Gemini chart the Sun falls in the second house which rules incomes and money.

Either way this transit shows the potential of financial upheaval, potential banking reforms-situations, economic issues and challenging conditions that will be worldwide in nature.

"Under the current transit, the structures of power (Pluto in Capricorn) are challenged by the fresh vision, the new beginnings of Uranus in Aries. Politically, it’s not usually very pleasant. Sometimes, where there is great potential within the current forms, Uranus-Pluto can represent not a dissolution but an empowerment, dramatic growth, as we have seen with China."- Astrologer Barry Goddard


Looking at the lunar eclipse chart for April 15, 3:42 a.m., Washington, DC, the moon falls in the eighth house and there is a focus on the 8th/2ond house axis which rules death and mortality, international banking and finance, and earned income with a focus on unexpected situations through the end of the month. We will see arguments, debates and police or military action in the world and explosive events. Unexpected news will be the norm, and there could be problems with transport, young people and communication-technology.


This eclipse falls on the karmic nodal axis, showing the potential for reaping what has been sown in terms of the past as a nation.


The ascendant is 18 degrees Aquarius and the ascendant ruler Saturn (and Uranus) makes no aspects, but lies in the ninth house showing a staunch belief system and philosophical views.


Uranus lies in the second house of income, banking, bonds, currency, conjunct Mercury showing the rapid flow of information, or a propaganda campaign, potential issues with transport, communications and technology, a focus on young people. It opposes Mars in the eighth house of death, taxes, transformation, bringing arguments, debates, explosions, and accidents. The eighth house also rules mortgages, and financial relations with other countries and this is a major theme.


Uranus- Jupiter brings  unforeseen events, impracticality, potential issues regarding aircraft, idealism, sudden gains and losses and possible news relating to technology. Financial markets may fluctuate.


The grand cross affects the 11th house, ruling Congress and institutions, foreign affairs, the nations long term hopes, the 2ond house ruling income and wealth, and the 5th house of children and young people, and the eighth house of taxes, death, and transformation.


Pluto is especially powerful at this time as it is stationary having turned retrograde only 7 hours, 54 minutes prior to the eclipse. Agendas will become apparent.


Neptune and Venus in the first house bring to the forefront the question of lies, fraud and deception along with a lack of clarity and truthfulness as events are unfolding. Neptune rules water, oceans, rivers, and oil and gas and we could see situations arise that relate to water during this period.


The Jupiter-Pluto opposition lies across The United States 1st-7th house axis (Sibley chart) of self and others, or open enemies, and chows a monumental struggle between us and them, or other entities in the world as well as challenges in political, financial, social and military realms.


Issues that will likely come to the forefront include: New regulatory cycles relating to banking-finance, issues and volatility among financial markets, extreme weather-earth related changes and situations, the rise of violence and terrorism, Governments overstepping their authority and crackdowns on populations of people by governments, terrorist and military attacks, news relating to nuclear weapons, political splits, hidden agendas unveiled, attacks and accidents, news related to Edward Snowden and government spying on citizens, attacks by and on terrorists, events relating to crime and organized crime, concern over taxes/wealth, accidents and attacks, political and sociological upheaval, concerns for and about the President.

The April 29 solar eclipse falls in Taurus, the sign ruling income, and the earth itself. I will write more about it in an upcoming issue.

While the grand cross of April will change the world, it will change the lives of all of those whose personal charts it affects, and that will be the subject of my next blog.

Following is a list of Important dates that involve the grand cross. We will see significant events occur in the world on these dates, and in your personal life if the grand cross is prominent in your chart:

March 30-New moon in Aires sets off the grand cross

April 1-Sun squares Jupiter

April 2-Sun conjuncts Uranus

April 3-Sun squares Pluto

April 8-Sun opposes Mars

April 11-Venus conjuncts Neptune

April 14-Mercury squares Jupiter, Mercury conjuncts Uranus, Pluto goes stationary direct at 7:44 p.m. EST

April 15-  full moon lunar eclipse 25 degrees Libra, Mercury squares Pluto

April 16-Mercury opposes Mars

April 20-Jupiter squares Uranus, opposes Pluto

April 21-Uranus squares Pluto

April 22-Mars squares Jupiter

April 23- Mars opposes Uranus, squares Pluto

April 25-Sun conjuncts Mercury

April 28-29-Solar eclipse 8 degrees Taurus

May 2-Mercury opposes Saturn

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Jupiter turns direct: take a gamble...or not

Jupiter turns direct after a four month retrograde March 6, at 5:42 a.m. at 10 degrees of Cancer.

Jupiter is the planet of gain and expansion, and wherever Jupiter transits in your personal natal chart, you should see gain and increase. While in Cancer, Jupiter will create feelings of patriotism, increasing the size of homes and families and Cancer rules the homeland. It remains in this sign until July 17.

As Jupiter turns direct many things that have been delayed will start to move forward now and we may feel a sense of urgency in some respects to make up for lost time .

As Jupiter changes direction it squares Uranus and opposes Pluto once again 'setting off' the Uranus-Pluto square, and over the next number of days we will see many events happening in our personal lives and in the world, and you can expect the hot spots around the globe to heat up in a big way.

Jupiter-Uranus is a gamblers transit. We may feel the urge to take a chance at something we otherwise might not do or feel inspired to go in a positive new direction. As Jupiter rules money, money may be made, or lost. Remember a gamble is just that and if you stray from your normal course in a big way it could work out in a big way or fail in just as big a manner, depending on what else is in your chart.

Jupiter opposing Pluto relates to individuals with an agenda to push or convince others of something, and it is an intense transit. Someone may try and convince you of something, or vice versa. This transit represents the autocratic promotion of moral, religious and philosophical ideas and can be prone to fanaticism in many areas of our personal lives and in the world.

Jupiter-Pluto represents a financial cycle and we may make changes in personal finances/investments, and we may see many changes in the world financial markets. It represents the rise of violence and terrorism worldwide.

Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto and Mars will form a grand cross becoming exact the third/fourth week of April and many events will happen in the world and our personal lives. The last time this transit occurred was 1934.