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Thursday, March 27, 2014

April 2014: Rocky roads ahead

Spring is here, and events of the grand cross begin to unfold for what they will be in the world and in our personal lives. During the last week of March we have been concerned with a missing aircraft and 200 plus passengers, a deadly mudslide in WA. state, and the annexation of Crimea to Russia, to name a few events. Look for many more such type situations to arise in the world especially around the hot spots on the globe.  As I have written in the past, the grand cross will not represent one event, but rather many, and will change our lives and the world in many ways, just as the grand cross of 1934 did before WW11.

The grand cross aspects the Sun of the United States itself, and many events will unfold during this time and we will be in for a rocky ride this month collectively and in the United States.

If you have not read my article on the grand cross, I would suggest this if you want to understand the dynamics of this tumultuous time we are in. It is posted on my website under newsletters, or previously before this blog. (Rock our world: the grand cross of 2014, Parts 1 and 11.)

The March 30, New Moon will 'set off' the grand cross at 10 degrees of Aries and from this point forward the energy of the planets involved will continue to escalate through April. If you have personal planets at 8-14 degrees or so of Cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn, Libra and Aries) this new moon and the grand cross will affect you more so  than others. New moons generally coincide with new beginnings, but as this moon aspects the grand square it may seem like a full moon in strength.

March 29, Venus squares Saturn at 22 degrees of Aquarius-Scorpio on the eve of the new moon. Venus-Saturn transits relate to money and love and is generally not conducive to social activities. Some relationships may end during this time.

As Mars retrogrades in Libra throughout April from 21-11 degrees we will feel a greater sense of frustration on many levels, especially if Mars aspects a personal planet in your own chart. Mars in Libra relates to seventh house matters: marriage, relationships, courts, and those considered 'open enemies,' or those you know to be and consider and enemy or person whose interests are directly opposed to your own. Unknown situations may come to light during this period, especially about relationships, projects and relationships may slow down or stop totally, and many partnerships and situations that are tottering on the edge will end this month. Retrograde Mars is not the time to begin new projects. Anything begun during this cycle may well end when Mars turns direct after May 20.

April 2, the Sun conjuncts Uranus at 12 degrees of Aries and this relates to sudden, and unexpected events. This sets off the grand cross, and Uranus rules aircraft, explosions, technology and sudden changes that have not been fully anticipated. Events will begin to unfold in our world.

April 3, the Sun squares Pluto, and as this aspects the grand cross look for events over these several days to be large and sudden. Sun-Pluto transits relate to unabated power and corruption, crime, major changes, and situations that involve bullies on some level and transformation of many types. Pluto rules nuclear weapons and energy.

April 5, Venus enters Pisces changing the love energy to a softer and more romantic tone for the next four weeks. This will work well for water signs.

April 7, Mercury enters Aries changing Mercurial energy after a long stint in Pisces/Aquarius. People will become more verbally assertive and the mental flow will be at a faster pace.

April 8, the Sun opposes Mars, and this is a transit that is indicative of fights, arguments and upsets, and this will manifest in the world. Mars rules military and police action, war and strife. Couples are prone to fighting.

April 11, Venus conjuncts Neptune. This transit has dual possibilities. For some it could be experienced as romance and soft lights. The basic nature of Neptune however is delusional or unclear, and best to trust nothing until this transit passes, especially what other people may say unless you know them well. Misunderstandings are possible.

April 14, and the next 10 days becomes a pivotal time of the month as the grand cross approaches an exact configuration. On this day, the eve of the lunar eclipse in Libra, Mercury squares Jupiter, and conjuncts Uranus, while Pluto goes stationary direct at 7:44 p.m. EST.

Mercury-Jupiter deals with situations that get blown out of proportion, governments and young people, and Mercury-Uranus is unexpected information and news, technology, issues with travel, transport, airplanes, and sudden unexpected news in general. Weather related events could also occur. This is a day to be careful driving.

Pluto retrograde is a significant event, especially so close to the grand cross.  As Pluto retrogrades, situations become more intense, and situations previously unknown may become revealed at this time. The planet of ultimate transformation becomes more powerful, more 'plutonian,' and the desire for regeneration stronger. On a personal level we may feel the need to let go of things, people and situations that have outlived their usefulness in our lives.

April 15, a full moon/lunar eclipse occurs at 25 degrees of Libra, and Mercury squares Pluto, setting off the grand cross again over the few days before and after the eclipse.

Mercury-Pluto is an intense, obsessive transit and rules media, propaganda, arguments and dictatorial attitudes,

Events will occur before and after the eclipse that are large in nature in the world and our personal lives.

The eclipse occurs in Libra, the sign ruling the seventh house of marriage, partnerships, courts and those whose interests oppose our own. Some relationships may end on this eclipse, or take a turn in a different direction.

April 16, Mercury opposes Mars at 15 degrees Libra-Aries, and this is a transit of arguments, disagreements and propaganda, and could relate to accidents, military action and a general anger in the world and our lives. Best to think before you speak.

 April 20, Jupiter squares Uranus, opposes Pluto . Jupiter-Pluto rules agendas, terrorism, financial cycles and upheaval in the markets. Jupiter-Uranus rules aircraft, revolutions, disruptions, changes in technology and finance, and general changes in the world relating to governments, finance, changes in direction that may be unexpected. Not all events will be negative although it may seem that way. On a personal level we have an opportunity to break free of situations that have become oppressive.

April 21, Uranus squares Pluto, exact.

April 22, Mars squares Jupiter. Mars rules war, action, strife, men, and Jupiter rules money and governments. Again, events will play out on this day, and situations may change or become blown out of proportion in the world and our personal lives.

April 21-25, the grand cross becomes exact with Mars.

April 23, Mars opposes Uranus, squares Pluto at 13 degrees in the cardinal signs. Mars-Uranus is volatile, indicative of unexpected and explosive situations, and Mars-Pluto deals with anger, war like circumstances, changes that sometimes have to do with finance and assets, and Pluto rules nuclear energy and weapons. This transit falls on the US natal Sun which rules the President-leadership, and the heart and soul of the US.

April 25, the Sun conjuncts Mercury, and this is an agitating, willful transit. Could involve travel, transport, debate.

April 28-29, a new moon/solar eclipse occurs at 8 degrees of Taurus. Taurus is the natural ruler of the second house of money, earned income, and rules the earth itself. Events in the world and our personal lives will occur at this time, depending on house placement


While we are in for some volatile times collectively and personally, if the grand cross affects your chart, my advice is to not live in fear, but rather look at your own life, where it is likely you are on the precipice of some type of change. As Pluto is involved, change in inevitable, and situations go more smoothly if you go with the flow rather than fight circumstances and hang on to the old. Positive situations can come of these volatile times, and you may be propelled into a new situation of some type, that in the end can work for the greater good. It is important to be aware of the times and change, but better to work as an agent of change for the positive, taking control of your life than fighting against it.






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