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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Venus opposes Neptune; unclear relationships

Mercury opposed Neptune September 19-20. Mars opposed Neptune September 24-25.
Now, on September 29, Venus will oppose Neptune at 12 degrees of Virgo-Pisces.

We have seen major water related events and disastrous weather conditions as well as political upheaval on each of the other Neptune oppositions.

Venus rules love, money, women and social values. Its opposition to Neptune can confuse the issue and be prone to lies, deception and misinformation or confusion. Self deception is included in this category, and many situations and relationships can be unclear or foggy.

People may not show their true colors on this transit, or may be deliberately deceptive. Watch your belongings, as this is a transit of theft on many levels, and it is not limited to romantic relationships.

Some may experience this as melancholy, depression or feelings of discouragement.
Don't take things at face value and dig beneath the surface if you want true and correct answers. Use caution with money on this day, and in all matters before and after the transit. You may not be clear on all the facts.

The other side of this energy relates to healing, sacrifice and could be a true selfLESS love, or act of kindness.

Dreams may be vivid and creativity at a high.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Jupiter opposes Uranus; unpredictability!

Jupiter opposes Uranus and this major transit will be exact September 28. The energy has been with us on and off all year, and this will be the final pass. The energy has been building during September and will continue after the transit is exact.

When Jupiter opposes Uranus we can expect the unexpected. While Uranus rules things that are unique, it also rules aircraft, revolts and coups, explosions, the electronic media, rebellions, lightening, weather and a host of other things. Typically when astrologers see Uranus we think revolts, freedom, change, explosions and unexpected events that are sometimes shocking.

Astrologer Nicholas Champion writes, "it combines aspiration and effort and as such relates to the possibilities of progress and furthering the evolution of man. It encourages perception of deeper potentialities, poses questions, opens up possibilities.'

He states, "This seems to be both one of the key cycles of the free-market economy, and as such Barbualt considers it one of the predominately capitalist oriented cycles. In a society in crisis it can cause highly volatile situations to erupt without warning and an atmosphere of acute tension. In this state it has a particularly war-mongering potential."

Jupiter is in Libra and Jupiter rules governments, laws and legal situations, foreigners, travel, money and finance, and in Libra it deals with relationships. While romantic relationships can be affected and change, it concerns all kinds of relationships including the kind governments have with each other, or even the kind of relationships we have with neighbors or co-workers or boss. Relationships of all types can become changeable at this time, good or bad.

We can expect to see changes in government and major push back. This can of course include travel and foreign individuals, but is not limited to this either in the world or our personal lives. This far, the transit has involved chaotic political events and push back.

As Jupiter rules money we could see changes in finance or the stock market. While the market is at record highs at the time of this post, it could just as easily change, and this is a 'gamblers transit.' Things can go up or down without warning.

This transit demands freedom and many people will want to be free on many different levels. This is a time to expand our horizons and look at new possibilities. Many people will not want to be tied down and feel extremely restless.

Events can involve foreign people, accidents, young men, governments, laws, relationships, and explosive situations. Aircraft, weather or the internet could even be involved.
 In your own life things may get blown out of proportion, change can occur suddenly (Uranus) and some people may act in an egotistical or selfish manner. This is not the time to issue ultimatums or bring up on controversial subjects.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Pluto turns direct: the God of the Underworld wakes up

Pluto may have been demoted several years ago, but make no mistake to its powerful affects when it transits your chart, and aspects other planets in the sky.

 I generally describe Pluto transits through the natal chart as "change beyond your ability to control." When Pluto makes a harsh transit in your personal chart change will occur in your life with or without your help. The same goes for the positive aspects.

Pluto has been retrograde since April 20, and on Thursday, September 28, it turns stationary direct at 16 degrees of Capricorn. At this juncture it is very powerful, especially if it aspects something in your personal chart at this time.

  Pluto is now just over half half way through its long cycle in Capricorn that will take us through 2024.

Anything that has been festering in the unconsciousness may force its way into the conscious at this time. This is a powerful planetary change and things that have been hidden, both individually and collectively will start to show itself for what it is. Lawsuits that have been put on hold may move forward as can anything of this nature.

Secrets may suddenly be revealed or come out of the shadows and we may see situations or even people turn obsessive in some way as Pluto has an obsessive quality to it.

Pluto rules the dark and hidden undercurrents, sex, bullies nuclear energy and raw power or those who hold such power. It also rules ultimate change and transformation. Typically when Pluto turns direct we see major events transpire in the world.

As Jupiter and the Sun are in Libra, there may be a greater desire for compromise at the moment.

With this powerful planet waking up we can see shifts in our own and the collective conscious over the next month or so.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

What happens on September 23: Mars opposes Neptune

Once again,  rumors abound on the internet about the end of the world, and other major happenings. Certain groups promote this day as the beginning of a theology some Christian groups call the tribulation, and others indicate something will hit the earth.

The world will not end and I will be at my desk as usual! I do not believe anything astrologically points to any of these stories circulating the internet as being correct, any more than Y2k, or the demise of civilization in 2012.

Mars however, begins its opposition to Neptune, and this will be exact September 24. The energy of this will begin before and still be present after the transit is exact. Every several years this transit occurs.

This is a tiring and basically negative influence. Some things can end at this time. Neptune oppositions have a habit of uncovering previously unknown information which can occur in the world and in our personal lives. Misdirected or misinformed anger can be a problem.

As Mars rules the ego, its clash with Neptune isn't pretty and can contribute to self destructive tendencies,  feeling low, or sorry for oneself, and is generally of little productive use. Those prone to over drink or overindulge in something will be more inclined to do so now.

Facts and situations can be distorted in relationships of all types, and sex can be involved, directly or indirectly.

The best and highest use of this energy is in helping others or pursuing a creative or spiritual goal.

As Mercury began its opposition to Neptune on September 18-19, news outlets reported Donald Trump's former campaign manager, Paul Manafort will be indicted. Expect to see additional scandals. Mars-Neptune can relate to same sex couples, and sex scandals.

If the Mercury-Neptune transit affected you, it is probable the Mars-Neptune transit will affect you as well. This transit will affect you to a greater degree if you have mutable planets (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) at 11-13 degrees in your personal chart

A 7.4 earthquake struck Mexico and Hurricane Maria wrecked havoc in the Caribbean as Mercury opposed Neptune September 19. As Neptune is involved in this transit also, we can expect to continue to see major water/weather related disasters and issues during this time.

Additionally, Mars-Neptune transits can represent poisons, death and deadly attacks, chemical weapons, water damage, mold and infectious disease, drugs, lies and deception.

A political fight is shaping up over Obama Care or the Affordable Care Act, once again. Under these transits, the American public will not know the truth as to what is contained in the proposed bill. Smoke and mirrors will rule this period and there will be no clarity until this transit passes. The energy of this transit is deceptive.

Dreams may be vivid before and after this transit.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

New Moon in Virgo: getting down to business

The Virgo new moon rules auditors, work and health. This Moon falls at 27 degrees in the sign ruled by Mercury. The Moon begins to peak on the West Coast (US) at 10:30 PM, September 19, and completes its lunar peak on the East coast at 1:30 AM, September 20.

Venus hits the eclipse point September 18-19 and reveals one more chapter in the powerful August 21 solar eclipse at 29 degrees of Leo.
Many things and events will occur as a result of Venus at its final degree, and some things may end.

Add to this the powerful opposition between Mercury and Neptune and the day become even more significant as many things can be revealed at this time. Use caution in jumping to conclusions, and Mercury-Neptune can be hard to decipher and all the facts may not be known yet.

By the latter part of the week Mars will oppose Neptune (exact September 24-25), and this can bring tiring energy, discouragement, endings, and major events in the world. If the Mercury-Neptune transit has a significant affect on you, Mars-Neptune will as well.

Some may feel depressed and discouraged but this energy is fleeting.
While the effects and events of the solar eclipse will continue for months to come, we can still begin to move on with the new lunar cycle.

With 4 planets in Virgo as of September 19, now is time to get down to business, or take a look at how you treat your body and make appropriate changes.

In the US natal chart this Moon is significant as falls within 5 degrees of natal Neptune, bringing scandals, water related weather conditions and questions about foreign powers once again that can occur on more than one level.

As I wrote during June-August, the August 21, eclipse will have profound effects on the Presidency of Donald Trump, revealing things secret and hidden. September 18, news outlets reported Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was told he will be indited, and we will hear more news relating to this in the near future.

As Neptune rules water, I expect to see more water related weather events as well.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Mercury opposes Neptune- Dreams, Lies and lack of clarity

Mercury opposes Neptune at 12 degrees of Virgo-Pisces, and this energy will peak at 11:05 PM, EST September 19.

This is foggy, confusing and tiring energy. This will be apparent before and after this date. 

Mercury-Neptune energy is misleading, confusing, discouraging and it becomes difficult to communicate clearly. Even if you communicate clearly, those you communicate with may not understand what you are saying, or vice versa. This transit is indicative of unrealistic thinking, being out of touch with reality, as well as smoke and mirrors, lies and deception, some of which will be unearthed in the world and in your personal life if this transits sets off another aspect in your  personal chart. It can indicate depression, lies, and very unclear circumstances. Make no important decisions today if you can avoid it.

This will aspect your personal chart if you have mutable planets (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces) at 11-13 degrees. If this does hit your chart, it will take on the energies of the planet and house in your chart it aspects, and events will become bigger.

Situations can be uncovered at this time. As Neptune is confusing, don't take anything you uncover as truth without evidence to back it up. Many people will experience a feeling of being confused, slighted or discouraged. 

Try and not take this energy seriously as Neptune and the personal ego don't mix well. It can indicate lack of confidence, and very uncertain circumstances. Let this transit pass before jumping to conclusions-good or bad.

At its highest this transits can indicate a period of compassion, spirituality and a drive to work for the highest good in a selfless manner.  Mercury-Neptune at its best can be a look into the infinite that we call life and all its mysteries. It can work well in terms of readings, helping others, spirituality or creativity.

Dreams will be vivid at this time, and some may be prophetic, but they may also make little sense.

On the world stage, untruths can be uncovered and lies exposed and told.  Neptune represents pictures, and we could hear of scandals and be subject to them ourselves is this transit is aspecting our chart. This is a transit of theft on many levels.
We could see water related weather conditions over the next few days

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Mars-Mercury: Watch your communication!

Mercury conjuncts Mars at 7 degrees of Virgo, and this peaks Saturday, September 16, at 3:01, EST to be exact. After this the energies will be waning, but not gone. I originally wrote about this earlier this week. We actually experienced a Mercury-Mars conjunct on September 3.

Upset, agitated and angry people may be the norm, this day. Mars-Mercury in Virgo is worrisome, if not annoyed.  The Night of the Long Knives comes to mind.

Watch your driving and everyone else's as well. I expect a great deal of road rage and accidents. You could also experience communication issues on many levels.

The other side of this energy is a burst of mental activity, debate, and planning actions. I would try and direct your energy here.

If this aspects a mutable planet (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces) in your chart you will be affected on a greater level.

I expect this day or the day after to be a big news day. This transit will play out in the world, and hits Uranus in the US natal chart. We can expect to see unexpected events and it could get volatile. Use caution.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Eclipse aftermath: extreme weather, Equifax hacks and more

The Great American eclipse (August 21, 2017) is over, but if you read my blog you knew that events connected to the eclipse would play out the first 10 days of September and beyond. As the eclipse literally crossed the country from one end to the other, we knew the events and focus of this eclipse would be significant in the US. The energy of an eclipse typically plays out the previous month and beyond. As Mercury was retrograde, events were and are further delayed.  

This eclipse fell at 29 degrees of Leo which relates to critical events and endings, which continue to reveal themselves.

 As Leo rules the entertainment world, we learned Country Music stars Troy Gentry and Don Williams died on September 8.
 As predicted, eclipses are often connected to earthquakes and extreme weather. Hurricane Harvey struck Houston, TX, August 25, creating billions of dollars in damage, with 71 confirmed deaths.

This was followed by a 8.2 magnitude earthquake in Mexico, and finally Hurricane Irma hit Southern Florida, September 11, and damages are still being accessed.

Irma can be attributed to the eclipse but also the Full Moon in Pisces that was conjunct Neptune. It seemed to me that Moon was almost as powerful as the eclipse. Add to this Jupiter opposing Uranus: Uranus rules weather and Jupiter expands whatever it touches and you have the astrological recipe for these disasters.

I was able to look at the charts of several major cities before Irma struck. The Miami, Florida chart showed transit Neptune square natal Pluto at 13 degrees of Pisces-Sagittarius. Pluto in the 8th house has to do with change and transformation as well as money--insurance money, other people's money and death. This powerful square would be set off by the 13 degree Pisces full moon that was conjunct Neptune which rules sea water!

Saturn was/is also square the Moon (Miami) at 22 degrees of Pisces which denotes an unhappy population and damage to housing.
In Tampa, Neptune also played a role in the flooding as it trined the natal Sun in the 8th house at 12 degrees. But, Neptune also squared Tampa's natal Moon at 16 degrees of Gemini as well.
The rebuilding of cities, structures and lives in these cities will take many months if not years. But, these two great cities will rise once again with America as Houston will.

I did not get a chance before the storm to look at Jacksonville, Fl., which was unexpectedly flooded as well.

Neptune is prominent in this chart also, and is being opposed by transiting Neptune at 13 degrees of Virgo-Pisces. This transit reveals destruction by water and was set off by the Pisces full moon. Also Saturn was/is opposing Jacksonville's Sun at 23 degrees of Gemini. Any competent astrologer versed in mundane astrology would have been able to see the flooding and destruction had they looked at this chart.

September 3, was a date that stood out if you read my eclipse blog. On this day, North Korea conducted its most powerful nuclear test yet.

Over the weekend of September 11, we learned that hackers have stolen data from Equifax, affecting 143 million Americans or roughly half of the US population.  The hackers obtained names, Social Security numbers, birthdates, addresses, and, in some cases, even credit card information.

Thanks to astrologer Steve Stuckey and Mountain Astrologer magazine, I have the chart data or the business formation date of Equifax on December 20, 1913.

Equifax says the hack happened sometime between mid-May and the end of July, long before we were notified.
The Equifax chart has a 20 degree Virgo rising and the Moon at 21 degrees of Virgo in the first house.

During May, transiting Pluto (19 degrees) was beginning its opposition to natal Pluto in the 10th house at 20 degrees of Mars. Mars-Pluto transits are volatile and represent some type of change. 

This can be a dangerous and sometimes violent transit. In a business chart it reflects actions leading to transformation, or some type of re-design of the business with a struggle. Mars-Pluto can relate to criminal incidents.

Transit Saturn was opposing the Moon at 21 degrees of Gemini in the Equifax chart, and this is another negative indication of what occurred.

It is worth mentioning three Equifax executives sold shares worth 2 million days after the data breach was discovered according to SEC filings, but claim no knowledge of the hacking.

Transiting Neptune, the most obvious transit in the chart is/was square Saturn at 13 degrees of Gemini, and Venus at 14 Sagittarius creating a powerful t-square. Neptune with Saturn/Venus transits often have to do with theft and shady or unethical dealings.

 In 2016, when the Russians are alleged to have tampered with the US election, we were experiencing a Neptune-Saturn square in the sky that affected us all. This was also when we saw a vast rise in the 'fake news' stories that were rampant on Facebook. So, you can see the association with theft, hackings and unsavory or shady dealings.

 Neptune-Saturn transits are distorted and usually mask the truth. Is is interesting we are experiencing a Saturn-Neptune square at this time in the US natal chart at 21-22 degrees of Sagittarius-Virgo. This would of course tie in with the Equifax hack, among many other things as well. Neptune also rules scandals and sea water. This transit will become exact the latter part of September through the first half of October and you can rest assured many more things will be revealed at this time and they may or may not involve Equifax. I actually expect more scandals and news relating to foreign powers.

Neptune, by the way will square Saturn/Venus in the (Equifax) chart again February 2018, and late October-December 2019. There is no doubt we will hear more, and Equifax is at risk of additional theft and lawsuits to boot. Before this is over the company may have to make considerable changes.

Perhaps with all of this the universe is telling us it's time to change certain things. For example, denying climate change, and the way we store critical information that affects us all. Maybe building codes need to change in coastal areas that are at risk. Maybe people need to come before profit and money. Only we can decide.