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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

What happens on September 23: Mars opposes Neptune

Once again,  rumors abound on the internet about the end of the world, and other major happenings. Certain groups promote this day as the beginning of a theology some Christian groups call the tribulation, and others indicate something will hit the earth.

The world will not end and I will be at my desk as usual! I do not believe anything astrologically points to any of these stories circulating the internet as being correct, any more than Y2k, or the demise of civilization in 2012.

Mars however, begins its opposition to Neptune, and this will be exact September 24. The energy of this will begin before and still be present after the transit is exact. Every several years this transit occurs.

This is a tiring and basically negative influence. Some things can end at this time. Neptune oppositions have a habit of uncovering previously unknown information which can occur in the world and in our personal lives. Misdirected or misinformed anger can be a problem.

As Mars rules the ego, its clash with Neptune isn't pretty and can contribute to self destructive tendencies,  feeling low, or sorry for oneself, and is generally of little productive use. Those prone to over drink or overindulge in something will be more inclined to do so now.

Facts and situations can be distorted in relationships of all types, and sex can be involved, directly or indirectly.

The best and highest use of this energy is in helping others or pursuing a creative or spiritual goal.

As Mercury began its opposition to Neptune on September 18-19, news outlets reported Donald Trump's former campaign manager, Paul Manafort will be indicted. Expect to see additional scandals. Mars-Neptune can relate to same sex couples, and sex scandals.

If the Mercury-Neptune transit affected you, it is probable the Mars-Neptune transit will affect you as well. This transit will affect you to a greater degree if you have mutable planets (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) at 11-13 degrees in your personal chart

A 7.4 earthquake struck Mexico and Hurricane Maria wrecked havoc in the Caribbean as Mercury opposed Neptune September 19. As Neptune is involved in this transit also, we can expect to continue to see major water/weather related disasters and issues during this time.

Additionally, Mars-Neptune transits can represent poisons, death and deadly attacks, chemical weapons, water damage, mold and infectious disease, drugs, lies and deception.

A political fight is shaping up over Obama Care or the Affordable Care Act, once again. Under these transits, the American public will not know the truth as to what is contained in the proposed bill. Smoke and mirrors will rule this period and there will be no clarity until this transit passes. The energy of this transit is deceptive.

Dreams may be vivid before and after this transit.

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