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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Venus opposes Neptune; unclear relationships

Mercury opposed Neptune September 19-20. Mars opposed Neptune September 24-25.
Now, on September 29, Venus will oppose Neptune at 12 degrees of Virgo-Pisces.

We have seen major water related events and disastrous weather conditions as well as political upheaval on each of the other Neptune oppositions.

Venus rules love, money, women and social values. Its opposition to Neptune can confuse the issue and be prone to lies, deception and misinformation or confusion. Self deception is included in this category, and many situations and relationships can be unclear or foggy.

People may not show their true colors on this transit, or may be deliberately deceptive. Watch your belongings, as this is a transit of theft on many levels, and it is not limited to romantic relationships.

Some may experience this as melancholy, depression or feelings of discouragement.
Don't take things at face value and dig beneath the surface if you want true and correct answers. Use caution with money on this day, and in all matters before and after the transit. You may not be clear on all the facts.

The other side of this energy relates to healing, sacrifice and could be a true selfLESS love, or act of kindness.

Dreams may be vivid and creativity at a high.

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