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Monday, September 18, 2017

Mercury opposes Neptune- Dreams, Lies and lack of clarity

Mercury opposes Neptune at 12 degrees of Virgo-Pisces, and this energy will peak at 11:05 PM, EST September 19.

This is foggy, confusing and tiring energy. This will be apparent before and after this date. 

Mercury-Neptune energy is misleading, confusing, discouraging and it becomes difficult to communicate clearly. Even if you communicate clearly, those you communicate with may not understand what you are saying, or vice versa. This transit is indicative of unrealistic thinking, being out of touch with reality, as well as smoke and mirrors, lies and deception, some of which will be unearthed in the world and in your personal life if this transits sets off another aspect in your  personal chart. It can indicate depression, lies, and very unclear circumstances. Make no important decisions today if you can avoid it.

This will aspect your personal chart if you have mutable planets (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces) at 11-13 degrees. If this does hit your chart, it will take on the energies of the planet and house in your chart it aspects, and events will become bigger.

Situations can be uncovered at this time. As Neptune is confusing, don't take anything you uncover as truth without evidence to back it up. Many people will experience a feeling of being confused, slighted or discouraged. 

Try and not take this energy seriously as Neptune and the personal ego don't mix well. It can indicate lack of confidence, and very uncertain circumstances. Let this transit pass before jumping to conclusions-good or bad.

At its highest this transits can indicate a period of compassion, spirituality and a drive to work for the highest good in a selfless manner.  Mercury-Neptune at its best can be a look into the infinite that we call life and all its mysteries. It can work well in terms of readings, helping others, spirituality or creativity.

Dreams will be vivid at this time, and some may be prophetic, but they may also make little sense.

On the world stage, untruths can be uncovered and lies exposed and told.  Neptune represents pictures, and we could hear of scandals and be subject to them ourselves is this transit is aspecting our chart. This is a transit of theft on many levels.
We could see water related weather conditions over the next few days

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