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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

July-September 2018: The healing power of stillness

Summer will be a time of reflection, re-evaluating, and re-designing our lives in many different areas. Five planets will retrograde, or six if you count Chiron, the asteroid known as the 'wounded healer.'
It's rare that half of the planets in Western astrology are in retrograde, and summer will be a time to make the most of the long, hot summer days. By fall we will be amazed at the changes that have occurred.
Many don't like when things slow down, but it's time to re-access and review rather than start new ventures. If you do begin new projects, expect delays, obstacles, and know that the project may not get off the ground just yet this summer. Once the planets turn direct again, the project may change in significant ways.
There is magic in the stillness and slowdown of activity, if you take the time to reflect and remember that which you thought you had forgotten long ago. The world can seem still, peaceful and reflective. This is the time to re-connect with the past, pick up old projects and decide what could be changed for the better, and simply dip your toes into the water as often as you can. There is more to life than always rushing forward, full-steam ahead.

This is not negative, but part of the natural cycle of life. Some things will be uncovered that need to be known, and you may experience a sense that you should have known something you didn't previously realize. Live each day and find good in it. Let go of those things that show themselves to be false, make peace with the rest, and know all things serve a purpose.
Many situations will come to a conclusion, and while things may seem slow, there is a lot going on underneath! It's like watching a flower grow. It starts as a seed and nothing happens for a long time, and then one day you discover there is a bloom.
To help guide you through energy shifts over the next few months, here is a look at this summer’s planetary calendar:
June 26 - August 27: Mars in Retrograde
Mars will retrograde at 9 degrees of Aquarius.  On August 14, it moves back into Capricorn where it will turn direct. Mars’ retrograde affects energy levels and we become accident prone.  Frustration and anger can arise because things aren't moving quickly and seem stuck.
This is not the time to have elective surgery, start a business or new ventures. As Mars rules men, they may seem to go retrograde as well, in some cases. Mars also rules action, the police and military, conflicts, guns and anger. Issues or people may become more manipulative and angry at this time or we could experience this ourselves. Many things will change quietly and beneath the surface.
Mars and the South node will oppose each other twice this summer and this relates to letting go of situations that no longer serve your life.
If Mars stations retrograde or direct on a planet in your personal chart, there can be an expression of combative energy, headaches and other complaints. This is definitely the time to step back for a few days and relax.
The 'shadow period' of retrograde Mars will last until October 9, when energy finally resumes its normal pace.
July 10 - Jupiter Turns Direct
This is good news! The planet of gain and expansion turns direct at 13 degrees of Scorpio.
While in retrograde, things promised by the planet of expansion may never transpire, or do so in a lesser manner. As Jupiter turns direct in Scorpio, issues connected to money and finance may pick up as Jupiter rules the 8th house of sex, money, taxes, inheritances, mortgages and insurance, or court cases. You will see gain in whatever house Jupiter is transiting in your personal chart.

July 26 - Mercury in Retrograde
Mercury will retrograde at 23 degrees of Leo, and turn direct again on August 19, at 11 degrees of Leo. Leo rules the 5th house of children, friends and love affairs. Issues may arise in these areas. This is definitely a time to step back, observe as though from a distance, and at times we must retrace our steps.
Misunderstandings may be common and its is best not to take them too seriously. Some relationships will end if they are tottering on the edge, and other relationships from the past may come back together, or you can connect with those you have previously known.
You should not marry, get engaged, buy high-ticket items, cars, or make long lasting decisions. If possible, you should not start a job.  If you need a job however, it is better to take one than not have one. In the future the job could change, or you could move again.
August 7 - Uranus in Retrograde
Uranus retrogrades every year and is not as apparent as the faster moving planets like Mars and Mercury. You will notice this transit more if Uranus is aspecting a planet in your personal chart at 0-2 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius.
Uranus rules innovations, unexpected events, shocks and surprises, new concepts and ideas. It involves the higher levels of communication and thinking.
September 6 - Saturn Turns Direct
Saturn is in Capricorn and is considered at home here making it very powerful. Situations may seem heavier and more restrictive during the retrograde, especially if it affects your personal chart.
While in retrograde, Saturn slows down the normal rate of activity so better methods can be developed and organized. Saturn rules the structures in our lives and allows us to develop our personal boundaries.
As Saturn turns direct, this can be good news for many issues and situations that have been stuck. This is true for both the individual and the collective.  Saturn can represent a reality check in many areas.
While summer may seem slower at times, it will be an amazing thing to see the planets turn direct once again, and the timing will all be perfect.'

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Upcoming solar eclipse: Change through crisis

The first solar eclipse of the summer falls on July 12, at 20 degrees in Cancer.

Cancer rules home, family, the foundation and the emotional life. With this eclipse the Moon will oppose Pluto at 20 degrees of Capricorn and Pluto is retrograde.

The Sun will also oppose Pluto at the time of this eclipse and this powerful energy relates to come type of crisis or turning point or both. Some things, situations and relationships will end to create a new beginning.

Pluto rules the dark undercurrent, things that are secret and hidden, sex, death and regeneration, power struggles, decay. Powerful forces are at play involving the subconscious mind, personal and collective power, abuse, and ultimate change, all of which may not be within our control. It could intensify deep seated fears and issues within the subconscious mind and absolute obsessions over personal situations. Family and the emotional state will be front and center. There will be a deep desire to let go of that which is no longer beneficial. Pluto is the ultimate harbinger of change, frequently change that is out of personal control.

Sun-Moon-Pluto oppositions can relate to emotional breakdowns, out of control emotions leading to dangerous situations, danger and violence or abuse, and skeletons coming out of the closet, and information being revealed.

This eclipse falls on fixed star Castor at 19.8 degrees of Cancer. According to Robson, 'Castor gives distinction, a keen intellect, success in law and publishing, many travels, a fondness for horses, sudden fame and honor but often followed by loss of fortune and disgrace, sickness, trouble and great affliction.'

This eclipse symbolizes change as a result of crisis, and we must turn to our own inner resources to resolve the crisis.

A loose grand trine pattern falls within the eclipse linking Jupiter (expansion/grace), Neptune (compassion/creativity) and the Sun/Moon (ego, emotions). As a result of the trine we can have an easier time finding help, solutions and compassion for ourselves and others.

Venus trine Uranus can give the urge to try something new, romance and affections.

Saturn trine Uranus lends the impetus for positive and eclectic change, patience, planning and a new way to approach old problems.

We experienced a lunar eclipse at 20 degrees of Cancer, January 9, 2001. But this eclipse was not in opposition to Pluto. Look back at this time and you could have a clue as to what this eclipse may affect in your personal chart.

Pluto urges transformation of the negative, destructive parts of life and transformation to a higher and better realm of living. The grand trine and Uranus shows potential outlets but not without work and effort, and the possibility of change as a result of crisis.

Those most affected by this eclipse will have Cardinal planets-Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn at 18-22 degrees.

This eclipse will bring about crisis situations in the world.. Pluto deals with absolute power, nuclear situations, abuse of power, destruction, crime at high levels, attacks on the media, issues involving media, potential destruction, mass anger, and transformation. It falls on the 2nd/8th house axis of the US natal chart (Sibly chart) which rules money, debt, finances, death and endings. As it falls on Mercury, this rules children and young people as well as communication.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Full Moon in Capricorn: The reality check

June's Capricorn full moon falls just after midnight (EDT), June 27-28, at 6 degrees of Capricorn and it is tightly conjunct Saturn.

Moon-Saturn deals with the reality of situations, not what you would wish them or hope them to be. For many this can be a dose of reality and Saturn can represent discouragement and endings of many types especially if this aspects your personal chart, or something else does at the same time. Sometimes a reality check can be a needed thing, and help us to move forward.

Moon-Saturn can deal with women, especially older women. Mother's or those connected to the past.

Saturn deals with boundaries, setting boundaries and being given boundaries by others. It also deals with work, responsibilities, burdens and issues you would rather not deal with. In some cases, certain things or even relationships may come to an end.

Saturn-Moon transits can seem like you have hit rock bottom at times, or you are at the end of the emotional road, but this will soon pass.

The Sun opposes Saturn the day before, and this will add to the Saturn like emotional austerity of this moon, and may bring about events connected to this full moon.

This is a heavy transit that will lower energy, and can seem dour, restrictive and flat. There can be an overload of responsibilities and obligations and things may not move forward. It is typically a negative day in the world. Take care not to get too negative. These are good days to clear your desk, plan, take care of responsibilities and wait for the light of dawn, so to speak. At best, certain things may come together, especially in business you may have been working on. You could be dealing with land, property, buildings, mines or earth related matters.

Many things could seem to stall, go haywire, or even backward as Mars stations retrograde on June 26, and we can prepare to retrace some of our previous steps this summer.

In the (US) we could see issues connected to money, the stock market, banks, financial markets, immigrants, courts, opponents of the US and foreign affairs. This Moon sets off the Saturn opposition to Jupiter in the US natal chart. The stock market had its worst single day drop in history when Saturn opposed Jupiter in the US natal chart in February, 2018. The US market dropped 420 points June 19, and could drop further.

You will be affected to a greater degree if you have planets in your personal chart at 7-9 degrees of Cardinal signs: Aries, Libra, Cancer, or Capricorn.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Mercury opposes Pluto: Drama, obsessions, change

Mercury opposes Pluto and this transit is exact in the early hours of June 23, so the energy will be felt before it becomes exact.

This may make for a rough end of the week as this transit is obsessive, argumentative, overly intense and prone to revealing information you may not have previously known. Last week Mercury opposed Saturn at 6 degrees of Capricorn-Cancer, and this was heavy for many. We also saw much information revealed about immigrant children being taken away from their parents at the US border. We may see further information this week, and this will be an angry transit in the world.

Pluto is the bully, and this transit can bring them (bullies) out, or someone may try to convince you of something. A cool, calm and peaceful attitude will get you through the day better than the alternative. Or you could encounter other stressed out and argumentative people in your immediate environment.

Sometimes this transit can cause us to focus on a situation to such an extent it is hard to let go of the thought pattern. If you push someone's buttons they will likely push back. This may be a good quote for the day to remember: "Be Kind; Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Hard Battle."

Mercury typically involves relatives, younger people, children, communication of all kinds, vehicles and automobiles, sometimes pets. This is a day to be cautious driving or traveling, as accidents can occur.

At best some kind of change can occur, as Pluto always presents this possibility, but it would not be without great effort.

You will be impacted in a greater way if you have Cardinal planets-Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn at 19-21 degrees in your personal chart.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Summer solstice arrives: Let the fireworks begin

We have several rough transits this week and the first one is Venus opposing Mars. This transit becomes exact June 21, the day of the Summer solstice.
First of all, the Sun enters Cancer at 0 degrees at 6:07 AM, EST, June 21 and happy days are here again, summer has arrived! The 0 degree of each 
Cardinal sign is significant as it signals change, especially changes in the seasons/weather. For example, Aries point=Spring, Cancer=Summer, Libra=fall and Capricorn=winter.

But, on the same day, Venus opposes Mars at 8 degrees of Leo/Aquarius.  This related to trouble between the sexes, jealousy, vying for attention and in some cases bad behavior.

Other issues can include jealousy and suspicion, mistrust and issues about sex. Incompatibility of all types, and arguments can occur under this transit and in extreme cases a breakup can occur if something else significant is occurring in your personal chart.

You could become interested in someone with this transit, but it could be in a highly sexual way as opposed to friendship and romantic love. Make sure the foundation is there, before jumping to conclusions. A physical attraction does not guarantee a love relationship.

Alternatively, this transit could manifest as a financial issue as Venus rules love, money, and our social lives as well.

It is always interesting to see these transits play out in the world, and when this transit occurred in 2016, it was ruled by the courts that Bill Cosby will stand trial for sexual abuse. We could see other types of issues like this surface, and issues between men and women can be prominent in the news. There can also be a focus on financial matters.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Mercury opposes Saturn: Impasses and Delays

Mercury opposes Saturn Friday, June 15, at 6 degrees of Cancer-Capricorn.

If you have Cardinal planets at 5-7 degrees (Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Libra) this can have a more significant affect on you, personally. If so, this could bring negative news, or communication is some form as it would involve Mercury (communication) and Saturn (limitations/restrictions).

This is a dour, and low energy transit that tends toward tiredness, negative speech and communication and thinking. Responsibilities and work will have to come first.

You may notice communication difficulties or those you deal with or projecting a negative attitude. Worst case scenario, some situations may end or communication reaches an impasse. Best case scenario is that you could resolve or communicate a serious matter without becoming emotionally involved.

The way to deal with this energy is to be aware of conditions and not force situations that could reach the breaking point, but rather wait for a better, more positive day. 

Be careful driving, as sometimes Mercury can relate to a vehicle or travel. Pets and children could also be of concern to some. This is not the best day to plan a party or social gathering but the energy will soon pass.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

New Moon in Gemini: An emotional tsunami is possible

This month's New Moon falls at 23 degrees of Gemini on June 13 at 2:43 EST, and this moon is considered a Supermoon.

Supermoon is, a phrase coined years ago by astrologer Richard Nolle that describes a new or full moon at or near its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit. The Earth, Sun and Moon are all in a line with the Moon in its nearest approach to the earth.

Nolle explaines further, "SuperMoons are noteworthy for their close association with extreme tidal forces working in what astrologers of old used to call the sublunary world: the atmosphere, crust and oceans of our home planet - including ourselves, of course. From extreme coastal tides to severe storms to powerful earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, the entire natural world surges and spasms under the sway of the SuperMoon alignment - within three days either way of the exact syzygy, as a general rule. SuperMoon solar eclipses tend to have a wider sphere of impact, extending roughly a week before and after the actual event."

The energy of a Supermoon typically increases the energies you feel and respond to-for better or worse.

This moon is in Gemini which rules the third house of communication, immediate family members, and neighbors. 

Communication, and how we communicate or think will be the theme of this moon. We could experience some type of communication or emotional outburst from ourselves or others.

The ruler of Gemini is Mercury and Mercury is in emotional Cancer. This means communication  is more emotional than intellectual and fact oriented. People in our lives and the world may try and appeal to our emotional nature rather than representing what is factual.

This Moon is square Neptune, as the Sun and Mercury did last week. Neptune is the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion or lies, and this creates for confusing and unclear circumstances and a mental type of fog.

Situations, even people in your life may be unclear or seem deceptive at this time, and circumstances may seem tiring, or we could experience energy low.

Where Gemini is strong there will be a duality. Gemini is represented by the twins-the dark and the light. With Gemini where there is a light, side there is also a subtle dark side as well. Gemini is a mental sign and rules talk, speech and communication and the intellect all of which may not be in top form due to the Moon's square to Neptune

This can be positive energy for metaphysics, readings, or creative or spiritual, higher-minded endeavors. Now is the time to reach for new ideas and different solutions, but make sure things are as they appear.

We could see weather conditions involving water or earth related circumstances.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Summer 2018: a time of reflection

Between June 26 and July 10th, five planets will be retrograde. This includes, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. On August 7, Uranus and Mercury are retrograde, making it six retrograde planets, and Chiron is also retrograde. (Chiron an asteroid-'the wounded healer.'). We have not seen this many retrograde planets since May, 2016.

This means summer is not the best time for launching new activities or starting new projects. What we can expect is to be going back over things started in the past, making corrections, making changes, re-vamping and redoing. In some cases people may decide something isn't right, or to their liking, or it may just seem like paddling upstream to start something new.

Either way, starting businesses, jobs, even new relationships on a retrograde Mars is not a good idea because when Mars turns direct and moves forward things may change or not turn out as planned.

Retrogrades are a part of the natural cycle and this should not be viewed as a negative. Sometimes we have to live in the moment, rather than the past or future, and this will be the time to stop and smell the roses, so to speak. And dip your toes into the ocean and just enjoy the summer. After all, we can blink and things will change once again.

Here is how the retrograde cycle works for summer:
June 26, Mars retrogrades
June 26-July 10, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto retrograde
July 10, Jupiter turns direct
July 26, Mercury retrogrades
August 7, Uranus retrogrades
August 19, Mercury turns direct
August 27, Mars turns direct
September 6, Saturn turns direct

Monday, June 4, 2018

Venus opposes Pluto: Intense, obsessive encounters

Venus opposes Pluto and this transit is exact June 5, at 20 degrees of Cancer-Capricorn. We will feel this energy before and after the transit is exact.

This transit can relate to deep seated obsessiveness and issues in relationships. Pluto rules that which is dark, hidden, or in the shadows. This can bring issues out in the open, or at best affect change. Pluto either destroys or transforms.

Issues may surface that involve physical or emotional abuse, control, abuse of power, sex, and what some could call skeletons in the closet.
Memories about those on the past or actual contacts could come up. Some relationships will end with this transit, but they would be tottering on the edge or already dead for all practical purposes.
You might make a decision as to whether a relationship is or isn't fulfilling your needs. This aspect demands we delve deeply into our associations with others and some may make a decision to end a relationship.

Venus-Pluto transits are indicative of obsessiveness, and heavy thinking and this will affect you to a greater degree if you have planets in Aries, Cancer, Capricorn or Libra at 19-21 degrees. For some, events will be large if this aspects your personal planets.

Issues can also emerge around other relationships that are non-romantic, and Venus also rules values and money. Situations can involve issues connected to Cancer or Capricorn such as women, family issues, issues in business, responsibilities, age and aging, death and dying, or work issues that involve control.

As Mercury is conjunct the Sun in Gemini, some people may take a harsh and willful stand or tone, and speak without thinking of the consequences.

June 2018: Mars retrogrades-the power of stillness

We began the month of June with a beautiful grand water trine in the sky on June 1, that should bring something positive for everyone. Of course, this works best for Water signs who have planets at 15-17 degrees in their personal charts. It can work well for earth signs with planets at those same degrees, but to some extent we should all receive some benefit, in some way.

Mars has already entered the shadow period of its retrograde (since May 14), that occurs on June 26. It will retrograde at 9 degrees of Aquarius and will not turn direct until August 27, at 28 degrees of Capricorn.
Mars retrograde periods occur about every two years and can bring frustration, delays, increased chances of accidents and illness, and Mars rules men, anger, and violence. There can be subtle hidden forms of manipulation occurring as opposes to open conflicts, and people may feel more aggravated. Rashness and impulsiveness must be guarded against. If Mars sets off a natal aspect in your chart during this time,  you should be careful of the way energy is expended.

Mars was last retrograde April 17-June 26, 2016.

Mars is in Aquarius rules the 11th house of the collective and groups, as well as our hopes and wishes, and it is here, changes and issues may arise. At the time of this post, Mars in its shadow period is having a significant affect.

On August 14, Mars retrogrades back into Capricorn, ruler of the 10th house of business and priorities, where it will spend the rest of the retrograde period. Mars was in Capricorn March 18-May 15, and we could see some repeated themes that occurred then.

Mars turns stationary direct at 28 degrees of Capricorn August 27, and will remain in the last two degrees of Capricorn until September 12, when it enters Aquarius once again. From there we will repeat the entire cycle of Aquarius that will not change until November 15, when Mars finally moves into Pisces.

While in Aquarius, Mars will make some significant aspects.

On May 16, Mars originally entered Aquarius and clashed with Uranus as it entered that sign a day earlier. Over the next week, we saw many unexpected and volatile events in the world such as the volcanic eruption in Hawaii, a plane crash, and many more changes in the ongoing political battle in the US. Many changes occurred in individual lives, especially those with fixed planets (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio) at 0-2 degrees.

This volatile aspect will return with retrograde Mars at 2 degrees,  August 1-4, and again at 1 degree of Aquarius/Taurus on September 16-19. We can expect volatile events in the world and change in our personal lives if this aspects fixed planets at 0-2 degrees in your personal chart. If this aspected your chart then, it will do so again.

With a retrograde Mars, it is time to step back, slow down and access the situation rather than proceed full steam ahead. By the end of June, 5 planets are retrograde: Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars.

We can't go full steam ahead every day of our lives. Sometimes we have to back up and take a look at where we are, and make changes. Sometimes less can be more, and there is nothing negative about this, it is simply part of the natural cycle of life. Summer this year should be a time of reflection, stepping back to see  our lives clearly and planning for the future.

Now for a look at the other transits during June:
June 5, the Sun conjuncts Mercury and Venus opposes Pluto. Sun-Mercury can mean willful action and egos, and Venus opposing Pluto can relate to personal issues around money, values and love. Some people are going to feel loss, rejection, pain and overly intense or obsessive at this time, and some relationships will end.
June 6, Mercury squares Neptune. This is a confusing and tiring transit prone to misunderstandings, miscommunications, or even lies at worst. Some people may speak without thinking. Some things may be revealed and we could experience water weather related conditions in some areas. Use caution driving as some drivers may be confused or not paying attention. Dreams may be vivid.
June 7, the Sun squares Neptune. This is much like the above transit, and confusion may be rampant. Compassion may be given or received.
June 12, Mercury leaves Gemini and enters Cancer. Thinking and speech will become more emotionally based at this time as opposed to logical, as it is in Gemini.
June 13, the New Moon falls at 22 degrees of Gemini, the sign ruling the third house of communication and speech, immediate family members and surroundings. Gemini is an intellectual sign ruled by Mercury and new ideas may come to the fore. Mercury sextiles Uranus, emphasizing the power of speech and through and urging us toward new or novel ideas.
Venus enters Leo the sign ruling the 5th house of children, friends and entertainment. The weather is warm now, and it is time for some summer fun and romance with Venus in this sign.
June 14, Venus squares Uranus. This can be an unpredictable (Uranus) transit as Uranus can go either way. Things may be changeable, cancelled, or you could alternatively have an electric and exciting day.
June 15, Mercury opposes Saturn. This is a heavy, tiring and somewhat negative aspect. Communication, thinking and speech may be heavy and overly critical.
June 18, Neptune turns stationary retrograde at 16 degrees of Pisces. This will bring about more acute sensitivity on an inner level and we may be able to pick up on those things we don't perceive when Neptune is direct. We are more likely to be listening to our own inner voice during this time and creativity and psychic or intuitive abilities may be increased during this time. As Neptune turns stationary retrograde things could get more confusing for a time.

If transiting Neptune aspects a personal planet in your chart, during this period we tend to become self deluding, depressed, or overly idealistic. Others may deceive us as well. It is important to be as grounded as possible during these times if you are experiencing a Neptune transit like this, especially a harsh one. Neptune transits can go on for several years and if ever your feet need to be planted on firm soil it is now if you have such an aspect.
Hard Neptune transits often coincide with over idealized relationships, or relationships with those who are really not available for a variety of reasons. We may feel we have met our soul mate or the most perfect partner in the world to wake up and find things were not as we had believed, or been led to believe which leads to discouragement, depression and disenchantment. 
Often when Neptune retrogrades we find out that our dreams are not based on reality and this generally occurs during the retrograde of a harsh transit in our charts. This can not only affect relationships but many other areas of our lives depending on what area of the chart Neptune is transiting. If you do not have a hard Neptune aspect, you need not be as concerned .
Neptune rules illusion, delusion and confusion and is often the most misunderstood planet. It operates on a deep psychic level in our lives.
Neptune is generally retrograde six months out of every year.

June 19, Mercury trines Jupiter. This is generally optimistic, upbeat and good for business/money.
June 20, Mercury trines Neptune. This transit can increase creativity, compassion and understanding of others.
June 21, the Sun enters Cancer. This is the Summer solstice, and summer is officially here, as the Sun enters Cancer!
Also, Venus opposes Mars on this day. The male and female planets are in opposition and this can cause friction, upheaval, jealousy and lack of understanding between the sexes. Money issues can come to the fore and this transit will play out in the world as well.
June 23, Sun sextiles Uranus. This is positive and prone to new ideas and situations,
Also, Mercury opposes Pluto. This is a transit par excellence of propaganda. This transit is prone to obsessive thinking, arguments and conflict, and getting to the bottom of situations one way or another. Accidents can occur, and we could see violence or volatile situations in the world.
June 25, Venus squares Jupiter. This is typically a pleasant if not lethargic transit, prone to over indulgence.
June 26, Mars turns stationary retrograde at 5:05 PM, EST
June 27, This month's full moon occurs at 6 degrees of Capricorn. Capricorn rules the 10th house of business and priorities. As Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, responsibilities will be on the front burner. The Sun opposes Saturn on this moon, and there is nothing light about this transit. Some situations will come to an end. This will be a serious, if not depressing day in the world.
June 29, Mercury enters Leo. Mercurial energy changes again, becoming less emotional and much more dramatic.
June 30, Mercury squares Uranus. This is prone to changeability and sudden and unexpected news. Use caution while driving. Uranus rules aircraft, the internet, and the unexpected.