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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Venus enters the sign of inspiration!


Venus enters Pisces February 25th changing love energies once again. If Venus in Aquarius has seemed somewhat aloof, Venus in Pisces will be quite different as Pisces is one of the most romantic of signs. The planet of love, money and values will remain in this sign until March 20th.

Venus is ‘exalted’ in astrological terms meaning it is well placed in Pisces which is gentle, perceptive, artistic and emotional creating a great ambiance for love. Pisces is Venus’s favorite sign and love has no barriers here.

Now is the time to embrace romance, love, fantasy, creativity and dreams and Pisces is all about all of these things. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion as well as Neptune the planet that rules the imagination, our dreams and fantasies. Giving to others comes much easier at this time as Pisces is known as the most compassionate of signs, and our desires turn to focus on meaningful and deep bonds. Neptune frequently brings about a desire to merge with others on a very deep level. Venus is operating at its highest octave in this sign.

Now is the time to feel romantic thoughts and experience love at its fullest but we must also remember that since Pisces is co-ruled by Neptune, Venus in Pisces can also mean putting on rose colored glasses and failing to judge a situation for what it really is. Love can be grand, but we must also pay attention to warning signs that tell us the person we are interested in is not perfect or all in the relationship. This can be a fine line to walk; feeling the romance of Pisces and yet maintaining boundaries and a clear perspective. In other words, because Venus is in Pisces does not mean throwing caution to the wind. The desire to merge with others will be significant and complex but we must be careful just who and what we choose to merge with.

In the collective Pisces rules theatre, music, art and compassion and with Venus in this sign we often see or hear about new movies or art. We will be able to see compassion play out in the world at different times over the next month. Pisces/ Neptune can also relate to religion and when planets enter this sign we frequently hear some type of news about the Vatican or other religious orginizations.

Venus makes several aspects in March

March 3rd, Venus sextiles Uranus. This is a great time for any social activity and you may try something different on this day. Love and connections with others should be positive, upbeat and somewhat exciting. A great transit for a first date.

March 13th, Venus conjuncts Neptune. This can be a magical day for love and romance or it can also be a day fraught with confusion and misunderstandings. Neptune can make love (or money) matters unclear, confusing and misunderstandings can occur. Alternatively it can seem as though things are perfect but don’t underestimate Neptune’s ability to confuse or deceive. Keep a calm and objective viewpoint.

March 18th, Venus sextiles Pluto. This can give great power to the expression of love feelings and communication and can deepen a bond by talking things through.


Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Full moon in Virgo: Just the facts please!


This month’s full moon reaches its peak in the early morning hours of February 27th, and this is called the ‘snow moon’ due to the heavy snow that typically falls in February.

Virgo is an earth sign that rules the 6th house of health and work in astrology. Virgo’s ruling planet is Mercury which is connected to speech, thinking and the mind as well as travel. As Mercury will have been direct for about a week, now is a good time to think about a diet or exercise program if you are inclined in this direction. After all, spring is barely 3 weeks away!

Sometimes with a moon in Virgo health concerns can arise so if this is the case, see a Dr. and take care of any concern or issue you may experience. This moon does not however, mean you will have health problems, and it would not bring anything like this on that does not already exist, so there is no reason for unnecessary worry, and Virgo is prone to worry.

Virgo is known as a critical thinking sign, and is associated with clear thinking and especially detail.  This is the perfect Moon for planning, researching, or examining facts before reaching important decisions. Facts will become important and this moon may seem like a grounding influence which is a positive thing on the heels of the 1st powerful Uranus-Saturn square of the year.

Critical thinking is an asset but overly critical thinking or being critical of others is not, and this too is a Virgo tendency. This is something to be aware of as we approach this moon, and alternatively you could feel that others are too critical of you. Sometimes Virgo can get too caught up in the minutia and fail to see the bigger picture so bear this in mind.

As with any full moon this one can bring things to the surface that have been overlooked or not realized. If this is the case Virgo can give us the tenacity and mental depth to make important decisions once we have the facts.

The Sun opposes the Moon as it does on every full moon as well as Venus. At times Moon-Venus oppositions can indicate hypersensitivity in love, but this aspect can also relate to a laid back and easy going type of energy. Sun-Moon oppositions can bring your family and most intimate relationships to the forefront and create opposing pressures but this does not always have to be the case.

As Saturn is still square Uranus we could see some unexpected and unpredictable events, particularly in the US. This powerful Saturn-Uranus energy will be with us most of the year. In the US, the Moon squares Uranus (in the US chart) creating unexpected situations, news and an excitable public. Uranus is involved with electricity, technology, the internet and computers, hacking, explosions and extreme weather situations.

This Moon trines Uranus which is a harmonious and upbeat aspect. Moon-Uranus transits can bring about unexpected events, but in this case it would be a harmonious event. This aspect can give us self awareness, a desire for freedom, creativity, and a new way of looking at old problems. Change can flow more smoothly without the chaos that often accompanies it. This can make this moon ideal for making changes, breaking bad habits or leaving unhealthy relationships. It is also possible a chance encounter could occur.

Mars is trine Pluto in Capricorn which can bring about intensified energies, willpower and constructive accomplishment. We may have a desire for the finer things in life especially our connections with others which we may find especially rewarding at this time.

The energy of this moon will last two weeks or until March 13th when the New Moon in Pisces occurs.



Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Aquarius New Moon!


This month’s New Moon falls in the sign Aquarius, and this is the second New Moon of the year.  Aquarius rules the 11th house of friends, groups and the collective, so at this time it is likely we will be connected in some way to others. The planetary rulers of the sign Aquarius are Saturn and Uranus. Anytime Uranus is involved we seek new ideas, new thoughts and new ways of doing things. As Uranus is the planet that rules unexpected events it is best to remain flexible as this planet is connected with unexpected twists and turns.

The moon at this time is part of (a stellium) or six planets in Aquarius; Saturn, Jupiter, the Sun, Mercury and Venus, and there is no point in denying the powerful Aquarius energy we are all under this month. Aquarius is known as the Great Awakener, so this is no time to be asleep at the wheel. This powerful energy can awaken you to new thoughts, ideals and plans. You could have a sudden idea that could be brilliant. If so, write it down as ideas disappear as quickly as they come with Uranus energy.

This is the time to embrace all of humanity as in the end we are all in the same boat, and this is the nature of Aquarius. In addition to being unpredictable, Uranus is strongly connected with innovation as well as the future, so now is the time to release any dark shadows tucked away in your subconscious mind connected to the past and more forward into what lies ahead. In other words, the future lies ahead and the future is now.

Aquarius has a strong need for emotional freedom. Feelings like jealousy and possessiveness do not resonate well with Aquarius and can be a real turn off to others or to you could encounter this yourself and it would probably not go over well. Aquarius does not relate as well in one on one situations and does better with groups of people. It’s not that Aquarius can’t have deep feelings, but friendship, the ability to be impartial and analyze all sides of a question or problem is at the core of Aquarius energy as is personal freedom.

Aquarius sometimes has a no holds barred nature and you or someone else you know may act as a rebel or you could even break away from something that has long held you back. In some cases this could include relationships, but only if they are tottering on the edge already. If so, this could be the final push. In addition, we are a mere 6 days away from the powerful Saturn-Uranus square that will shake us all up in some way and play out on the world stage as well. Change is already occurring for many and this Moon could push us forward in new directions.

Venus is conjunct Jupiter and this is a positive time for any type of social activity, business deal, presentations or anything involving others. This is typically a positive transit for love, but love can take on a more impersonal tone and friendship with your loved one will be very important at this time, perhaps more than deeply romantic feelings.

With the moons square to Mars we could be very busy on this day, and for some it could play out as anger or upset. But, with the beautiful Venus-Jupiter conjunction we have some very positive energy to go on!  It’s time to dream some new dreams and boldly move forward as we are in the new era of that will encompass brilliance as well as upheaval and change.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Saturn squares Uranus: Brilliance, turbulence and change!


Saturn squares Uranus for the first of three times this year and the first pass of this powerful transit is exact on February 17th.

Saturn square Uranus is one of the 10 major aspects that bring about broad and unexpected change on the world stage and often our own lives. A square between two planets represents change, but it is often not easy. Unprecedented changes are already occurring across the world as a result of this transit. For example, there is major unrest in Russia, Hong Kong, and the impeachment trial in the US Senate to name only a few current issues.

We last experienced this transit in 2000. At that time Saturn was in the sign of Taurus and Uranus was in Aquarius, just the opposite of what we have today with Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus.

Saturn in astrology rules our structures and Uranus is the planet of sudden and unpredictable events. The Saturn archetype represents true reality and is associated with security, restrictions, the law, organization, control and government. It represents the State and its legal system and all conservative bodies. It also represents authority, tradition and time.

The Uranus archetype represents the need for change and freedom, originality and independence to go about things differently. It stimulates innovation, brilliance and genius. It is associated with coups, earthquakes, aircraft and spacecraft and is considered disruptive in a hard aspect, which it is.

When Saturn and Uranus clash it becomes an inevitable collision between the new and the old and change or disruption becomes unavoidable. The dates listed below represent the peak periods of this aspect. We can expect to see the energies playing out in the days and weeks before the peak occurs, as well as afterward.

Saturn makes three squares to Uranus this year:

-February 17th     -June 15th     -December 24th

What happens when Saturn squares Uranus

When these two planets clash, the results are hard to predict with Uranus in the picture, and Saturn is often associated with fear and negativity. Some fears should be acknowledged. For example if a volatile storm is approaching your area it is time to lock down or get out. Some fears need attention, but at other times we can dwell on useless fears that are a manifestation of our inner conversations with ourselves, past experiences and general negativity. During these times it is more important than ever to check the facts and make sure you are not being misled by fear mongers and those whose purpose is to create disharmony. With an aspect like this stress and anxiety can take over and the most important thing to do during this time is to stay grounded and be flexible.

Saturn-Uranus and the world stage

Saturn-Uranus transits are associated financial downturns, and we are currently in a Covid recession. This ttransit is connected to tyranny, right wing extremism, protests, revolutions and civil unrest. It is possible we could see some type of disruption by groups the FBI has designated as domestic terror threats, or there could be other groups as well. Politics will play a major role in what happens at this time in the US with Saturn-Uranus.

We are also at risk this year of significant internet/computer hacks such as the one that occurred in December 2020, airplane crashes, weather and earth changes and unfortunately, violence and disruption as well as brilliance, brilliant ideas and cutting edge types of technology and inventions. As Uranus rules freedom there will be a global push for more social reform and freedom around the world. We could also see change in terms of the internet and rules or governance of it.

The influence of major aspects trickles down to us all

In our own lives we may experience personal changes as this transit peaks for the first time in February.  What exactly happens depends on where Aquarius and Taurus fall in your personal chart. Some of the manifestations of this transit may include: Job and work changes that happen suddenly, breakups of relationships that are not committed or stable, and desire for greater freedom from anything you find repressive. Changes in finances can occur, or losses. Now is the time to keep an eye on your money and investments. Sometimes issues and situations we have been putting up for years suddenly end. If this happens know that whatever ended has outlived its purpose and new experiences will shortly follow.

At times transits like this it can coincide with major projects and events coming together that we have been working on for some time. Either way, with Uranus in the picture there can be an unexpected element to what we experience at this time.

The Uranus-Saturn square of 1999-2020

The last time Saturn was in a square with Uranus was 1999- 2000. The aspects occurred in July and November of 1999 and May of 2020. If you are old enough to remember these times you may have an idea what to expect this time around.

During those years euro currency was established and the European Central Bank assumed its full powers, President Clinton was impeached acquitted by the Senate, the Roth IRA is introduced, the Kosovo war occurred, Bill Gates personal fortune exceeded 100 billion, the Columbine school massacre occurred, Dow Jones exceeded 11,000 for the first time and a major flood happened in Las Vegas, In 2000, the dot com industry collapsed, AOL purchased Time-Warner, Ealian Gonzales was returned to his parent in Cuba after being rescued by the Coast Guard, Microsoft released Windows 2000, the courts ruled Microsoft violated anti-trust laws and Vermont legalized same sex civil unions. George Bush was nominated for the Presidential race along with Al Gore, Bill Clinton became the first US President to visit Vietnam, the Supreme Court overturned the ruling by the Florida Supreme Court, ending the Presidential recount and effectively giving the state and the Presidency, to Texas Governor George W. Bush in 2000 after a retracted period. Do you remember Y2K? The computers were supposed to crash leaving us in darkness, and there were people who hoarded food for months in preparation of this. These are just a few of the incidents that occurred the last time Saturn squared Uranus.

We also experienced a Saturn-Uranus square 1929-1931, and this of course represents the Great Depression. Uranus was in Taurus at this time as it is today.

Changes may or may not be dramatic in our lives

As mentioned earlier this powerful transit affects us all as we all live on Earth. Those affected to the greater degree will have Fixed planets-Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius at 6-7, 12-14, or 10-11 degrees in their personal charts. If you are unsure how this affects you it is best to consult a reputable astrologer, or you could look it up on one of the free astrology sites online. You could also be affected to a greater degree if there is another hard aspect in your chart at this time. 

Take charge of the energy

If this transit does aspect something in your chart you are probably already aware of impending change. The best way to handle this energy is to look toward positive changes in the future as opposed to the negative. For example, if you work in a job that you know is ending focus on a new opportunity. If a break up occurs in your personal life, the relationship has in all likelihood has outlived its purpose, at least for the time. Review the negative and the positive and focus on improving yourself or what you could do to find a more lasting and appropriate relationship in the future. In this way, we can make this transit less stressful. Focus your energy on something positive and productive that you want to change. In this way you can control your own personal direction to a far greater degree than if you don’t. Most of all, remember to stay grounded and keep your feet planted firmly in reality.