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Thursday, June 26, 2014

July 2014: The return of the Goddess of reason and Jupiter enters Leo

                                                             July/Cancer-no place like home

The Goddess of Reason entered her own sign June 23,  just before the Mars/ Uranus opposition/ grand square with Pluto became exact setting off the Uranus-Pluto square, July 24-26.

 This alone is a reason to celebrate as Venus entered Gemini, the sign that rules the third house of mind, brethren, immediate family and the ability to reason and think with clarity. Seldom has the ability to weigh decisions before acting a necessity as when the explosive and rash energies of a powerful Mars transit, and the powerful energy of the grand cross that continues to affect us through July, especially the first part of the month.

If you were born with Venus in Gemini you prefer a partner who is intelligent, witty, and sometimes social. You may travel in many different circles, depending on your mood, and don't like things to get too heavy, sordid or routine. You might be a wordsmith or have a love of words in some way. Words, conversation and communication will always be important to you, and the concept of love is important and chivalry can win the day. Those who don't know you well may consider you changeable.

While Mercury has been retrograde in the same sign (Gemini), rational decisions and thinking have been confused at times. Mercury retrograde in his own sign has been powerful, and as Mercury goes direct July 1, at 8:50 A.M., EST, it will start to reveal the truths that have been hidden or delayed during the retrograde.

Mercury will be stationary direct July 1-5 and this is one of the most powerful periods of this cycle, where situations often change once again. Mercury will be in his post retrograde shadow period until July 17, when Mercurial energy will return to normal.

July 4, the Sun opposes Pluto at 12 degrees Cancer-Capricorn and this is a powerful, dangerous and transformative transit. Once again, this sets off the Uranus-Pluto square and big events will occur in the world, and in our lives if it is aspecting your personal chart. Sun-Pluto transits deal with power struggles, breakdowns and sweeping and fundamental changes which will play out in the world. Pluto also rules oil and nuclear type weapons.

In our personal lives you may encounter a situation that has broken down in a relationship, or it could be something else. This is not the day to hang around dangerous places/bad neighborhoods. Even in family situations you may encounter someone who wants to 'have their way,' or play the role of bully.

On July 8, the Sun aspects the other planet involved in the Uranus-Pluto square: Uranus. Sun-Uranus transit have to so with sudden, unexpected and often shocking events that may have not been anticipated. Uranus rules aircraft, weather, revolts and revolutions. In our personal lives some situations may end at this time, and Sun-Uranus transits often coincide with a desire for freedom in some way, or to march to the beat of your own drummer. It can be a restless day.

July's full moon occurs July 12,  at 7:25 A.M. at 20 degrees of Capricorn. Capricorn is the natural ruler of the tenth house of business, career and priorities and in some way we will all be dealing with these matters. The energy will be heavy as the moon will conjunct Pluto and square Uranus, along with Mars setting off the U-P square once again. Moon-Pluto transits tend to be obsessive, and Moon-Uranus transits often bring the unexpected and tend toward restless, changeable emotions.

July 13, Mercury re-enters Cancer again as it did before the retrograde. Mercury is the most emotional of signs and communication will become more emotional. While in this sign Mercury will set off the Uranus-Pluto square several times.

July 16, Jupiter enters Leo at 6:30 A.M. leaving the sign Cancer behind for the next twelve years! Hooray for Leo's as Jupiter in  this sign should bring an overall nice year, unless something else adverse is affecting the natal chart. Jupiter is the planet of gain and expansion and in some way expands whatever it aspects. It transits your own personal sign only every twelve years.

Leo is the natural ruler of the fifth house of children, love affairs, friends and creativity. Many babies may be born this year as Jupiter transits this sign, creativity and fun will increase, and many love affairs will occur.

While Jupiter was in Cancer the focus was on home and family, and now this will change as Jupiter's beneficial rays point us toward a more extroverted type of fun for the next year. Fire signs should receive a lot of help with this Jupiter placement s should Air. Jupiter will be in Leo July 16, 2014-August 12, 2015.

Venus enters Cancer July 18, and we are fully in the Cancer season! This Venus placement works best for Cancer and other water signs. The period of Venus in your own sign often makes us feel more attractive and sparkling.

July 19, the Sun squares Mars at 25 degrees Cancer-Libra, and this will be Mars final square in his long tour of Libra. Mars has been in the sign ruling the seventh house-relationships and marriage since December 8, 2013, and it Mars will enter Scorpio July 25.

. The retrograde of Mars has slowed down, delayed or changed many situations, depending on where it is located in your chart. Mars has been in its post retrograde shadow period since turning direct in May, and does not resume normal speed until July 22.

Mars square the Sun is associated with fights, fighting, accidents and Mars rules war, the military and police,  and young men. We will most likely see the hot spots around the globe inflamed in some way and this is not a peaceful transit. This is an important degree and we may see incidents connected to the April lunar eclipse in Libra. If Mars aspects your personal chart at this degree, this can be a significant day.

Saturn turns stationary direct at 16 degrees on July 20 at 4:36 P.M., EST,  on the heels of the Mars-Sun square. This is a significant planetary event, and plans that have been delayed, business opportunities and other situations may begin to move forward again. As Saturn stations to move forward this is the most important period of the planets cycle, as the energy is changing ( toward forward movement) and will affect everyone on earth. The stationing part of the cycle will last through August 10.

If Saturn is stationing on a personal planet in your chart, this will be an extremely significant period, good or bad. If it is in a positive angle, Saturn may bring success and gain and if a negative one stress and anxiety in some way.

July 21, Uranus turns stationary retrograde at 16 degrees of Aries and will remain retrograde through December 21. Uranus rule change, revolts and revolutions (personal and in the world) and is considered the planet of divorce and separation in some instances. Depending on what this planet is aspecting in your chart it can bring sudden, unexpected events, separations, or sudden success, events and the most positive of circumstances. (as can all of the major outer planets)

Uranus energy tends to be more potent while in retrograde. Uranus’ retrograde motion tends to stimulate deep psychological investigation and analysis that finally builds to a significant point of action, or it may seem at times that actions or events occur 'to you.' Uranus is the planet of freedom and rules aircraft, weather, earthquakes, computers and the internet and many other things.

Uranus it is now halfway through its seven year cycle in Aries. It will retrograde back to 12 degrees by the year's end when it will clash once again with Pluto, and events of the Uranus-Pluto square will once again bring major changes to the world and our personal lives.

Also on July 21, the Sun enters Leo and the Leo season begins. This month will be about fun, love affairs and singles!

July 24, Mercury squares Uranus and we can look for sudden, and unexpected news. Accidents can occur in the world and our personal lives so be very careful on this day-especially driving.

July 25, Mars finally enters Scorpio where it will spend the next six weeks. Scorpio is the natural ruler of the eighth house of change and transformation, other peoples' money, death, taxes and sex and it is here our focus will lie.

Mars in Scorpio will be far different from Libra Mars. Scorpio is the most intense of water signs and your actions or those of others may be more secretive. Nothing is shallow or superficial in the sign Scorpio.

July's New moon occurs at 3 degrees of Leo on July 26, at 6:42 P.M., EST. It conjuncts Jupiter giving a theme of expansion, but squares Mars showing irritation, agitation and the potential for fights and arguments.

Leo is the ruler of the fifth house of children, friends and love affairs, and to some extent this is where our interests will lie. A good night for entertainment, but guard against being overly sensitive.

July 28,  Venus opposes Pluto. This transit is prone to obsessiveness among the sexes. We will likely hear news relating to women, and potentially even violent incidents. At its highest, it can provide a deep love experience where you are transported out of the ordinary and at its worst this transit is prone to obsessive, not positive thinking, and domestic violence and incidents. Tread carefully. Money could also be an issue.

July 31, Mercury enters Leo. Thinking, talking and actions become bolder over the next few months. A good opportunity to think outside the box and enlarge if not enliven your mental life and conversations.







Thursday, June 19, 2014

Intense days ahead: The grand cross and new moon in Cancer

Things will start to get hairy in the world and in our lives as the grand cross is set off next week as Mars opposes Uranus and squares Pluto at 16 degrees of Libra.

This will be the third and final pass Mars will make to Pluto and Uranus as its sets off this powerful configuration that will affect us all. We will see  dramatic events in the world and will all feel the energy, especially if it is affecting your personal chart.

You will see events occur in your life, some of them unexpected if your Sun sign is between about 14-18 degrees of Cancer, Capricorn, Libra or Aires, or you have personal planets in your chart at these degrees.

This transit is a clash between Uranus in Aries showing us our own personal desires (and those of others), Mars in Libra, bringing the desires of partners and those around us to the fore, and Pluto in Capricorn showing us the desires of the collective, together for several days of intense interaction.

Issues will be extreme, clashes will occur and we will see explosive situations that can include weather related events, military situations and attacks and it is a dangerous time in the world.

Pluto rules bullies and those who want to force their own will on us, and my best advice is to 'fly under the radar' as much as possible and let this energy pass! I would also avoid forcing issues, starting fights, issuing ultimatums and the like unless you are prepared to see an end to something. If you are, then it is a different story.

During April's grand cross we had the protective energy of Jupiter in Cancer to help buffer this energy, but Jupiter is now moving through the final degrees of Cancer and will soon change signs so we no longer have Jupiter to fall back on.

If this energy is affecting your chart, and to an extent even if it's not, you can expect to see unexpected disruptions and events, sudden changes and endings, clashes, changes in plans and the like.

The energy of this transit will be building through next week and reaches a peak June 25.

June 27, a New Moon occurs in Cancer at 5 degrees, setting off the grand cross again, especially as it opposes Pluto at 5:39 P.M., EST, and squares Uranus in the early morning hours at 1:16 A.M., EST.

Cancer is the most emotional of signs and we will be heavily under this influence for the next few days. You may notice that you are more emotional about matters affecting your life or other people around you may be.

June 29, Venus squares Neptune at week's end, which will likely cloud issues surrounding money and romance, especially.

The good news is that Mercury goes direct-it is intense in Gemini-on July 1.

But on July 4, the Sun once again sets off the grand cross as it opposes Pluto. We will see big events in the world and on a personal level and this could well result in clashes, intense emotional interaction, and ego confrontations.

July 8, the Sun squares Uranus bringing changes, unexpected endings and events to the world and our lives once again.





Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer 2014-Disruptions, unexpected events, the world in upheaval

The Cancer ingress/solstice (summer) chart gives us a look at what will happen during the summer season in the US, and this chart is set for June 21, at 6:51 A.M., Washington, DC.

The ascendant of this chart is 13 degrees of Cancer and Mars has just squared the ascendant and separated from a square with Pluto for the third and final time in Libra, showing volatile, explosive and war like conditions, especially as it is approaching an opposition to Uranus in the tenth house, ruling the government.

On June 12-13, Mars is square Pluto and Iraq is calling for help from the US with airstrikes in what appears to be at this time an all out civil war in Iraq with the Muslim extremist group ISIS, an offshoot of al-Qaeda.  

The June full moon is square Neptune in the ninth house of the US natal chart showing a confused or deliberately confusing or deceptive situation relating to foreign affairs, and situations. Pluto has only begun its opposition to the US natal Sun this year showing the possibility of conflict, breakdowns in government and ultimate long term change in the US and the US role in the world. This is a major transit that will span the next several years. Pluto tears down and destroys only to rebuild often in a stronger way, but it is not an easy process. It represents the absolute death of an old order of things.

The moon in the ingress chart, lies in the tenth house next to Uranus ruling government/the President and this shows the probability of radical, revolutionary and unexpected events this summer, some of which will involve women. Astrologer Louis Acker wrote, "When there is no longer real justice in the legal system there will be increasing revolutionary sentiment. Many radical and provocative events can happen over the summer. There will be spontaneous demonstrations and unexpected confrontations between corrupt government and the people. The Moon in Ares in the 10th house is separating from a square to Pluto, an opposition to mars and a conjunction to Uranus. Prior events and governmental abuse of power during the first quarter of 2014 will already have created an angry public mood."

Further volatile world events and situations will occur as Mars opposes Uranus for the third and final time June 25, and the few days surrounding it, and this is a significant day.

 Uranus conjunct the Moon could also show an over-reaction to events among the common people an very excited-agitated population and unexpected events-situations with women.

July 18-19 and the few days surrounding are other critical day as Mars squares the Sun, and reaches 25 degrees, setting off events connected to the April lunar eclipse in Libra.

Mercury (retrograde) in Gemini in the twelfth house of this chart, along with Saturn in Scorpio in the fifth house show many issues surrounding children and younger people who will continue to be in the news and I hate to say..suffer. School shootings are becoming random news, and this no doubt will relate to the surge of child immigrants crossing America's borders. Either way it is a discouraging time for many young people, and children do not fare well in this chart. Let us not forget the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls, and the fact that until their kidnappers are taken out of the picture, more children are at risk.

The Moon at 21 degrees of Aries is square Jupiter in Cancer in the first house, and the Moon signifies the mood of the people. Jupiter rules governments, the legal system, religion and Uncle Sam and shows US displeasure and discontent with the same and feelings of too much governmental influence.

Pluto lies in the sixth house on the cusp of the seventh house of courts, and open enemies, and is part of a T-square between Uranus in the tenth and Mars in the fourth house and this is a difficult configuration. This T-square will involve issues related to health, health care workers, insurance, the military, Congress, and  the homeland, courts and laws and those we know as 'open enemies.'  The people will be upset and there will be much unrest this summer.

The Sun is at debility in the twelfth house, trine Neptune in the 9th house showing the possibility of misinformation/deception/unclarity about foreign affairs and matters. With retrograde Mercury in the twelfth house we may hear more from or about whistle blowers, and some of them could be the news media. Major Issues can arise that involve transport and/or accidents and young people that have been hidden from view thus far.

This also shows the US President dealing with secretive information, subversives , secret negotiations and the like in some way, remaining away from public view much of the time.

Venus lies at 27 degrees Taurus sextile Jupiter in the first house giving some support to this chart. The eleventh house rules friendly nations, and societies long term hopes and wishes and groups. Venus in Taurus describes wealth, and there is wealth in this chart, but it is not necessarily  flowing to the average person.

The grand cross became exact in April. It was slow to form, and slow to dissolve and we will continue to be under its influence this summer. So far it has brought war, revolutions, shootings, earthquakes, kidnappings, transportation disasters and summer will bring more of the same. Uranus and Pluto are part of  a t-square with Mars at the summer solstice, and this will be the dominating influence in any Cancer ingress chart, anywhere, which shows us events over the next three months. If you have not come to realize what a powerful-world changing transit this is by now, summer may yet show you collective change is at our doorstep, and we are in historical times-good or bad.

July the fourth could bring some unwelcome incidents this year as the Sun opposes Pluto. This is a powerful transit relating to power struggles, death and regeneration and the breakdown of situations and structures.

Looking at the Cancer ingress chart for Iraq, the Uranus-Pluto square is part of a grand cross in this chart involving Mars that falls across the twelfth house (subversions-insurrections by subversive groups) and sixth house axis ruling the military and working classes square Pluto in the third ruling neighborhoods, roads, railways, schools, communications, and neighboring countries. Mars opposing the Uranus-Moon conjunction on shows disruption of the people and explosions and explosive and shocking circumstances. It is the most volatile possible configuration and situations may change on a dime.  War in some form is inevitable and the people are prepared to fight, whether the terrorist organization ISIS or others.

Jupiter at  24 degrees of Cancer falls in the ninth showing foreign help and involvement, and sextiles Venus in the 7th house of partners -the US is a Cancer country. The seventh house also rules those considered open enemies. An ironic paradox in this situation.

Mercury retrograde in the eighth does not bode well for children and young people at all many may be killed or held hostage.



Thursday, June 12, 2014

Jupiter's last dance: changing signs-Cancer into Leo

Jupiter is considered the planet of gain and expansion. Wherever it transits through your chart you will generally see that particular area of your life expanded or increased, depending on what else is going on in your chart. If nothing else, I tell clients it provides a certain "personal protection."

Jupiter changes signs once a year and retrogrades about four months out of the year when its affects aren't as powerful. It takes 12 years to transit through the entire zodiac, and when it returns to its place of origin in your chart this is called a 'Jupiter return.' Sometimes significant events occur during this period.

Positive Jupiter transits in a natal chart indicate luck and success in life. As Jupiter transits through our chart the positive Jupiter aspects often bring financial success, gain, opportunities, even love. Often they bring opportunity, which we must act on to secure success.

Since July 2013 Jupiter has been in Cancer, where it is considered exalted or very powerful. Cancer rules the fourth house of home and family. In the past months families have expanded, marriages have been repaired or stayed together that were on the brink of faltering, and many have expanded, remodeled and purchased homes and all things have been about home, family and patriotism.

The United States is a Cancer country with a 13 degree Cancer Sun and we have seen unemployment go down, improvement in the economy and during the tense grand cross of April, avoided national catastrophe.

Jupiter in Cancer has worked well for the water signs, especially Cancer. Any year Jupiter is in your sign is generally a pretty good year, unless some other transit takes precedence, and even then Jupiter will greatly help matters. Jupiter is now transiting through the final degrees of Cancer, and if you have Cancer planets at 20-29 degrees this will be of great benefit.

July 16, Jupiter enters Leo at 6:30 a.m.. EST. Energy will change substantially. While Cancer is about home and family, Leo is fifth house-love affairs, friends, children and entertainment/creativity!

While Jupiter is/was in Cancer many have kept marriages together as a top priority but Jupiter in Leo may encourage the opposite-love affairs. Of course, if your marriage or relationship is sound this will not pose a problem.

Jupiter in Leo will bring a certain amount of fun into our lives and people may be more interested in socializing. Leo is ruled by the Sun, which represents our vital core. If Jupiter is aspecting your chart favorably you may go over the top in some way.

Jupiter times are our most relaxed and positive times. At times we may feel as though the good times can go on forever but this is not the truth. All transits-good or bad-are for a time.

Children may become more important in your lives in some way, or some women/couples may decide this year to have a child. I expect many more children to be born as a result of this Jupiter transit in 2015-16.

Jupiter is at home in a fire sign (Jupiter is ruled by Sagittarius) and Leo will encourage self-expression for the performing arts and it should be a good year for movies, TV and any of the arts. Entertainment in general will become more important as well fun.

Jupiter is the sign ruling royalty. Leo holds the potential to be around or connect with flamboyant and charismatic people. The downside of Leo is often a need for attention.

If you were born with Jupiter in Leo you are the type of individual who likes to make a statement when you enter a room. You were blessed with charisma, dynamic energy and a big life force. You are probably a snappy dresser. Guard against a felling of neediness to draw attention or always be the center of attention, although attention will often follow you.

Jupiter in Leo will help the fire signs in general along with Air, or those who have fire and air planets in their natal charts. It should greatly help those born under the sign of Leo, especially as Saturn the taskmaster as been squaring your Sun, and all Leo planets in general this Saturn cycle.


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Neptune is retrograde: Illumination, illusion or confusion?

The planet ruling psychic ability, religion, compassion, creativity and many other things turns stationary retrograde for the next six months June 9, at 3:51 P.M., EST and will remain retrograde through November 16.

This will bring about more acute sensitivity on an inner level and we may be able to pick up on those things we don't perceive when Neptune is direct. We are more likely to be listening to our own inner voice during this time and creativity and psychic or intuitive abilities may be increased during this time.

If transiting Neptune aspects a personal planet in your chart during this period we tend to become self deluding, depressed, or overly idealistic. Others may deceive us as well. It is important to be as grounded as possible during these times if you are experiencing a Neptune transit like this, especially a harsh one. Neptune transits can go on for several years and if ever your feet need to be planted on firm soil it is now if you have such an aspect.

Hard Neptune transits often coincide with over idealized relationships, or relationships with those who are really not available or married to others. We may feel we have met our soul mate or the most perfect partner in the world to wake up and find things were not as we had believed, or been led to believe which leads to discouragement, depression and disenchantment. Often when Neptune retrogrades we find out that our dreams are not based on reality and this generally occurs during the retrograde of a harsh transit in our charts. This can not only affect relationships but many other areas of our lives depending on what area of the chart Neptune is transiting. If you do not have a hard Neptune aspect, you need not be concerned.

The positive Neptune aspects can lead to beautiful experiences, meeting someone who seems perfect and be a time of idealistic living.

Neptune rules illusion, delusion and confusion and is often the most misunderstood planet. It operates on a deep psychic level in our lives.

Neptune is generally retrograde six months out of every year.




Stressful days ahead: Full moon, Mars and the Uranus-Pluto square

In April we saw the grand cross that brought about many events in the world and situations, endings and complexities in our own lives. It was a month packed with so many incidents it was hard to keep up with all that was going on.

Uranus and Pluto continue to be in a square to each other that continues into 2016. You don't have to be an astrologer to be aware of the negative energy that heats up in the world at times and see the overall anger and angry talking heads when you turn on the news as these planets are set off.

This is the result of the Uranus-Pluto square which is an intense and stressful planetary configuration, that will ultimately bring permanent changes to the world and in many of our lives. Events around the world will heat up now, and changes will occur in our lives if this is aspecting your personal chart.

As of this writing Uranus and Pluto have separated by three degrees but are well within orb of each other for events to occur, and they will.

It only takes a third planet to set off this configuration and this month it will be Mars in Libra.

June's full moon occurs Friday, June 13 at 22 degrees of Sagittarius. On this day Venus opposes Saturn at 17 degrees in Taurus/Scorpio and Mars squares Pluto, amping up the energy of this moon.

Mars /Pluto will  set off the Uranus-Pluto square along with the full moon.

The Sagittarius full moon is the natural ruler of the ninth house of foreign matters, travel, education and world view. This is a powerful full moon!

Venus opposing Saturn will end some situations and relationships and could also relate to financial matters. There could be news about women.

Mars square Pluto is a volatile transit that will bring out the bullies in many forms in our lives and on a larger scale. This is an angry transit and we will see angry and volatile events on a personal level and in the world.

The Uranus-Pluto square has bought about violent incidents over the past several years and as this post is being written another school shooting has just occurred near Portland, Ore. which is becoming a common theme. According to reports the shooter has been killed.

Another news report is stating Iraq is in a state of emergency and a civil war may be looming.

The energy of this full moon/transit has already begun at the time of this post and the full moon shows us ninth house incidents-education, schools and foreign affairs.

The energy of a full moon generally begins 5-7 days before and after the full moon.

Mercury is retrograde in Cancer during this period and we will see events we have dealt with before occurring again in the world and our lives.

June 25, Mars opposes Uranus and this is another volatile and explosive incident and will bring events some of them unexpected and shocking. We will start to see the energy of this transit the week of June 22.

These transits will affect your chart personally if you have a Sun sign between 12-18 degrees of Cancer, Capricorn, Aries or Libra or any other planet in Cardinal signs at these degrees.

You will be affected by the full moon if you have cardinal planets at these degrees or Fixed planets (Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus) around 16-19 degrees.

Otherwise, you will see and feel this energy play out in the world and in those around you, but unless something else is aspecting your chart you may not experience and jolting changes.

My advice is to take the generally positive theme of Sagittarius and look for ways to express it-expanding your world views, ideas and thoughts and see where they take you. You could be considering travel or education in some form. And a full moon in Sagittarius can always bring out the arm chair travelers! Go toward the expansive, rather than negative in some form.

If you are being aspected stay calm and do not play into the angry energy. Now is not the time for confrontations or battles unless someone else starts them. Even still, choose your battles carefully.

And lastly,  remember like all things, this time too shall soon pass.