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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Jupiter's last dance: changing signs-Cancer into Leo

Jupiter is considered the planet of gain and expansion. Wherever it transits through your chart you will generally see that particular area of your life expanded or increased, depending on what else is going on in your chart. If nothing else, I tell clients it provides a certain "personal protection."

Jupiter changes signs once a year and retrogrades about four months out of the year when its affects aren't as powerful. It takes 12 years to transit through the entire zodiac, and when it returns to its place of origin in your chart this is called a 'Jupiter return.' Sometimes significant events occur during this period.

Positive Jupiter transits in a natal chart indicate luck and success in life. As Jupiter transits through our chart the positive Jupiter aspects often bring financial success, gain, opportunities, even love. Often they bring opportunity, which we must act on to secure success.

Since July 2013 Jupiter has been in Cancer, where it is considered exalted or very powerful. Cancer rules the fourth house of home and family. In the past months families have expanded, marriages have been repaired or stayed together that were on the brink of faltering, and many have expanded, remodeled and purchased homes and all things have been about home, family and patriotism.

The United States is a Cancer country with a 13 degree Cancer Sun and we have seen unemployment go down, improvement in the economy and during the tense grand cross of April, avoided national catastrophe.

Jupiter in Cancer has worked well for the water signs, especially Cancer. Any year Jupiter is in your sign is generally a pretty good year, unless some other transit takes precedence, and even then Jupiter will greatly help matters. Jupiter is now transiting through the final degrees of Cancer, and if you have Cancer planets at 20-29 degrees this will be of great benefit.

July 16, Jupiter enters Leo at 6:30 a.m.. EST. Energy will change substantially. While Cancer is about home and family, Leo is fifth house-love affairs, friends, children and entertainment/creativity!

While Jupiter is/was in Cancer many have kept marriages together as a top priority but Jupiter in Leo may encourage the opposite-love affairs. Of course, if your marriage or relationship is sound this will not pose a problem.

Jupiter in Leo will bring a certain amount of fun into our lives and people may be more interested in socializing. Leo is ruled by the Sun, which represents our vital core. If Jupiter is aspecting your chart favorably you may go over the top in some way.

Jupiter times are our most relaxed and positive times. At times we may feel as though the good times can go on forever but this is not the truth. All transits-good or bad-are for a time.

Children may become more important in your lives in some way, or some women/couples may decide this year to have a child. I expect many more children to be born as a result of this Jupiter transit in 2015-16.

Jupiter is at home in a fire sign (Jupiter is ruled by Sagittarius) and Leo will encourage self-expression for the performing arts and it should be a good year for movies, TV and any of the arts. Entertainment in general will become more important as well fun.

Jupiter is the sign ruling royalty. Leo holds the potential to be around or connect with flamboyant and charismatic people. The downside of Leo is often a need for attention.

If you were born with Jupiter in Leo you are the type of individual who likes to make a statement when you enter a room. You were blessed with charisma, dynamic energy and a big life force. You are probably a snappy dresser. Guard against a felling of neediness to draw attention or always be the center of attention, although attention will often follow you.

Jupiter in Leo will help the fire signs in general along with Air, or those who have fire and air planets in their natal charts. It should greatly help those born under the sign of Leo, especially as Saturn the taskmaster as been squaring your Sun, and all Leo planets in general this Saturn cycle.


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