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Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer 2014-Disruptions, unexpected events, the world in upheaval

The Cancer ingress/solstice (summer) chart gives us a look at what will happen during the summer season in the US, and this chart is set for June 21, at 6:51 A.M., Washington, DC.

The ascendant of this chart is 13 degrees of Cancer and Mars has just squared the ascendant and separated from a square with Pluto for the third and final time in Libra, showing volatile, explosive and war like conditions, especially as it is approaching an opposition to Uranus in the tenth house, ruling the government.

On June 12-13, Mars is square Pluto and Iraq is calling for help from the US with airstrikes in what appears to be at this time an all out civil war in Iraq with the Muslim extremist group ISIS, an offshoot of al-Qaeda.  

The June full moon is square Neptune in the ninth house of the US natal chart showing a confused or deliberately confusing or deceptive situation relating to foreign affairs, and situations. Pluto has only begun its opposition to the US natal Sun this year showing the possibility of conflict, breakdowns in government and ultimate long term change in the US and the US role in the world. This is a major transit that will span the next several years. Pluto tears down and destroys only to rebuild often in a stronger way, but it is not an easy process. It represents the absolute death of an old order of things.

The moon in the ingress chart, lies in the tenth house next to Uranus ruling government/the President and this shows the probability of radical, revolutionary and unexpected events this summer, some of which will involve women. Astrologer Louis Acker wrote, "When there is no longer real justice in the legal system there will be increasing revolutionary sentiment. Many radical and provocative events can happen over the summer. There will be spontaneous demonstrations and unexpected confrontations between corrupt government and the people. The Moon in Ares in the 10th house is separating from a square to Pluto, an opposition to mars and a conjunction to Uranus. Prior events and governmental abuse of power during the first quarter of 2014 will already have created an angry public mood."

Further volatile world events and situations will occur as Mars opposes Uranus for the third and final time June 25, and the few days surrounding it, and this is a significant day.

 Uranus conjunct the Moon could also show an over-reaction to events among the common people an very excited-agitated population and unexpected events-situations with women.

July 18-19 and the few days surrounding are other critical day as Mars squares the Sun, and reaches 25 degrees, setting off events connected to the April lunar eclipse in Libra.

Mercury (retrograde) in Gemini in the twelfth house of this chart, along with Saturn in Scorpio in the fifth house show many issues surrounding children and younger people who will continue to be in the news and I hate to say..suffer. School shootings are becoming random news, and this no doubt will relate to the surge of child immigrants crossing America's borders. Either way it is a discouraging time for many young people, and children do not fare well in this chart. Let us not forget the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls, and the fact that until their kidnappers are taken out of the picture, more children are at risk.

The Moon at 21 degrees of Aries is square Jupiter in Cancer in the first house, and the Moon signifies the mood of the people. Jupiter rules governments, the legal system, religion and Uncle Sam and shows US displeasure and discontent with the same and feelings of too much governmental influence.

Pluto lies in the sixth house on the cusp of the seventh house of courts, and open enemies, and is part of a T-square between Uranus in the tenth and Mars in the fourth house and this is a difficult configuration. This T-square will involve issues related to health, health care workers, insurance, the military, Congress, and  the homeland, courts and laws and those we know as 'open enemies.'  The people will be upset and there will be much unrest this summer.

The Sun is at debility in the twelfth house, trine Neptune in the 9th house showing the possibility of misinformation/deception/unclarity about foreign affairs and matters. With retrograde Mercury in the twelfth house we may hear more from or about whistle blowers, and some of them could be the news media. Major Issues can arise that involve transport and/or accidents and young people that have been hidden from view thus far.

This also shows the US President dealing with secretive information, subversives , secret negotiations and the like in some way, remaining away from public view much of the time.

Venus lies at 27 degrees Taurus sextile Jupiter in the first house giving some support to this chart. The eleventh house rules friendly nations, and societies long term hopes and wishes and groups. Venus in Taurus describes wealth, and there is wealth in this chart, but it is not necessarily  flowing to the average person.

The grand cross became exact in April. It was slow to form, and slow to dissolve and we will continue to be under its influence this summer. So far it has brought war, revolutions, shootings, earthquakes, kidnappings, transportation disasters and summer will bring more of the same. Uranus and Pluto are part of  a t-square with Mars at the summer solstice, and this will be the dominating influence in any Cancer ingress chart, anywhere, which shows us events over the next three months. If you have not come to realize what a powerful-world changing transit this is by now, summer may yet show you collective change is at our doorstep, and we are in historical times-good or bad.

July the fourth could bring some unwelcome incidents this year as the Sun opposes Pluto. This is a powerful transit relating to power struggles, death and regeneration and the breakdown of situations and structures.

Looking at the Cancer ingress chart for Iraq, the Uranus-Pluto square is part of a grand cross in this chart involving Mars that falls across the twelfth house (subversions-insurrections by subversive groups) and sixth house axis ruling the military and working classes square Pluto in the third ruling neighborhoods, roads, railways, schools, communications, and neighboring countries. Mars opposing the Uranus-Moon conjunction on shows disruption of the people and explosions and explosive and shocking circumstances. It is the most volatile possible configuration and situations may change on a dime.  War in some form is inevitable and the people are prepared to fight, whether the terrorist organization ISIS or others.

Jupiter at  24 degrees of Cancer falls in the ninth showing foreign help and involvement, and sextiles Venus in the 7th house of partners -the US is a Cancer country. The seventh house also rules those considered open enemies. An ironic paradox in this situation.

Mercury retrograde in the eighth does not bode well for children and young people at all many may be killed or held hostage.



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