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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Intense days ahead: The grand cross and new moon in Cancer

Things will start to get hairy in the world and in our lives as the grand cross is set off next week as Mars opposes Uranus and squares Pluto at 16 degrees of Libra.

This will be the third and final pass Mars will make to Pluto and Uranus as its sets off this powerful configuration that will affect us all. We will see  dramatic events in the world and will all feel the energy, especially if it is affecting your personal chart.

You will see events occur in your life, some of them unexpected if your Sun sign is between about 14-18 degrees of Cancer, Capricorn, Libra or Aires, or you have personal planets in your chart at these degrees.

This transit is a clash between Uranus in Aries showing us our own personal desires (and those of others), Mars in Libra, bringing the desires of partners and those around us to the fore, and Pluto in Capricorn showing us the desires of the collective, together for several days of intense interaction.

Issues will be extreme, clashes will occur and we will see explosive situations that can include weather related events, military situations and attacks and it is a dangerous time in the world.

Pluto rules bullies and those who want to force their own will on us, and my best advice is to 'fly under the radar' as much as possible and let this energy pass! I would also avoid forcing issues, starting fights, issuing ultimatums and the like unless you are prepared to see an end to something. If you are, then it is a different story.

During April's grand cross we had the protective energy of Jupiter in Cancer to help buffer this energy, but Jupiter is now moving through the final degrees of Cancer and will soon change signs so we no longer have Jupiter to fall back on.

If this energy is affecting your chart, and to an extent even if it's not, you can expect to see unexpected disruptions and events, sudden changes and endings, clashes, changes in plans and the like.

The energy of this transit will be building through next week and reaches a peak June 25.

June 27, a New Moon occurs in Cancer at 5 degrees, setting off the grand cross again, especially as it opposes Pluto at 5:39 P.M., EST, and squares Uranus in the early morning hours at 1:16 A.M., EST.

Cancer is the most emotional of signs and we will be heavily under this influence for the next few days. You may notice that you are more emotional about matters affecting your life or other people around you may be.

June 29, Venus squares Neptune at week's end, which will likely cloud issues surrounding money and romance, especially.

The good news is that Mercury goes direct-it is intense in Gemini-on July 1.

But on July 4, the Sun once again sets off the grand cross as it opposes Pluto. We will see big events in the world and on a personal level and this could well result in clashes, intense emotional interaction, and ego confrontations.

July 8, the Sun squares Uranus bringing changes, unexpected endings and events to the world and our lives once again.





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