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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tragedy in Manchester, England

22 people were killed, including children in a suicide attack after an Ariana Grande concert at Britain's Manchester Arena May 22. At least 59 people were injured, some of the with life threatening injuries.

The bomber also died when he detonated an improvised explosive device near one of the venue's exits at 10:33 p.m. and ISIS claims responsibility for the brutal attack.

This gives us a chart for the event.

The ascendant is 18 degrees Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter in the 9th house which shows a foreign connection or association. Jupiter is still in opposition to Venus, and the Moon, and Venus rules young women. The Sun also falls in the 5th house of children and is unaspected.

The pop star's fan base is primarily girls and teenagers, and the venue was packed full of families.

Mars lies at 21 degrees of Gemini in the 7th house of open enemies, showing a male bomber. Mars opposes Saturn, which  shows the risk of an attack. I wrote about this yesterday.

The Moon fell at 20 degrees of Aries (ruled by Mars) and conjuncts Venus (young women) and squares Pluto (death).
Venus is also square Pluto which can be considered a transit of violence against women.

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims, the injured and their families.

Monday, May 22, 2017

A rough week ahead

We are gearing up for a rough ending to the week.

 The New Moon at 5 degrees Gemini falls Thursday, May 25 at 8: 44 PM, EST. It makes no close aspects to any planet, but a wide trine to Jupiter (positive) and a wide square to Neptune (Confusion, lack of clarity). Gemini is the sign ruling communication, travel and young people, to name a few.

But, Venus squares Pluto on this day and this is a harsh aspect.

This square will bring relationships and in some cases money, front and center. Typically this transit can bring up deeply buried issues, that could involve sex, money, jealousy or values.

This is an intense transit that could change the outcome of relationships if issues are pushed or ultimatums issued, but that would be an extreme situation. Worst case scenario would be endings, abuse or even domestic violence, if those tendencies are present. Venus here, could get personal on many levels.

You might make a decision as to whether a relationship is fulfilling your needs. This aspect demands we delve deeply into our associations with others and some may make a decision to end a relationship.

Venus-Pluto transits are indicative of obsessiveness, and heavy thinking and this will affect you to a greater degree if you have planets in Aries, Cancer, Capricorn or Libra at 16-18 degrees.

If you are in a stable relationship, this is not enough to end it, but certain things may come into the light to be resolved at this time. Change is not probable but possible.

We are also gearing up for Mars opposing Saturn, which is exact Memorial Day, May 29.

This is a frustrating and angry transit. Again, some things may end, and many people will sense  a vague or undefined anger. Some people may seem difficult, and this is not comfortable energy. Arguments or accidents could occur.

These transits will play out in the days before, and after they are exact.

As always the transits will play out on the world stage. Venus-Pluto relates to the abuse of power, and those with 'agendas' to push. Values will come into question and we could hear news of women or money.

Mars-Saturn typically relates to police and military action and violence is possible. Caution is advised in all things.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Venus opposes Jupiter: extravagance, extremes and disingenuous relationships

Venus opposes Jupiter this week, and this transit peaks Friday, May 19. The energy of this will be prevalent all week, and for a few days after. After Venus crosses Jupiter, it will square Pluto on May 25, but the energy will be apparent beforehand.

Venus is the planet of love, money and values. Jupiter rules money, expansion and increases whatever it touches, but Jupiter is retrograde at 14-13 degrees of Libra.

Both planets are benefics and this transit holds the potential for social interaction, relationships and a lazy type of day, but it also holds greater potential for 'blowing things out of proportion,' overstating, embellishing, exaggerating, making mountains out of molehills and drama. Have you ever seen someone smiling, but holding a knife behind their back?

As Venus is in Aries the sign ruled by Mars,  people may seem determined or even zealous in terms of what they want to accomplish. What they want to accomplish may relate to overblown expectations and demands and could cause problems. Hot heads may emerge, and boundaries can become an issue, personal and otherwise.

Jupiter is considered a 'masculine,' planet and Venus a feminine planet and herein could lie conflict. Conflict could come from within relationships between the sexes or there could be outside interference. 

The combination of Jupiter and Venus in an opposition can also relate to dealing with those who have false values, and values may be called into question as we can now see playing out in the current news. As Jupiter is retrograde in the sign of partnerships some relationships may seem, or be falling apart. Venus may desire more than Jupiter can deliver, especially in its retrograde state.

Watch overspending, and overindulging or you will pay the price later.  This will not be a high discipline day. I would be careful about being drawn into situations that can become overly dramatic.

On the world stage, this transit falls dead on the Sun in the US natal chart 7th house of 'open enemies.' Who our enemies are, and our/their values will be called into question, and the Sun in the US chart rules the President/high government officials.

We could hear news relating to national values, foreigners, enemies, money and women.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Your Mother, your Moon

Your life is represented by your personal astrological chart-it is the blueprint of your life. All situations current and past, early beginnings and even your parents show up in your personal natal chart.

The parents are represented by the fourth and tenth houses-the fourth house is the Father and the tenth house is the Mother. Astrologers can glean a great deal about your early beginnings by looking at these houses and their planetary rulers.

The Moon in a natal chart represents the emotions, the home, and shows us the Mother as well, and how we perceived her. In a man's chart it also shows the wife, or future wife.  Since the Moon represents the support system that you first experienced after birth, it describes the Mother.

No chart is the same and the Moon can make many different aspects with other planets. For example:

Moon-Pluto transits can indicate an intense if not controlling relationship with Mother.
Moon-Neptune transits can represent a confused image of Mother, or she could have had substance problems, experienced mental illness, or even been creative or psychic.
Moon-Uranus transits can show an erratic or very unusual Mother, or show unexpected and sudden events in early life.
Moon-Saturn transits can show a loyal and duty bound, or overly serious Mother, or coldness/lack in the relationship, or loss.
Moon-Jupiter transits can show a kind, loving or permissive Mother interested in justice and fairness. The hard transits can show permissiveness.
Moon-Mars transits can show an angry, disruptive, aggravating Mother, or in some cases accidental death of some type.
Moon-Venus transits can show a Mother that is kind, loving and generous or beautiful.
Moon-Mercury transits can show an intellectual, talkative or young acting Mother, or one that irritates and swings between emotional and rational.

The above are some of the combinations astrologers can see connected with the Moon but often more than one planet aspects the Moon, and it also depends on the sign and where it falls in your chart. To get a clear description of your Mother, all aspects involved must be taken into consideration.

Your Moon can fall in one of 12 signs and this also describes your Mother in brief:

Moon in Aries-the Moon in Aries shows a strong Mother, who could have been overbearing at times. She may not have always agreed with your plans and you could have considered her selfish sometimes. She would have been assertive and willing to make hard decisions.

Moon in Taurus-Your Mother probably placed value in comfort and practical details. She may have like fine things and good value for the money. You may have considered her overly practical at times or stubborn. Once she made up her mind, the decision was typically final. Usually, she would have been considered kind, but held strong opinions.

Moon in Gemini-You Mother was light, somewhat intellectual in her approach and seldom boring. She could have liked gossip. She in all likelihood, did not live a restrictive existence, and was open to new ideas and thoughts. You may have seen her as a continual source of information and she encouraged your inquisitive mind. She may have been like a friend.

Moon in Cancer-Your Mother could have experienced a great deal of emotional upheaval in her own life, but she would have been nurturing when she was not in emotional pain herself, and you likely have deep emotional connections. You may feel a sense of duty and obligation to be there for her, and she you. She would have strong opinions as to how you would have been/were raised and the past was important to her.

Moon in Leo-Your Mother would be a bold presence in your life one way or another. She is not someone who held back on her feelings, and could be very dramatic at times. She was/is no wallflower.

Moon in Virgo-You would have experienced your Mother as down to earth and practical, and she could be critical at times, and you could be critical of her, or analyze her every action. But, at the end of the day, she got the job done and raised you to do the same.

Moon in Libra-Fairness and justice would be part of life with a Libra Moon (Mother.) You may feel you have to make sure you keep the peace, and this would be an important part of your relationship. She may have liked beautiful things, and significant relationships would have been important to her.

Moon in Scorpio-Your Mother would have been a passionate women, sometimes very private. You may see her as stubborn, intense and controlling or manipulative at times. You could view her as being very emotional, intense, and as you too are often private, the intensity can sometimes seem overbearing.

Moon in Sagittarius-Freedom would be a theme with your Mother-you or her. Fairness and justice may have been a theme. You may have seen her as less mature than other Mothers appeared, she could have seemed flighty or not as warm as you would have liked. Always fun loving though.

Moon in Capricorn-As Capricorn is ruled by Saturn your Mother may have seemed cold at times. She was all business, one way or another, she could have experienced a difficult life in some way, have been overly stern or controlling, and put work before pleasure. She was there for practical support, planning, and was/is security oriented.
Moon in Aquarius-Your relationship with your Mother could have been a bit distant or even detached. She was more intellectual than emotional and you probably didn't feel like burdening her with your problems. She may have relied on you more so than other Mother's and she may have wanted her space, or it seemed so at times. You probably matured early.

Moon in Pisces-She may have had to overcome many difficulties and had an inner emotional strength not all people were aware of, and she made sacrifices. At times she may have seemed lost in her own world, and you may have felt lost in yours as a result. She may have had a deep seated faith of some kind that inspired her, or she may have been highly intuitive.
(If you do not know your Moon sign your can look for a free ephemeris on the internet. Or there are numerous free moon sign calculators.)

 In memory of Joan Hurley Peake- October, 3, 1924-May 21,1998, and all the other Mothers, daughters and sons that will not be able to celebrate this Mother's Day together.

The devil you know and the one you don't

Mars has  squared Neptune at 13 degrees of Gemini-Pisces, on top of the powerful and enlightening full moon in Scorpio.

Mars-Neptune transits typically deal with confusion, lack of clarity, lies, discouragement and convoluted  and unclear situations. Blind spots in your thinking and a refusal to accept the truth about certain situations can trip you up at this time. Plans can fall apart or change, and mysterious circumstances can occur.

Friday, May 12, the Moon in Sagittarius will square Neptune and oppose Mars, amping up this same energy. This transit will peak around 2PM, EST.

Moon-Neptune energy can produce neurotic tendencies in some, and it is important to keep your feet on the ground. Some will feel insecure, or even overwhelmed. Others may try and deceive, or can deceive through an omission of facts. Add Mars to the picture, and this will produce angry and upset women, agitation, aggression and at its worst could produce an accident. All things may not be as they seem, and now is not the time to jump to conclusions, make major decisions, or decide to confront others. Let this energy pass.

As it plays out in our lives, this energy plays out in the world in terms of scandals, lies and unclear situations as I predicted in my last blog.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Full Moon in Scorpio: What lies beneath

This month's full moon falls at 20 degrees of Scorpio, May 10, at 5:52PM, EST.

Scorpio is the natural ruler of the eighth house of change and transformation, taxes and debt, other people's money and death. (Death is not typical of a Scorpio full moon). That said, the death of many things can change with a Pluto ruled Moon. It can be big or small, but change will occur. This is nothing to fear, though. Many issues will center around money and sex

Pluto calls for the elimination of certain things, and the regenerative process can occur through Pluto and the eighth house. This change could range from ideas to people in your life, depending on what is in your personal chart. Pluto is not interested in the superficial, but rather what lies beneath the surface. No one will be satisfied with superficial answers. Scorpio has depth and wants to burrow beneath the mundane and get to the heart and depth of the matter. For some, this will become an obsession, and it is here you may want to draw the line.

This Moon sextiles Pluto and change can occur in a transformative type of way. A sextile to Pluto is a positive as it can include ideas and conversation for the handling of everyday affairs, communication with women, and a deeper ability to understand issues. New growth and advancement can evolve.

Scorpio is the most intense and obsessive of signs, and we must guard against getting overly emotional and being led by our emotions of the moment. The Moon opposes the Sun and this can be an emotional transit for some, and occurs at every full Moon. Some people may seem overly harsh at this time.

As Scorpio is the most secret of signs some things may be hidden, or they may be hidden and come to light.

Mars is square Neptune over the next two days and this becomes part of the full Moon energy. This is a difficult transit and coincides with low energy, lethargy, and feelings of defeat in some cases.

Mars rules energy and action and Neptune dissipates with it comes in contact with, so this may not be a good day for energetic tasks.

Neptune rules water, drugs and alcohol, deception, lies, and lack of clarity and delusions. Misunderstandings and misinformation are common. As Mars crosses Neptune many things and situations can be revealed you did not previously know. The most important task is to be and remain clear headed and logical thinking as opposed to becoming overly emotional.

If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

If something is unclear ask for clarification.

If you know someone is lying, don't sweep it under the rug.

The highest use of this energy is creativity or spirituality, compassion and helping others less fortunate. The lowest use is self delusion, lying, addictive behavior, or failing to see the 'forest for the trees.'  

By May 12, Mars trines Jupiter and the energy will become more positive and this is a far better day for important projects.

As always, events will play out in the world at large. Mars-Neptune may bring a lack of clarity about situations and we are at risk of misunderstanding events or being lied to. This transit can deal drugs or substances, disease,  same sex relationships, sex, chemical weapons, water related weather conditions, scandals, or even death. Mars aspects typically deal with police and military operations.