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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Mercury turns direct...Varoom...

Mercury turns direct May 3, at 12:33 PM, EST. Mercury is conjunct Uranus and will be through May 12.

Mercury-Uranus can be a double edge sword. It can bring agitating and unexpected news, sloppy thinking, forgetfulness and rashness in thinking in action. Rash driving and accidents can occur if you are not careful. Or it can bring sudden, brilliant and inspirational ideas that come out of the blue.

While retrograde, the ideas may be sloppier as the thinking and un-thought-out actions. We can have a better handle on this when Mercury turns direct and the ideas are more likely to be truly brilliant and have new concepts or approaches attached to them. 

There can be an electric type of excitement, and you could take off like a race horse.

Write down your ideas if you feel inspired as they may leave as quickly as they came, never to return again.

Retrograde Mercury enters its stationary direct period May 3-8. This is where Mercurial energy changes again, and you may change direction or find out additional information that changes your path. Sometimes more glitches occur.

While Mercury is direct on May, 3, best to let things level out for the next week than to immediately start buying high ticket items, accepting new job offers and the like. Then again, as I always tell people, don't turn down a job if you need one!

Mercury begins to move forward again on May 9, but the shadow period of the retrograde is not over until May 21. At that point Mercury moves forward at its normal speed, and things return to normal, or the new normal if changes have occurred.

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