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Friday, May 12, 2017

The devil you know and the one you don't

Mars has  squared Neptune at 13 degrees of Gemini-Pisces, on top of the powerful and enlightening full moon in Scorpio.

Mars-Neptune transits typically deal with confusion, lack of clarity, lies, discouragement and convoluted  and unclear situations. Blind spots in your thinking and a refusal to accept the truth about certain situations can trip you up at this time. Plans can fall apart or change, and mysterious circumstances can occur.

Friday, May 12, the Moon in Sagittarius will square Neptune and oppose Mars, amping up this same energy. This transit will peak around 2PM, EST.

Moon-Neptune energy can produce neurotic tendencies in some, and it is important to keep your feet on the ground. Some will feel insecure, or even overwhelmed. Others may try and deceive, or can deceive through an omission of facts. Add Mars to the picture, and this will produce angry and upset women, agitation, aggression and at its worst could produce an accident. All things may not be as they seem, and now is not the time to jump to conclusions, make major decisions, or decide to confront others. Let this energy pass.

As it plays out in our lives, this energy plays out in the world in terms of scandals, lies and unclear situations as I predicted in my last blog.

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