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Friday, September 27, 2013

Venus squares Mars: fireworks ahead

Venus is square Mars September 26-27 at 18 degrees of Scorpio/Leo. This transit will bring scandals and trouble through the sexes.

For some, this may be a transit that increases interest in sex, but love is not necessarily part of the package. For others it may bring sexual incompatibility and problems with love interests, even arguments.

This transit can also affect money, financial markets and bring scandals about sex/realtionships. One such story I noticed in the news is the arrest of a man who used spyware to take pictures of Miss Teen USA and sell them on the internet.

A positive use of this energy is entertaining, restaurants, clubs or anything of a social nature as Venus is also trine Jupiter.

If you meet someone new, it may be a sexual interest and don't read more into it than the transit shows it to be, rather let some time pass. On the other hand, there could be real sparks in the future, depending on what else is in your chart! (9-26-13)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Sun enters Libra, and the Uranus-Pluto square and what it all means

Over the past week I have been thinking about the Fall (Libra) ingress chart and what it means to those of us in America. The most prominent aspect in this chart is Mars in the 7th house forming a T-square with Saturn, Venus and the Moon. The 7th house relates to foreign countries-foreign affairs, and Mars shows terrorists and military action, fires, war and war like situations such as we have recently seen with Syria and the mall shooting in Kenya. How is the Sun entering Libra connected to all of this?

What is an Ingress Chart?

 An ingress chart is set for the moment the Sun enters one of the Cardinal signs-Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn,  showing us a preview of that season, so to speak and what we can expect for the time.

The Libra (fall) ingress chart is set for September 22, 2013 at 4:44 p.m. EST, Washington, D.C.

 Just hours before fall was official and the Sun entered Libra we had news of a massive terrorist attack at a mall in Kenya, and at the time of this post around 100 are said to be dead. Police have said they are in control of the mall but according to the news, explosions are being heard at this hour.

 The terrorist group Al Shabab is apparently responsible for the attack, and as fall officially began on September 22, news reports claim Americans were involved in the attack.  

Al Shabab has been recruiting young American men in Minneapolis which has a large Somalian  population. The Youth" or "The Boys", is the Somali-based cell of the militant Islamist group al-Qaeda, formally recognized by authorities in 2012. As of 2012, the group controls pieces of the southern part of the country. Al-Shabaab's composition is multiethnic, with its leadership positions mainly occupied by Afganistan- and Iraq-trained ethnic Somalis and foreigners.

 According to Wikipedia, this terrorist organization came to light and the attention of authorities during the Uranus-Pluto square of 2012, and recognition came while Jupiter, the planet of expansion was in Gemini (Gemini rules youth) and the entrance of Saturn in Scorpio. Scorpio is the natural ruler of the 8th house of death.

 So, what the Ingress chart tells us is that we (America) have enemies abroad and will be engaged in conflict throughout the fall. Some politicians are calling for military action in Africa at the time of this post.

 Syria is a country ruled by Scorpio and as the ruler of Mars is Scorpio-Aries, it would be premature to assume our worries in that part of the world are over either.

 If you have read past blogs you will remember that the Jupiter/Pluto/Uranus transit (T-square) has to do with the rise of  international terrorism, and this transit will re-occur through summer of 2014, so there is absolutely no doubt there will be more terrorist events, or attempted terrorist events if they are averted. We can hope and pray they are averted.

 Mars is at 16 degrees of Leo in the Ingress chart, which is part of a bigger T-square involving Venus, Saturn and the Moon and the Nodes from the 3rd to ninth house. Mars is disposed by the Sun, which lies in the 8th house of death, so we know that many deaths have already occurred and will unfortunately occur during the period this chart covers.

 The 3rd-9th houses rules religion, philosophies, education, transport and neighboring countries and look for issues to arise in these areas as well as courts and education. Terrorist groups such as this one and Al-queida generally operate on a religious/philosophical basis using these ideologies as an excuse for cold blooded murder, and this gives us a reason for their actions. It is religious war, or a war between various ideologies to say the very least. We will see other religious and philosophical conflicts before fall is over as well. There are news reports that terrorists in Nairobi who held mall goers hostage questioned mall patrons as to their religion, and murdered non-Muslims although people from all religions have been killed. 

 Neptune rules religion and Neptune is retrograde in the first house of this chart at 3 degrees of Pisces, opposite the 7th house where the planet ruling our enemy lies showing confusion as to who/what the actual enemy who opposes us really is. Sometimes our enemies are in plain view among us, as in the case of Al Shabab who is recruiting young American men according to published reports.

 Neptune is at home in Pisces and is generally not favorable in the first house ruling the masses, or the country and its inhabitants and is connected with illusion, delusion and confusion, deception and a lack of clarity among Americans. This planet shows us large groups of people will suffer this fall. Humanitarian  issues will surface over the next three months.

 We could see some major creative projects, art or movies emerge during this time, and spiritualism, astrology, psychic readings and all types and metaphysical arts and sciences will become more popular.

 Neptune urges toward collectivism, and is associated with social movements, socialism, loss, corruption, and illusions that can be perpetrated on the public and/or fraud. Neptune is also associated with the sea, water, welfare, chemical gasses, drugs (legal or illegal) and alcohol. It is also connected to oil which may be a concern this fall.

 Neptune in the first tells us American's should dig deep when considering the issues of the day, and expect there are those in charge who will not present the facts as they truly are or the facts may not all be known, or misrepresented in some way.

 Women are significant in this chart. As Saturn opposes the moon, this does not bode well for women or for the laws that protect women. Venus conjuncts Saturn and squares Mars from the 9th house of legal matters and we will probably see issues arise having to do with a women's right to choose, and American women will encounter opposition in the legislative and legal processes this fall.

 The Uranus-Pluto square lies in the in the 2nd to the 11th house at 10/8 degrees of Aires-Capricorn at the time of this post. The 2nd house shows the wealth of the nation, banks, stocks, etc and the 11th house shows Congress and this square shows conflict over money in Congress.

 At this time we are just under a week away from a potential government shutdown threatened by the majority of Republicans in Congress who wish to abolish Obamacare. The budget battle will be a difficult process. There may be secret meetings and secretive deals made the public are unaware of at the time. All in all, this process will continue to escalate the rift in the Republican party and the separation of moderates from the Grand Old Party.

 The Uranus-Pluto square: come again

 On September 14-15 the Uranus-Pluto square was set off by the planet Mercury at 7-9 degrees of Libra. Each time the U-P square is set off we will see major events and upheaval occurring in the world.

 On September 16, the mass shooting occurred in the Navy Yard among other events. Within a week we saw terrorists take over a large international mall in Kenya.

 The Uranus-Pluto square will be set off again as the Sun reaches 7 degrees of Libra, October 1-4 and the few days before and after. We will see many more events occur during this period that are significant in the world.

 The world becomes an angry place prone to violence and upheaval each time this square is set off. The potential exists for natural disasters, and we have seen this before. Pluto also rules nuclear weapons and in the past issues have arisen concerning nuclear proliferation. 

 Rhetoric becomes angry during these days as different sides push their agendas and plans. You may see this in your personal life as well as the world. Remember, Pluto rules the power structures, bullies, and people may feel/act more vengeful.

 Other transits may play a role in the conflicts that will arise. On September 28, Venus squares Mars and this can represent issues with money and between the sexes. Conflict will exist between men and women and sexual issues, scandals may be highlighted at this time. On the same day, Mercury enters the secretive sign of Scorpio.

October 3, as the Sun opposes Uranus we will hear about surprising and unexpected events with unusual twists and turns.  Uranus rules coups, explosions and revolutions. Some relationships will end at this point.

 The Uranus-Pluto square comes together in an exact square again October 17-November 16, 2013 and this will be an intense and angry period in the world, but the end result will bring great changes, much like the early 1930's.

 These energies affect our personal lives as well as the world especially if this transit is hitting a personal planet in your natal chart, or you are a Cardinal sign (Libra, Aries, Cancer or Capricorn) and have a Sun sign at 7-11 degrees.

If you do have a personal planet in your chart that is being affected don't panic! I have closely watched these planetary energies coming together since 2008 or before, and my personal chart has been affected numerous times. Events and situations may seem tumultuous and often are, but as the energies come together change occurs along with a release of negative energy and solutions to problems are found and life moves forward. Nothing lasts forever whether good or bad, and so it will go in the world and in our lives. The world is constantly changing and so are we.

























Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Full Moon is Pisces: Is he really your destiny?

This month's full moon is at 26 degrees of Pisces, falling on September 19, at 7:13 a.m. EST.

Pisces is the natural ruler of the 12th house of things secret and hidden, hospitals and places of seclusion.  The 12th house rules the subconscious mind or the unconscious mind and things that have lain dormant in your subconscious mind or issues you have pushed to the side may come to the surface now.

A Pisces full moon is a mixed bag. The sign is ruled by Neptune, the planet associated with illusion, delusion, confusion and lack of clarity. With Pisces you can soar to the highest of highs or sink to the lowest of depths. This full moon, know as Harvest moon, may bring inspired thoughts and creativity, compassion and a desire to help others on the high end, or negativity and depression or delusion on the low end. Pisces also rules drugs and alcohol, chemical gasses, and water.

Venus conjuncts Saturn, exact on the 18th as well as the North Node, which represents our destiny or life path at 8 degrees of Scorpio and this is a rare configuration. This conjunction falling right before the full moon adds to the energy of this powerful full moon, and its 12th house connotations. Secrets and hidden issues may be revealed during this time.

Some relationships may end, and know that if they do, it is because something better lies ahead, and what lies ahead is actually your destiny, not the past. If your relationship is stable and you are not dealing with issues, it should move on along fine.

No matter what the status of your relationship Venus-Saturn transits mean that love, friendships (money and all things ruled by Venus) may take on a more serious tone over these days before and after the full moon and you may have to determine what it is you value the most. Sometimes our values need to be re-accessed, or we are valuing the wrong things or the wrong people. Sometimes we value the wrong people when, we should in fact be valuing ourselves and those we know for certain who do care about us.

These few days are the right time to take a look at your life and determine what course you are really on. Let that which has no value fall away, and focus on those things and people you value the most.

Pluto goes stationary direct September 20, at 11: 27 a.m. EST. At this time, secrets and agendas others may have kept from you will be revealed. Plans that were put into effect during the retrograde will come to light now, including our own.

As Pluto is the planet of vengeance and revenge (and situations often outside of our control) we will start to see how others truly feel about certain situations both in our personal lives and on a world level. Now is the time hidden agendas will be hidden no more, and we will find out what others agendas really are.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The cardinal square of September 13-19 and YOU


A Cardinal square or grand cross occurs September 13-19, and involves Mercury, Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter and the moon.  A cardinal square means there is going to be change in the world and in your life is it is aspecting a personal planet in your own personal chart and the event will be significant.

Mercury involves speech, communications, travel and transport, young people. Uranus is about unexpected change, explosions, shock, and Pluto is about power, death, corruption, bullies, decay and regeneration.  Jupiter rules money, foreign situations, governments and laws,  the moon rules women and our day to day activities. The moon moves into Capricorn, Friday morning, and by Friday night around 9:04 p.m., EST  it conjucnts Pluto which is enough to set off this Cardinal square. We will soon know what its effects will be.

Mercury squares Pluto exact, on the 14th, and this is intense, obsessive, and prone to arguments and debate. Be careful,  likely you will be aware of drama directly or indirectly, unless you cloister yourself inside your own walls. Even then...

There will be much debate and events will play out in the world through the Press. News events will be heavy and intense. There is nothing light hearted about this.

Mercury squares Uranus exact, in the early morning hours of the 14th. Mercury-Uranus is news that is unexpected and sometimes shocking. Be careful of accidents, and if you have an impulse to express something you may want to use an internal censor, or face the repercussions of your statement or opinions. Be careful when you hit send on email!

Events, people and situations are changeable during these days, and there may not be stability, especially in new relationships or situations. Some, may in fact, end.

By the 19th Mercury squares Jupiter exact, and situations may become blown out of proportion. This can have to do with legal and governmental affairs, moral issues, foreigners or money.

This time, it is Mercury setting of the Uranus-Pluto square that goes on until 2016. Events will continue to occur that change the world much like the 1930's. When it aspects a personal planet in your chart it changes your life. Often these changes need to occur, but they may not be easy.

The recent events concerning Syrian diplomacy could be affected by this transit, and it may instigate other situations as well.

Pluto goes stationary direct on the 19th which will amp up energy and those who have hidden agendas will start to be revealed for who and what they really are. This goes for the world and your personal life.

In early October the Sun will set off the Uranus-Pluto square again.


Monday, September 9, 2013

The beating of the drums

If you feel a vague sense of anger or frustration on Monday, Mars squares Saturn September 9, at 7 degrees of Leo-Scorpio, and this is a transit prone to irritation and frustration.  Be careful in a general sense, if this transit is aspecting a personal planet in your chart it could lead to an accident or argument. Generally though, it is the transit par excellence of frustration and blocked action. The thing to do is take a deep breath, work hard at whatever you are doing and know this energy will pass soon. Pick and choose your battles wisely. Sometimes this transit is anger prone, but more of a seething burn than explosive.

In the world, this transit generally brings police and military action. With the moon in Scorpio this only gears up the intensity of war rhetoric and a focus on violent circumstances which if you watch the news are increasing especially in the Middle East, especially Philippines and Turkey over the weekend.

Mercury enters Libra September 9, and this energy is generally more consolatory in terms of mental and verbal energy but first it has to cross the square to Pluto and the opposition to Uranus on the 14th and 15th, respectively. Mercury will once again set off the Uranus-Pluto square we live under and this will bring changes to the world, and increase the volatility that has become part of the landscape since 2012.

Monday, news reports are saying that Russia has stepped forward to oversee Syria's chemical weapons stockpile in return for the US not attacking Syria. Meanwhile, US President Barrack Obama goes on National TV pushing for a military strike on Syria.

When Mercury squares Pluto September 14 and the 48 hours before and after, expect to be dealing with intense, volatile situations, thoughts and events. It could be an obsessive kind of day, especially concerning relationships is it is aspecting your personal planets.

On the world level people will have obsessive feelings and ideas one way or another relating to conflict in the Middle east. Pluto rules nuclear energy and oil, and no doubt these issues will arise.

September 16, Mercury opposes Uranus and this is a transit of unexpected news, accidents and changeability.  You may feel restless, want to break free, or have sudden changes of mind and attitude. This transit is not stable, but rather changeable, and we will have to wait and see how things will shake out. Some things will abruptly end.

On a world level we will see a great deal of changeability. Nothing is stable, everything is fluid.