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Monday, September 9, 2013

The beating of the drums

If you feel a vague sense of anger or frustration on Monday, Mars squares Saturn September 9, at 7 degrees of Leo-Scorpio, and this is a transit prone to irritation and frustration.  Be careful in a general sense, if this transit is aspecting a personal planet in your chart it could lead to an accident or argument. Generally though, it is the transit par excellence of frustration and blocked action. The thing to do is take a deep breath, work hard at whatever you are doing and know this energy will pass soon. Pick and choose your battles wisely. Sometimes this transit is anger prone, but more of a seething burn than explosive.

In the world, this transit generally brings police and military action. With the moon in Scorpio this only gears up the intensity of war rhetoric and a focus on violent circumstances which if you watch the news are increasing especially in the Middle East, especially Philippines and Turkey over the weekend.

Mercury enters Libra September 9, and this energy is generally more consolatory in terms of mental and verbal energy but first it has to cross the square to Pluto and the opposition to Uranus on the 14th and 15th, respectively. Mercury will once again set off the Uranus-Pluto square we live under and this will bring changes to the world, and increase the volatility that has become part of the landscape since 2012.

Monday, news reports are saying that Russia has stepped forward to oversee Syria's chemical weapons stockpile in return for the US not attacking Syria. Meanwhile, US President Barrack Obama goes on National TV pushing for a military strike on Syria.

When Mercury squares Pluto September 14 and the 48 hours before and after, expect to be dealing with intense, volatile situations, thoughts and events. It could be an obsessive kind of day, especially concerning relationships is it is aspecting your personal planets.

On the world level people will have obsessive feelings and ideas one way or another relating to conflict in the Middle east. Pluto rules nuclear energy and oil, and no doubt these issues will arise.

September 16, Mercury opposes Uranus and this is a transit of unexpected news, accidents and changeability.  You may feel restless, want to break free, or have sudden changes of mind and attitude. This transit is not stable, but rather changeable, and we will have to wait and see how things will shake out. Some things will abruptly end.

On a world level we will see a great deal of changeability. Nothing is stable, everything is fluid.


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