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Friday, September 27, 2013

Venus squares Mars: fireworks ahead

Venus is square Mars September 26-27 at 18 degrees of Scorpio/Leo. This transit will bring scandals and trouble through the sexes.

For some, this may be a transit that increases interest in sex, but love is not necessarily part of the package. For others it may bring sexual incompatibility and problems with love interests, even arguments.

This transit can also affect money, financial markets and bring scandals about sex/realtionships. One such story I noticed in the news is the arrest of a man who used spyware to take pictures of Miss Teen USA and sell them on the internet.

A positive use of this energy is entertaining, restaurants, clubs or anything of a social nature as Venus is also trine Jupiter.

If you meet someone new, it may be a sexual interest and don't read more into it than the transit shows it to be, rather let some time pass. On the other hand, there could be real sparks in the future, depending on what else is in your chart! (9-26-13)

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