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Thursday, September 12, 2013

The cardinal square of September 13-19 and YOU


A Cardinal square or grand cross occurs September 13-19, and involves Mercury, Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter and the moon.  A cardinal square means there is going to be change in the world and in your life is it is aspecting a personal planet in your own personal chart and the event will be significant.

Mercury involves speech, communications, travel and transport, young people. Uranus is about unexpected change, explosions, shock, and Pluto is about power, death, corruption, bullies, decay and regeneration.  Jupiter rules money, foreign situations, governments and laws,  the moon rules women and our day to day activities. The moon moves into Capricorn, Friday morning, and by Friday night around 9:04 p.m., EST  it conjucnts Pluto which is enough to set off this Cardinal square. We will soon know what its effects will be.

Mercury squares Pluto exact, on the 14th, and this is intense, obsessive, and prone to arguments and debate. Be careful,  likely you will be aware of drama directly or indirectly, unless you cloister yourself inside your own walls. Even then...

There will be much debate and events will play out in the world through the Press. News events will be heavy and intense. There is nothing light hearted about this.

Mercury squares Uranus exact, in the early morning hours of the 14th. Mercury-Uranus is news that is unexpected and sometimes shocking. Be careful of accidents, and if you have an impulse to express something you may want to use an internal censor, or face the repercussions of your statement or opinions. Be careful when you hit send on email!

Events, people and situations are changeable during these days, and there may not be stability, especially in new relationships or situations. Some, may in fact, end.

By the 19th Mercury squares Jupiter exact, and situations may become blown out of proportion. This can have to do with legal and governmental affairs, moral issues, foreigners or money.

This time, it is Mercury setting of the Uranus-Pluto square that goes on until 2016. Events will continue to occur that change the world much like the 1930's. When it aspects a personal planet in your chart it changes your life. Often these changes need to occur, but they may not be easy.

The recent events concerning Syrian diplomacy could be affected by this transit, and it may instigate other situations as well.

Pluto goes stationary direct on the 19th which will amp up energy and those who have hidden agendas will start to be revealed for who and what they really are. This goes for the world and your personal life.

In early October the Sun will set off the Uranus-Pluto square again.


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