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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius June 5: Obscuring the truth

A powerful lunar eclipse falls at 15 degrees of Sagittarius June 5. Sagittarius is a mutable (changeable) fire sign ruled by the planet Jupiter associated with expanding whatever it touches.

In this case the Moon squares Mars and Neptune and opposes Venus forming a t-square which involves the energies of all three planets.

Moon square Mars will represent issues concerning women, the emotional life or home, anger or frustration, and explosive tempers. It is also accident prone. It squares Neptune creating confusion, delusion, and the potential of lies and deception. This Moon also opposes Venus which can shake things up in terms of love and money.

We can expect to see a variety of things happening which can include:
-Issues concerning women, anger toward women
-Severe water related weather conditions
-Issues concerning religion or spirituality that could take many different forms or avenues including mass manipulation with an agenda.
-Issues concerning the law, judges, courts, medicine and Dr.’s.
-Propaganda, lies and deception as well as conspiracy theories
-Total confusion
-New information revealed about the increase of Covid-19
-Obscuring the truth by presenting certain facts and not others
-Breakups, lies concerning relationships, deception. Love can disappear or change dramatically. Confusion over love
-Issues surrounding money and finances
-Major revelations
-Revelations concerning those who have lied, and the uncovering of lies
-Compassion, forgiveness and changes of heart
-Confused communication
-Creative genius
-Drug/alcohol addictions and problems
-Dealing with the seamy side of life

This is a great deal to consider, but this is a convoluted and powerful full moon (eclipse). These energies become more powerful as we approach June 5, particularly the 24 hours before.

Note to Virgos: This full moon forms a grand square with your Sun, especially if you were born September 4-10. A grand square looks like a cross and is a powerful force for significant change.  This Moon will affect your 1st house-(you), 7th house of (partnerships and marriage), 4th house (home and foundation) and 10th house of (business and matters of priority).

Mercury enters Cancer: Prepare for the retrograde!

May 28, Mercury enters the most emotional sign of the zodiac: Cancer. It will remain in this sign until August 5th due to its retrograde June 18-July 12.

Mercury is the planet that rules our speech and communication, and mercurial energy will change from fact oriented Gemini to becoming more emotional and sensitive in our communication.  The emotionalism of Mercury in Cancer will be something we will need to watch given the amount of propaganda and conspiracy theories that plague social media and other platforms in abundance these days.

When Mercury is in Cancer we often intuit our feelings and conversation more than during other times. The keyword for Mercury in Cancer is “I feel” as opposed to “I think.” Mercury in Gemini is intellectual, Mercury in Cancer is emotional. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the luminary that governs our inner emotions so while Mercury is in Cancer, it is in the Moon’s natural sign. During this time we will be more concerned with our emotional life, the emotions and feelings of family members and those closest to us.

On the downside, this can lead to overly emotional displays as well as overly sensitive feeling that can be hurt. Some people who have a hard time containing their feelings will be prone to lashing out when emotional subjects come up, as well as digging up the past. With Mercury in this most emotional of signs there will be times we must learn to not react so emotionally, as though our total well being depended on it.

Mercury turns stationary retrograde on June 18, at 14 degrees of Cancer joining Venus, Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter in their respective retrogrades. During this time we will delve deeply into what is working and what is not in our emotional lives. The ‘shadow period’ of this retrograde begins on June 2, and at this juncture you may start to feel the shifting of energies.

As Mercury stations to go retrograde we can expect to encounter confusion, delays, missed meetings and equipment breakdowns.

 In the strictest sense of the word, the planet of communication does not actually go backward, it only appears to.   Thinking can become deeper, situations often change altogether, and sometimes our focus shifts.

Mercury retrograde is often a frustrating time to be looking for a job. That does not mean you should not take a job if you need one, but be aware things could change on down the road.

This is not the time to get married, start a new business, new projects, purchase high ticket items, important gifts, paint, or anything you expect to be there for a long time if you can avoid it. Retrograde Mercury is a time to finish up the old, and redo, re-organize or re-work. Retrograde Mercury is part of the natural cycle of life and it is not anything out of the ordinary as it happens 3 or 4 times a year. This is a time to slow down a bit, reflect, rethink, re-do, re-plan and reorganize and reconsider, and another way of looking at it is a period of correction. Important contacts with people from our past can sometimes be initiated, and there is generally a focus on the past or past situations that can come back up to be resolved. 

Mercury turns direct again July 12. This is called the retrograde direct station, and at this time we may feel the energy shift once again, and it is possible our direction and thoughts could change once more before Mercury resumes its normal speed.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

New Moon in Gemini: confusion over love and money

May’s New Moon falls at 2 degrees of Gemini May 22. Gemini is the natural ruler of the third house of speech communication, and immediate family. Its planetary ruler is Mercury, the planet of communication, and one way or another we will be focused on communicating.
This moon makes a positive trine to Saturn the planet of structure making this a time for building things, or re-building, and a positive time for getting things done.
It also squares Mars creating the possibility of agitation and arguments. As Mars is in Pisces the harsher energy of this moon will not be as difficult.
A new moon is representative of the end of one cycle and beginning of a new cycle that will last two weeks until we will experience the companion June 5, lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. This moon is an excellent time for many types of new starts, or question behavior patterns you may want to let go of old habits.
New Moon confusion
Venus is conjunct Mercury and these two planets square Neptune bringing a lack of clarity, misinformation and confusion especially in the area of relationships, money and communication. Make sure you fully understand and trust any financial opportunities or transactions you are involved in.
Venus square Neptune can lead to insecurity and revelations in relationships, and at this time we could hear of scandals in terms of relationships or financial matters. Venus squared Neptune May 4th-6th for the first time before its retrograde. This will be the second pass of this transit and will personally affect those with mutable planets at 20 degrees.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Jupiter turns retrograde May 14

May 14, the planet that rules finance, growth, expansion and optimism turns retrograde until September 12th. Jupiter retrogrades every year for about four months and this is part of the natural cycle. During this time we often have to look inward to find our growth and create our own enthusiasm. We often undergo a period of philosophic or spiritual reflection rather than focusing our efforts on the outside world.

Jupiter is in Capricorn this year which concerns itself with work, business and taking care of practical matters. Jupiter represents our luck which comes from building practical and workable foundations this year. Jupiter is considered at its fall in Capricorn which means the energy can be more difficult to work with and it is in a position of weakness concerning its basic function which is expansion. Jupiter and Venus are the two financial planets and both will be retrograde until June 25.

You may have been working at accomplishing something big, or better at what you do with no real structure or plan for getting there. Jupiter retrograde will be the time to step back and look at the bigger picture and how you will approach things. It does not necessarily mean loss, but is more akin to working smartly and directing your actions along the most profitable and fortuitous lines.

Many things can be affected by a Jupiter retrograde. In addition to money and finances Jupiter rules courts/judiciaries lawyers, foreigners, and foreign places, education, religion, medicine, and younger men. All of these things can shift in some way as the planet of expansion retrogrades, and we will see these matters play out in the world and our personal lives. Jupiter’s retrograde period would be the time the cracks in the economy will make themselves known, and business often slows down. This will pick back up after Jupiter turns direct again in September.

Friday, May 8, 2020

The Lord of Karma retrogrades

Saturn turns retrograde at 1 degree of Aquarius May 11. This is a regular cycle that occurs every year and lasts about four and a half months or until September 29. This will be a period of deep personal and collective re-thinking of many important matters.
Saturn is referred to as “The Lord of Karma,’ and during its retrograde there can be changes, twists and turns, and unknown information can come to light. Saturn rules our foundation and structure, as well as our collective structure, banks, governments and real estate. Significant events on the world stage and our personal lives often occur at this juncture.

During Saturn’s retrograde we often become more concerned with issues concerning basic personal security, business and work, and things of this nature may move more slowly than we would like. This however, gives us a four month window of time to access whether or not our activities are working out as planned or if we should change direction.

Transiting Saturn retrograde can seem like a time of anxiety and limitation for some, but it important to remember its purpose is to take stock of important matters.

At times Saturn’s retrograde can manifest as sadness, depression or negativity. If so, it is important to recognize and deal with these issues on the retrograde. By the time Saturn turns direct you should have come to terms with any relevant issues, and be ready for productiveness and achievement.

If you are currently experiencing a Saturn transit you would have a fixed sign-Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius at 0-2 degrees. Significant change can occur as Saturn retrogrades and the retrograde period of Saturn is always the most challenging.

This year Saturn’s retrograde includes through two signs: Aquarius and Capricorn.  While in Aquarius, Saturn will deal with finding our place in the collective and social isolation.  Saturn will move into Aquarius again December 18, where it will remain for the next two and a half years.

July 2, Saturn retrogrades into Capricorn for its final six months. While in Capricorn, Saturn will deal with basic security issues, business, money and work. As Saturn and Jupiter move into Aquarius at the end of the year we will enter a new era in our lives and in terms of world events that will be focused far more on the collective and what works for the collective.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Full moon in Scorpio: Love, compassion and revelations

May’s full moon falls on May 7, at 17 degrees of Scorpio. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Mars and is connected to the 8th house of transformation, other people’s money, sex and death.

Scorpio is the most intense of signs and demands deep thinking about issues, and it is likely at this time anything deeply rooted your subconscious mind will come to the surface-good or bad.

The New moon 2 weeks ago fell in Taurus, the second house ruling income and the full moon falls in the companion eighth house, opposite the second and this refers to joint finances we share with others and the collective, so we could hear news concerning finance, debt, mortgages, insurance and the like.

This Moon will make a trine to Neptune which can be creative, dreamy and compassionate. It also opposes Mercury stirring up egos, and Mercury is connected with travel, young people and communication of all types. Communication will be a focus at this time. Misunderstandings can occur but the moon’s trine to Neptune can minimize this, at least to a degree.

Mercury sextile Neptune  can inspire healing, creativity, and  compassionate conversation or thinking. As this moon opposes Mercury a major theme will be communication, perhaps of a Scorpionic nature: out of the deep.
Venus has reached the 21st degree of Gemini by the full moon and this is where it will remain as it turns retrograde on May 13thVenus rules love and money and Neptune rules illusion, delusion and confusion.  As Venus is square Neptune scandals can arise, questions about love, relationships and money. This transit along with the Scorpio moon is indicative of high drama in some relationships that are not stable. Confusion, suspicion and mistrust can occur, and new information can be revealed. We may see scandals occur under this transit in our personal lives or on the world stage.

For some however, this can manifest as dreamy and creative, especially if the relationship is stable. Dreams and psychic experiences may be at an all time high at this time.

Lastly, Mercury is approaching its square to Mars which will peak on Monday and this also becomes part of the full moon energy. Be careful driving and of minor accidents. Mercury-Mars is prone to irritation and arguments so we must make an effort not to go in this direction.

Friday, May 1, 2020

May 2020: The Goddess of love looks back

Every 18 months the planet ruling love, money and values retrogrades. During this time issues that concern love and attraction as well as money and personal values can shift. Venus retrogrades May 13, at 21 degrees of Gemini. This will last until June 25th when the planet of love reverses course and turns direct again at 5 degrees of Gemini.

Venus is in Mercury’s sign and this means love energy is more intellectual than physical which seems to fit the times with Covid-19 quite well. The sign Gemini is associated with the intellect, thinking, ideas and reason much more so than passionate, physical love. It doesn’t mean those things can’t be part of the picture but Gemini likes to intellectualize all things and this includes love and relationships. It is much more likely to see acts of chivalry with Venus in Gemini than any other sign.

It is during Venus’s time in Gemini period our thoughts and communication about love may become more open minded.  Ideas that have outlived their usefulness may be replaced with new ones, and we may all be a little more reasonable in our judgments, ideas, and attitudes that are formed during this time.
Relationships can change
Love can slow down, and people often change their minds, or change their partners in some cases during a retrograde cycle of Venus.
As Venus retrogrades we have an opportunity to rethink and re-access our relationships with others and those closest to us. Love energy may be harder to come by during this period, but we may compensate for this by loving ourselves more. Feelings and intellect may become more defined giving clear ideas, originality and intuition, and an appreciation for all that is light and airy in relationships as opposed to heavy and difficult.
If you begin a new relationship on a retrograde Venus it is said the love energy is never fully expressed. If this is the case, things could also change after Venus turns direct again and energy shifts. Venus retrograde is sometimes associated with those we have known in the past. At times we can reconnect, or take many trips down memory lane, for the better or worse.

Venus retrogrades repeat by sign every 8 years
Venus retrogrades every 18 months. The last retrograde of Venus in Gemini was May-June 2012, and 8 years earlier May-June 2004.Before this it was May-June 1996.  It can be interesting to look back at these periods and remember what its affect was in your personal life. You could experience something similar to the Venus retrograde in 2012 as Venus turned retrograde then at 24 degrees of Gemini, and turned direct at 8 degrees which is very close to its retrograde degree this time.

Venus retrograde and its karmic affect
Venus retrograde affects not only love but money and our social lives. When it is retrograde all of these things can become more difficult, but at the same time we can gain more clarity as to where we are going and who we are going there with. Venus retrograde is a karmic period and at times our love lives can take dramatic shifts one way or another.  The karma of relationships sometimes plays out and relationships can end, or come back together. If a relationship comes back together it was meant to, and if one ends at this time, it is granting you the freedom to find someone more appropriate and more compatible.

Venus squares Neptune: Illusion
Venus enters a lengthy square to Neptune on May 4thwhich will continue through May 23. This influence will last for the majority of May, but the dates this powerful square is exact are May 3rd and May 20 (retrograde). This will occur one more time July 27th when Venus is direct. Re-occurring themes can crop up during these times, or it could represent a larger cycle concerning something or someone specifically.

Venus square Neptune is a confusing transit especially relating to love and money. Feelings are often confused and at times new information can be revealed that may not be perfectly clear. Venus turns retrograde in a square with Neptune May 14, which represents a shift in energies. For some this time can manifest as magical and things can seem beyond the ordinary. 

Creativity, dreams and visions can be at an all time high. For others it is simply a confusing period with a lack of clarity. It is important during these times to remember that Neptune represents illusion, and this can include self illusion so it important to keep our feet on the ground now matter how perfect (or imperfect) things may seem. This could at worst represent a transit of theft that could involve money, possessions or even the heart. If anything seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Venus turns direct, Mercury retrogrades
Venus rules women and Mars rules men and both will retrograde this year. Venus turns direct June 25, but Mercury is retrograde (June 18), and the lack of clarity may continue about certain things. By the time Mercury turns direct July 12, we should be in touch with our feelings and know where we are going emotionally and with who.

Love, money and values
Venus retrograde will affect our personal lives and it will play out in the world as well. Venus’s retrograde will be followed by Jupiter’s retrograde on May 14, and this places both of the financial planets in a retrograde position. This means money may come in more slowly and it could have an overall economic affect. During this time as a collective we will be forced to re-evaluate what is working, what is not, and what we value as individuals as well as a collective, and make changes toward those ideas that do not serve ourselves and the majority well.

What does Venus rule in your life?
Venus rules a certain segment or house of everyone’s chart. It is in this house of your personal chart Venus will retrograde and you could see changes in this area.

Use your Sun sign to calculate the house in your chart that is affected or if you know your personal ascendant use that.
Aries-3rd house of neighbors, immediate family members, communication and short trips.
Taurus-2nd house of money and income
Gemini-1st house or self-personal changes
Cancer-12th house of subconscious mind, things that are secret and hidden
Leo-11th house of friends, hope and wishes
Virgo-10th house of career and reputation
Libra-9th house of education, travel and higher mind
Scorpio-8th house of sex, investments and partners money, mortgages, sex, change and transformation
Sagittarius-7th house of partners or courts
Capricorn-6th house of health and work
Aquarius-5th house of children, love and friends
Pisces-4th house of home and family

Other changes
During May Venus, Jupiter and Saturn will all turn retrograde, the Sun will move from Taurus into Gemini, the mutable sign of spring that turns into summer. Mercury, the planet of communication will move through three signs, and we will have a powerful full moon.

The full moon in Scorpio May 7th
May’s full moon falls on May 7th at 17 degrees of Scorpio. Scorpio is the natural ruler of the 8th house of sex, secrets and corporate finances, or other people’s money. Scorpio is a deep and intense sign, and nothing superficial will suffice.
This is a positive and compassionate moon that makes a soft aspect to Neptune, along with Mercury. With this kind of energy we can experience healing and compassion along with a good dose of creativity and conversation.

May New Moon in Gemini
May’s new moon falls at 2 degrees of Gemini May 22. Gemini is the sign that rules the 3rd house of the mind, neighbors and immediate family members. It ruling planet is Mercury the planet of communication. The Sun entered Gemini May 20, and we are now in the Gemini season!  Mercury and Venus are conjunct at the time of this Moon which is a good combination for communication, socializing and love, but both planets square Neptune, the planet of illusion. Situations may seem unclear and confusing. Don’t make any major decisions on this day, but let the energy pass. The New moon wills trine Saturn which means we can get many things accomplished. Happy Birthday to Gemini, use this new moon to set your intentions for the year.

Jupiter and Saturn turn retrograde
Jupiter is considered the planet of gain and expansion, as well as the planet that rules finance. Every year Jupiter retrogrades for about 4 months and this year its retrograde will last from May 14-September 13, when it will turn direct at 17 degrees of Capricorn.
Jupiter is in the sign Capricorn this year which rules the 10th house of business. Its retrograde follows the retrograde of Venus, the other financial planet within 24 hours. As both financial planets retrograde at the same time this year, this could have a negative affect on the economy. We will focus more on internal or spiritual matters, and creativity can be at a high.
Jupiter’s retrograde can create some doubt and disillusionment about our personal and collective potential. This will represent at time we need to slow down and not overextend finances or projects.
During this retrograde we will hear more news concerning bailouts and the US government. As Jupiter retrogrades it will approach a conjunction with Pluto as it did the latter part of March into early April. This was a peak of death in the US due to Covid-19, and we may see a similar situation again when these planets meet up again in late June. This could represent another turning point in terms of dealing with the pandemic. 
Jupiter retrograde is part of the natural cycle of life. If Jupiter makes a positive aspect in your personal chart during the retrograde its full potential may not play out. If this is the case you will have another opportunity after Jupiter turns direct in September. If Jupiter turns direct on a planet in your chart at 16-18
Saturn turns retrograde
Saturn turns retrograde at 1 degree of Aquarius on May 11. Saturn retrogrades every year for about 5 months. It will turn direct again September 29, at 25 degrees in Capricorn. Saturn entered Aquarius for the first time in 30 years on March 23. It will remain in the sign that rules the collective until July 2nd when it will retrograde back into Capricorn where it will remain until December 17, when it re-enters Aquarius again and remain in this sign until March of 2023.
Saturn's retrograde can be a pivotal time, especially if it aspects something in your personal chart.
When you experience a Saturn transit, you generally experience three passes of it and the retrograde pass is generally the most challenging. Saturn is overall associated with delays, slowdowns and endings of various types.
As Saturn deals with our structure we may be concerned with basic security issues while Saturn is retrograde. 
While in Aquarius Saturn deals with the collective, and we will learn to find our place in the collective. In Capricorn, Saturn is much more materialistic and restrictive. As Saturn moves from Aquarius back into Capricorn we will notice a substantial shift in energies that will be geared less toward the collective and more toward the material. Saturn in Capricorn can denote great wealth or great privation.

Mercury transits three signs in May
Mercury is the planet that rules communication. As it changes signs our style of communication and expression typically change with it.
We begin the month with Mercury in Taurus. While in Taurus thought and speech is typically well thought out and measured. If a decision is made with Mercury in this sign it may well be permanent. Mercury enters Gemini May 11. At this time speech and communication may shift toward being chattier and more communicative then while in Taurus. People may seem indecisive at times because Gemini likes to look at all sides of a question. Mercury in Gemini is hungry for information, new people, sights, culture and communication of all types.
Lastly, Mercury enters Cancer May 28. Cancer is all about emotions and feelings over intellect. People will be more focused on how knowledge connects with them emotionally and rely more on their intuition to make decisions. “Gut feelings’ will become more important as will listening skills to feel out certain situations before taking action. There will be a mental focus on home and relatives.
Mars enters Pisces May 13
Mars is the planet ruling action and ego and it leaves Aquarius for Pisces on May 13, where it will remain until June 29. Mars takes two years to typically move through the entire zodiac and the last time Mars was in Pisces was November 16-January 1, 2019.
Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune and is the last sign of the zodiac.  As a result many things will end or culminate between mid-May and June.
Pisces is a sensitive and compassionate sign and as a result of Neptune’s association, can be somewhat confused and Pisces is a true dreamer. Pisces is the most spiritual and compassionate of signs. With Mars in Pisces you may not feel as assertive or driven but you can assert yourself in a more caring manner.

Other transits of significance during May:
May 4, Sun conjuncts Mercury-You may experience a great deal of communication at this time. The energy can be irritating and actions willful if you are not aware.

May 10, Mercury trines Jupiter-This is a positive and upbeat transit indicative of luck in communication, social events and money.

May 11, Mercury squares Mars-This transit is prone to agitation and arguments. Be careful if you drive as it can be connected to accidents. We could hear news of accidents or violence.

May 22, Mercury conjuncts Venus-This transit is one of the most positive fast moving aspects we can experience. Positive for communication, expressions of feelings, social events and finances.