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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius June 5: Obscuring the truth

A powerful lunar eclipse falls at 15 degrees of Sagittarius June 5. Sagittarius is a mutable (changeable) fire sign ruled by the planet Jupiter associated with expanding whatever it touches.

In this case the Moon squares Mars and Neptune and opposes Venus forming a t-square which involves the energies of all three planets.

Moon square Mars will represent issues concerning women, the emotional life or home, anger or frustration, and explosive tempers. It is also accident prone. It squares Neptune creating confusion, delusion, and the potential of lies and deception. This Moon also opposes Venus which can shake things up in terms of love and money.

We can expect to see a variety of things happening which can include:
-Issues concerning women, anger toward women
-Severe water related weather conditions
-Issues concerning religion or spirituality that could take many different forms or avenues including mass manipulation with an agenda.
-Issues concerning the law, judges, courts, medicine and Dr.’s.
-Propaganda, lies and deception as well as conspiracy theories
-Total confusion
-New information revealed about the increase of Covid-19
-Obscuring the truth by presenting certain facts and not others
-Breakups, lies concerning relationships, deception. Love can disappear or change dramatically. Confusion over love
-Issues surrounding money and finances
-Major revelations
-Revelations concerning those who have lied, and the uncovering of lies
-Compassion, forgiveness and changes of heart
-Confused communication
-Creative genius
-Drug/alcohol addictions and problems
-Dealing with the seamy side of life

This is a great deal to consider, but this is a convoluted and powerful full moon (eclipse). These energies become more powerful as we approach June 5, particularly the 24 hours before.

Note to Virgos: This full moon forms a grand square with your Sun, especially if you were born September 4-10. A grand square looks like a cross and is a powerful force for significant change.  This Moon will affect your 1st house-(you), 7th house of (partnerships and marriage), 4th house (home and foundation) and 10th house of (business and matters of priority).

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