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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Full moon in Scorpio: Love, compassion and revelations

May’s full moon falls on May 7, at 17 degrees of Scorpio. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Mars and is connected to the 8th house of transformation, other people’s money, sex and death.

Scorpio is the most intense of signs and demands deep thinking about issues, and it is likely at this time anything deeply rooted your subconscious mind will come to the surface-good or bad.

The New moon 2 weeks ago fell in Taurus, the second house ruling income and the full moon falls in the companion eighth house, opposite the second and this refers to joint finances we share with others and the collective, so we could hear news concerning finance, debt, mortgages, insurance and the like.

This Moon will make a trine to Neptune which can be creative, dreamy and compassionate. It also opposes Mercury stirring up egos, and Mercury is connected with travel, young people and communication of all types. Communication will be a focus at this time. Misunderstandings can occur but the moon’s trine to Neptune can minimize this, at least to a degree.

Mercury sextile Neptune  can inspire healing, creativity, and  compassionate conversation or thinking. As this moon opposes Mercury a major theme will be communication, perhaps of a Scorpionic nature: out of the deep.
Venus has reached the 21st degree of Gemini by the full moon and this is where it will remain as it turns retrograde on May 13thVenus rules love and money and Neptune rules illusion, delusion and confusion.  As Venus is square Neptune scandals can arise, questions about love, relationships and money. This transit along with the Scorpio moon is indicative of high drama in some relationships that are not stable. Confusion, suspicion and mistrust can occur, and new information can be revealed. We may see scandals occur under this transit in our personal lives or on the world stage.

For some however, this can manifest as dreamy and creative, especially if the relationship is stable. Dreams and psychic experiences may be at an all time high at this time.

Lastly, Mercury is approaching its square to Mars which will peak on Monday and this also becomes part of the full moon energy. Be careful driving and of minor accidents. Mercury-Mars is prone to irritation and arguments so we must make an effort not to go in this direction.

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