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Friday, May 8, 2020

The Lord of Karma retrogrades

Saturn turns retrograde at 1 degree of Aquarius May 11. This is a regular cycle that occurs every year and lasts about four and a half months or until September 29. This will be a period of deep personal and collective re-thinking of many important matters.
Saturn is referred to as “The Lord of Karma,’ and during its retrograde there can be changes, twists and turns, and unknown information can come to light. Saturn rules our foundation and structure, as well as our collective structure, banks, governments and real estate. Significant events on the world stage and our personal lives often occur at this juncture.

During Saturn’s retrograde we often become more concerned with issues concerning basic personal security, business and work, and things of this nature may move more slowly than we would like. This however, gives us a four month window of time to access whether or not our activities are working out as planned or if we should change direction.

Transiting Saturn retrograde can seem like a time of anxiety and limitation for some, but it important to remember its purpose is to take stock of important matters.

At times Saturn’s retrograde can manifest as sadness, depression or negativity. If so, it is important to recognize and deal with these issues on the retrograde. By the time Saturn turns direct you should have come to terms with any relevant issues, and be ready for productiveness and achievement.

If you are currently experiencing a Saturn transit you would have a fixed sign-Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius at 0-2 degrees. Significant change can occur as Saturn retrogrades and the retrograde period of Saturn is always the most challenging.

This year Saturn’s retrograde includes through two signs: Aquarius and Capricorn.  While in Aquarius, Saturn will deal with finding our place in the collective and social isolation.  Saturn will move into Aquarius again December 18, where it will remain for the next two and a half years.

July 2, Saturn retrogrades into Capricorn for its final six months. While in Capricorn, Saturn will deal with basic security issues, business, money and work. As Saturn and Jupiter move into Aquarius at the end of the year we will enter a new era in our lives and in terms of world events that will be focused far more on the collective and what works for the collective.


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