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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Blue Moon in Libra: Should I stay or let go

March 31, we will see a 'blue moon, ' perhaps appropriately named in more ways than one. 'Blue Moon' actually refers to the fact this full moon is the second full moon this month.
This moon falls in Libra at 11 degrees, the sign ruling the 7th house of marriage and partnerships and it is here our energies will be focused.
This Moon will form a cardinal t-square with Mars/Saturn in Capricorn and the Sun/Mercury in Aries which means it will be a difficult full moon for many, especially for those with Cardinal planets-Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn at 6-13 degrees. Cancer may be especially affected if their (Cardinal) planets fall at the above mentioned degrees.
Moon-Mars transits relate to burnout, anger and upset, hurt feelings, overly intense emotions and in some cases sickness and accidents. Use caution while driving, handling knives or any other tool. Moon-Saturn transits relate to depression and inability to have fun, obligations, and in some cases endings. Tiredness and low energy can also be a problem, or you could feel stuck in a rut.
Moon-Sun transits occur on every full moon and amp up our emotional energies, and Moon-Mercury increases the potential of communication, arguments and interaction with young people and, children, neighbors and relatives.
Mars and Saturn are conjunct at 8 degrees of Capricorn. This is a powerful transit and on the positive side it can denote some type of structure or hard work. Gardening or exercise would be perfect and a good avenue to direct this energy toward, as opposed to letting the energy direct you. It is important to take control of these energies for a positive outcome.
The other side of this transit is frustration, cold hard anger and the combination of Mars and Saturn can denote rage or even cruelty.
As this Moon is in Libra ruled by Venus, neither Venus or Libra jive with cruelty or harshness and anger. Neither do they blend with Mars (fights, agitation, guns). So you see the conflicts we are up against.
This doesn't mean something positive can't come out of this Moon, but my advice is to have a plan to direct the energy toward, be very self-aware, and understand if you start fights or arguments they could evolve into more than you had bargained for.
These energies will play out in the world as well. Expect to see events involving the US President or other leaders. Mars-Saturn rules young men and guns and this is a significantly dangerous period.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Aries stellium and full moon: choppy waters this week

Last week, the Sun was square Mars, and we are not yet past this frustrating, if not irritating transit. As a matter of fact it is either within close orb (or exact) all week. The Aries stellium is at its peak! This week, we will also experience the Sun's square to Saturn which is exact Thursday, March 29.

Sun square Saturn transits typically deal with delays, obstacles and are considered somewhat negative. The other side of this energy is of course work. With effort and serious work it is not impossible to accomplish something of significance.

You could experience lowered vitality, heavy responsibility and like you are unable to participate in social affairs. Saturn transits are perceived as cold and all about effort. Some situations could end if this aspects something significant in your personal chart.

Add to the mix Venus conjunct Uranus on March 28. This is somewhat erratic and unpredictable, and it still squares Pluto. This combination has the potential to change something, and it isn't always negative, but may be very erratic, especially for those with planets in Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn at 26-28 degrees. You may have to take a new approach to an old problem.

We will end the week with a full moon in Libra that forms a Cardinal t-square with Pluto and Uranus. Once again, things can change, especially relationships tottering on the edge. Mars will conjunct Saturn on this moon and some will push others to take control of a situation. Push others, and you could be pushed back. This combination can seem cruel, and my advice is to step back and re-access, rather than try and control.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Mercury Retrograde in Aries: March 22 - April 15

Mercury turns retrograde in the evening hours of March 22 and will remain retrograde until April 15, when it turns direct again. You have probably heard people talk about this or even speak of their dread of it. Of all the planetary aspects, this one definitely gets the most attention. When Mercury retrogrades, it appears to go backward. So, when the planet of communication retrogrades, those areas of life it rules are basically not functioning up to par.

Mercury rules all kinds of communication, both verbal and written, speaking, learning, even listening and thinking, as well as all forms of electronic communication. It rules formal agreements and contracts, buying and selling, travel, transportation, and shipping. It also rules pets and young people. You shouldn't expect terrible things to happen, but on a certain level, chaos and confusion can and will occur.

A Retrograde on Fire
Each year retrograde Mercury favors a specific element — fire, air, water, or earth. This time around, Mercury enters retrograde in the fire sign of Aries. Fire signs are innovative, unusual, and love to think big! Look at the big picture and come up with solutions that involve fire element qualities: creativity, enthusiasm, forward thinking, communication, and most of all, action. Fire signs don't let grass grow under their feet, and sometimes we must make decisions on the spot.

What to Expect
First of all, communication can break down, slow down, or stop altogether. People can become confused, change their minds, job interviews can slow down, and things, projects and people can change their course of direction, sometimes unexpectedly. Equipment can breakdown, whether it is a computer, a coffee pot or a car. It is hard to get decisions from others, and if you do, they could change their mind after Mercury turns direct.
Thoughts and inner conversation can be more negative during a retrograde. If this occurs, view it as though it were playing out on a screen. View it objectively, as though you are watching someone else. Step back, consider the possibilities, and consciously decide on a positive path to action, rather than listening to negative self-talk.
Retrograde Mercury can be a time of reconnecting with those from the past in some instances. This does not mean reconnect to a former, toxic relationship, but reconnect with those who have been tried and true. Go back to the things from the past that have served you well and reconnect. You could hear from relatives, old friends and on occasion old loves. It’s time to take care of those things you have put off, and clear your closets, both literally and figuratively.

What Not to Do
Don't make important changes such as starting a new job or project, launching a website, buying big ticket items, closing on real estate, buying electronic equipment, getting married or engaged, having elective or cosmetic surgery, launching new endeavors, or signing contracts. Of course, there are some exceptions:
Let's say you need a job and one comes up during the retrograde. Don't turn it down, as a job on a retrograde is better than no job. Things may change after you begin. For example, there could be a shift in the direction of the job, or you may not have understood the nature of the job. If you have to have surgery under a doctor’s orders, go ahead. Surgeries are performed successfully every day of the year, and sometimes a retrograde Mercury is about correcting something. If you have to sign a lease or another document, ask a lot of questions. Go over things several times, and enlist the judgement of your trusted friends.

Your Secret Garden
This retrograde is the perfect time to reassess, reevaluate, revisit, redo, rethink, and even redesign our lives in some way. This is a time to stop, look, and listen to our inner voice, so that you may move forward with clarity and confidence when Mercury turns direct again. It is a time of personal realignment with the world. You may reach a sense of completion with something by the time this cycle ends. View this chapter of your journey as your private inner garden: now is the time to cultivate it and clear that which needs to be removed so that optimum growth can occur as Mercury turns direct in about three weeks. 
There is no doubt frustrations can and do occur under retrograde. But, it is important to remember this is part of the natural cycle of life. This time is about reflecting on what we have done, and will do in the future, but not yet moving forward. Just like the crab that moves sideways, sometimes we have to take this approach and move sideways before we can really move forward. This, too, is part of the natural flow.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Venus squares Pluto: obsessions, jealousy and scandals

Venus is square Pluto at 21 degrees of Aries/Capricorn, and this transit will be exact March 23, in the early evening. This energy will dominate the sky between now and then and at least 24 hours afterwards, as I wrote about earlier.

This square will bring relationships, and in some cases money, front and center. Typically this transit can bring up deeply buried issues that could involve sex, money, or jealousy. This is an intense transit that could change the outcome of relationships, if contentious issues are pushed, but that would be an extreme situation. Worst case scenario would be endings, abuse or even domestic violence, if those tendencies are present.

You might make a decision as to whether a relationship is or isn't fulfilling your needs. This aspect demands we delve deeply into our associations with others and some may make a decision to end a relationship.

Venus-Pluto transits are indicative of obsessiveness, and heavy thinking and this will affect you to a greater degree if you have planets in Aries, Cancer, Capricorn or Libra at 20-22 degrees.

For some, events will be large if this aspects your personal planets.

We will see events play out in the world that can involve women, domestic abuse, sex, scandals and money. Typically, Pluto transits bring out the bullies in the world and those who try and force their will on others.

With any Pluto transit things can come to a head one way or another. As Pluto  transits are overly intense, if you are feeling this way, it might be best to let this energy pass before making serious decisions. Let things lighten up and then see how you really feel.

At its best this transit can signify an intense encounter with someone else of a positive nature. It will not however be a light weight interaction. The energy is there-channel it for positive or negative results.

Pluto transits change situations and in many cases the change can be permanent or beyond your ability to control, as all aspects connected to Pluto are, which is why I advise clients to be aware of what the aspect means and respond according to their real desires, as opposed to temporary impulses. In this way you can avoid going off 'half-cocked,' as they say.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Spring with a twist!

Spring arrived March 20, at 12:16 PM, EST. At this time, the Sun entered the 0 degree point of Aries, sometimes called the world point, and the astrological new year was underway. This point, or degree is known to be related to interaction in connection with the world, or some type of public projection.

Mars entered Capricorn last week, another Cardinal sign and this creates a square to the Sun. This square generates the potential for a public projection of aggression, anger, strife, sexuality or at its best courage or athleticism.

We typically see events that affect the world at large with the Aries point. The day began with another school shooting in Maryland that ended with the student gunman dead and two inured.

The square between the Sun and Mars is part of a powerful stellium in Aries, that will last well into April. The Sun and Mars will square each other, or be within orb through April 2.

This square will become apparent in terms of people lashing out at one another, arguments and debates, breakups, friction and at its worst violence in the world.

If you have Cardinal planets (Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn) at 0-9 degrees this powerful square will affect you personally in some way, depending on what it aspects in your chart. Otherwise, you will still experience the energy, but it will not seem so personal.

This powerful square become part of the Aries ingress chart, which is used by mundane astrologers to predict national events and give us a picture of the state of the country and its people over the next number of months. The Sun-Saturn square, plus the Mars-Saturn conjunction in this chart shows spring will be a period with significant turmoil in the US, especially involving the US President and US open enemies. I will write more about this chart in the future.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Mars squares the Sun; A clash of the titans

Mars enters Capricorn about 4 hours after the New moon in Pisces March 17. Mars is exalted in this sign, ruled by Saturn and is considered very powerful. It will remain here until May 16, when it enters Aquarius.

The Sun enters Aries March 20, and this will begin about a 9 day clash (square) between Mars and the Sun. Other planetary clashes in Aries/Capricorn will occur as well, and you can read about them here.

Mars rules our action, and the Sun rules ego, and herein will lie the clashes.

   Sun-Mars squares create an energy buildup within that can manifest in a strong desire to assert the personal will, act domineering and aggressive, act out in rash and impulsive behavior, make demands and in general put the personal will on the front burner. This energy will be upsetting, rather than angry to some.

  You can experience this in a projected form, that is someone else acting like this.

This is also prone to sickness if your are run down (like colds and flu), and especially accidents. Use the utmost caution driving as many people are likely to be agitated over this period of time.
The positive side of this energy is high energy, a take charge attitude and a desire to accomplish a great deal in a short time. Channel your energy here, and exercise is a great option now.

As Mercury turns retrograde March 23, expect this energy to be exaggerated and some may lash out without knowing what they are really talking about. Mercury is operating in Mars' sign (Aries) and this will make people in general even more vocal, whether they have the facts or not.

As always this energy will pay out in the world and we can expect angry debates and angry people if not accidents or disasters. Any battle started could be protracted. Unfortunately, Mars rules young men and guns and there will be a tendency toward violence during this period.

While Mars and the Sun will never be more than one degree away from each other they are exact on these days:

March 22, 2 degrees Aries/Capricorn

March 23, 3 degrees Aries/Capricorn

March 24, the Sun, Mars and the Moon form a t-square at 4-5 degrees of Aries, Capricorn, Cancer. Anger and violence toward women, and upset emotions will result.

March 26, 5 degrees Aries/Capricorn

You would have to know a little about your chart but if any of these degrees match Cardinal planets (Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn) you can expect to be affected on a more personal level.

A calm and rational attitude is the key toward overcoming these energies.

If you are a Capricorn or Capricorn ascendant Mars entering your sign begins a new two year cycle. You may feel energetic and very busy over the next number of days.