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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Jupiter turns retrograde

Jupiter turns retrograde this Thursday, March 8, at 23 degrees of Scorpio. Jupiter retrogrades about 4 months out of every year and it will retrograde all the way back to 13 degrees of Scorpio where it will turn direct July 10.
Jupiter retrograde is not a bad thing, but it is a shift in energy. Jupiter is the planet of gain and expansion and wherever it travels in your chart is where you will see gain for approximately a year. As Scorpio rules the 8th house of other people's money, money matters can be slowed or delayed to some extent. As it rules expansion, this can mean personal expansion, and some people may lose weight during this time.
Transiting retrograde Jupiter can be a cycle of introspection and reflection as well as extra work in whatever area of your chart it is moving through. The beneficial rays of Jupiter are not taken away but they may require extra work for the same results while retrograde.
With Jupiter you typically get three chances at success as it aspects planets in your personal chart. The first chance you have as Jupiter aspects your personal planets is typically an opportunity that comes up quickly that you must react quickly to. Sometimes it is a short period of time. The second pass of Jupiter is typically when it is retrograde and more thought must go into it, or you may recognize the opportunity for what it is. By the third and final pass, it is time to recognize the opportunity and act with decisiveness, because there won't be another opportunity like the last one for some time.
Jupiter in Scorpio rules 8th house matters: Money, other people's money, sex (#MeToo movement occurred under this transit), and change and transformation.
If Jupiter aspects a planet in your chart at 13-16 degrees of Scorpio, when it turns direct this could represent a powerful and positive opportunity.
See below to know what house Jupiter transits in your chart this year. Your good luck her may be slower or delayed, but not denied. If you know your ascendant use this. Otherwise, use your Sun Sign. Both are correct.
Aries-8th house-money, other people's money, change and transformation, sex
Taurus-7th house-partnerships, marriage and courts
Gemini-6th house-work and health
Cancer-5th house-romance, children and friends.
Leo-4th house-home- family, your personal foundation
Virgo-3rd house-the mind, writing, mental activity, immediate family members, the neighborhood or environment
Libra-2ond house-money, income, self esteem and possessions
Scorpio-1st house-the self on a personal level.
Sagittarius-12th house-hidden issues, the subconscious mind, inner happiness
Capricorn-11th house-Friends, hopes and wishes, groups and organizations.
Aquarius-10th house-priorities, work and business
Pisces-9th house-Education, travel, publishing, world view

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