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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Aries stellium and full moon: choppy waters this week

Last week, the Sun was square Mars, and we are not yet past this frustrating, if not irritating transit. As a matter of fact it is either within close orb (or exact) all week. The Aries stellium is at its peak! This week, we will also experience the Sun's square to Saturn which is exact Thursday, March 29.

Sun square Saturn transits typically deal with delays, obstacles and are considered somewhat negative. The other side of this energy is of course work. With effort and serious work it is not impossible to accomplish something of significance.

You could experience lowered vitality, heavy responsibility and like you are unable to participate in social affairs. Saturn transits are perceived as cold and all about effort. Some situations could end if this aspects something significant in your personal chart.

Add to the mix Venus conjunct Uranus on March 28. This is somewhat erratic and unpredictable, and it still squares Pluto. This combination has the potential to change something, and it isn't always negative, but may be very erratic, especially for those with planets in Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn at 26-28 degrees. You may have to take a new approach to an old problem.

We will end the week with a full moon in Libra that forms a Cardinal t-square with Pluto and Uranus. Once again, things can change, especially relationships tottering on the edge. Mars will conjunct Saturn on this moon and some will push others to take control of a situation. Push others, and you could be pushed back. This combination can seem cruel, and my advice is to step back and re-access, rather than try and control.

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