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Thursday, March 1, 2018

March: A new (astrological) year, Mercury retrogrades and a stellium in Aries

The Pisces stellium that began mid-February continues the first part of the month with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune all in the sign that rules the 12th house. This can create confusing energy and misdirection, to put it mildly. In astrological terms a stellium is a group of three or more planets in the same sign. In this case each of these planets will aspect or clash with another planet, one by one.

The fast moving planets (the Sun, Mercury, Venus) have conjuncted Neptune and squared Mars, creating a fog and/or anger that have created sadness, confusion and feelings of victimization for some.

This will soon change as Mercury and Venus enter Aries on March 6. This will change the pace and direction considerably as Venus in Aries is more ardent than romantic, and Mercury in Aries will pick up the tempo of our thoughts and communication. But, make no mistake, this new stellium will create some challenging aspects this month, just as the Pisces stellium did. They will be challenging, but different than what we experienced in February.

The Sun enters Aries March 20, at 12: 16 PM. Spring is here, and as the Sun reaches the 0 degrees Aries point, the astrological year begins anew. The Sun will now move a degree a day through each of the 12 signs and this constitutes the astrological year! With 4 planets in Aries now, we have a new stellium and it is now the Aries season.

Mercury turns retrograde April 15, at 16 degrees of Aries, and this will be a powerful and significant retrograde. Mercury will retrograde to 4 degrees of Aries, turning direct on April 15. Of course, retrograde Mercury is not the time to start new projects, get married, buy high ticket items, or for that matter file your taxes! Consider this an early warning, and I would not personally file taxes on a retrograde Mercury. I know people who have done this and gotten audited, or something has come back. Millions will file anyway and maybe it would go ok, but it is a risk. As April 15th falls on a Sunday, I would send in my taxes on or after the 16th of April, before the retrograde begins, or file for an extension. And if you use a CPA who files electronically, remember you may not know exactly when they are filed. Consider yourself warned.

Now, let's take a look at some of the other significant transits in March.
It's rare not to have a full moon in any given month, and the last time this occurred was 1999, but February had no full moon. This won't happen again until 2037. We will have two full moons in March and the second one will be called a 'blue moon.'
But the first full moon of the month falls on March 1, at 11 degrees of Virgo. This moon is significant in that it opposes Neptune, the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion.

An opposition to Neptune can be confusing, revealing and melancholy. There could be a victim or savior complex evident. It could be easy to fall into daydreams or some type of thinking relating to past hurts or betrayals.
The opposite side of this energy is creativity, spirituality and compassion for others. We may see water related incidents, anger or upset as Mercury squares Mars or likely more scandal in government. The energies of a full moon continue for several weeks until the next new moon.

The second full moon of the month falls on March 31, at 11 degrees of Libra.

Libra is a cardinal sign so energy and change occurs with ease. Libra rules the 7th house of relationships, marriage and partnerships and it is here our interests and concerns will lie.

This moon looks to be somewhat volatile as it squares Mars (anger/upset), opposes Mercury (young people, travel, communication) and squares Saturn as well (responsibility, endings). This moon actually become part of a t-square which means we will be pulled in many different directions, as many planets are involved.  Relationships in particular will be a theme at this time.

March 4, the Sun conjuncts Neptune and this marks the last time this year a planet in Pisces will conjunct this powerful planet.
This transit can bring feelings of melancholy and mistrust or betrayal or it can be about spiritual or creative matters in some way, and vivid dreams may figure into the picture. Situations may be revealed for what they are.

We have planetary help as Venus and Mercury are conjunct at 25 degrees of Pisces. This conjunct will also occur in Pisces March 3-4. Venus/Mercury transits are often related to social activities, relationships, communication and are in every way positive. Mercury and Venus will conjunct again in the sign of Aries on March 6.

After several months of no retrograde planets (which is rare) Jupiter retrogrades at 23 degrees of Scorpio on March 8. Jupiter is the planet of gain and expansion and it retrogrades every year. While its beneficial rays will not be as powerful while it is retrograde, they can still work wonders if they aspect a planet in your chart. If nothing else Jupiter offers protection wherever it transits through your own natal chart. Sometimes with a retrograde Jupiter money and finances can be slowed down. Jupiter turns direct again at 13 degrees of Scorpio July 11.
he March the stellium in Aries will square Saturn, conjunct Uranus and square Pluto. These planets will also square Mars when it enters Capricorn on March 17!  

The squares begin March 9, when Mercury squares Saturn. Mercury-Saturn transits can be tiring and negative. Critical thinking will be called for, but some may engage in criticism. This should not be a terribly negative day however, as Mars trines Uranus which is energetic and positive, and I would go toward this energy.

March 13, the next planet squares Saturn and it is Venus. Venus-Saturn squares do not bode well for money, social or love relationships. Some relationships may end at this time, and otherwise, it can seem negative, lonely and somewhat depressing for some. Again we have some other planetary help as the Sun trines Venus and this is positive and upbeat.

March 20-24, the Sun squares Mars. This can result in tired or angry energies and egos may come into play. As the Sun and Mars are moving slowly and in sync, this energy will go on through March 24. March 22, the Sun-Mars square is at 2 degrees of Aries/Capricorn, and March 23, it is at 3 degrees of Aries/Capricorn. March 24 will be stressful as well as the Moon also opposes Mars and Saturn. Unfortunately, it is highly likely we will see violence in the world during this time, and it could involve young men and guns. If not, it will still be volatile.

Mercury conjuncts Venus on this day could give us a lift, and is positive for love, communication and money. Steer yourself toward this energy.

March 23, Venus squares Pluto. Love and money will be on the front burner again, as the planet of passion, money and our social lives collides with Pluto. This can result in obsessive thoughts and behavior, jealousy, money issues or domestic violence if it is already indicated, but this is not typical. Situations can reach the boiling point for some. This typically would only occur if you are in a relationship that is troubled or tottering on the edge.

March 28, Venus conjuncts Uranus. Uranus calls for the unexpected and unpredictable and Venus rules love, our social lives and money. This can be an unusually exciting day, or one fraught with unexpected twists and turns.

March 29, the Sun squares Saturn. This can seem like a repressive and restrictive day. Hard work will be needed to accomplish gains.
The Aries stellium will continue to make aspects in April.

Other events worth noting include:

March 17, March's New moon falls at 29.53 degrees in Pisces. Pisces rules the 12th house of the zodiac and some endings can occur even though it is a new moon. Pisces is ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. This can be an exceptionally psychic or spiritual time, and time to wrap up things that need completion.

Also on March 17, Mars the planet of action leaves Sagittarius to enter Capricorn where it will remain until May 17. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn the planet of structure and hard work. It is associated with the 10th house of business and work, and our focus will turn to the most important matters over the next 8 weeks.

While it is not exact, Jupiter is within a 2-3 degree orb of its sextile to Pluto in March and will become exact in April. It does not have to be exact to have a significant affect. This marks the second time this transit has occurred this year; the first one occurred in January.

This is a good time to expand ideas and work in a group, especially pertaining to legal matters or the law. It will favor groups working together in society. Some will see accomplishment with this transit, especially if you have planets at 20-24 degrees of Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio or Pisces. Good luck!


  1. Hi Leslie. I received your email and have read this several times. Perhaps you clients understand everything you have posted but I do not understand what you mean by a lot of what you have said especially the more "technical" parts of your post. At the present time I am in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico and last night we had a full moon present. It was interesting to observe the behavior of the local people:) .. Steven John...

  2. yes, it is interesting. Perhaps I need to focus on less technical.

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