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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Full Moon in Scorpio April 29: Intensity and obsessions!

This month's full moon falls at 9 degrees of Scorpio, April 29. The lunar peak occurs at 8:58 PM, EST.

The Moon opposes the Sun, as all full moons do, amping up the emotional, intense  energy of this Scorpio moon.

This Moon highlights the 8th/2ond house axis which relates to money, other people's money, drugs, sex, and change and transformation of all kinds. Some things and situations may end at this time.

The rulers of Scorpio are Mars and Pluto and these two planets are currently conjunct, making this very powerful!  These planets  are obsessive and angry in nature, and Mars/Pluto can relate to anger, violence, police, angry young men, guns, bullies, and transformation. This is playing out in the collective with the sexual assault conviction of Bill Cosby, among other things.

My advice is to work toward the accomplishment of a goal which can relate to Mars and Pluto as well. But, you must work hard, direct this energy, and plan your actions accordingly.  If you channel things in this direction you can accomplish a great deal.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Mars conjunct Pluto: Volatility, rage and transformation

We have an intense week ahead, with numerous astrological happenings, namely Mars conjuncts Pluto.

That said, Mercury will pay a role as well, as the planet of communication is entering into another square with Saturn, as it did April 5. This will be a day of feeling limitations, and it is important not to let things seem more negative than they really are. It is important not to be overly critical in communication, and it is here as well as travel we could see issues arise. Blocks may arise creating frustration.

Mars builds in energy with its conjunction to Pluto which becomes exact April 25-27, but the powerful energy will be felt before and after the 'exact' hit.

Mars-Pluto is a powerful transit and people may be feeling more self-assertive than usual, to put things lightly. This transit can concern energetic physical actions, intensified will power, secret investigations, joint finances, and rage and anger.

As the Mars-Pluto conjunction sextiles Jupiter, the planet of gain and expansion, the potential exists for a positive outcome if the energy is channeled correctly. You may experience a strong desire for accomplishment.

To channel this energy I would focus on something you need to accomplish and move toward it full steam ahead. The potential exists for transformation of some type, with Jupiter involved. Pluto tears down only to rebuild in a different or stronger way.

Otherwise, this energy can come across as angry, volatile, harsh and in some cases endings will occur. The Mercury-Saturn square will contribute to making things seem more negative.

The dark side of Pluto is violent, subversive, and prone to rage and bullying.

If this transit hits something in your personal chart at 20-22 degrees of a cardinal sign-Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn you can expect it to play out in your personal life, depending on what it aspects.

This transit will play out in the world as well. In mundane astrology 

Pluto is the planet of power, dictators, corruption and nuclear weapons, to name a few. It also rules sex and abuse.

Mars rules aggression and strife, guns, young men, police or military action.

We can expect to see escalating violence, perhaps even a major incident. We could also hear of nuclear weapons or related situations.

This transit falls on Neptune in Vladimir Putin's natal chart, so we know this transit will involve Russia. This can be interpreted as secretive action, lies and deception, issues that could involve chemical weapons and information being revealed.

The Mars-Pluto conjunction becomes part of the April 30, full moon in Scorpio

Monday, April 16, 2018

The Sun conjuncts Uranus; breaking free

The Sun is conjunct Uranus over the next few days, and this is exact April 18, in the early morning. Now may be the time to break out of your box and try something new. You can experience a strong urge to break free of normal routine, and do something out of the ordinary. Sometimes this can relate to greater self-perception and awareness.

You could get flashes on insight and desire to do something different. Uranus transits are generally ahead of their time and events that occur on transits like this sometimes end as soon as they begin.

Some people will demand personal expression. Others will seek unusual experiences, and you could feel a certain sparkle.

Uranus is the planet of freedom and can be electric at times. This can be a time of rebellion or unexpected change, with a desire for freedom from anything that seems oppressive, which can include relationships. If this transit aspects a cardinal planet and degree (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn/27-29 degrees) in your personal chart significant events can occur, typically in an unexpected fashion.

This can also lead to restlessness, nervousness and tension. It is best not to make sudden moves or changes unless they are well thought out, which is exactly how you may feel like responding. Act on this out of agitation and you may come to regret it.

But, this transit can work for the good or bad, depending on how the energy is directed.

It is important to remember the 'other fellow' with this transit Because you are not agitated, does not mean someone else is not, and I would take this into consideration in dealing with others. Accidents are also possible and it is important to be

This transit will play out in the world in terms of unexpected news and unexpected twists and turns. Uranus is associated with coups, rebellions, sudden change, upheaval, earthquakes and aircraft. Uranus rules the internet and electronic communication of all types.

In the US natal chart this transit squares Pluto, signifying change with upheaval. Major events will likely be uncovered that are certain to shock. There will likely be a contentious event in the world during this time.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Mercury will turn direct April 15

Mercury reaches 4 degrees of Aries where it will stay until it moves forward. It turns direct April 15, at 5:21 AM, EST, at the same degree. It actually turns stationary retrograde at this time, and does not move forward until April 17.

During the stationary direct period (April 15-17) things may become more confused or change direction once again before they get better. It's best not to rush out and start new things as soon as Mercury turns direct. Rather wait, and let the dust settle a little if possible.

The post retrograde shadow period lasts until May 3, then things are at normal pace.

I personally thought this was a rough retrograde and we also had to deal with Mars-Saturn, which proved a difficult and frustrating time for many, along with Mercury square Saturn, which interferes with communication, slows things down, and is generally tiring all the way around. This will repeat itself April 24-25. Mars in Capricorn will conjunct Pluto over the next several weeks, and this will be quite intense before the month is over.

But, at least Mercury will straighten up and fly right and we won't have this pesky trickster threatening to screw things up at the last minute every time. With Mercury retrograde in Mars sign, communication has been intense if not angry and frustrated. This should change for the better as well.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

What astrology shows us about relationships

Astrology shows us many things about a person's life, including love, marriage, and the stumbles we may encounter in getting there. We all know the danger of a blind spot while driving a car. We all experience our own unique blind spots in love and relationships. These blind spots hold us back from the love we want and prevent us from moving forward. In other words, our personal patterns in dating and relating become habits that need to be altered so we can get what we desire in a positive partnership.
We are complex beings. As Carl Jung once said, "whatever is borne or done this moment has the qualities of this moment in time." This includes us. The zodiac contains archetypal structures called aspects, which describe the planets in their juxtapositions with each other. Aspects reveal our psychological patterns and processes that draw us to a certain type of person, or reveal the process through which attraction and romance occur. These patterns are unique to each of us, and no two people are the same. If the same relationship themes and patterns keep occurring with a less than positive result, there may be a personal blind spot to be uncovered before we can move forward and find a relationship that is right for us.
Astrology is a fabulous tool for finding our own blind spots. It can also uncover the blind spots in a specific relationship. Clarity brings understanding and change, and can release us from potentially years of pain and unhappy situations. With this knowledge we can move into a more suitable partnership, or a partnership with a more suitable person.
Most people tend to ignore, project or simply remain oblivious to parts of their personality and psychological processes around partnership. Planets in the 12th house give us usable information here, as do planets in the 7th house of love and marriage. Planets touched by Neptune or placed in Libra also provide clues.
One of the personal patterns or blind spots that damages our relationships, is projecting onto our lover that which we ourselves would like to be or attain. We all have an ascendant in our personal chart, which shows us how we project ourselves in the world. In other words, it's the face we show the world. You might be a Cancer Sun sign, but if your ascendant is Libra, this is how you come across to others.
One way to figure out if you are projecting is to simply reverse the natal chart. Let's say you are a Libra ascendant, and your descendant - or sign opposite - is Aries. The descendant shows the type of partner you attract. So, if we turn the Libra chart around, we now have an Aries ascendant rather than a Libra ascendant. Aries is the opposite of Libra and shows a person who lives within their own personal power and takes charge. Aries are known as go-getters, whereas Libra is known for procrastination.
By using this simple technique we can ask the question: are we fulfilling our own desires, or hoping to live vicariously through our partner? Perhaps the answer is to focus more on developing and fulfilling our own personal potential. Healing can occur by recognizing this or any other negative pattern, and making appropriate changes in our personal choices. After all, the only change most of us can really manifest is within ourselves. As we change ourselves, change occurs everywhere else, and our partners must respond.
One planet that is typically connected with personal blind spots is Neptune, especially in connection with the Moon, Venus and Saturn. Neptune is considered the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion - and this can include self delusion. Blind spots are common with a Venus-Neptune combination. Venus-Neptune transits can refer to ideal love, but the blind spot in this combination is often delusional love, or love that does not manifest itself in a healthy way.
This transit can show us those who are so intoxicated by another person, they can't see the flaws in their relationship - no matter how glaring these flaws are to other people. It is important to understand that a Neptune transit always involves some personal sacrifice. Love seems like a mystical, dreamy universe, and these individuals unwittingly sacrifice everything to be in love or with a particular person. Then one day, reality hits, things haven't worked out as hoped, and the realization comes that the object of their affection misrepresented themselves, or the longed for love has been a case of self delusion. At this point, deep disenchantment often ensues.
Neptune aspects also relate to sacrifices made for partners who have compulsions such as alcohol, drug or sex addiction. Love exists through a personal movie-screen of drama that is imbued with imagination. Love is truly blind for these individuals. Sometimes these Neptunian individuals fall into an obsessive, all-consuming quest for love that, in reality, does not exist for the other party. Or else they hold onto a relationship they considered ideal for years, even after it is long over.
The solution here is grounding, and the question is, 'at what point is personal sacrifice enough, what price are you really willing to pay? Or why does the need to experience escape and sacrifice exist in the first place?
I once consulted with a woman, I'll call her Clarisse, whose chart had Saturn square Neptune from her Fifth house of romantic love, that also involved the Moon (Moon rules our emotions). This transit showed that Clarisse found relationships disillusioning, and this feeling was tied into her early childhood experience. After months of watching her hang on to dead-end relationships that never really even got off the ground, I asked about her parents as the Moon rules family and early conditioning. Clarisse’s parents had been in a marriage for half a century, and she admitted her mother had been unhappy most of her married life, but hung on no matter what. A lot happened in the marriage/family life, including extra-marital affairs and gambling, all of which led to unhappiness for the entire family. No matter how difficult things became, Clarisse's mother constantly told her children that marriage was for life and they had to make the best of it.
After reflection, Clarisse decided her personal blind spot had been her mother (the Moon) and the early conditioning around marriage she had received as a child and young person. She was repeating the same pattern as her mother, and hanging onto dead-end relationships even after they were long over. And she wasn't even married or committed!
With this knowledge, she changed her pattern. If a man didn't call back after a certain period of time, she moved on, and stopped waiting for men who didn't fulfill her needs to begin with. By identifying this aspect in her natal chart, Clarisse uncovered her blind spot and was able to move on to a relationship with real promise.
To uncover personal blind spots, we must dig deep within and uncover the stories and patterns that have shaped our relationships and lives. Uncovering these patterns at times can be painful and difficult to accept. But the end result is true knowledge of ourselves and what we require. By uncovering these patterns, we prepare for a relationship that will fulfill our lives and let us truly bloom in love.

Monday, April 9, 2018

New Moon in Aries: ring of fire!

The New Moon falls in Aries April 15, at 8:57PM, EST. This is a unique moon as it conjunct the Sun and Uranus, creating a fire fueled moment in time to step outside your comfort zone and decide what is working and what is not.
Uranus is the planet of coups, rebellion, revolution and freedom, and is known as the planet of 'freedom at any cost.' Some things may begin and others end, suddenly.
Moon conjunct Uranus can bring sudden changes in emotions and you could have a sudden epiphany or desire to change something. You or someone else may take abrupt and unexpected actions, which could be simple or drastic in effect. Uranus rules the unexpected and its hard to know exactly what it will bring.
As this Moon squares Pluto the potential exists for change and transformation, or there may be an issue you are forced to deal with at this time.
Moon square Pluto transits deal with heightened emotional intensity (or obsession), efforts to improve family or domestic situations and change.
This Moon is the peak of the Aries season, and is all fire. There is potential for excitement and some type of new path, and for those with Water signs, the energy may seem very harsh and unpredictable. Stability is not in the stars with the Moon conjunct Uranus. This is the time to break out of your box.
Many things and situations may change direction again around this time as well, as Mercury turns direct April 15, in the early morning hours. Confusion may come before clarity, If you have doubts, don't act at this time.
If you have cardinal signs-Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra at 24-27 degrees this moon will affect you more than others.
Look for unexpected events to play out in the world this week. The Sun square Pluto occurs in the days before this moon and this transit may play a role as well. Sun-Pluto transits are prone to power struggles, fights and threats, and issues concerning nuclear weapons and proliferation. Uranus rules explosions. There is a potential for war and violence. This could occur on the new moon or within a two week span.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Obsessions, change and power struggles as Sun squares Pluto

The Sun squares Pluto and this transit is exact April 11, just after midnight, so we will feel this energy in the few days before and after.

Transiting Sun square Pluto can increase the need to be in control and this behavior can come from yourself or be directed at you. Pluto rules bullies and powerful people and you could act as a victim or perpetrator. Power struggles at this time are common.

Conversations will not be superficial, and there may be a need to get to the bottom of an issue. A crisis or conflict can turn into, or lead to destructive behavior as the energy of Pluto can be ruthless. If you get into an argument, you may have to defend your position and in some cases people could act as though their very life is at stake.

Deeply buried psychological issues may emerge at this time involving sex, loss, control, death, abuse and persecution, real or imagined. Deeply rooted fears may rise to the surface to be dealt with.

There could be trouble relating to authorities, joint finances, taxes, harsh treatment of romantic partners and problems may seem like life and death issues.
Pluto is obsessive in nature and this can be a problem at this time.

Pluto transits deal with the breakdown of situations that can include machinery, communication or even people.

As always, Pluto transits hold the potential for change, transformation and some type of re-birth with work.

This will be another dangerous day in the world and it is likely we will see conflict and the potential for violence.

You will be affected to a greater degree if you have Cardinal planets-Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn at 20-22 degrees in your personal chart.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Uranus enters Taurus with a bang

Uranus enters Taurus for the first time in 76 years, May 15, 2018. This cycle will last until April 26th, 2026. Uranus was last in this sign March 28, 1935-May 16, 1942. Anyone alive who experienced this last cycle would be currently in their 80's or older.
At the time of this post Uranus is currently at 27 degrees of Aries, and moving through it's last few degrees in the sign ruled by Mars. It enters Taurus this year for just under 7 months in May, then retrogrades back to the last degrees of Aries (29/28 degrees) November 7-March 6, 2019. This will be the last period Uranus is in Aries in our lifetimes. And Uranus at 29 degrees of Aries is a critical degree-sometimes these are major life turning points, and often endings of some type.Major life decisions can be made.

Uranus will then re-enter Taurus March 7, 2019 where it will spend the next 7 years.
The ruler of Taurus is Venus (money/love/values) and Uranus is considered at its fall in this sign. This means Uranus will be functioning from a position of weakness. But it will make aspects to other planets that can be positive, such as Saturn during summer 2018.
As Venus rules Taurus we will see many changes in money, and the way we are affected by money on the world stage. Taurus rules possessions, and the second house of money and earned income. It is a fixed sign: it digs in its heels and is slow to change.

As Uranus enters Taurus it squares Mars in Aquarius May 16-19. Uranus is the awakener, the planet that's shakes up our world. We will likely see major world events around this time, if not on this day. Uranus is called the planet of unexpected events for a reason.
On May 16, Mars enters the sign of Aquarius. This creates a square, or an immediate clash with Uranus. .Mercury at 4 degrees of Taurus is also involved in the clash with Uranus and Mars. Mercury-Uranus relates to sudden and unexpected news.

As Taurus rules money, the potential exists for a drop or big changes in the financial markets over the next few days. Aquarius is associated with freedom, and we will likely see world changes that could involve struggles for freedom or to break free of something. This is a violent and volatile aspect, and it will play out on the world stage.
Some readers will remember 'Arab Spring' began as Uranus entered Aries March of 2011 at the 0 degree world point.

If you have planets in your personal chart from 0-3 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius something will change or be shaken in your life as Uranus enters Taurus. Uranus typically cuts away the 'dead wood,' or situations from your life that no longer serves a purpose, so it may open the door to something new.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Mercury squares Mars and Saturn: Caution in communication

Mercury squares Mars and Saturn over the next few days and we can expect irritation and the potential of arguments of all types, including written communication. We may have to work harder to maintain harmony in communication, travel, thinking and interaction with others.

The square to Mercury is exact in the early morning hours of April 4, and the square to Saturn is exact in the early morning hours of April 5. As the Mars-Saturn conjunction is still well within orb, that energy is with us as well.
When the planet of communication clashes with Mars we can expect frustration, back biting, sarcastic speech, difficulties in communication, irritation over work problems, transportation and travel problems, issues with children or young people, and in some cases relatives, neighbors and immediate family members. Diplomacy is needed. In some instances infectious diseases could be spread.  At its best there could be a great burst of mental energy on the positive side.
Mercury-Saturn transits tend toward frustration and feeling limitations, tiredness, a pessimistic outlook, inhibited communication, depression, and unsympathetic attitudes given or received.
Mercury rules travel, communication of all types, children and young people. This is not a good day to present important ideas.
The squares to Saturn and Mars will occur again after Mercury turns direct on April 25, and May 12, so take note of situations that occur at this juncture.

Monday, April 2, 2018

April 2018: Two stelliums clash and Jupiter sextiles Pluto

During April the Sun will remain in Aries until the 19th when it enters Taurus.  Mercury is also in Aries and turns direct April 15, and will remain in this sign until May 13. Venus is in Taurus through the 23rd, when it enters Gemini, and Mars is in Capricorn all month, along with Saturn and Pluto. With 3 planets in Aries and 3 in Capricorn we will be dealing with 2 cardinal stelliums this month that will clash with each other. While this will create friction, it will also create change, and I look for April to be another fast paced month, especially while the Sun remains in Aries.

Saturn and Pluto will  both turn retrograde as they do each year. As the outer planets retrograde problems and issues sometimes seem to go beneath the surface, but solutions can sometimes be worked out as well. Both of these planets will turn direct again in the fall testing the solutions and changes that occurred during the retrograde. There can be a karmic energy to retrograde planets.

The month begins on the heels of a harsh full moon in Libra. Venus rules Libra concerns relationships, and this Moon can push relationships to the next level, or expose cracks and differences, forcing a conflict or run-in as, and in some cases endings. But this would only occur if your relationship is tottering on the edge and would take more than this full moon to totally end something.

April 1, the Sun conjuncts Mercury and this manifests as willful energy often involving the ego. It is wise to remember at this time Mercury is retrograde, and in Mars' sign. Communication could be overly forceful and antagonistic, at its worst, and it is important to be aware of the moods and feelings of others. Sun-Mercury also signifies travel and a great deal of communication.

Over the next week the energy of the Mars-Saturn conjunction is powerful and it peaks Monday, April 2 at 11:44 AM, EDT. This is a difficult transit that can manifest as cold, harsh and angry. The typical definition of this energy is frustration. But it can seem like a cruel, cold transit at its worst and don't expect a great deal of enthusiasm. Lowering your expectations for a few days is my advice but you can accomplish a great deal through discipline and hard work. You may find that you or others have a short fuse and any battle that begins at this time may be long and drawn out.

Mercury squares Mars April 4, but this energy will be powerful in the few days before. The Mars-Saturn energy is still powerful and this is somewhat of a double whammy. Mercury-Mars relates to communication of all types as well as our thinking. Watch your communication and travel as these areas can be affected adversely, and be careful how you speak to others as it can come across as angry or aggravated. And of course it can work the other way.
April 5, Mercury squares Saturn. Like the Sun square Saturn on March 29, this can be tiring. You could find it difficult to express yourself and it could be a day of stilted or repressed mental energy. Again, Mercury affects travel and communication. This could be positive however for working on details, you will scrutinize everything.

Venus trines Saturn April 7, and this is positive for money, business and connecting with those from the past. You could scrutinize relationships but not in a nit picking way.

April 11, the Sun squares Pluto and this is a powerful transit that can ultimately transform something, good or bad. Pluto is obsessive and compulsive in nature and people tend to go searching for the truth on a transit like this. If you chose this avenue be sure you are prepared for the answers. Conversations can turn deadly serious on a dime and I would avoid contentious issues unless you are prepared for the answers. Sometimes things can be revealed. Pluto rules bullies, the dark side of life and sex. This transit doesn't have to be harmful, but it will reveal hidden tensions and issues. This will be a major news day.

We will receive some planetary help with Venus trine Mars the same day, April 11. This can be a far more positive transit and perhaps an issue can be resolved. This can be good for our social lives and money, and the potential is greater for working out relationship issues.

April 14, Jupiter sextiles Pluto and this is a positive transit involving 'the God of the underworld,' as Pluto is sometimes called. The energy of this transit will be felt before and after this date-most of April. This is the time to focus on getting things done, move forward and for some things will come together. This will be especially powerful of you have planets in Virgo or Pisces at 19-22 degrees. If so, you will be aspected very positively by both Jupiter and Pluto. For the rest of us, it will still be a positive time with plenty of productive energy. On major transits like this big things tend to come together: job offers, real estate closings and opportunities of all sorts. 

This is a major transit in terms of world events, and is helpful in holding up the financial markets at this time. It will return one more time in the fall.
Mercury turns direct on April 15, at 5:21 AM, EDT. We can expect a few days of confusion before things straighten out. Some things may change direction again, but at least..Mercury is direct!

On this same day, a new moon falls at 26 degrees of Aries. This moon is conjunct Uranus. Aries is ruled by Mars the planet of action, aggression and anger. As this moon conjuncts Uranus we can see sudden and unpredictable situations emerge, and as Mercury turns direct there will likely be a certain amount of chaos.

On the positive side this may help you break out of a rut with new projects and situations. On the negative side you could feel nervous, plans could change or you could feel irritable. This moon with Mercury, makes this day changeable and unpredictable. Uranus has to do with freedom, breaking away from situations and does not like limits.

April 17, several transits occur. First of all Venus opposes Jupiter. This is typically not a negative transit and the biggest problems you may have is overdoing things, over-reacting, and don't be surprised if you don't have a craving for desserts! Venus also trines Pluto and this is a positive transit that has to do with expression of feelings which will come easily on this day. 

Feelings will be anything but shallow. Lastly, Saturn turns stationary retrograde, having reached 9 degrees of Capricorn. It retrogrades about four months every year and will turn direct again September 6, at 2 degrees of Capricorn.
While retrograde, Saturn slows down the normal rate of activity so better methods can be developed and organized. Saturn rules the structures in our lives and allows us to develop our boundaries.
Wherever transiting Saturn is located in your personal chart is where you need more work to avoid feeling limitation in some way.
When transiting Saturn is retrograde, and we experiencing a Saturn transit in our personal charts as it aspects another planet, the retrograde period is typically the most difficult part of the transit. When we experience a harsh Saturn transit, it typically makes three passes over the course of about a year, one of them typically while Saturn is retrograde. But, many things can be worked out or resolved at this time, or when Saturn turns direct again.
As Saturn turns direct this can be good news for many issues and situations that have been stuck or in some way or unproductive, and this is true for both the individual and the collective.  Saturn can represent a reality check in many areas of our lives and even in the world, especially as it retrogrades.
April 18, the Sun conjuncts Uranus. This is a powerful, but erratic transit. Unexpected change can occur on many levels, either for good or bad. Expect your day to be a little different than what you though and you could experience nervous energy. Uranus is all about freedom and breaking away from the norm.

April 19, the Sun enters Taurus, the sign of true spring where it will remain for the next 29 days. This can be a calm, stabilizing energy and things may move a little shower.
April 22, Pluto turns stationary retrograde at 21 degrees of Capricorn. Pluto is retrograde about half the time and will turn direct again October 2.
When Pluto retrogrades some things/situations start go beneath the surface where they will remain hidden for a period of time.

Pluto retrograde is a significant planetary movement, especially if you have Cardinal planets-Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn at 19-21 degrees. If so, changes can occur at this time, depending on what else is in your chart.
Many issues relating to joint monies and investments, partnerships and sex will begin to be internalized during this period allowing us to look at things from a different viewpoint. Pluto is about making deep change that goes beneath the surface. One way of looking at this is destruction of that which is no longer working, which will now become obvious.
Certain issues involving power or power structures may appear to lose steam during this time, but they are not really going away, they are just going under the surface, and in some cases becoming more subversive, and less front and center. They will resurface again when Pluto turns direct.
When Pluto turns direct long term issues of this type (power issues) will surface again both in our personal lives and the world. But, as Pluto retrogrades we have the opportunity to look at things from a different perspective and effect a transformative change over these months. Unless you have a Pluto transit in your personal chart, most people won't notice this.
April 24, Mars sextiles Jupiter. This is positive and upbeat especially for money, business and can't hurt interaction with people. Things may seem expansive on this day.
April 25, Mercury squares Saturn for the final time, as it did April 5.
April 29, Mars conjuncts Pluto at 21 degrees of Capricorn. This puts the planet of action with the planet of transformation together and the results can be substantial. Something will transform with a transit like this. On the positive side the transformation may take the form of something you have been working on and many things may come together.
On the negative end, Mars and Pluto can be malefic and anger and tempers may fly. Deep seated anger can ensue and some things may end. At its worst, violence can occur. This will be a major news day and we could hear of violence, nuclear situations, financial news, and it is a dangerous day in the world.
This month's full moon falls at 9 degrees of Scorpio on April 29. Scorpio is the most intense of signs and matters will not be superficial. This is a powerful moon as it falls on the heels of Mars-Pluto. Pluto is scorpionic in nature and rules the 8th house of sex, other people's money and change and transformation. This Moon represents another peak period of change and could be a dangerous time in the world.