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Monday, April 9, 2018

New Moon in Aries: ring of fire!

The New Moon falls in Aries April 15, at 8:57PM, EST. This is a unique moon as it conjunct the Sun and Uranus, creating a fire fueled moment in time to step outside your comfort zone and decide what is working and what is not.
Uranus is the planet of coups, rebellion, revolution and freedom, and is known as the planet of 'freedom at any cost.' Some things may begin and others end, suddenly.
Moon conjunct Uranus can bring sudden changes in emotions and you could have a sudden epiphany or desire to change something. You or someone else may take abrupt and unexpected actions, which could be simple or drastic in effect. Uranus rules the unexpected and its hard to know exactly what it will bring.
As this Moon squares Pluto the potential exists for change and transformation, or there may be an issue you are forced to deal with at this time.
Moon square Pluto transits deal with heightened emotional intensity (or obsession), efforts to improve family or domestic situations and change.
This Moon is the peak of the Aries season, and is all fire. There is potential for excitement and some type of new path, and for those with Water signs, the energy may seem very harsh and unpredictable. Stability is not in the stars with the Moon conjunct Uranus. This is the time to break out of your box.
Many things and situations may change direction again around this time as well, as Mercury turns direct April 15, in the early morning hours. Confusion may come before clarity, If you have doubts, don't act at this time.
If you have cardinal signs-Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra at 24-27 degrees this moon will affect you more than others.
Look for unexpected events to play out in the world this week. The Sun square Pluto occurs in the days before this moon and this transit may play a role as well. Sun-Pluto transits are prone to power struggles, fights and threats, and issues concerning nuclear weapons and proliferation. Uranus rules explosions. There is a potential for war and violence. This could occur on the new moon or within a two week span.

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